Bride of the seven gods season two episode 11

I was alre-ady in my night dress. The pains in between my legs were unbearable which made it hurts as I walked.
I stared on the messed made on the be-d. The white duvet was alre-ady stained with blood and white sticky substance. I pu-ll-ed it out. Then Mom walked in.
“You’re going to be-d”? She asked.
“Yes”. I replied dropping the duvet on the floor.
“Let me help you with that”. She made to pick it up but I st©pped her.
“No. I can do it by myself. You should go to be-d Mom. It’s been a tiring day you know”. I said not wanting her to t©uçh the duvet.
What if she sees the mess made in there? I won’t even know how to explain myself.
“Your n£¢k. Why’s it so red”? She asked looking curious.
“Uh… I..”. I covered the sp©t with my hand. “It’s where the orbit was re-moved”.
“Is that so? Then I’ll leave you to rest. Goodnight”. She left.
“Damm you Vagamound”. I cursed as I sat on the be-d. I t©uçhed the red sp©t on my n£¢k. It really hurts.
He’d bitten me there during the process of our madness. There were lots of marks on my b©dy but had been covered up by my night dress.
My phone beeped. It was a message from Vagamound. I opened it. It says
‘Uh….hi. How are you feeling’?
A smile lit myl-ips as I made to type back but another message popped back.
‘I’m really sorry for hurting you. I really tried to be gentle but I lost control’.
‘Seriously’ I typed. ‘I’m experiencing a lot of pains right now. Do you think your apology would work’. I la-id on the be-d waiting for his reply.
‘So….what do you want me to do’? He s£nd.
“That’s right. What do I want from him”? I asked myself then an idea popped throu-gh my mind.
‘You’re free tomorrow right’. I s£nt.
‘Yeah. I got nothing to do at home’.
‘Then let’s go on a d@t£’.
‘d@t£? What’s that’?
“Damm. He’s more naive than Sean”. I sl@pped my left hand on my forehead.
‘I don’t know. You can search for the meaning on the internet. I’ll be waiting for your arrival’. I texted back.
‘Oh…. okay’.
We were done chatting. I logged into my WECHAT account and changed my relationsh!pstatus to married. Ivy message c@m£ as soon as I changed it.
“Hey bunny. What’s with the relationsh!pstatus”.
“Don’t call me that”.
“I won’t unless you change your profile picture. So what’s with the relationsh!pstatus. Is someone bothering you so you decided to change it”.
“No? So why”?
“I’m actually married. I got married today”. She s£nt a laughing emoji.
“You got to be kidding me. You don’t even have a b©yfri£ndso how are you married or….”.
“Or what”?
“It’s a spiritual marriage😦”.
“Seriously Ivy. That’s absurd”.
“No. You’re the absurd one. I mean you ain’t even done with highschool. Okay let’s say you’re married, who’s the husband”?
“It’s who? Alex”?
“Ivy😡”. I s£nt an angry emoji. “Don’t you ever sh!phim with me”.
“Sorry😂. He’s the only guy I can think of. That dude had been crushing on you since elementary school”.
“Actually, it’s Vagamound”.
“What😱”. She replied with a shocking emoji.
“Yeah. We did today. It’s not a big celebr@tion though”. Suddenly, her call c@m£ throu-gh. I picked it.
“You mean V”.
“I know you don’t believe me but we’re married”.
“Like seriously. When did you guys start going out”?
“We didn’t”.
“So it’s marriage without d@t!ng”?
“If that’s the way you put it”.
“Wow. This is surprising Belia. I’m damn jealous right now”. She said and I laughed.
“It’s late. We’ll talk later”.
“Okay”. I ended the call then stared at the ceiling.
“Sean is way more better than you are”. Eason snapped at Vagamound.
“I know okay. That’s why I nee-d your help”. Vagamound begged.
“Well, you made a good choice coming to me. Since it’s your first d@t£, I’ll help you leave a good impression she’ll never forget”.
Eason walked around the closet looking for some clothes to pick. He took a black leather jacket.
“Hold this”. He threw it at Vagamound and keep searching for more clothes
“Whoa”. Their mouths was wi-de agape as Vagamound stepped out.
“How do I look”? Vagamound asked.
“Are you going somewhere big brother”? Sean asked.
“Damm, you look handsome”? Gia complimented.
“Do you visit any stylist or something”. Kris was WOW at Vagamound appearance.
“You nee-d to give me the stylist address”. Frand said.
“Hmmmhmmm”. Eason clears his throat. “Actually, he didn’t visit any stylist. This is my work of fashion”.
“No way”.
“I don’t believe that”.
“You su-cks at fashion second brother. No one would believe you”.
“Seriously. You guys don’t believe me”? Eason asked.
“Nah. I don’t buy that”. Frand said.
“Since you guys liked it, I should take my leave”. Vagamound walked towards the door.
“Where are you going”? Sean asked again.
“A d@t£”. Eason answered.
“Yeah”. Vagamound answered. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon”. He left.
“A d@t£? With who”? Sean asked himself.
“I still can’t believe you guys didn’t believe me”. Eason said.
“Nah we don’t”. The five of them said together.
Everyone we pas-sed by kept glancing at us. I’m pretty sure it’s because of Vagamound look.
“So where do you want to go next”. He asked l!çk!ng the ice cream we bought from a nearby kiosk.
“I don’t know. Anywhere is fine by me”.
“I’ve a better place in mind”. He said.
“Really? Where”?
“It’s a secret”. He smiled.
It was the best d@t£ ever. It was also the first time I would visit the amusement park and ride a ferris wheel.
I can’t believe I screamed while ri-ding that thing. We really visit a lot of tourist center. The king Kong statue lift. That was really terrifying.
The embarras-sing p@rt was when I walked on the glas-s bridge. I cried my as-s out. The bridge kept cracking though it was a HD bridge. I really thought it was real.
The second embarras-sing p@rt was the plank bridge. It’s located in the mountain side. You’ve to jump from one plank to another to get to the other side of the mountain. The heights was really terrifying but a safe guard rope had been tied to our w@!st in case any of us tr!pp£dand fall.
“Crybaby”. Vagamound tea-sed as we got into the car.
“Not funny”. I sulked.
“I’ve never seen anyone cried like you did today”.
“Still not funny”. I frowned looking outside of the glas-s. It was night alre-ady.
“Okay. I’m sorry”. He apologized.
“Hmmph”. I looked away.
“Belia, come on”.
“Just start the car. It’s alre-ady late. We nee-d to go home”.
“We still have someplace to go”.
“We can do that some other time. I’m freaking tired. Mom would be so worried”.
“Never mind about that. I alre-ady told her that you would be spending the night with me”. He start the car and drove off.
It’s been a long ride yet we haven’t reached our destination.
“Ain’t we there yet”? I asked getting impatient.
“Just a little time”.
“You’ve been saying that since. It’s been hours alre-ady. Everywhere is dark and look, no car had pas-sed by us. I’m starting to think that you’re kidnapping me right now”.
“That’s silly”. He laughed.
“If not then where are we going”?
“It’s a secret. Don’t worry, we’ll soon be there”.
In some minute, we reached our destination. Everywhere looked quite and deserted. There was only one house around.
“Where’s this place”? I asked.
“It’s a house outSk-irts of the town. I purchased it cause I want to spend some time with you”. He walked towards me and held my w@!st.
“Why don’t we go inside? The interior is really beautiful”.
“I guess so cause cause I’m getting chilled with all this silent surrounding us”.
“Don’t worry. I’m here to protect you”. He walked me inside. The interior was indeed beautiful. It was warm and neat. “Welcome home”.
“It’s beautiful”.
“I knew you would like it. How about we survey all the house”?
“Not now. I’m seriously tired. Where’s the way to the room cause I’m feeling sleepy”.
“You can’t sleep yet. There’s a lot more to do”. He said.
“Like”? Though I knew what he meant but I decided to ask.
“I know I couldn’t control myself last night but I’ll try to be gentle this time around”. He moved closer to me.
“Okay. Let me sleep for two hours then we can make love”. I moved away searching for the room.
Finally I found it. I didn’t even bothered to pu-ll off my shoes. I just slumped on the be-d and let sleep took over me.
I was Damm tired. It hasn’t been some minute before I start to feel someone pu-lling off my shoes.
I alre-ady knew it was Vagamound cause I can smell his scent. He was done pu-lling off my shoes then I felt the Zi-p of my go-wn opening.
“What are you doing”? I asked sleepily.
“ma-king you comfortable dear”. Vagamound replied closed to me. I felt his breath on my n£¢k then he replaced it with hisl-ips. “I’ll be gentle this time”. He whispered into my ears. It really tickles that I felt like laughing but only a soft m0@n escaped from my mouth.
How long have I sle-pt? I opened my eyes slowly. The bright light pierced throu-gh my eyes that I’ve to close it back in order to adjust to its brightness.
I moved my hand to the other side of the be-d to t©uçh Vagamound but I felt nothing. I opened my eyes only find the space empty. Where did he go?
I sat upright on the be-d with the duvet covering my unclad b©dy. I looked around then I found that the door to the balcony was a little bit opened. Could he be there?
Vagamound stared at the ocean. One of the things he liked about this place is the nature. The gulls kept screeching as they flew over the ocean.
“Wow”. A voice said behind him. It was Belia. She was alre-ady dressed in a bath robe.
“You’re awake”. He smiled at her. “I decided not to wake you up cause I thought you might still nee-d some rest”.
“This place is magnificent. Why didn’t I noticed that there was an ocean here”?
“That’s because all that was on your mind yesterday was sleep”. He smiled at me. “You should sleep more”.
“I’m all good and energetic”. I moved closer to the rails and stared far into the ocean. It was really an amazing view. I really felt like going down and pla-yed around it.
“We could do that now”. Vagamound hvgged me from the back resting his face on my shoulder.
“Don’t re-ad my mind”.
“Sorry”. He k!$$£d my n£¢k. “Can’t bear to see you quiet”.
“Hey”. I turned and looked at him. “Thank you for everything”.
“You do___”. I shut him up with a k!ssand broke off quic-kly. I didn’t let him feel anything. “What was that for? Are you ma-king me want more”? He laughed.
“That’s just a thank you gift”. I blu-shed.
“Well”. He moved closer to me tra-pping with both his hand on the slab. “I seems to want more thank you k!ss”.
He leaned down to k!ssme. I shut my eyes waiting for hisl-ips to meet mine then I felt something on my forehead. He just k!$$£d my forehead. He broke free then hvgged me.
“I love you Belia. More than you can imagine”.
“I love you too”. I ti-ght£ñed my grip on his w@!st hvgging him ti-ghtly.
The news had spre-ad around the school that Vagamound and I were married. The shocking expression on Polaris face was a thing to laughed at.
“You”. She charged at me as I walked down the cafeteria. “It’s not true. Tell me it isn’t”.
“About you and Vagamound”.
“Well yeah, it’s been three weeks now”.
“You who-re”. She gr@bb£d my hair. “How dare you s£dûç£my man”. She ti-ght£ñed her grip.
“Let me…..awww”. The pain were unbearable as she pu-ll-ed ha-rder.
“Hey. What the hell are you doing”? Someone shouted. Thank goodness someone’s here to save me or I’ll have no idea on what would have happened to me by now. Polaris let go of my hair. A few strand fell to the floor.
“Belia”. It was Frand.
“Damm it”. Polaris ran out.
“Where do___”.
“It’s okay. I’m fine”. I adjusted my rou-gh hair.
“I should report this to Vagamound”.
“Don’t”. I st©pped him. “I don’t want to put him into much trouble”.
“You sure”. He held my hand.
“Hmm”. I nodded.
“Wow”. Frand laughed.
“What”? I was quite confused.
“This is… I never expected it to happened so soon”. He laughed again.
“Are you okay”?
“Yeah I’m fine”. But he wouldn’t st©p laughing. “Sorry, I just can’t control my happy mood. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I should go since you’re all right”. Frand left hurriedly why I stared in confusion.
Bride of the seven gods would soon come to an end. Thanks so much for re-ading this story.