Blood sister Episode 31

I was In my room, when I heared charity calling my name
CHARITY : Rita, Rita, Rita mama Is here oo (I ran out to wellcome my mother)
RITA : mama (I hvgged her)
Mama you are welcome
MAMA RITA : thank you my daughter
RITA : mama this your coming ehn, his it a surprise or charity knew about it
MAMA CHARITY : you did not know I am coming
RITA : no mama I dont know
MAMA CHARITY : I told charity na
RITA : charity you could not even tell me abi
CHARITY : should I go and wake you and tell you, when all you do is to sleep
RITA : plea-se is okay
MAMA RITA : Rita talking about you, you have really changed
RITA : mama will you st©p looking at me in this manner
MAMA RITA : you have really change, is like your sister is taking good care of you
RITA : Yes she is trying
MAMA RITA : Rita, ok oo
RITA : mama, what about mama Aka
MAMA RITA : she is fine, she s£nt her greeting too
RITA : ok, should I prepare something for you to eat
MAMA RITA : ene not now, I am not hungry for now, maybe later
RITA : ok, let me take your bag inside
MAMA RITA : ok, plea-se put it in your room
RITA : mama no oo, I will put it another room
MAMA RITA : why, I want to sleep in your room
RITA : mama no, my room is pri-vate, I nee-d some privacy
MAMA RITA : okay ( I carried the bag and walk away )
CHARITY : mama you are welcome
MAMA RITA : Rita your sister is pregnant
CHARITY : pregnant
MAMA RITA : Yes, she is pregnant
CHARITY : how come, how did it happened
MAMA RITA : I hope that question is not for me
CHARITY : mama Rita dont go out, she is always at home
MAMA RITA : then who got her pregnant
CHARITY : oh I see, I think I know who the person his
CHARITY : the gate man
MAMA RITA : which gate man
CHARITY : my gate man nah, the one that opened the gate for us
MAMA RITA : why are you suspecting him
CHARITY : mama since Rita c@m£ to this house, he have been disturbing Rita for relationsh!p, I think Rita finally agreed to it
MAMA RITA : are you sure
CHARITY : Yes mama, Rita dont go out from this house
MAMA RITA : gate man, so Rita my daughter has ended up with a gateman
CHARITY : mama why are you talking like that, his him not a man too, is a man nah
MAMA RITA : do you know what you are saying, gateman
CHARITY : mama is good, after all she is going to settle down now, I am happy oo
MAMA RITA : no I will not allow it, Rita will ab-ort the baby, She will not marry a gateman, why will you be happy that your sister want to get married to an ordinary gateman
CHARITY : mama charity is due to marry, mama plea-se don’t st©p her this time, this is what you did the first time
MAMA RITA : I will st©p her, the first time I st©pped her form getting married, I am regretting it, but this one I am not going to regret it
CHARITY : mama plea-se let them be oo, mama hold on let me go and confront the gate man
MAMA RITA : let me go with you
CHARITY : mama no just relax I am coming
(She went to the gate to meet the gateman)
AYO : madam
CHARITY : I have seen your result o
AYO : result, which result madam
CHARITY : so she have not tell you that your result is out
AYO : madam me I noi write any exam oh
CHARITY : you dont still un-derstand me
AYO : I noi un-derstand ma
CHARITY : so you have gotten my sister pregnant abi
AYO : pregnant
CHARITY : Yes Rita is pregnant, dont worry I am not be mad at you, I am happy you got her pregnant
AYO : ehhhhhh I don die oo ( he started crying)
CHARITY : why are you crying
AYO : madam leave me make I cry, why she go carry belle, when she know say I wan Marry am
CHARITY : it does not matter, dont worry I will sponsor the marriage
AYO : madam me I noi marry again oo, may she he go Marry who give am belle
CHARITY : noi be you give am belle
AYO : madam I noi do anything with her oo
CHARITY : are you sure
AYO : Yes madam, I swear noi be me oo
CHARITY : then who
AYO : chei, e pain me oo
CHARITY : come does Rita leave this house
AYO : madam Yes na, sometimes
CHARITY : sometime, ok, Ayo are you sure is not yours
AYO : Madam no
CHARITY : ok ( he walked away to meet mama in the sitting room ) mama I am back
MAMA RITA : what did he say
CHARITY : mama he said he is not the one
MAMA RITA : then who owns the pregnancy
CHARITY : ina jum, I dont know oo
MAMA RITA : I am happy is not the gate man
CHARITY : mama I know he is the gateman, he is just afraid
MAMA RITA : I thought you said he is a man
CHARITY : Yes na
MAMA RITA : why will he be afraid (Then I walk pas-s them) Rita where are you going to
RITA : I am not going anywhere, I just want to sit down outside, any problem
MAMA RITA : not at all, just that we have something to discuss
RITA : ok, I am outside
MAMA RITA : alright (i walked away)
( When I got outside, wesley car was not parked outside)
RITA : I said it this boy is not at home, where has him gone to now, I am sure he has gone to see those his girlfriend again, it will really be difficult for him to change, I pray he does, only God knows when he left this house, or let me ask Ayo. Ayo, Ayo
AYO : Yes
To be continued. …