bloody cravings episode 61 & 62

🔥Bloody Cravings🔥
{ Her scent, his weakness}

CHAPTER 61🦋 62

Written By; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: She’s preggies!


Lucas was already taking the stairs with Kitten around his upper body like glue. He kept staring at her all through like she was something exciting.

Soon, He stopped and leaned her back against the wall, and his gaze intensified with admiration.

” Kit” He whispered and she raised her chin to look at him.

” Mn?” Her round eyes poked put cutely.

” Your eyes. I want you to stare at me” He said and she gulped in slowly, looking into them.

” You have enchanting eyes” She said, rubbing her thumb on his brows and a faint smile curved on his lips.

His eyes slowly shone gold and she flinched by the scene. He held her closer quickly.

” Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you” He said and the eyes slowly returned to normal.

” Why did you do that scary thing?” She asked.

” Cos my heart and soul is craving for you already, star. I want you as well” He said.

Kitten didn’t know why but she could faintly hear her heart race inside her chest heavily.

His fingers ran into hair scalp and he captured her lips in the same instant. He was very fast on her lips, kissing her like he had been starved for long.

She snaked her arms on his neck and responded to his kiss quickly. He was touching all over body, hunger with passion, and his hands crazily gripped her ass softly.

Before she knew it, he had teleported towards his room. She was now on her feet and he was taking off her dress quickly.

He wasn’t even shy but she was.

” Lu..Lucas” She stuttered, hugging her naked chest. Before she knew it, her underwear had disappeared as well.

She was purely naked in front of him and he stared at her, his eyes adoring every part of her.

” My all” He kissed her head, his hands gripping her fleshy ass from behind. She pulled away and stared at him.

” I want to take off yours as well” She whispered, feeling a bit shy cos his eyes felt unfocused at her body.

” Have your wish, princess.” He smiled and she pulled his Jersey off his body.

She gulped in again when she stared at his bare body, she forgot her fiancée was a demi god. She loosened his pant ropes and started to take it off gently.

” Oo!” Her hands went to her eyes quickly as it plainly fell off to his feet.

Lucas smiled and pulled her up towards the bed quickly. He dimmed the light and slowly leaned on top her petite figure.

His eyes shunned a different color when he saw her b**bs and his thumb caressed it, she was pink and erect there.

His cold tongue slumped a nipple into his mouth and he began to sulk her quickly.

” Ou!” Her body began to tremble in crazy pleasure.

His arms rubbed her body mould gently like she was precious at those part and soon he leaned up, His tongue went to her neck and he kissed her gently at the spot he marked her.

He leaned away and stared at her.

” I’m coming in now, kit” He whispered and she swallowed in quickly, her heart running miles.

” Seduction gone wrong” She mumbled.

” Huh?” He raised his brows.

” I…I..didn’t say anything” She mumbled again, pressing her lip against eachother.

He slowly captured her lips again and his d*ck began to flow into her p*ssy slowly.

She was sticky already and It slid in perfectly well, he knew he was meant for her. He slid in deeper and she winced.

” Lucas” She clutched his arm hardly.

” I’ll be gentle, I promise” He whispered.

” O..Okay, please” She mumbled, feeling hurt.

He started kissing her and his hips started with his work.

He began to f*ck her slowly and she was quick to adjust to his size. Kitten relaxed her body as she let her body engross in the pleasure.

” A little bit more,” She slowly mumbled and he increased his pace to another level.

” Ou” Her moan came out softly and it did something to Lucas ears.

His eyes turned gold again and he increased his pace to a volume.

” Ahh, Yea!!”

” Yea…Yea!!!”

” That spot!!”

She screamed and he held her up, f*cking her that way and kitten met stars around her head.

” Harder!!” She bit her lower lips.

He obeyed her orders and f*cked her harder with his muscles letting out on his arm. He sulked her b**bs lightly and Kitten felt like her head wasn’t part of her body again.

” Ugh, This is good” Lucas said and placed her back on the bed untimely, f*cking her harder again

” Cookie” She moaned, letting out light gasp.

His hands were idle so he grabbed her b**bs and began to massage her gently. His head was running crazy with pleasure.

” Please moan, kit. Moan for me” He groaned, thrusting in and out sweetly.

” Oh F*ck!” Kitten bit her fingers.

He started to feel uncomfortable and he knew he was already swelling inside her.

” I’m coming, kit. It’s happening!” He growled.

” Please” She moaned tiredly and he started to screw her hole crazily.

He hit every corners inside her, going pass her limit and now he was hitting her womb.

” Aahh!!”

” Oh Please”

” It’s coming” They both were moaning crazily, they were so intimate that nothing else was existing at that moment.

Soon, he released his load inside her and pulled out, pouring the rest on the sheet. He laid back on the bed and he cuddled close her quickly, holding her trembling body.

” Are you okay, baby?” He asked, holding her face in his arms.

” I’m tired” She mumbled.

” I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist an angel” He said and she looked at him, smiling brightly.

” I finally did it, Lucas. You just made me a woman” She smiled.

” And You made me a man” He said.

“Wait, I’m your first?” She asked and he slowly nodded.

” Woah, it’s so rare for a hot guy like you to be a virgin.”

” You think I’m hot?” He smirked.

” Are you denying it when you fully know you’re hot?” She scoffed playfully.

” It wasn’t easy keeping my virgin cos I was really tempted when I was in high-school. My Mom told me I was going to search for mate first before I become unclean so I stayed away from females for a time. Not until I found you, My soulmate.” He smiled, rubbing her back from under the duvet.

” Awwn. I feel so special” She blushed.

” I feel lucky to have you too, kit. I feel confident that someone understands me and accept me as a vampire.” He said and kissed her forehead gently.

” What’s that smile?” Kitten asked and Lucas sat up.

” Smell?. Oh No, the eggs!!” He panicked and took up his pant, wearing it on before running out of the room.

Kitten wanted to climb down the bed as well but her legs failed her so she fell back on the bed loosely.

“Damn it!!” She yelled, spreading her arms on the bed.

She thought about the s*x she just had and she began to give a second thought.

” Did I just have s*x??” She gasped and covered her face shyly.




The CeCe couple had flown back to their home town after a successful surgery and now Mr CeCe was doing fine. Psalm was buried a day later after she was found dead in her mansion, her mourning also ended days later.

Everything after that happened so smoothly.

The K4 were all present at the pool side that night and everyone was dressed in their different swimming suit.

Karen was invited to come over and she slowly walked in and met everyone having fun already. She was putting on her nightie and holding a novel she was earlier reading.

” Karen!!” Kelly stood up and walked up to her hurriedly before giving her a hug.

Karen stood away and stared at her sister’s body.

” How do you feel comfortable wearing that infront of all this boys. Omg, kelly!!. Your bikini isn’t even covering your ass properly!” She said and pulled her to a secluded place.

Kelly turned to her.

” But this is what we wear for swimming. Why are you still on nightie?” Kelly asked.

” No..” She shook her head. ” I..I..can’t put this on. The boys might find me attractive and try to touch me” She whispered.

” No. They wouldn’t try to do that. The boys here are very honest, I’m living with Leo now so I’ve studied each of their behaviour. They are only boys”

” Boys?” Karen blinked as she turned her head to look at them.

She saw them on short, exposing their rare upper body and they were all looking smoking hot as they dined together.

” These aren’t boys. They are men!” Karen gasped and Kelly giggled.

” Fine, if you don’t want to take it off. You can just come in that way.” She said.

” Really?” She asked and kelly pulled her towards the pool quickly.

” Hey, frankie” She waved and he raised his head to look at her. ” Karen is here, I’ll leave her to you” She gestured before walking away.

” Karen” He stood up and she smiled nervously. He was bare and it was sending her brain to another dimension.

” You are on a dress” He said, pocketing his hands.

” Yea, I don’t like revealing clothes” She said.

” It’s fine. Take a seat” He said and they both sat down together. He poured her a glass of drink and she sipped from it quickly.

” About that kiss in the car a week ago” Frankie said, itching the back of his hair.

” A_hem, yea” Karen slowly stared down at her cup nervously.

” Look, It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. I see you’ve been avoiding me in classes cos of what happened. I apologise on behalf of it”

” It’s okay, it was nice anyways” She smiled with a short shrug.

” Nice?”

” It didn’t seem awful, did it?” She asked and he smiled.

” It’s wasn’t half way a bit.” He said.

” Remember we were paired on an exam practical right?” She asked.

” Yea, more reason I wanted you to come over as well. We’ll spend all night working” He chuckled.

” And kissing too” She shrugged and he looked at her with a face so emotionless.

Silence reined in for few minutes as She peeked at his gorgeous body, and when he turned to look at her, she quickly reversed her focus.

” Hey look, Aren’t you gonna join them swimming?.” She asked.

” I wish I could, but I can’t leave you here” He said and she pressed her lip against eachother.

” Fine!. I’m leaving my insecurities to the past now.” She said to herself.

She dropped her cup and stood up, taking off her dress before throwing it aside.

” Come” She stretched out her arm and he took her palm before standing up, still lost looking at her worriedly.

” Don’t you wanna swim any more?” She asked.

” I do but__”

” Come, Let’s go catch fun” She said and pulled him away hurriedly. She hugged him quickly and they both fell into the pool carelessly, splashing water everywhere.

Jinx looked up and frowned.

” Karen is here again?” He asked.

” Perhaps, she’s frankie’s new girl” Blue said.

” It seems the other two boys got girls already, they keep changing girls every now and then and we get nothing. I feel like I’m missing out”

” At least we got each other” Blue smiled and jinx glared at him.

” Go hug air” Jinx spat.

” Huh?” Blue raised his brows.

” Being gay stinks. I really want a girl so bad, I want to experience falling in love too” He said and blue poured out his laughter loudly.

” Finally, you’re back to your senses” He laughed and Jinx kept looking at him through his dark lashes.

” What?” Blue scoffed.

” You’re shirtless. I think I love seeing your abs while you laugh” He said and Blue sighed hardly like he had the world’s problem to solve.

However, Leo pulled Kelly against the pool block and started kissing her there crazily. Kelly pushed him away.

” Leo!” Kelly mumbled.

” Let’s kiss” He said and hungrily took her lips again. Kelly pulled out again.

” My sister is here, and your friends too” She said.

” So?”

” It’s embarrassing” She mumbled, pouting her lips.

” You think I can’t f*ck you right here as well?” He smirked and her heart skipped.

” Huh?. No!!. No!!” She shook her heads and he ignored her, pulling her legs around his waist.

He quickly pulled her pant to a side and slowly slid into her sweet honey spot gently.

” Ouc!” She winced and he began to ride her sweetly.

” Uh, Leo. We’re in public” She hugged his neck, tho she was enjoying it badly.

” It’s my dream to f*ck you in public” He said and started to f*ck her faster. The water started to make waves.

” Ohh, they might be watching!” She bit her lips, trying not to moan.

He ignored her and f*cked her deeper and she threw her head away as the pleasure hit volume.

” I’m not comfortable here, Leo. Let’s go upstairs, please, please, Ahh” She begged.

” Fine by me” He said and walked out of the pool without pulling out of her.

He got to his room and placed her on the bed. She took off her wet undies quickly and took up one of her silk short dress, wearing it on quickly.

” Why are you wearing a dress?” He asked.

” Incase we get a knock” She smiled and pulled him to the bed, taking his d*ck into her hole again.

” Uhh” She moaned, waves hitting her.

She sat on him, whining her hips skillfully.

” Gawd, F*ck!!” He groaned, with tilted brows.

” You like it?” She smiled, twerking on him gently.

” Please…Ugh!” He groaned.

Kelly threw her head behind as she started riding on him effortlessly with her hips grinding on his d*ck. She was doing it like a trained expert and Leo was loosing his entire mind.

” Men, I’m in love with your body, Kelly!” He groaned and pressed her b**bs hardly.

” Ouch!” She winced. She started hopping on him and Leo bit his lip hardly.

” Go Harder!” He groaned, holding her hips.

” Harder!. okay!” She gasped, thrusting in deeper and deeper until her body started releasing on him.

” Ahh, Leo!!.” She gasped.

Her p*ssy was wrapped around his d*ck tightly as she hit orgasm.

” Oh my gawd!” She gasped palming the bed and she didn’t know when she started to ride him crazily than ever.

” Yeah, litle…”

” You’re doing it” He slapped her ass and she winced, clutching the sheet as her body swelled in pleasure.

” I love you Leo!!” She whimpered, going crazy on top him.

” Love you too!” He gasped and held her tight.

” Ahhhh!!” She screamed as her p*ssy started sliding in effortlessly. ” This is dangerously so good!!!” She said, pouting up her lip.

” Yea, Faster,Please” He begged.

She held up her dress and increased her speed, riding him like a game controller. She released for the second time and fell on top his chest quickly.

” Oh” She was gasping heavily.

He hugged her and rubbed her back gently.

” My best s*x ever” He smiled.

” Me too” She mumbled at the side of his neck.

” You know how to make me feel good, little. I trained you so well” He said.

” No, you caused me to go that fast” She mumbled tiredly. Soon, she fell asleep on his chest.

A knock appeared on the bed and He pulled her small body aside and stood up, walking towards the door. He opened it up and Jinx was standing there.

” The agency, Leo” He said and Leo eyes widened a bit. He turned around and met Kelly still asleep on the bed. He sighed and walked out, closing back the door gently to avoid waking her up.



” Leo. You’ll be having your final concert with the K4 tomorrow evening. After that, you’ll be disqualified. Your contract will be terminated and your scholarship as well” He said from the TV SCREEN.

” I understand” He sighed.

” Good, We’ll see you in person tomorrow” He said and the screen went off immediately. Leo sighed and his friends came up to him quickly.

” Hey. It’s fine” Jinx said, patting his shoulder.

Leo covered his face as he sat on the stage floor.

” I think have gone far” He wept. ” It has always been my dream, I guess it fine to cry cos its coming to an end” He sobbed.

Blue sat next to him.

” We warned you, Leo. You didn’t listen” He said.

” You accepted True love instead of your future, Men” Jinx said.

” It’s better to leave, guys. I’m sure there are more career better than being an idol. My girlfriend will always be by side and that’s all I need to be happy.” He sniffed.

” I feel like quitting as well. I’ve always wanted to find True love” Jinx said.

” I just want to go home to my family. The agency won’t let us see our parents until after a year, it’s so sad cos I miss my mom. Its has always been on calls” Blue said.

” Why don’t we all just quit, have our last concert tomorrow and just go out and live our normal lives” Jinx suggested.

” Am in” Blue quickly raised his hand.

” You guys are really doing this?. I hope it’s not because of me right?” Leo asked.

” We’ve always wanted to leave from Day one but the agency pressure on us has been keeping us here” He said.

” So, Our last concert tomorrow?” Leo said and they both nodded, giving eachother knuckles punch.