bounded to hell episode 57 & 58

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BY:Anny Oluchi.


CHAPTER 57 & 58.


“She’s your what?” Hennessy yelled.

“I’m not sure but she looked exactly like Yolanda, there’s almost no difference” Earl gasped and sat on his chair.

Hennessy was not only shocked but furious that things were not going like she had planned.

“So what’s the next step?”

“I need you to get a strand of her hair but don’t touch her,” Earl said to Hennessy’s dismay.

“How can you tell me not to touch her?I wasn’t planning to but I expected you to help me” Hennessy cried out.

“I will only help if you can bring strands for her hair for a DNA test. I need it” Earl said softly and sat down.

Hennessy was filled with rage but kept everything in.

Hunt’s mansion>
“Are you going to keep avoiding me?” Myles asked while staring at the ceiling. “You haven’t given me a reply”

Lola turned to him. “Do you think I will buy that crap of you letting the other servants and I go?” Lola asked.

“I will, if that’s what it takes for you to forgive me” Myles said and held her hand.

Lola retracted her hand. “Why are you trying to act nice?You have always been a monster; so why are you trying to behave like a good guy towards me?”

“It’s because I feel something which I haven’t felt in a long time.” His reply said it all.

“You are different”

“And because I am different, out of the blue you’ve decided to change” Lola ranted and clapped her hands.

“I deserve a chance, a chance to prove that I am sorry. I have this strange feeling to you. It’s like feeling like a teenager who saw his crush or rather…” Myles trailed off not willing to mention love.

“Myles, you don’t expect me to love you back” Lola said bluntly. The coldness in her eyes hurt him.

“You don’t expect me to have feelings for the same man who bought, raped and whipped me then had me tortured–”

“I didn’t have you tortured,” Myles yelled. “It was Hennessy who did that, there is still no clear evidence about who tried killing Summer but it was the same poison that had been given to Carding as well.”

“Who’s carding?”

“My dog and he were poisoned three days ago. Summer still has no idea about it, it was the same poison but there was no footage. I’m still trying to extract the truth from the suspects” Myles said and looked Lola straight in the eyes.

“I never doubted you” Myles cupped her face and kissed her lips.


It almost warmed her heart to hear him speak so softly with her, without any form of anger or command but she was still not convinced.

Myles kissed her for a few seconds and she reciprocated. He removed the duvet from her body and slowly raised up her nightgown and tugged it off gently off her head.

Myles kissed her lips deeply and cupped her bra with his hand. He licked her lips and Lola broke into a smile.

She gave him access to her mouth, he rolled his tongue around hers and their tongues battled in each other’s mouth. Lola wanted him even though she loathed her own desires.

Myles sucked on her lips while his hands unhooked her bra and tugged it off her breasts. He kissed her chin and took his lips down to her n*pple, he sucked it for a while and she moaned.

He laid kisses down to panties and she squirmed. Lola laid flat on the bed and watched as he kissed her pelvis and then her v*gina even though she still had her panties on.

He licked her there slowly and raised himself up. He pulled down her panties and she raised her legs up, shamelessly widening them. She realised that she had gotten addicted to what he does to her.

Myles licked the nape of her lap and took his tongue to her p*ssy, he licked her cl*t and she bucked her hips.

“Arrrh…”Lola yelped.

His tongue went into her pink folds and she whimpered.

“Ahh…hmm”Lola tried controlling her moaning. He began kissing her more fiercely there and shoving his tongue all over her v*gina, his wet touch sent sparks within her veins.

” Myles”Lola whimpered and gripped his hair. Her legs shook involuntarily as the sucking of her cl*t intensified.

” O-ow Myles!” Lola yelled as she reached her release. She raised up his head from between her legs.

“Stop playing with me” Lola gasped and he leaned on for a kiss.

He kissed her lips and quickly removed his own underwear, Myles flung everything to the floor and nuzzled on her.

“You are beautiful and I love your eyes,” Myles said. Lola couldn’t stop the warm blush from coming on her cheeks.

Myles kissed her lips more passionately then ever and for the first time. He thrusted more slowly into her, waiting for her to adjust to his size; moreover he was closer to her, allowing their skin to have more contact.

“Uh!” Lola yelped as he gave at her, a less hurtful intrusion. She circled her legs around his torso.

Myles began thrusting into her, back and forth not at a pace that would hurt her.

“Haa” Lola gasped as her body jolted upward and his shaft drove through her tight inner walls.

“Are you joking?” Lola chuckled.

“What?” Myles paused.

“Faster” Lola commanded and Myles couldn’t believe his ears. He had to face her to check if this was Lola or someone else.


“F*ck m–”

Her words were interrupted with a sharp moan that escaped her lips as Myles rode his c*ck hard into her making moan loudly, he was going fiercely and deeply into or*fice.


“Ohhh…ah,ah” Her body jolted violently as his c*ck slammed repeatedly into her unleashing the beast in him.

“Faster…” Lola yelped and scratched his back.the more he pounded into her, the more her legs became loose around his torso.

“More eee…”

Myles grunted as he whirled his waist to bang on every angle that she required, he kept going further making her moans more gibberish and erupting.

Lola’s hair that was initially tied became loose, making some strands stray to her face as he b* her harder.

“Myles… Myles…nphm” Myles shut her up with a kiss, he really liked the sound of his name from her mouth but she was becoming too loud.

Myles continued pounding into her then he stopped and knelt down on the bed while his c*ck was still buried inside her. He started thrusting faster and faster making slapping sounds as their s*xes met.

“Arghhhh, ahhhh” Lola whimpered and clenched the bedsheets. It became more obscene by the second, their moans filled the room along with the clapping sounds.

“Myles, I’m c*ming!” Lola groaned and Myles pulled out allowing her to come.

He resumed f*cking her almost immediately.

“F*ck” Myles grunted as he kept pushing into her, reaching her limits. Soon her p*ssy began spasming around his c*ck while it grew bigger and more bulgy in size. He was so big that Lola was screaming her moans because of his enlargement in her, making it impossible to thrust out.

He went back to his former position and pounded deeper in her. It made her legs vibrate, her br**st bounced on her chest and her entire body trembled.

He groaned knowing he had reached his climax but before he could pull out, some of his sp*rm had swam into her womb.

He thought he had come outside her.

Lola cried out and exhaled. She fluttered her eyes open and saw Myles by her side, his warm breath was smothering her neck.

Lola smiled as he pulled her to himself. She buried her face in his chest and placed her leg on his thigh.

“I think I love you” Myles chuckled slightly but there was no response from Lola because she had fallen asleep.


“Who are you both?” Atlas asked while seated on the floor.

Cameron and the vampire stood in front of him. Though werewolves and vampires don’t relate well, Cameron had to form an Alliance.

“How did you get in here?”

“We aren’t humans but you shouldn’t be afraid, we are here to save you” Cameron said and walked to Atlas who shifted back in fear.

“I know that you want revenge on your adopted brother,” Cameron said but his real intention was to use Atlas to kill Summer.

“H-How?” Atlas shivered.

“We will give you power in exchange of your soul”


Two weeks later>

“We have to find ways to control your powers and the only way would be searching this house” Gwen said and placed her hand on the door knob of the gigantic house.

“This house holds memories” Ricardo smiled and watched as Gwen unlocked it.

They walked in and the sitting room looked dusty and had cobwebs around.

“Where did you last get here?” Gwen interrogated.

“over a decade ago” Ricardo replied and Gwen was stunned.

“Your parents died that early?”

“Yes, they did ” Ricardo’s face saddened. They walked side by side and began checking the house for clues.

Gwen sighted a picture of Ricardo’s parents and his mother had silver eyes like him. Ricardo stared at the picture.

“You look so much like her,” Gwen smiled.


Gwen diverted her gaze to his face and smiled. “We will find a solution soon”

Ricardo’s powers had been getting out of hand these days.

“Thank you” Ricardo smiled and kissed her lips. It was becoming more of a habit and even pleasing.

Unknown to them that someone invisible was watching them.

“Time to get rid of you” the invisible being muttered.


This was a break after their test and Jake decided to spend time with Summer and even show her his wolf.

“I’m scary,” Jake warned.

“C’mon, I won’t get scared,” Summer laughed and gave him space.

Jake smiled and slowly shifted into his Lycan form. Summer was stunned at first but recognized him as the wolf in her dreams.

Summer smiled and walked towards him, she touched his grey fur and Jake’s wolf didn’t act aggressively.

“It’s so soft,” Summer smiled while caressing his fur.

Jake growled a bit and lowered himself. Their eyes met and Summer wasn’t scared at all. He surprisingly licked her face with his tongue and Summer laughed.

He licked her some more, showing his affection.

“That tickles,” Summer giggled.

Jake was more than excited. He twirled his head, signalling her to climb on his back.

“I should ride on you” Summer laughed and Jake lowered himself some more.

“Cool” Summer giggled and watched as he turned his back to her. She climbed on his and held on to his fur tightly.

Summer giggled as he walked then laughed as he began running at a slow pace.



Lola and Myles were in the forest as well, Myles wanted to show his hunting skills and they decided to go there.

Myles cocked his gun and smiled.

“I am sceptical about this” Lola complained while holding the gem of his shirt. “You should use tranquilizers instead of real bullets”

Myles heard a growl and went in that direction, he saw Jake’s wolf and was shocked to see such a dangerous creature.

“What’s that?” Lola shivered but Myles hushed her.

Myles eyes diverted and he then saw Summer walking towards it.

Myles showed himself. “Summer, get back!”

Summer was alert and stopped walking but Myles pointed the gun at Jake’s wolf.

” Daddy, don’t pull the trigger!”Summer cried out. “He won’t hurt anyone”

Myles was still adamant and as Jake made a step forward, Myles mistakenly pulled the trigger but his eyes widened when he realised who the bullet had met…