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Bovil’s clash episode 1 & 2

Bovil’s 🌬️ clash ⚡
~~~~🏩 Highschool~~~🌈 ~~~Romance~~~👀💅
💁🏽‍♀️ Arrogant 🤹🏾‍♀️
🤽🏻‍♂️ Arrogant 🧑🏻😏
💋Mandy pov 💋
I passed the parking lot and I saw something I’ve been looking for
That bike with the J design!
Hmm. I smiled to myself, thank goodness I keep screwdriver inside my bag pack, call me weird I don’t care?
I squatted right in front of the bike and started hammering the tire with my screw driver
“What the hell are you doing?” I heard a deep voice asked
🤘🏻 Jaxson pov 🤘🏻
I remembered riding my power bike yesterday and accidentally splashed water on a mad looking girl, she was yelling and throwing her shoes at me like a physco, so she’s the one. I laughed out loud
“Why are you laughing moron!” I heard her asked
I dipped my hands inside my pocket while staring at her
“You look unrecognizable yesterday but today you look…hmm I can’t really say”
She glared at me
“Well I got no time for your shit but I’ll complete what I came here for!” She said and I stood there smiling like a fool as she destroyed my power bike
Well those two,, I’ll explain
Mandy is brown skin
Mandy is very beautiful
Mandy has killer curves
Mandy has big ass
Mandy is crazy
Mandy loves throwing her shoes at people,, and…
Mandy is very arrogant!!!
Jaxson 🖤
Jaxson is white skinned
Jaxson is really handsome
Jaxson got this body that can make a girl knee wobble
Jaxson is somewhat crazy
Jaxson is a jerk face
Jaxson is very arrogant!!!
What will happen when arrogant meets arrogant??
Find out in Bovil’s clash👀
💗 Chapter 1💞
😩 Mandela pov 😩
I burst the door open as I frustratedly entered my house. Damn being the head of the cheerleaders is really hard, I mean those girls are like super stiff, they can’t even move their shitty bodies
I cursed as I threw by bag on the couch, all my waist are really aching me from teaching those ass! I didn’t have time to remove my cheerleaders outfit, I just rushed to the kitchen only to experience another worst most annoying thing on earth
My mom and dad fighting!!!
“You are a mother fucking whore..I hate you!!” I watched my mom screamed at my mom
“While you are a bitchy pussy, why can’t you be like other women you know if not because of my daughter I could have left you since!!!” My dad yelled at her
“Never call her your daughter, you don’t deserve to be a father. She’s my daughter alone!!” My mom yelled
And here we go again, they are always using me as their fighting object, so annoying!!
“You are a fool you know, what was I thinking about marrying you and letting you leave under my roof!” My dad yelled again and my mom smirked
“Well I was not planning on staying here anymore, I’m moving to New York and I’m taking my daughter with me!” My mom yelled and I can’t take this trash anymore!
“Stop it both of you!!” I yelled at them
“Must you two fight every fucking day, why can’t you two just let me be happy for once, you know I prefer to leave with Aunt Rossi than to leave with you two and mom if you want to move out then fine, go ahead but don’t involve me!!!” I yelled
“Baby let’s leave here together, don’t stay with your dad, he’s evil” my mom said and I chuckled
“If you think I would leave my friends and my boyfriend and all my popularity to just move out with you, then you are damn wrong, you know what! I think I’ve lost my appetite!” I yelled as I ran to my room and slammed the door hard
🖊️ Introduction 🖊️
I’m Mandela Yde, a brown skin pretty girl, I’m 17 and I’m rich, actually my father runs a big company.
I’m supposed to have a happy family but my mom and dad, do rip each other ass out almost everyday
The person who gives me Joy is my aunt Rossi, she and my mom use to be friends but they fought over God knows what, and don’t forget about my handsome boyfriend Bryan Syndas,
He gives me Joy and I love him so much, we’ve been dating for two and the half years now and tommorow is our anniversary
And Prissy too, she’s my bestie…we run the cheerleaders team together and I love her so and yes I’m a very popular girl in school. Everyone one wanna die to be like Mandy 😏
The next day
It was lunch time and I’m planning on surprising Bryan with his favorite meal at our special spot where we do hand out alone
When I got there what I saw made me blink twice
Bryan and Prissy were kissing passionately on our favorite spot, his hands were even massaging her b**bs
“Bryan!!” I shouted with teary eyes and they both froze
“Bryan why?” I said painfully, tears were flowing from my eyes
“It’s not what you think babe” Bryan said trying to get close to me, I was so annoyed and I gave him a sounding slap
“I loved you Bryan, I loved you and you Prissy, you were supposed to be my best friend right!!” I yelled
“You know what? I was only dating you because you are pretty and have big ass and you need me to build your status so don’t expect me to stay committed to you!!” Bryan yelled at me and I couldn’t believe this
Tears were pouring out of my eyes, I turned to look at Prissy
“Prissy say something” I said to the girl that was suppose to be my best friend
“Well you only needed him for your status while I need his body so it’s nothing ” she smirked and I couldn’t believe my ears
“You two will rot in hell!!” I yelled as I was throwing all the lunch I bought at them while they were trying to protect their faces
I picked some stones from the floor and threw it on them as I watched them ran away
I sat on the ground with my head on my knees as I cried my eyes out
“I loved Bryan, I really loved him!!”
💎 Rossi pov💎
I was selecting some diamonds and jews, in my Jews shop when I saw that pathetic brown skin Mandela coming inside
I quickly faked a smile and welcomed her, she was crying and hugging me, telling about how her boyfriend cheated on her, well she have seen nothing yet
“Shhhh…boys are stupid, don’t cry anymore” I coxed her
“I really loved him aunt, I really do” she cried and I rolled my eyes
After few minutes, she was balancing on my couch while eating cookies and drinking smoothie which I served her, I told her funny stories and cheered her up until she finally left
Thank goodness she’s gone. Phew!! I dusted my body
💗 Mandela pov💗
After coming back from Rossi Jews shop, I went straight home only to see my mom standing with her luggage
“Mom what’s happening?” I asked
“Baby, I’m sorry I can’t stay with your father anymore… I’m leaving, here’s my address in case you wanna visit. I love you” she said and left
I saw my mother crying softly as she left and I felt like crying, I went straight to my room, changed and lay down on the bed
Sometimes I hate my life, I took my phone ear pieces, I listened to someone music before I drifted off to sleep
Weird noises woke me up, I stood up and it was already dark, I went to the living room it was also dark so I turned on the light and I received the biggest shock of my life
Chapter 2
Mandela pov
I saw my dad and my aunt Rossi having hard core sex on the couch, they were even moaning shamelessly loud
My eyes widen so this is why my mom and my aunt Rossi has been fighting. My dad quickly wore his trouser and shirt
“Baby I can explain-
“Save it” I cut him off, I moved and grabbed Rossi cloth
“Give me back my cloth you brat!” She yelled
She even have the mind to yell? I flinged her cloth outside, let’s see what she would do
“Dad why?” I asked
Tears couldn’t come out of my eyes anymore, I’ve wasted everything on that moron Bryan
“How could you do this to mom dad!!” I yelled
“Don’t yell at your father!” That was b***h Rossi voice
I trusted and loved her like family, why is this word full of betrayals. I was so angry that I jumped on her and started beating her naked ass
My dad grabbed me and threw me back
“Behave yourself Mandela! You are a classy girl not a violent b***h and I’m marrying Rossi and I’m making her your step mother!!” My dad yelled and I shook my head
My mom was right, I could have listened to her, I could have left with her. I cried as I was packing my cloth inside my luggage. I’m going to leave this place, I can’t stay here anymore!
Jake pov
I watched my daughter dragged her luggage out of her roomom and I panicked and rushed to her
I tried talking to her but she ignored me, Rossi had already left before Mandy comes out
“Mandy no need to over react” I said and she shot a dead glare at me
“You are a beast, you are evil you are not my dad, I don’t wanna see you anymore!!” She yelled at me and next thing she was gone
Mandela pov
I stopped a cab and I told him to drive me to any nearby hotel. Once I arrived I checked in and my room card was 304
I went to my room and threw my luggage anyhow on the floor, I fell on the bed and cried my eyes out for a while before I called my mom and told her everything
Tommorow I will leave Florida and move to New York to stay with my mom, I had my bath and drifted to sleep
I had my bath and changed, I checked out of the hotel, I felt hungry so I bought a hotdog with a bottle of mini soda
After munching it down hungrily, I took a public transport to New York, I never do all these but I have no choice
New York City
Finally I arrived and took a cab to the address my mom gave me. The driver dropped me halfway because his rotten car broke down, he explained how to get to the address and thank goodness I’m a fast learner
I was trecking my way to the place and I think rain fell because the ground was somewhat wet oh God I hate all this!
As I was walking, a power bike was moving with extreme full speed like a mad man, with the rate of the speed it splashed water on my body from head to toe, making me all wet and smelly
Instead of the idiot to apologize, he was looking at me through his black helment. Thank goodness I can’t see his face, if not I could have trashed it right now
“Can’t you apologize you bastard” I yelled angrily and he was still looking at me
I got angry and I picked up my shoe and threw it at him, I picked my second shoe and threw at him until he moved with his bike
I saw a big J design at the back of the bike. Well done if I see that bike anywhere, I’m sending it to bike heaven
I kept thinking of that arrogant jerk and that stupid bike until my mom house kissed me right in the face.
This must be the place, I pressed the door bell, the door opened and my mom was looking at me weirdly
“What mom!” I asked
“What happened to you?” She asked and that’s when I realized I looked horrible, I wasn’t even wearing shoe and my hair was messy and my cloth was wet
Oh right?! That freak
“It’s a long story mom” I said as I entered inside the house
My mom showed me my room and the bathroom, I showered and changed I used my favorite rose milk body lotion which makes me smell nice
My mom had already filled the dinning table with mostly my favorite food
“Come on dig in” my mom smiled at me and I hugged her tight
“Thanks Mom, I should have listened to you and not that bastard of a father” I cried while my mom rubbed my back
Later we settled down and have a peaceful breakfast. I was now lying down in my room and pressing my laptop, looking for a new school to start
I don’t even care about my popularity and my status, I don’t even care if this house is not as big as my father’s house. The point is I’m really tired, after all the searching I finally found a school of my taste
Bovil high School
With everything I’ve seen so far about the school, I think I love it, I rushed to my mom and showed her
The fees is not a problem we have money… I can’t wait to start my new school tomorrow . New school new life!!!
The next morning, I showered and dressed looking my best, I don’t joke with my looks
After styling my hair, how I want….I admired my killer curve in the mirror. Shit I really have big ass like my idol Nicki Minaj..well not as big as hers thou
I chuckled as I rushed to the living room, I sat down and had my breakfast… I hugged my mom before I left
Bovil highschool
I stepped inside the massive building, every where was magical, better than my formal school, I went to the reception and she led me to the principal office
After all the registering, I was now free to go to my classroom. Thank goodness the school doesn’t allow uniform, I can wear what I want
I passed the parking lot and I saw something I’ve been looking for
That bike with the J design!
Hmm. I smiled to myself, thank goodness I keep screwdriver inside my bag pack, call me weird I don’t care?
I squatted right in front of the bike and started hammering the tire with my screw driver
“What the hell are you doing?” I heard a deep voice asked


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