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June 23, 2021


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Bride of the seven gods season two episode 1

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“Now that’s what I call good-looking”. Ivy smiled drunk in their beauty. The seven young men stood with their backpacks.

“Silent everyone”. We all went silent. “You’ve some new students. I hope you’ll treat them kindly. Can you introduce yourself to them”? The teacher said to the young men before me.

“Sure. I goes by the name Sean”. Sean smiled cheerfully.

“I’m Kris”.

“You can call me Gia”.


“I’m Eason”.

“San”. I looked at San. He still looks the same. Just that he doesn’t have the traditional long hair any longer.

They were cut short to his ear. The stylist really did a great job cause he looks more handsome. My gaze caught Feiye.

“I’m Vagamound”. He said and looked at me. A smile formed in his lips. Oh lord.

Is he smiling at me? Did he recognized me? Wasn’t it a dream?

“That’s good then”. The teacher said. “You can have your seat”.

“Sure”. The seven of them walked towards where I sat. I froze on my seat. Are they here to kill me?

“Can I seat beside you”? It was San who spoke.

“I…..”. I stared up at him.

“This seat is mine”. Feiye sat beside me. “You can all seat elsewhere”.

“But___”. San tried to talk but Feiye shot him a look of DON’T YOU DARE. “Okay”. He sat beside Ivy. The rest also find

a place to seat.

“Now let’s begin”. The teacher started writing.


The clicking of pen could be heard. My legs were shaking under the desk. I barely listened to the lecture.

All that was on my mind was this guy beside me. What’s he doing here? Are they the seven lords in my dream?

Their names are same but…… Feiye has blue eyes while he…… Why am I calling him Feiye? His name is Vagamound for goodness sake. I clicked faster on the pen.

“Are you okay”? He asked.

“Huh”. I looked at him but turned my gaze away quickly. “I’m fine”.

“You look uncalm. Is something bothering you”?

“No. I’m fine”. I faked a smile. Then the unexpected thing happened. Vagamound was holding my hand.

“Maybe you’ll stay calm if I hold you”. Calm? You’re only making it worse.

“I’m fine. Really”. I removed my hand from his held gently. The class was over.


Ivy and I took our lunch tray and found a place to seat.

“Those guy are good-looking. Who knew the school would recruit someone so handsome as them”. Ivy spoke.

“Yeah”. I said and eat my food slowly. Several thoughts ran through my mind. Are they the seven lords?

My mind flashback to when Feiye smiled at me.

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What’s the meaning behind that smile. Could it be……. A hard knock came on my head. “Aww”.

“I’ve been talking to you since. What were you thinking”?

“That hurts”. I rubbed my head.

“So are you coming”? She asked.


“My mom’s restaurant. I told you she’s opening it today”.

“That’s right”. I said. “I still

have to get permission from my mom”.

“I just forgot. You’re the momma girl”.

“She’s just being protective”.

“Yeah I know”. The time for lunch was over. We went back to class. Now here comes the big problem.

I stood by the doorstep staring at Vagamound who was seated with his eyes closed. Is he asleep?

“Hello there”. Someone tapped me. It was Eason. He smiled.

“Huh…hi”. I smiled back. It was weird. The Eason I knew never smile. Why would he smiled at me? He so much hate me.

“Can I talk to you”?


“It’s just for a few seconds”. He smiled again.

“What are you two doing”? It was San.

“Why”? Eason held my hand. “You jealous or something”. San looked over to me. The look in his eyes were filled with love, pain and regrets.

“Just maintain your limits”. He said and walked in.

“Shall we”?

“Where are we going anyway? I don’t want to be late for class”.

“Don’t worry. You won’t”. He pulled me along.


Lunch time was already over. Why isn’t she here yet. Vagamound opened his eyes. He watched as San took his seat.

Why is he acting like he cared for her? He was made to choose between her and Zanillia. But he chooses Zanillia instead.

Why? Because he said Zanillia’s the most prettiest girl he’d ever met. A smile lit from the side of Vagamound lips.

Where’s she anyway? The teacher entered. Just then, Eason and Belia walked in together. Those two. Were they together?

His fist tightened as he thought of her and Eason together. Seems like someone needs some lesson. Belia sat beside him. He stared at her.

She was still nervous. Not like he bites or something. He felt the urge to tell her that he was Feiye and he has come to take her back as his bride but something was suspicious about her.

Vagamound could sense a huge power around her but he was still unsure whether it’s her or someone else.

“Have you eaten lunch”? Finally she spoke to him. Her face were red. Like someone who was embarrassed.

“No. I don’t know where the cafeteria is”.

“Well, I brought you some snacks. Perhaps, you can nibbled on it while the class is going on”. She put a can of cola and cup of chips on the desk.

“Thanks so much”. Vagamound smiled and start to eat.

It was really awkward. Him starring at me. Thank God I decided to break the silent between us. I watched as he ate. Then I felt a strong chill on my skin. I looked up then I noticed the teacher and the students were all staring at us.

“I…..”. I tried to talk but couldn’t find a word to say.

“I understand”. The teacher said. “You guys are couple but these stuffs are to be done privately between you two”.

“It’s not what you think”.

“You don’t have to explain. I was once an high schooler”. The teacher smiled. “Wish you luck on your relationship”. She continued to teach.

“But…..”. Why would she think of that. I looked back at Vagamound hoping to see any reaction on his face but I found none. He kept eating like nothing happened.


The limousine highlight in front of a huge house. They all got out of the car.

“Honey”. A girl ran and hugged one of them. “I missed you”.

“It’s just some hours Nillia”. San break free from the hug.

“Take care of your wife” Vagamound said to him and walked in. The others followed. San face wore a sad expression.

Yeah. He’s married to Zanillia. Though Zanillia had been reincarnated (new person) having no memories of the seven realm.

If not for her, perhaps, they would have ended up in the street. Thank God her parents were rich.

“I bought something from the mall. Let’s go check on it”. She pulled him along. Zanillia’s such a cute girl.

It’s just pitiful she isn’t the girl he fell in love with. The one he fell in love with was Belia but……. It’s too late.

They both entered the room. Zanillia keeps showing him the stuffs she bought for him but he wasn’t interested at all. The last word she said just now really shocked him.

“What”? San looked at her.

“We’re couple so we shouldn’t be far away from each other. I’ve told Dad to help me with the transfer so there won’t be much problem”. She sat beside him. “You’re too handsome. I’m afraid someone might take you away from me”.

“We’re married Nillia. There’s no way I can admire other girls”. Well, except Belia.

“I don’t believe that”. She rest his head on his shoulder. “There are so many pretty girls out there. How can you not fall for them”. She pouted.

“Silly girl”. San smiled burying his hand into her hair. He really loves it whenever she acts like a baby.

Sometimes, he kept seeing the old Zanillia he fell in love with back then. She sat upright then kissed his cheek.

San watched as she blushed like a baby. “Silly girl”. He poke on her nose and smiled.

“I don’t want to be a silly girl. I just want to be your wife”.

“Hmmmhmmm”. Someone clears throat. They both looked up. It was Kris. “Sorry for interrupting your love moment. Vagamound would like to see you San”.

“It’s nothing”. San stood up and followed Kris.


The room was so big. Neatly and richly furnished. Seven beds were joined together to formed a circle. Sean wouldn’t stopped whining like a baby.

“I just want to talk to her. Why should we keep our identity a secret”? Sean asked.

“Do you want her to freak out knowing we’re the seven lords”. Gia said. “And besides, Vagamound had her killed so I’m probably sure she already loathed us”.

“Older brother is such a mean person”. Sean cried.

“How does this thing work”? Vagamound who’d been trying to operate the phone in his hand asked.

To be sincere, this world had been strange to him. Cars, airplanes, phones and so on. The food were the worse.

Some were tasty while some were bitter as hell. His favorite among all these were chocolates and ice cream.

“You just pressed the side button on the phone for ten seconds then it’ll switch on”. Eason explained.

“I see”. San and Kris walked in.

“San”. Sean went over to San. “Please tell older brother to let me talk to Belia”.

“I’m afraid I don’t have the courage to say that. I also want to talk to her but Vagamound won’t let me”. San said.

“So mean. Older brother is so mean”. Sean cried.

“Alright. Alright. You can talk to her”. Vagamound said getting tired of Sean’s tears.

“Really”? He jumped. “Older brother is the best”. He rushed out of the room and went to his personal room.

“You called for me”. San looked over to Vagamound.

“Kneel”. He said. There was no need to argue. San went on his knees. “Join him also”. He spoke not referring to anyone.

Eason knew he was the one so he got off the bed and knelt quietly beside San. The others just stared.

Vagamound temper was known to be worse as hell. He could do anything. Even kill but they were sure he wouldn’t kill them.

They’re like brothers but they knew the punishment which would befall them would be worse than dying.

“Talk”. Vagamound said still pressing the phone in his hand.

“I…..I didn’t do anything stupid”. Eason spoke first. “I only asked her to be my friend”.

“Really”. Vagamound moved a finger. Eason was already sweating profusely. He knew he wouldn’t escape from that huge hit even though it’s just moving a finger.

Vagamound was very powerful. His power couldn’t be estimated. “I thought I made it clear no one should move closer to her. Yet, you went ahead and even asked her for friendship. That’s too daring”.

“I harbor no evil intention. I only meant___”. A wave of blue light suddenly came towards him and hit him so hard. Eason coughed out blood. Vagamound stood up.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone but Belia belongs to me. Me alone”. He said fiercely. “Take your punishment”. Another wave of blue light filled the room.


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