Blood sister Episode 13

One year later, my sister is in her third year in the university, she c@m£ back hom
One day without even letting us know
MAMA RITA : charity, this one you are here, I hope is not because of money oo, we s£nt you money two weeks ago
CHARITY : mama, no is not because of money
MAMA RITA : then why are you, are you done with your exams
CHARITY : mama, can’t I visit home again
MAMA RITA : you can visit home, but if is because of money, I dont have money for now oo
CHARITY : mama is not because of money, but other reasons
MAMA RITA : then what is it
CHARITY : mama I am getting married
MAMA RITA : married, how
CHARITY : my b©yfri£ndproposed to me
MAMA RITA : really
CHARITY : Yes mama
MAMA CHARITY : where is him from
CHARITY : he is from, Imo state
MAMA CHARITY : wow, that is good news
CHARITY : Yes, mama, they will coming for the introduction very soon
MAMA RITA : Rita, why are you not saying anything
RITA : what do you want me to say, charity you want to get married
CHARITY : Yes ooo
RITA : what about your education
CHARITY : marriage life will not st©p me from my schooling
RITA : really
CHARITY : Yes it will not, am even thinking of quitting school, after my marriage
RITA : quit
CHARITY : Yes I will quit it, if the school disturb me from my family life
RITA : mama, are you hearing that, you will quit school, you must be mad to quit school, you are not getting married at all, do you know how much will have spent on you, since you got admission
CHARITY : what is it, why are you quarrelling me, I have quit the school na, I only said if the school disturb me, I will quit it
RITA : then the school will waste
CHARITY : I have alre-ady acquired a little education, my husband have money, I dont nee-d to finish school and start looking for work, he will provide all my want for me
RITA : you are not getting married oo, you will finish your school first
CHARITY : who are you to decide for me
RITA : I am your elder sister, and you are too young for it
CHARITY : who is young, I am 24, I am not young for it
MAMA RITA : enough, charity, why don’t you finish your school first
CHARITY : mama, I can cope with the two
RITA : you cannot
CHARITY : why can’t I cope, if I can’t, I quit school
MAMA RITA : charity, I will give you go ahead, if you promise to continue schooling
CHARITY : Yes mama, I promise
RITA : mama, what are you doing, are you allowing her to get married
MAMA RITA : what is wrong if I allow her
RITA : it will distract her education, she cannot concentrate
MAMA RITA : she can
RITA : mama, I dont support ooo
MAMA RITA : why na
CHARITY : I know you will not support it, because you don’t want me to get married before you
RITA : what is the meaning of that
CHARITY : Yes, you are jealous, that’s why you are against it
RITA : me jealous you, you getting married does not bothers me at all, what bothers me is your education, you cannot just get married now
CHARITY : jealous, I see it all over you, because you know is a big shame for me to get married before you, that’s why you want to st©p it
RITA : Yes is a big shame, was I not supposed to get married before you, but what did I do, I have to turn down my marriage proposal because of you
CHARITY : did I f0rç£ you, why did you agree to it
RITA : really
MAMA RITA : ehh Rita is okey, dont argue with your sister, allow her to get married, you can get married now, if you wish, your sister will not be un-der our care anymore, but is husband, it is a big advantage to us
CHARITY : thank you mama
MAMA RITA : what does he do
CHARITY : his the CEO of Zara company, mama, that family is loaded
MAMA RITA : wow, when are you bringing him first to see me
CHARITY : very soon
MAMA CHARITY : ok, I am really happy for you my dear
CHARITY : thank you mama, how which my sister will also be happy for me, and not go against it
RITA : no matter what you say to me, I dont support this your marriage
CHARITY : and who cares, I dont nee-d your support, the family dont nee-d it too, mama has given me the permission
MAMA CHARITY : is okey, we have to celebr@te, this is good news
CHARITY : Yes mama
RITA : I will see how you will be able to handle, your marriage life and school together
CHARITY : dont let it bother you sister
To be continued. …