Bride of the seven gods season two final episode

Written by TOM
Vagamound watched the six of them gathered talking together. He tried to eavesdrop but found out they’ve set up a sound proof enchantment barrier.
What could those six be saying that they didn’t want him to hear. There’s only one way to find out. He walked towards them. They all st©pped talking as soon as they noticed his pres£nce.
“What are you all doing”? He looked at them all.
“Nothing”. Frand answered but Vagamound knew it was a lie.
“Are you all keeping something from me”? He asked.
“No. Why would we”? Kris smiled.
“Now, that smile is suspicious. Split it out”.
“Is it true big brother. That you___”. Sean couldn’t finished talking cause Gia was covering his mouth to keep him from talking.
“He meant is it true that it was Eason who helped out with your clothes for the d@t£”. Gia smiled mischievously.
“I don’t buy that. Whatever you guys are keeping from me, I’ll find out in no soon. Have you guys seen Belia”?
“Yeah I did”. Frand answered. “She headed towards the cafeteria not long ago”.
“Okay, thanks”. Vagamound left.
“That was close”. Gia let go of Sean.
“Why did you covered my mouth”? Sean asked.
“You’re no good at keeping secrets”.
“I just want to find out the truth”.
“It’s obvious that Vagamound doesn’t know about it”. Frand said.
“Wow. I still can’t believe it. I’d never expected this day to come sooner”. Eason smiled.
“I guess we should all be expecting a baby boy or girl”. Kris said. As they talked, San choose to keep quiet.
The news Frand brou-ght still had some effect on him. It was that day wasn’t it? Vagamound had spend hours in the room with Belia while retrieving the orbits.
During the process, they made love and it results to pregnancy. It’s over San. You loose.
“Hey”. Gia tapped him “Are you okay? You haven’t said anything”.
“I’m fine. Just a bit surprised”. He faked a smile.
“Yeah. All of us are”.
There she’s. Vagamound sighted Belia coming out of the cafeteria.
“Holla”. He said and walked towards her.
“I was just about to look for you”.
“Had to do something. So where are you heading to”. He asked her.
“Clas-s or maybe libr@ry”. I answered.
“Let’s go together”. Vagamound held my hand. We start to walk then he st©pped.
“What’s it”? I asked and he looked at me. “What’s wrong”? Just then, he squated down. “Hey. What are you doing”? I asked holding my Sk-irt onto my th!gh.
I thought he wanted to peeped un-der it but I was wrong. His gaze were focused on my tummy. He stared at it for a long time.
“They are two”. He said.
“Uh”. I was quite confused.
“I don’t know their gender yet but I can feel the two of them”. He t©uçhed my tummy and smiled. “I never expected that we’ll be having babies soon”. Babies? Did he just say babies?
“I’m pregnant”? I knew my question required no answer. It’s quite predictable. Vagamound and I had made love several times without using protec-tion. So there’s no way it won’t results to pregnancy.
“Yeah”. He stood upright. “They’re two”.
“Two? Twins”.
“Yeah”. He laughed. “Ain’t we blessed”?
“I….”. I didn’t know how to react. Whether to be happy or sad.
“What’s wrong? You don’t look happy”.
“I don’t know. I’d never expected to be a mother so soon”.
“Don’t worry. I’m here for you”. He hvgged me.
“Thank you”. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. They weren’t tears of joy. They were tears of fear. I’ve heard that birth giving can be quite painful. The thoughts of it makes me cry more.
“Rong”. The old man rushed towards Mom and hvgged her. “Oh Rong. It’s really you”. He cried.
“Yeah”. He let go of her.
“You… still look beautiful as always”.
“And you too”.
“Don’t try to flatter me. I’ve aged a lot”. His gaze moved over to me. “She….”. He first looked at mom’s tummy then to me.
“Yes Amos. She’s our child”. Mom answered to his curious question.
“Goodness me”. He moved closer to me and hvgged me. I stood there transfixed in his arm. Didn’t know whether to hvg him back or not but I felt my hands circling his back. “I’m sorry”. He cried. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have leave you. I’m such a bad father”.
“It’s all in the past now Amos”. Mom said and he let go.
“You’re right. We should face the future instead. So who’s the father of the babies”? OMG. How did he knew that I was pregnant. Well, he’s the king of the fire realm so he must have some wonderful skills.
“We’ll talk about it over dinner”. Mom cut in.
“Sure. We should hold a great welcoming p@rty”.
Boring. Everywhere was just boring and lonely. Vagamound sat on his throne in the immortal palace listening to the letters from the ministers.
“The dam construction site nee-d someone to supervise it. I think the Zhang families would be fit for the job”.
“Just do as you plea-se”. Vagamound said not thinking twice about what he said. His mind was elsewhere. Belia. He missed her. Kira noticed the changes in his mood.
“His holiness would love to rest. Meetings would be held next time”.
“Sure”. They all left.
“Why did you s£nd them away”?
“You’re in no mood for a meeting. Your mind is elsewhere”. Kira mas-saged his shoulder gently. She knew he was thinking about Belia. That’s girl is so lucky.
She was once Vagamound beloved but she ended up breaking their relationsh!pby betraying him.
She regretted it now. Now that she’s by his side,, she would make up for all what she’d done.
“You don’t have to do that”. Vagamound tried to re-moved her hand from his shoulder.
“It’s just mas-sage and nothing else”. Kira said and he st©pped. The room was silent for a while then she decided to break it. “You’re thinking about Belia ain’t you”?
“I hope she’s doing okay. I shouldn’t have left her”.
“You shouldn’t blame yourself. If you hadn’t come back, the immortal realm would be extinct”.
“You’re right”.
“That girl….. she’s lucky to have you”. Kira st©pped mas-saging his shoulder. “I just hope she would love you more than I do”.
“Kira I…”.
“No Vagamound. I betrayed you. I betrayed our relationsh!p”.
“That’s not true”. Vagamound got up and looked at her. She was in tears. “Hey”. He t©uçhed her cheeks wiping off the tears. “You were carrying out an order. If I were you, I would have done the same”.
“But you hate me. You still do”.
“I hate and res£nted you then but not now”.
“So are you saying that you still loved me”?
“I…”. Vagamound was short of words. “I’ve a wife now Kira. I can’t marry another one”.
“That’s not it. I’m asking if you still loved me”?
“You’re my first love Kira. How could I forget that? Those plea-sant memories we shared together. I still remembered the day I peeped at you while bathing”. They both smiled.
“And I beat the hell out of you not knowing you were the lord of the seven realm”.
“Those memories can’t be forgotten. No matter what happens, you’ll still be my first love”.
“I….I love you Vagamound”. Kira ti-ptoed crossing her hand around his n£¢k and brou-ght him forward for a k!ss.
Vagamound eyes wi-de-ned in surprise. He’d never expected her to k!sshim. He felt his eyes closing then he wra-pped his hand around her w@!st and de-epened the kids.
“Report”! Someone barged into the hall. They broke free immediately. Kira cheeks blu-shed red with embarras-sment.
Eason was dumbfounded at he event he just saw. “I…I can come some other time”.
“It’s nothing. What’s the report”?
“It’s the fire realm”. Eason said. “Thousands of their armies are outside the gate. They requested to see you”.
“Okay. Get the men and horses re-ady”.
Vagamound rode on his white horse with his armies trailing behind him. He’d knew this day would come but now he’s being nervous.
Nervous that the man he’s going to fight with is his father in-law. What if Belia knew that he’d killed him during this war.
He knew she would res£nt him for the rest of her life. The gate to the seven realm opened. He rode forward with his men marching behind.
He halted his horse and stared at them but a familiar face c@m£ to his view. A wave of happiness rushed towards him.
“Mom, plea-se tell Dad to st©p”. I said to Mom who sat in the carriage beside me.
“Don’t worry dear. Your Dad definitely knows what he’s doing”. Mom said.
“But__”. I was cut short by the sound of the gate opening. Tons of horses rode forward. It halted not far from us.
Then I noticed the young man who was on the white horse. It was no one than Vagamound. He smiled at me as soon as he set his eyes on me.
I made to smile back but when I recurred that all this confusion are happening because of me, I looked down with a sad expression.
“You”. Dad shouted pointing at Vagamound. “How dare you sleep with my daughter”.
“I apologize father in-law but your pretty daughter and I are alre-ady married”.
“Father in-law? When did I give you the permission to call me that”?
“I apologize father in-law but your daughter had alre-ady conceived my child. There’s no way to reverse that”.
“You…. Good. I never said I’m opposing the marriage”.
“Really”? I looked at Dad with surprised.
“I want you to hold another wedding. Make it grand. Invite all lords, kings and ministers of each realm and I want it to be done now”.
“Expect it done father in-law”. Vagamound smiled.
“You’re indeed my son in-law”. Dad roared into a laugh. I stared in confusion. I’d thought the two of them would wage a war against each other. I must have watched a lot of C-drama.
Dressed in a red robe. I stared at myself into the mirror. I was indeed beautiful.
“Everyone’s waiting my Queen”. One of the female attendant said and bowed.
“Okay”. They walked me out. OMG. I’d thought it would just be a normal wedding but this much people. All gaze were on me as I walked down the aisle.
Vagamound stood in front of his throne. He wore a red robe. His long hair was neatly packed. The crown looked great on him. He walked towards me and held my hand. The maids left.
“Bow down to heaven and earth”. The priest said. We both made a knowtow and bowed.
“Bow down to both parents”. We bowed to mom and dad. Dad kept smiling.
“I officially announced you as couple with heaven, earth and everyone here acting as witness”.
We drank the couple drink. I stared at Vagamound throu-gh the veil covering my face. I was told it can only be re-moved by him when we’re both alone.
“Let’s go wife”. He led me towards the throne. He sat me down on my and sat on his.
“On this day, the lord of the seven realm officially take his wife. May heaven blessed their union”. The priest continued to pray.
My legs hurts from too much standing. Dad kept introducing me to lords, kings, and ministers. I was Damm tired of everything. At last, I was on my own.
“Hey”. Someone pu-ll-ed me along.
“What… Vagamound”? I was surprised to see that it was him.
“Let’s get out of here quic-kly before they surround us”. He kept walking me out until we reached the hallway.
He looked around then placed his hand against the wall. The wall slid opened showing a pas-sage.
“Let’s get in”. We both walked in. The wall closed back. “Don’t worry. This is a secret place. Only I can open it”. We kept walking then we approached a door. He opened it and it revealed a beautiful place.
“Wow”. I admired everywhere. The water fall, the birds, green pasture. “It’s beautiful”.
“Glad you like it”. He walked me inside the made tent.
“Hmm. Why are we here”?
“Oh. Don’t tell me that you don’t miss me”. He re-moved my veil and smiled at the beauty in front of him. He moved to my robe and untied the strings. “I miss you so badly Belia”.
“Hmm”. I looked at him.
“Why? You don’t believe me”?
“You left in the first place you know”.
“I’d no choice. The seven…”.
“Shh”. I placed a f!nger on hisl-ips. “I’m all aware of that”.
“That’s great”. He held my hand and su-cked on my f!nger. I smiled watching the sight. “I don’t think I’ll be gentle this time wifey”.
“I don’t want you to be either”. My robe fell and he carried me in a bridal style and la-id me on the be-d. Hisl-ips feasted against mine.
m0@n s could be heard. I was sweating profusely. This…
“It hurts”. I cried.
“She’s weak”. One of the midwives said wiping the sweat off my head.
“It hurts. I can’t. I’m trying but I can’t do it”. I screamed pushing ha-rd . It’s been three months since I’ve been into labor. “I can’t”.
I la-id back onto the be-d weakly. I’d carried this pregnancy for three years. Well, that’s because they are no ordinary kids.
They’re immortal and I’m having two of them. One of the midwives went outside. Vagamound approached her as soon as she stepped out.
“How’s she”? He asked feeling restless.
“I’m sorry your holiness. Her empress is having contractions. We’ve tried all we could but it’s not working”.
“Can I see her”?
“You wouldn’t want to”.
“Just take me to her”. He shouted. He was alre-ady loosing his mind. The thoughts of him loosing Belia makes him want to destroy things.
“Sure”. The midwife shooked with fear and led him inside. He entered and saw Belia lying on the be-d whimpering.
She was exhausted. Damm. He really regretted getting her pregnant if he knew it’d been this painful.
“Belia”. He called and knelt beside her. He held her hand. “I’m sorry”. He cried. “I shouldn’t have…. I’m so sorry”. His tears fell on her palm. The midwives were surprised. They’ve never seen him cry and here he’s crying before their eyes.
“Vagamound”. I called weakly. “We’re going to have this baby. I’m going to let you see them. Even if it cost my life”.
“Don’t say that. You ain’t going anywhere”. He looked at me with tears in his eyes.
“Who says I’m going anywhere”. I smiled weakly. “Just….. give me some time. I’ll…..”. I gro-an ed out loud pushing ha-rder. “plea-se”. I screamed with tears. “Come out”.
Three children run around the garden pla-ying happily. Vagamound and I watched them.
“Ain’t you having a meeting”? I asked him.
“I cancelled it. I want to spend some time with my families”.
“Lorna”. San called.
“Daddy”. Lorna rushed towards San and hvgged him.
“That’s my girl”. He carried her and looked at us. “Sorry. I’ve to take her. Zanillia want her back home”.
“It’s nothing”. I said and he left.
“Mommy”. Raijin c@m£ forward crying. “Fuijin took my bu-tterfly”.
“I only said he should let the poor thing go”. Fuijin said. She was a lot smarter than Raijin her brother. Though she was born after him. Raijin was much like Sean. Innocent and cute.
“Fuijin is right. You should let it go. It has families also”.
“But I want to pl@ywith it”.
“Don’t worry”. Vagamound pu-ll-ed him for a hvg. “I’ll get you a lot of bu-tterfly”.
“Promise”? Raijin point out his pinky f!nger.
“Promise”. Vagamound entangled it with his.
“hvg me too”. Fuijin clung unto Vagamound.
“And me too”. I clung unto him and we all laughed.
Thanks to all my re-aders for re-ading this story from the beginning to the end.

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