Bride of the seven gods season two episode 2

Written by TOM
The sweet aroma of mom’s cooking filled the house.
“Mom, I’m home”. I said and walked up the stairs.
“Oh”. She c@m£ out of the kitchen. “Wash up and come down quic-kly. I prepared dinner”.
“Okay”. I opened the door to my room. Books and clothes were littered on the be-d. I dropped my bag and start to clean.
After what seems like an hour, I was done. I went back downstairs. Mom was busy settling the dishes.
Her blue hair fell down her shoulder. Sometimes, I’d thought she’d dyed her hair not knowing it’s her natural hair colour.
Her face lit up with a smile when she saw me walking over.
“How was school today”? She asked as I sat.
“Same as always”. I took my fill and start to eat.
“Eat all you want dear”. She brushed her hand over my hair. I really hate the fact that she kept treating me like a baby.
Well, I’m the only one she got. Dad?….. I shouldn’t even go there. Mom expression always change whenever I made mention of Dad.
I don’t even know who he’s. How he looks like. Fair or light. Fat or thin. Tall or short. Just don’t know.
“I’ll be heading for Ivy house this evening. Today’s her mom’s restaurant opening ceremony”.
“Okay. Just don’t come home late”.
“Hmmm”. I nodded.
Eason walked over to the basin and washed his face. His che-st hurts like hell. He breathed in and out heavily.
“Here”. Someone handed him a face towel. It was San. He collected it and wipe his face.
“You’re lucky. He didn’t even hit you”.
“That was because I didn’t moved closer to her. You should be thankful you’re not dead yet”. San said.
“Yeah”. Eason nodded but his life span had been decrea-sed drastically. He really nee-d to start meditating.
San helped him out. He la-id gently on the be-d.
“Take this”. Vagamound threw a pill at him.
“Thanks”. He swallowed it. His b©dy then felt relieved at that moment.
The colour, the aura, everywhere was filled with evil. An aged man sat on the throne which was made from dragon skull.
He stared at the young lady whose face were covered with a veil. She was on her kneel waiting for his judgement.
An evil laugh escaped from his mouth. He laughed so ha-rd that everywhere trembled.
“Master”. The girl shooked in fear.
“Marvelous. This is so marvelous”. The man laughed again. The look on his face changed as he stared at her.
“I made a very perfect plan. Perfect one. Just become the lord of the seven realm bride and steal the last orbit from him but you ruined it all. You ruined it with your fooling, stupid, crazy…….how should I even explain this madness of yours. Just why the hell did you kill the princess”.
“I………I was afraid she might win in the competition. The second lord alre-ady took an interest in her”. The girl explained.
“Really”? An evil smile appeared on the man’s face. “You still have feelings for him don’t you”? Kira eyes wi-de-ned as he said those words.
“I dare not”.
“It’s been long. Yet you still possess some hidden feeling for him”. He got up from his seat.
“I dare not master”.
“I gave you another face, saved your life. Is this how you repay me”? He was walking towards her.
“No master”.
“You think I don’t know all what happened. Your dear Vagamound was falling in love with another girl so you decide to frame her up by killing the princess”.
“I…… Forgive me master”.
“Forgive? Was that word in my dictionary”?
“I’ll never let you down this time. I’ll get the last orbit for you and master will rule this world”.
“Better keep to your words”.
“Sure master. Be at rest”. The lady walked away. The man heaved a sigh.
“Rong, where are you”? He said. “I…. I don’t want the world any longer. I just want to be with you and our unborn child”. He sobbe-d.
I sat inside the bus. Just then, my phone beeped. It was a notification from my Weibo account. I checked it. I looked surprised as I stared at it.
“This…… Isn’t this Vagamound”. The notification says V handsome followed you. Why would he followed me?
How did he knew my username. I cli-cked on his profile only to….. “Oh my”. I exclaimed. The pas-s£ngers stared at me.
“Sorry”. I apologized. The bus highlight in front of the bus st©p and I got down. I kept staring at his profile.
One million followers. Wow. This guy is so famous. I checked the day he joined Weibo. It’s says 17 hours ago.
Don’t tell me he gained millions of followers within a day. He was only following one person. I cli-cked on it and it turns out to be me.
My cheeks flu-shed with redness as I smiled. Only me.
“What’s with that cozy smile of yours”? A hand gnatched my phone from my hand.
“You…… Ivy”.
“Staring at the cute guy profile”. She checked throu-gh my phone.
“I just received a notification that he followed me on Weibo. Don’t be so corrupt”. I took back my phone. We both walked inside the school.
“Belia”. Sean hvgged me as soon as I walked into the clas-s. I stood there transfixed in his arm. Ivy smiled and went to her seat.
“Hummm……can you let go of me plea-se”. I said and he let me go.
“You don’t know how badly I wanted to talk to you”. He smiled at me tou-ching my face. “You’re so beautiful”. He said.
I didn’t know what to say at all. What has gotten over him? Why is he this smiley? Could he be…… Nah. That’s just a dream.
“That’s okay”. Vagamound said walking towards us. “Hands off her”.
“Didn’t you say I can talk to her”?
“I said talk not t©uçh”. He j£rk Sean’s hands off my face.
“But….”. Sean eyes were alre-ady teary as he looked at Vagamound. I swear he was the most cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Most especially with that baby face of his.
“Don’t mind him Sean”. I held his hand. “You can t©uçh my face if you want”.
“Really”. A smile lit on hisl-ips.
“Hmmm”. I nodded. “Let’s have lunch together after clas-s”.
“Sure”. He moved his hand to my hair and pla-yed with it. “You’re really beautiful”. I felt myself blu-shing when he said that. He was the first guy to tell me that.
A wave of anger fell over him as he stared at them both. Vagamound felt his hand ti-ght£ñed to a fist.
He wished he could punch Sean in the face especially when he made his woman blu-shed.
His anger subdued a little as he saw Sean’s cute face. Sean is just a kid or should he say immature guy.
He was the youngest among the seven of them and also the weakest.
Vagamound mind flashback to when they were kids. A scorpion had bit Sean on his left foot.
“Big brother”. Sean cried.
“Sean”. Vagamound rushed towards him. He killed the scorpion and attend to Sean’s stung leg.
“Am I going to die”? Sean whimpered with teary eyes.
“Silly boy”. Vagamound smiled. “It’s just a scorpion. Don’t worry, big brother is going to protect you”.
“Thank you big brother”. Sean jumped on him and hvgged him ti-ghtly. A smile formed on Vagamoundl-ips as he remembered those plea-sant memories.