Bride of the seven gods season two episode 10

Written by TOM
And now what’s this? Asking me to marry him. I’ve always had a better imagination for my proposal.
Me and my lover on a d@t£. Suddenly, he’ll go on his knee in public and ask me to marry him then everyone will cheer for us but that isn’t what is happening right now.
I’m being proposed to with a guy on t©p of me.
“I…. I’ve to talk to my mom about it”.
“I alre-ady did that”.
“What? You met my mom”.
“Yeah and I’ve alre-ady s£nt the bethrowal gifts”. He said. “Now all’s left for you is to say yes then you’re mine. We can do the wedding stuff later”.
“You…”. I pushed him off me and sat upright. “You didn’t even bother to tell me”.
“Sorry. I was going to but just thought of surprising you”.
“Well, this is a surprise alre-ady”. I stood up re-ady to leave.
“Where are you going”?
“To my Mom and asked her why she didn’t tell me any of this”.
“I should go with you”.
“I nee-d no accomplice”.
“I just want to see my mother in-law to be. Is that too much”?
“Wait a minute, you two haven’t met”.
“Nah we didn’t”.
“Then the gifts”.
“Those were Zanillia’s parents. I asked them to helped me talk to your mom since I’ve no parents”.
“Oh….okay. I’ll inform her that we’re coming over then”.
The basket in her hand were filled with used bottles and cans. Belia’s mom separate them into the recycle bin.
A smile displa-yed on herl-ips. Belia’s bringing home her lover. How could she not be happy.
She knew she’d made Belia’s life pathetic by restricting her movements, watching over her from time to time but all she did was for Belia’s safety.
What if she’d gotten into the hands of some bad guys? She….. No. She washed off the bad thoughts off her mind.
All the while she’d been thinking, she didn’t noticed the young lady who had walked up to her.
“My lady”. The voice. Of course she recognized that voice. She looked up and found the face she’d always known starring at her.
“My Lady”. Kira cried and hvgged her. Belia’s mom wra-pped her hands around Kira’s b©dy. “It’s really you”. Kira sobbe-d at her back. “I thought I would never see you again”.
“Oh Kira”. They both let go of each other. “Let’s get inside first”. They walked in.
It was more like a dream come true. It’s been years since she’d set her eyes on Kira. She vividly remember the day she left the palace.
Amos was so obsessed with power that she’d no choice but to st©p him and leave the realm.
“Here”. She placed down the cu-p of warm coffee in front of Kira and sat.
“Thanks”. Kira took the cu-p and drank.
“You look just the same”.
“Yeah”. Kira smiled putting the cu-p down. “The new look the king gave me doesn’t seem to aged at all”.
“I see. So….. how’s he? Amos”?
“He…..I don’t know what to say. He’d lost himself. He regretted all his actions and blamed himself for not being a good husband”.
“I know”. Rong sighed.
“You should come home my lady. He missed you”.
“Yeah”. Rong wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks. “I miss him too but…..I don’t think now is the time. So how did you find me here”?
“Actually, he s£nt me to find the last orbit”.
“Isn’t it with the lord of the seven realm”?
“Yeah and he’s here”.
“He’s busy looking for the six orbits. The seven realm is in chaos right now. The demon clan are looking for any opportunity to strike. We both know the consequences for it if they do. Immortality will be extinct forever”.
“You don’t have to explain. I un-derstand it all. It’s just that the six orbits isn’t with me”.
“What? But you took it”.
“I did but it’s not in my hand. I sealed them into my daughter b©dy. Only the lord of the seven realm can unsealed them. Not even me”.
“You mustn’t say anything stupid when we get inside”. I said to Vagamound.
“Can we just go in alre-ady? You’ve said that millions of times”.
“This is my first time bringing a guy home and I don’t want to have any bad memories of it”.
“Okay, okay. I’ll try to be a cool and loving guy. Now can we go in”?
“Well, I guess so”. We both walked towards the doorstep. I made to press the doorbell but Vagamound held my hand. “What”?
“Something’s strange”. Vagamound eyes de-epened. Why’s she here? He thought to himself. Could it be that she’s here to hurt Belia?
“What’s strange? Let’s just go in alre-ady”. I pressed the doorbell. In a minute, the door opened revea-ling the beautiful face of mom.
“Evening Mom”. I hvgged her.
“You’re here”.
“Yeah”. I let go of her. Her gaze averted to Vagamound. Suddenly, she stared at him in surprise.
“Long time no time see, Ms. Rong”. Vagamound smiled. Rong? Is Mom name Rong?
Well, don’t blame me for not knowing my mom’s name. I’ve always called her mom my entire life and didn’t even bothered to ask of her name.
Now the question is, how do Vagamound knew my Mom’s name since this is the first time of him seeing her.
“You two knew other”? I asked Mom.
“It’s a long story”. Vagamound said.
“Come in”. Mom said and we walked in. I was surprised to see someone siting on the couch in the sitting room.
We’ve never had visitor since ages but this familiar person sat down there holding a cu-p in her hand.
“Xinger”. I called.
“Oh”. Xinger looked up at me and smiled. “Hello there”. She then looked over to Vagamound. “Hi”.
“You knew each other”? Mom asked me.
“Yeah. She’s my clas-smate”. I answered. “What are you doing here Xinger? Do you have something to ask me”?
“She’s my guest”. Mom said and sat. “You two should seat”.
“Sure”. Vagamound and I sat. We were all silent then Mom decided to break it.
“I nee-d to tell you something Belia”.
“It’s about your identity. Your father. I’ll tell you who he’s”.
Now everything is now cleared to me. My father is the lord of the fire realm. Mom had to leave because he was so obsessed with power.
He’s also an enemy to seven realm. It also turns out that Xinger is the girl named Kira i.e Vagamound ex-lover.
She told me how she killed the princess and framed me up for it because the man whom she love so dearly was falling in love with another woman.
For a fact, I’d never thought she would be the murderer. I mean she was a nice and cheerful person. She even saved me from those bullies.
“Well, now that everything has been cleared, why don’t you hand over the six orbits to me and fix the mess your husband made”? Vagamound said.
“It’s not with me”. Mom said.
“What”? Vagamound was shocked.
“I’ve sealed them into Belia’s b©dy”.
“My b©dy”? I looked confused.
“Yeah. Those six black dots on your b©dy, it’s where I sealed the orbits”. Mom said. “I can’t unsealed them. Only you can”. Mom said to Vagamound.
“Then let’s do it. Show me the six dots Belia”.
“What”? My cheeks flu-shed red. What does he mean by show him? The dots ain’t in one place. They’re spre-ad across my b©dy.
I’d one on my n£¢k. Two on both of my b0ss0m. One dot on my bu-tt, belly bu-tton. There’s also one in between my th!gh. So if I must show him, I must get n-ked.
“You two should do this pri-vately”. Mom said.
“Why”? Vagamound asked. “We can do it here”.
“You don’t un-derstand. The dots ain’t in one place. They are spre-ad across her b©dy. So for you to unseal them, she must get undressed”.
“Oh”. Vagamound found himself getting embarras-sed. “I’m sorry”.
“You can both go inside and do it. We won’t disturb you”. Mom said.
“But___”. Vagamound tried to talk but I cut in.
“Mom’s right”. I said. “My father caused all this. As his daughter, I should be ashamed of myself. If getting the six orbits out of me can clear all this mess, then I don’t mind….I….”. I got up. “Meet me in my room”. I ran up the stairs.
Jeez. What am I doing? Why did I say that? I sat on the be-d. My heart was beating ra-pidly. The door opened and Vagamound stepped inside.
“I….”. He scratched his head childishly not sure of what to say. “We can do this some other time you know”.
“It’s my decision”. I stood up then moved my hand to my shi-t bu-tton. My hands keeps shaking as I un-bu-ttoned them slowly.
Vagamound eyes were on me. Oh goodness. What am I doing? Well, he’s my fiance. Yeah, I’d accepted his proposal.
Since he’d brou-ght the bethrowal gifts and paid the dowry, that means I’m officially his wife. But……but……this…..
“St©p”. The voice jeered me back from my thoughts. I opened my eyes which had been shut all this while.
“bu-tton up. We nee-d to go somewhere”.
“Oh okay”. I bu-ttoned up quic-kly. We both walked out.
“Are you done”? Mom asked as we walk down the stairs.
“If I must get the orbits out from her, I’ve to at least respect her b©dy so I decided to do in the legal way”.
“What”. Mom was quite confused.
“We nee-d to go to the registry”.
I signed on the paper. Finally, we were both married. Vagamound had called the others. Zanillia’s parents also c@m£ to act as witness.
“Don’t worry. We’ll both have a grand wedding later”. Vagamound said to me with a smile.
“This is alre-ady grand”. I said.
“Congratulations dear”. Mom hvgged me.
“Thanks Mom”. We both let go.
“Sister in-law”. Sean called walking towards me. “You’re really beautiful”. He tried to t©uçh my hair but Vagamound held his hand.
“Your puppy face won’t walk this time”. Vagamound said.
“Pfft. It was I who pacify sister in-law to marry you”. Sean said. “Who knew this is how you would repay me”. Sean pouted. “Big brother is so mean. So mean”. He cried.
“Hey. Don’t you embarras-sed me”. Vagamound looked over to the clerk who was staring at them.
“Really”. I looked at Vagamound. “Is this how you would repay him”?
“Seriously? I made you fall in love with me by myself”.
“Are you…fine. Sorry Sean. I’m really sorry for not keeping my promise. Don’t worry, I’ll find you a better girl but Belia’s my wife now. So you don’t t©uçh her without my permission”.
“Then she’s my wife too. You said whatever is yours is also mine”. Sean said.
“This…. This is different okay”. Vagamound tried to explain but Sean was too innocent to un-derstand any of it.
“Don’t worry Sean. I’ll always be your wife okay”. I smiled at him.
“You know what, do as you wish”. Vagamound said alre-ady getting tired of the whole situation.
“So where are we heading to now. Honeymoon”. Eason laughed.
“No. I still have something to do. I’ve to get the six orbits out of Belia”. Vagamound said. The thoughts of me going n-ked in front of him made me blu-shed red.
“Off we go then”.
Vagamound closed the door gently and locked it. I made to un-bu-ttoned my shi-t.
“I’ll do it”. Vagamound said walking towards me.
“Uh…okay”. I blu-shed again. He stood in front of me with his hand heading straight for the shi-t bu-tton.
He start to un-bu-ttoned my shi-t. I looked down shyly. Couldn’t bear look at him. Just when he was about to do the last bu-tton. I felt myself being lifted up the floor.
“Hey. What are you doing”? I asked as he la-id me gently on the be-d. He c@m£ over me pu-lling off his t©p.
“What do you think I’m doing sweetheart”. Just then, he crashed hisl-ips over mine k!ss!ngme de-eply.
“Do you think it’ll go well”? Kris asked.
“Yeah. Leave everything to him”. Eason answered.
“It’s been hours alre-ady and they ain’t out yet”. San said.
“Here”. Rong c@m£ out with a tray filled of cakes with a bowl of ice cream. “Help yourself out”.
“Thanks so much”. Sean took one of the cake and ate. “Hmmm. This is so good”.
“Thanks. I baked them myself”.
“You’re really a good baker”. Gia complemented. Just then they heard the sound of door opening. Vagamound was coming down the stairs.
“Where’s Belia”? Rong asked.
“She’s washing up”.
“The six orbits”? Gia asked.
“I got them”. Vagamound showed them the white six orbits which were shinning so bright.
“Wow”. Frand smiled. “We’re safe”.
“Nice job bro”. Eason also smiled.
“It’s getting late. We should go”. San announced.
“Okay. Bye”. Rong sees them off to the doorstep.
They all hopped into the limousine. The six of them noticed Vagamound happy mood. He kept laughing to himself.
They all thought it was because of the retrieval of the six orbits but Vagamound knew it wasn’t.
He couldn’t st©p grinning whenever he remembered the events which had just occurred between him and Belia in the room.
It was just too good. Too good to be forgotten. You are a bad boy V. He laughed.