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June 23, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 14 & 15

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Episode 14-15




RITA : charity, I am going out to see a friend, your food is in the kitchen

CHARITY : food, are you done cooking

RITA : Yes, am done

CHARITY : why did you not call me to assist you na

RITA : must I call you, before you know the right thing to do

CHARITY : Rita, you would have called me na, very soon I will be getting married and leaving to my husband house, you know I am not that perfect in cooking

RITA : oh, so you know that

CHARITY : I know, but I know I am trying my best

RITA : you are trying your best in food, I hope your husband understand that

CHARITY : Rita, look at the way you are saying it, as if I dont know how to cook at all

RITA : did I say that

CHARITY : I am trying, just that sometimes the food will taste very nice, sometimes it will taste salty

RITA : ayah

CHARITY : that is why I want you to always call me to assist you, if you want to prepare food

RITA : you want to learn

CHARITY : I know how to cook, I want to learn how to add salt in food, that’s my problem

RITA : no problem, I will teach you, if you are ready to learn


CHARITY : Rita, what about my marriage

RITA : marriage, I don’t understand, what happened to your marriage

CHARITY : do you support me now

RITA : charity, is not as if I am not happy you are getting married, I am happy, my problem is your education

CHARITY : trust me sist., I can handle the two of it

RITA : are you sure, you know what marriage is

CHARITY : Yes nah

RITA : come to think of it, what is the name of your husband to be

CHARITY : oh, none of you could ask me this question yesterday, his names are, kinsley ebuka ojoifor

RITA : kinsley

CHARITY : Yes, but is friends call him, kins or kinzo, me I call him sugar

RITA : how long have you know him

CHARITY : three months

RITA : three months, you want to marry a man you just met

CHARITY : three months is a enough time

RITA : no it is not, what do you really know about him

CHARITY : everything, his father is late, his mother lives in London with her elder sister, his junior brother wesley lives in nigeria, but always travelling to London, and he have a big company to control oo, is not always around, for over

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six months now, he have not been around

RITA : did you experience all this things you just told me, all you were told also

CHARITY : of course kins told me

RITA : who are is friends

CHARITY : I dont know, when I visit him, I dont always see is friends, he

is a good guy, he doesn’t keep bad friends

RITA : but that three months is too small, you need to watch him very well (my mother came in)

MAMA RITA : who are they watching this time

RITA : mama, charity just met this guy, he want to marry

CHARITY : does it matter, Rita dont start again oo, you never supported this idea of me getting married

MAMA RITA : charity, how long have you known him

CHARITY : mama, three months

MAMA RITA : that’s fine

RITA : fine mama, three months

MAMA RITA : Yes is fine, what about me, I knew your father, the very day I married him, I have never seen him before, until the day he came with is family to marry me

RITA : mama, that is olden days, and the two family already known each other

MAMA RITA : Rita, three months is okay

RITA : no problem, I am going out

MAMA RITA : to where

RITA : to see a friend

MAMA RITA : friend, hmmmm

RITA : mama, which one is hmmmm

MAMA RITA : nothing ooo

CHARITY : mama leave Rita alone, she is no longer a kid

MAMA RITA : I know why I am asking, Rita dont always go out, it has been long I saw her dress up like this to see a friend, that’s why I am suspecting that your friend is a male

RITA : mama, friend is friend

MAMA RITA : I know, take care of yourself ooo

RITA : ok mama ( I walk away )

CHARITY : mama, do you mean that, Rita dont go out

MAMA RITA : no oo, he dont go out, always at home

CHARITY : so she has decided to start going out, so that she can start attracting men to herself, anyone can end up marrying her

MAMA RITA : who told you that is the reason she is going out

CHARITY : it is

MAMA RITA : abeg, I am hungry, is there food at home

CHARITY : Yes, Rita prepared food before leaving the house

MAMA RITA : Rita prepared food before leaving the house, and what where you doing when she was preparing it

CHARITY : mama, she did not tell me, she want to start cooking

MAMA RITA : she did not tell you, ok they should you inform you first, before you know someone will eat

CHARITY : mama, why are you being harsh

MAMA RITA : you are getting married very soon, I hope you know that

CHARITY : mama, I will learn

MAMA RITA : better



Is being five months now, my sister charity got married to kinsley is boyfriend. The marriage was the talk of the town, I escorted her to her husband house, I spent one week with her in the city before coming back to the village, some people think is not right, for a elder sister to escort her own junior sister to her husband house, but I am not bothered with whatever they say. The worst of it is that, I am now the latest gist of our gossipers. One day I was coming from the market, I walk pass two girls, I was in the front, while they were at my back, no far distance between me and them, they still mocked me

GIRL 1: just look at her

GIRL 2: hahahaha, dont mind her, our village fool

GIRL1: she is not even ashame of her self

GIRL 2: dont mind her, she dont have shame at all, I have never seen were a elder sister escort her own kid sister to her husband house

GIRL 1: she is not married, that’s why she did it

GIRL 2: even if she is single, she have to give herself some respect

GIRL 1: dont blame her, I am sure her mother asked her to do it, and she agreed to it

GIRL 2: must she agree to everything her mother say

GIRL 1: ehnm, that’s was were she got are nickname from na, village fool

GIRL 2: hahahaha, I see, she is really a fool

GIRL1 : if is me, my younger sister got married before me, I will hide my face oo, is a shame

GIRL 2: a very big one

(The two girls mocked so much right in front of me, they were saying all this things for me to answer them, but I turn deaf ear to them, if I answer them, the mockery will be more than the one they have been saying before, I have to follow another road to my house, thinking that all is fine now, A Car passed me and stop, who must that be I wondered, behold it was ify my friend)

IFY : hello girlfriend

RITA : hi ify

IFY : you are not looking bad at all

RITA : you also, you look good

IFY : Yes of course, I know, I am always looking good, education made it possible

RITA : good to hear that

IFY : I hear your new name now is village fool

RITA : (silent )

IFY : why are you now quite, can’t you talk again

RITA : I have nothing to say

IFY: hmm, that’s shows that, I am not lying, that is your name

RITA : is that the reason you came down from that car

IFY : Yes

RITA : fine I have heard you, the driver is waiting for you

IFY : dont worry about the taxi man, I will pay him for is time

RITA : no problem, I have to go now

IFY : not so fast my love, where are you running to, anyway, how do you feel your junior sister got married before you

RITA : not bad, I feel excited for her, let me also ask you, how do you feel, when you attended charity wedding, the little girl you always bath then, feed her, carried her, send her an errand, when she was a kid, getting married before you, were you not ashamed of it

IFY : why will I be ashame, is a thing of joy, we have to celebrate with her

RITA : Yes, that’s it there

IFY : for your case is different

RITA : Yes, me and your case is different, I have been engaged before which I turned down, what about you, have you ever been engaged, why are you still single

IFY : hmm( she frown and walk away)

RITA : no come back na

(When I got home, I told my mother what happened on my way home)

RITA : mama I am tired, what is all this

MAMA RITA : is okay

RITA : everyone mock me, they laughed at me, they now call me, village fool

MAMA RITA : is okay my daughter

RITA : mama I feel bad, you caused all this

MAMA RITA : is okay na

RITA : mama leave me alone, how I wish I have somewhere to run to, let me just start my life there

MAMA RITA : you can go and start staying with your sister na

RITA : charity, do you think, that one will allow me

MAMA RITA : why not, I will send for her, you have to go to the city

RITA : I am tired of this village

MAMA RITA : I understand



To be continued.

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