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Blood sister Episode 32&33

episode 32-33
RITA : Ayo, Ayo
AYO : Rita, wetin happen
RITA : see as you dey call my name, Rita
AYO : wetin I wan call you before
RITA : na you sabi jor, come when did oga wesley leave this house
AYO : wetin corcern you
RITA : he corcern me na, he food don cold finish
AYO : Rita, so you don cook, and you did not serve me food
RITA : have you not eaten your food
AYO : me, which time
RITA : Ayo, I give you food in the morning na
AYO : na morning food you dey talk
RITA : Yes na
AYO : ok, I noi know
RITA : so when oga wesley take comot for this house
AYO : he don reach 5 hours oo
RITA : since morning
AYO : Yes na, he left around 9am
RITA : ok ooo (Ayo started staring at me) Ayo, what is it, why are you staring at me like that
AYO : Rita, why
RITA : why, what
AYO : why did you have to let another man do the thing, when you know that I love you so much and I want to marry you
RITA : shut up your mouth, do you know what you are saying
AYO : do you want to deny it
RITA : did you see me do anything
AYO : I did not see you, but the result is out
RITA : result, which result
AYO : that you are pregnant (I quickly stand up and closed his mouth) leave my mouth
RITA : what is wrong with you, do you want them to hear you
AYO : who are you hiding it for
RITA : who told you I am pregnant
AYO : that is the reason I am asking you, who are you hiding it for, if is madam, I pity you
RITA : why
AYO : because madam already know about it
RITA : how, she came to you
AYO : Yes she thought I am the one who is responsible for the pregnancy
RITA : hahahaha, really
AYO : Yes na
RITA : what did you now tell her
AYO : I told her I did not see anything, talkless of doing it
RITA : hahahaha
AYO : Yes na, I noi do oo, madam think say I dey lie
RITA : I see, abi you do, because me I dont know who did it, maybe is you
AYO : Rita abeg abeg, I noi do anything
RITA : ok oo (then a car started Horning at the gate) go and open the gate
(Ayo went and open the gate, wesley drove in)
WESLEY : hello sugar
RITA : will you bring your voice down, your people are in the sitting room
WESLEY : and so (he started kissing me)
RITA : stop it, Ayo is watching us
WESLEY : and what about Ayo, forget about Ayo, how are you
RITA : I am not fine
WESLEY : what is wrong, is the baby giving you a hard time
RITA : leave our innocent child alone, he has done nothing
WESLEY : hmm, then what happened
RITA : where have you been
WESLEY : ohhhhh, I see, you have been missing me right
RITA : you have not answer my question
WESLEY : ok fine, I went to my house
RITA : your house
WESLEY : Yes, our house
RITA : you went to buy a house
WESLEY : no, I have a house already
RITA : then why do you live with brother here
WESLEY : because my brother want me to, he was single and always alone, the house was too big and lonely, so also with me
RITA : you have a house
WESLEY : Yes, just like my brother house, the same engineer built it
RITA : so what did you go and do
WESLEY : ehm mm
RITA : I know, because you now have a girlfriend at home, so you decided to take them to another place
WESLEY : no, the reason I went there is to put things in order, I will be moving to my resident soon
RITA : why soon
WESLEY : so that you can be coming there to see me anytime you want, before we get married, I want us to have privacy
RITA : that’s great
RITA : is good, how long did you stay there, before coming home, because I thought you were at home
WESLEY : two hour
RITA : just two hour, you did not stay long oo
WESLEY : no dear
RITA : then the remaining hours nko
WESLEY : how
RITA : you left this house, five hours ago, you spent two hours in your house, so explain what happened with the remaining hour
WESLEY : ehhhhhh, so you know when I left this house and you were asking me as if you don’t know
RITA : I am still waiting ooo
WESLEY : ok, I went to see one of my guy
RITA : guy
WESLEY : Yes guy
RITA : will you stop lying
WESLEY : that’s the truth
RITA : Wesley please come closer to me (he came closer to me) look into my eye and answer me again
WESLEY : ( he obeyed)
RITA : what happened with the remaining hours
WESLEY : I I I, I am sorry
RITA : hahahaha, wesley wesley, I know it will be difficult for you to change
WESLEY : I am sorry
RITA : I love you wesley, you should stop seeing other girls if you don’t want me to get hurt, I am a jealous lover
WESLEY : I am trying
RITA : try harder, so which of the girls did you visit
WESLEY : sofia
RITA : sofia, I dont know you have sofia too oo, so sofia is among the list, I thought is Anita your serious date, not all this your street girlfriend, you should stop seeing them
WESLEY : I will try
RITA : you will try
WESLEY : are you mad at me
RITA : hmm, I still love you
WESLEY : (he smiled at me) I love you more
RITA : dont do it again oo
WESLEY : promise
RITA : ok
WESLEY : let me go inside I am hungry
RITA : my mother is around
WESLEY : why
RITA : I dont know
Wesley entered the house and saw my mother
WESLEY : mama good evening
MAMA RITA : how are you my son
WESLEY : I am fine
MAMA RITA : I am coming let me go and call charity, his husband is not at home
WESLEY : mama
MAMA RITA : charity, charity
CHARITY : mama
MAMA RITA : someone is here to see you people
CHARITY : where is him
MAMA RITA : look at him, sitting over there na
CHARITY : mama, mama dont you know him
MAMA RITA : know who , I dont know him oo
CHARITY : this is wesley junior brother nah, the one that stays in London with is mother
MAMA RITA : chimeh, I dont know him oo, this one look handsome oo
CHARITY : my husband is more handsome oo
WESLEY : I am more handsome jor
MAMA RITA : my son how are you
WESLEY : I am fine, how are you mama
MAMA RITA : my son I am fine ooo
WESLEY : I can see it, mama you are very beautiful woman ooo, your daughter took it from you
CHARITY : Yes o, I took it from my mother
WESLEY : who is talking about you, I am talking about Rita
MAMA RITA : Yes you are right, Rita took it from me, she look so much like me, but she is not close to me
WESLEY : why
MAMA RITA : I dont know ooo, she is very close to that her late father, charity is so close to me
WESLEY : I see, charity I am hungry oo, no food
CHARITY : Rita has not cooked ooo
WESLEY : I am hungry
CHARITY : let me call her to come and cook
WESLEY : no dont worry, let me look for something to eat by myself
WESLEY : dont worry I will do the cooking today
CHARITY : you know how to cook
WESLEY : Yes I know how to cook very well, even your husband know how to cook
CHARITY : really, kins can cook
WESLEY : so you dont know, how am I sure you know the man you married
CHARITY : I know my husband
WESLEY : I will be in the kitchen
CHARITY : ok (Wesley walk away )
( In the evening after meal, charity came to call me, when I came out, I saw the full family in the sitting room waiting for me)
RITA : mama you called me
MAMA RITA : Yes I sent for you (I tried to sit down) no dont sit down
RITA : I should stand up, ok
MAMA RITA : Rita, I am your mother, I hope you know that
RITA : Yes I know
MAMA RITA : Rita, I know you are pregnant, am I lying
RITA : mama I dont understand
MAMA RITA : what don’t you understand, Rita you are pregnant
RITA : Yes mama I am pregnant
CHARITY : she is not even denying it
RITA : and why will I deny it, sure I am pregnant
MAMA RITA : who is responsible for the pregnancy
RITA : mama me I dont know
MAMA RITA : you dont know
CHARITY : mama why are you asking her, when you know who the father his
RITA : then who is the father
CHARITY : Ayo the gate man
RITA : hahahaha, really
AYO : (Ayo started crying ) I am not the one oh, Rita tell them madam say noi be me do am nah
WESLEY : hahahaha, this accusation funny o
KINS : charity are you sure
CHARITY : Yes Ayo is responsible
AYO : noi be me oo
MAMA RITA : Rita say something, who is responsible
RITA : I dont know
CHARITY : stop asking her, she is ashame to point out the father of her baby
RITA : will you just leave the innocent Ayo alone, what do you even take me for, I Rita will start having affair with Ayo
CHARITY : so is not Ayo abi, you don’t leave this house, you are always at home, if is not the gateman then he is a my husband
KINS : are you mad, do you know what you are saying
CHARITY : dont shout at me, you heared when Rita said his not the gateman, then he is accusing you with style
KINS : his me and Ayo the only man in this house
CHARITY : oh you want to add wesley to it, I know what wesley can do, he did not do it, dont you see the girls he alway bring home, classic babe’s, he will not even have time to look at Rita
WESLEY : hahahaha
MAMA RITA : Rita, I hope you are seeing the confusion you want to cause, who is responsible for the pregnancy
RITA : mama I said I dont know
CHARITY : you are not even ashame of saying you don’t know
WESLEY : hmm, let me say something
CHARITY : no wesley, stay out of it
WESLEY : I just want to say something
RITA : wesley you heared charity stay out of it
MAMA RITA : Rita I am asking you again, who is responsible
RITA : mama don’t. Ask me that kind of question again, do I look like a 16 or 18 years child that got pregnant, and you will call family meeting for, mama let me remind you that I am 27 years and not 17 years old child. So when things like this happen, you should address it well, you called the full family for me, I already have it in mind to tell you who is responsible for it, since you are questioning me in the wrong way, you should forget about who is responsible, till I decide to open up
MAMA RITA : so me asking you is a wrong thing
RITA : did I say that, I only said you should approach me well, if you want to know, and not calling family meeting for me(I tried walking away)
CHARITY : eh Rita come back here, where do you think you are going to
To be continued. ……….


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