bloody cravings finale

🔥Bloody Cravings🔥
{ Her scent, his weakness}


Written By; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Their final fate



Karen came down the cab and she ran towards frankie, giving him a big hug.

Her bracelet hooked to his shirt and Karen eyes widened when she saw it but she kept mute cos frankie wasn’t aware.

” Good morning frankie” She smiled, her face looking alive than usual.

” Good morning my softy” He smiled, rubbing her smooth face.

” What class are you having this morning?. I have social” She said, hugging her books to her chest.

” Same with me. We should get going now. Class should almost be on set” He said.

” Oh yea.!” She smiled and as they were about to move, frankie noticed the merging of his shirt and her bracelet.

” Oh shit, My shirt” He grinned and tried to pull it off but the bracelet got a cut, allowing the beads to fall off into tiny pieces.

” Oh no!!” She panicked.

” Geez, I’m so sorry” He squatted quickly and began picking the pieces up.

” No..No…don’t worry about that. It’s fine” She told him and he stood up, staring at his folded fist.

He had at least picked some pieces up.

” It’s my fault” He said, pressing his lip against eachother.

” Don’t worry, frankie. I have many other bracelet at home to wear.” She smiled.

He sighed and placed the rest in his pocket.

” Come, Let’s go to class.” He told her before picking her hands and interlocking it gently.

Karen stared at his duo and a red blushed happened on her cheeks quickly.

She tightened her knuckles around him and started to walk with him, they moved to class like couples.

Students stared at them and most of them began to blush on their behalf, taking pictures of them.

👥 They are so cute!

👥 The girl is lucky!!

👥 Tall guy and short girl, Cute!

Frankie pulled the door open and he met Leo, Blue and jinx holding a big air filled balloon shaped into an heart.

” Happy F.K. Couple shipping day!!!!!” They screamed and popped the balloon, allowing the feathers of love puff in the air.

Karen jaw dropped as she stared at it joyfully, raising her palm to catch a piece, while Frankie just stood there, glaring at the boys.

Leo walked forward and pulled frankie close to karen so that their chest was now meeting eachother.

” Today, In the book of Love and sex, this is finally the day that our lead dancer…

” Band leader!!!…

” Professional idol…

” Handsome freak…

” And…Lazy and flirty cock, Gets to get engage with the most beautiful chick in history!” He yelled and the other boys gave a round of applause.

Karen looked at frankie with a raised brow and frankie let out a sigh of embarrassment, bowing his head cutely.

” Are you behind this?” She asked.

” They’d planned it while we were working in my room last night” He said.

” It’s really cute tho” She smiled, hugging his arm and he looked at her.

” Really?” His brows rose.

” So frankini, do you wish to take Karen has your one and only girlfriend?” Blue asked carefully and frankie looked at him blankly.

” Yes!. I accept!!” Karen quickly said with a smile and frankie gasped, looking at her with a steady smile forming on his lip.

” She said yes!!” Jinx threw his arm.

” May you kiss your boyfriend” Leo bowed and Karen leaned up on her feet, kissing his lip softly, before staring at his eyes.

” The Deed has been cleared. Another couple shipped” Leo said.

However, Frankie was lost looking at karen after that kiss. Tho it was soft and gentle, It did something to his body.

” Thank you for coming to my life, frankie. You’ve made my flowers bloom and now my life is colorful. If anyone would tell me my life would be like this in the future, I’d deny it” She said and sniffed in her tears.

” I love you frankie. You’ve shown me how true love feels” She started sobbing.

Frankie eyes watered and he quickly hugged her to himself. He remembered how she ignored him in the hospital, he remembered how he told his friends Karen was just his friends, he never thought his heart would start to beat for her.

Here he was, expressing his heartfelt feelings.

” Love is a crazy thing, karen. I’ve loved you before you even accepted me into your life” He said and sniffed in his tears.

” Really?” She looked at him

” I thought you were still insecure about yourself so I kept my feelings to myself. I can’t hold my tears now seeing you express your feelings to me. Finally, I’ve found love. I’ve found love at long last. Please don’t ignore me halfway like other girls, please.” He cried hurtfully.

Karen wiped his cheeks and hugged him carefully.

” I’m never gonna leave you for anything” She smiled and rubbed his back.

The bell rang and the students began to trip into the class hugely and Frankie and Karen went separately to their seat.

Frankie smiled and picked out that bead that fell from her string.

He spent the whole lesson, fixing in the beads with difficulty but luckily, he was done tying it up before class ended.

When the class was over, he quickly walked up to Karen before she left through the door.

” Karen. I have something for you” He smiled.

” What’s that?” She asked

He opened his palm and picked her finger, pulling the ring bracelet into her finger.

He had turned it into a ring.

” Awn. It’s so cute. Awwn, I love it so damn much” She smiled. ” I have collected two rings from you now, Omg!!” She chuckled.

” Don’t worry, I’ll give you a real one soon” He smiled and instantly, he held her cheeks, kissing her deeply.

👥 Gasp!



Kelly came down the bed tiredly. She had overworked herself trying to please Leo in bed and now her system was totally down.

She slowly climbed the bed, rubbing her big eyes cutely.

” Leo!!” She screamed tiredly.

” Good morning, ma’am” The worker cleaning up the room said.

” Where did Leo go to?” She asked.

” He went to college, miss” She said with a bow. ” Are you hungry miss?”

” No..No!” She pouted,holding her running stomach as she walked into the toilet. She leaned in and spat into the sink.

Her saliva was tasting so irritatingly today making her want to throw up so badly.

She washed her face and picked up her toothbrush but her belly became uncomfortable again.

She spat again and held her stomach, suddenly, she started throwing up hugely, and effortlessly.

” Miss” The worker knocked on the door.

” I’m fine!. It’s just a mere throw up”

” No, you’re pregnant ma’am” She said and kelly opened the door, staring at her.

” What!. No..No..I’m not pregnant. I..I..

” You’re pregnant ma’am. Learn to accept your thought ma’am” She bowed again respectfully.

” Get Lost!” Kelly pointed to the door and the worker bowed before leaving the room..

Kelly mouth went up in a pout and she started to cry, closing up the door before sitting on the bed.

She rubbed her cheeks and picked up her phone, texting Leo.



She squeezed her phone terrifyingly until Leo walked into through the door.

He stepped in and palmed her fore head, she looked up at him sickly.

” It seems you’re pregnant, kel” He said.

” Huh?. How can you even say that!” She spat and took away his hands from her head. ” I’m throwing up, it could be something else!” She yelled, fisting her palm.

” Kelly. You should have been aware that the way we were taking things was going to get you pregnant”

” But…!” She pouted and he palmed her cheeks.

” It’s okay sweetheart, I’m definitely accepting the baby, okay?. I had accepted you into my life and I’m also going to accept our kid”

” You will?” She looked at him with her round eyes.

” Why not?. My babies are going to be as cute as you. Trust me, I’m not leaving my babies behind no matter what. They are out fruit” He winked.

” Thank you Leo. There’s no reason to become scared again. Thank you for accepting me, Leo” She smiled.

” Your parent, Kelly” He scratched his head nervously and Kelly giggled.

” Don’t worry, we’ll visit them this weekend and tell them the big news. I’m sure they’ll be happy.” She smiled.

” Have you had a bath?”

” No”

” Okay, freshen up, let’s go on a simple date and then visit the hospital thereafter, Mn?”

” Okay, Muffin” She smiled and stood on her toe, kissing his lip.

Leo slowly pulled off her zip in the process and her nightie were down to the floor few seconds later.



Leo hugged Kelly tight cos he was about to go on his last set.

” This is it, Kelly” He sobbed on her shoulder.

” I wish you all goodluck” Kelly told him and he looked at her, cleaning his lid.

” We’ll give in our best” He said with a smile.

Jinx walked in.

” It’s time Leo. Let’s go make on set” He said.

Frankue and blue walked in as well.

” Group hugs?” Frankie smiled and they all came in to give eachother a loving hug, hug that lasted for minutes.

This is it. The time four good friends who grew up in the same home, raised with the same challenges finally steps out to their freedom.

it was the most painful yet happiest moment. After a while, they disengaged the hug.

The director stepped in, clapping his hands.

” Quick, Quick!!. Leo, you have to be on set now” He said.

” It’s not just me, we are all quitting as a team.” Leo said and the director raised his brow.

” You can get all four contract terminated. This is going to be our last performance” Frankie said and they all walked out, leaving the director stunned to even move.

The K4 matched on the stage and the crowd roared with excitement quickly.

” Hey everyone!!” Frankie called and the crowd went buzzing.

” Some of you don’t the reason why are hosting this concert. Cos, This is going to be the last of the K4, performing here live in Cape tower” Leo said.

👥 No..No!!…Nooo!

👥 What the heck is happening!!

👥 We can’t loose our favourite idol!!!

👥 This should be a dream.

👥 Please don’t quit for us!!!

The noise was heavy and the K4 all stared at eachother before looking back at the crowds.

” We would love to stay but we want to go out and live our lives the right way. Seeing us here smiling everyday is actually a mask behind our sadness” Blue said.

” Thank you fans for supporting us, Thank you agency for your scholarship and your help so far. The workers, the fame, it’s been worth a journey” Jinx added.

The agencies at this point were stunned as well.

” Together…” The K4 held eachother. “We want to quit not cos we want to, but cos we also want to live a normal live like everyone else.”

” We know that there will be idols better than us, right?. This is just the tip of the iceberg, better people are coming behind us” Frankie smiled.

👥 Nooooooooo!!!

👥 Please we are going to die If you quit!!

Frankie sighed and held up his mic to start singing.

👥 Bring Our idol’s back!!!

👥 We want them back.!!

👥 Bring Our idol’s back!!

They kept screaming in unison, protesting and yelling at the same time and the K4 began to sob admist their smile.

The stage light went off and the K4 was asked to come behind the curtains.

They were all sobbing helplessly, unable to control their emotions.

” It’s difficult to quit, Men.” Jinx cried, rubbing his eyes painfully.

” I saw my mom in the crowd. She was here too” Blue sniffed, wiping his cheeks with his arm.

” They want us back, what do we do now?. Should we still quit?” Leo sniffed with his forearm.

” K4’s” Their agency walked in respectively.

The boys assembled themselves properly, rubbing their wet eyes.

” You guys are not quitting as a team, not when I’m the agency. I raised you boys myself” He said and the boys looked at eachother awkwardly.

” I see how much your fans love you and in respect of that, I’ve decided to consider you all, especially you Leo. i see how much you endow true love, accepting kelly instead of your career. That a sign of maturity” He said and they smiled excitedly.

” The K4 aren’t ending, not today, not ever. We will finish this race as a team. Who’s in?!!” He asked.

” Am in!” Leo smiled.

” We are in” Blue raised frankie and Jinx arm up and everyone laughed in return.

” Let’s live our lives to the fullest boys. This is the time you experience some pinch of love. Your rules will be reconsidered and everything will be reset. Don’t worry”

” Thank, You!. Thank you!!” The boys bowed with so much excitement.

” Come on now, Go out there and show your fans the true K4.!” He waved and the boys matched out towards the stage happily.

Frankie stretched out his mic to the audience.

” K4!!!!!!”


Few month later, In the outskirt of Cape Tower, a wedding was taking place.

Nothing could describe how beautiful the wedding was, even words couldn’t.

Three male groom were standing at the portal waiting to for their respective brides.

They were tall, smoking hot guys, dressed in a handsome jet black tuxedo. Their hair was curled and swept back on their head. No one but…Leo, Lucas and Frankie.

Three angels began to step out with their father…Oh wait…it was The CeCe triplet.

They were all dressed in beautiful wedding dress, a powerful sequin dress.

No one knew who was more beautiful among them but kitten was taking the most attention from the viewers.

Jinx and Blue was present on the occasion and both of them were standing in the midst of peach.

Jinx curled his arm around her shoulders and Blue snaked his arm around her waist.

Peach sighed and crossed her arm on her chest, this problem of love triangle was happening to her as well but in a funnier way.

However, kitten smile was decent and lovely that Lucas couldn’t help staring at her.

He pinched his brows, disbelieving that this was this Kitten he grew up to know.

She was the most beautiful girl in the world and the goosebumps in his belly was making him want to cry so bad

Kelly,Kitten and Karen were getting married on this day and the most exciting part was that they were getting married on the same day, to three best friends.

The groom helped them stand next to them and they all smiled in unison.

” My beautiful princess” Lucas smiled, holding his wife-to-be hand.

” My Prince” She smiled. ” You’re growing in me, Lucas. I’m Four month gone” She smiled and lucas wanted to explode with excitement right then. He couldn’t stop himself from expressing his happiness.

Finally They said their vows and did the exchange of rings, and soon, the triplet finally got married.

” You may kiss your bride!” The priest announced, what the groom were waiting for.

Frankie pulled Karen off her feet…

Leopard hugged Kelly closer…

And Lucas took kitten in a princess style, All of them sharing a longlasting kiss.

This might be the end of their love story for us but not for them. Their love fantasy continues somewhere in the cloud……