Black angel Episode 21 & 22

❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
”What if I carried the vial and something bad happens to me?..” I thought
“Or what if I nee-ded to recite some strange things before I take it… ”
“What if I turned into a rock or something… ”
All these thoughts were running around my head
In the end, I decided to be strong… Since Fiona was still in her bad form
I stood up and ran for the vial…but to my surprise… The more I ran… The more the vial went farther… I ran with all my strength but it was like I was running on a sp©t…
I tried to st©p but couldn’t st©p… I continued running
Then I saw it…. It was like a serpent… Green in colour…
I remembered Fiona’s first words when we were entering the cave
Those words kept echoing in my skull
It bec@m£ louder…
Now I was hearing it in Latin…
It was in a whisper form…but it was loud
I know it’s confusing…
A loud whisper… But come to think of it
Close your eyes… Imagine it
Hear the words… Hear it
It’s coming soft. Yet it’s ha-rd
It’s resounding… It’s vibr@ting
It’s scary
May it never be disturbe-d
May it never be disturbe-d
May it neverrrrrrr be disturbe-dddddd!!!! ”
I started screaming… I started turning…
The greenish stuff was really powerful and strange
It was controlling my mind
Filling it with fear.. With horror…
I started turning on a sp©t.. Screaming loudly
The greenish stuff rose up like flames
It was odd but strangely beautiful
Like a dark evil beauty
I was scared and fascinated…
It was drawing me in… I wanted to t©uçh it
Feel it….Twirl it in my f!ngers
I wanted to know how it felt..
I moved nearer… Near the liquid
Then a very commanding tone said
Like magic, the stuff lost it powers over me
I shaked from head to toe and my eyes and head cleared
I turned and looked back and saw Fiona and another person that looked so much like her
Like I saw two people staring at me
Two Fionas…
I was scared… I moved back slowly
“Fiona….?” I called
“Fiona I’m seeing two of you….
Is it my eyes or that greenish stuff.. Is the demon affecting my eyes…?
I’m seeing you pres£ntly as two persons…
Tell Me I’m mad
Tell Me that I’ve been possessed finally… plea-se tell me that something is wrong with me… ”
One of the Fiona stepped forward and said…
“Calm down baby…
It’s not an illusion… Remember I told you that I was a twin.. And that my twin is my dark side…?
Remember…? ”
“Yes… Yes… I do
But she was killed right . She was killed to be made your dark side… Wasn’t she? ”
“Yes she was… Her soul was merged inside me..
She bec@m£ my dark side…” Fiona replied
“So who… who….who….is that? ” I asked pointing at the other one
”That’s her soul…? ” Fiona said with a smile
”Soul…? ”
‘But how come…? ”
Fiona smiled again
“See Angel…..
There’s a lot of things you’re yet to un-derstand about the supernatural……
The supernatural world balances the natural world
If the supernatural world is being tampered… Great harm will be done to the natural world
You see that greenish stuff curling… That we want to capture doesn’t belong here… Humans are misusing it… It was stolen from its main place where it was used to do works of the supernatural and was being guarded by the Oracle… Pas-sed from generation to generation
When misused… It affects all humans
But it can’t be taken anyhow…
It’s powerful..
It’s scary….
It’s strong…
Way too strong to be pla-yed with
You shouldn’t be seeing my twin’s soul but the power is opening your eyes to spiritual things…
Do you know that every one of us is being affected by the power
My twin left my b©dy so as to be able to join powers with me to capture it
You’ve done so well Angel… This is where you step back… Move to a safe distance and watch us
Watch us save humanity
I did as I was instructed, moved to a safe distance to watch the drama going on… It looked like a movie…
I just couldn’t believe
Was this real or was I day dreaming …?
It was so scary….
Fiona had said earlier
The name is El Sagrido…
It means “The devil’s blood ”
It deals with the mind… Attacks and feeds off a vulnerable mind
Like yours… A soft open mind…
To conquer this…your mind must be closed
it takes great discipline.. meditation and training to do this… you can’t do it ….So stay far.. Where it won’t be able to reach your mind
As for us, We will prevent it from pene-trating our minds
It’s a battle of the mind….”
From where I stood, I watched the two of them removing a rosary like bead from their pockets… Just that the beads were bigger
It looked like beads used by monks
But it was made from Gold… Pure Gold
They sat down like people in a great meditation
I hope you remember how monks sit with a straight back and folded legs…. Then they closed their eyes and raised the beads up with the right hand towards the direction of the stuff
The stuff rose up in that beautiful attrac-tive form of before that attra-cted me but this time it had no effect on me
It rose like smoke… Curling and rolling… Just that it’s color was green not white…
it started spre-ading round the twins. moving like a snake…
It started moving round them… Then went throu-gh the middle of them… But it seemed that it wasn’t achieving it goal
It changed approach
It rose up in a scary manner and started pene-trating into the twins b©dy. It would enter from the front in four different places and come out back from the other side
It was swift and quic-k
I could see that the twin didn’t move at all… They were just rigid
Then all of a sudden they started floating with the green stuff… I could see that they were alre-ady gaining upper hand
They joined hands together and started speaking strange words I didn’t un-derstand
Soon the green stuff started rolling down until it bec@m£ a small green stone. It was so small… Smaller than my baby f!nger
I opened my mouth in shock….
Fiona twin disappeared immediately it was captured and Fiona fell down… Weak and tired
I ran to her side and carried her up
she looked at me with blurry eyes and said
“it is done…. ”
I smiled and hvgged her…
I didn’t know when I stared sobbing
She hvgged me back and said
“Now to the building…
No nee-d for maps….
Just close your eyes… ”
I closed my eyes and when I opened it…i was In the building
The four tubes were small containers filled with the greenish stuff
I saw them at the four corners of the room
Fiona Explained to me “The four students that make it here every three.. three years drink these stuff and it makes them strong and abnormally powerful
The source provides it in exchange for taking lives of their mates…
But now that I have seized the main source… These stuff are meaningless but poisonous… Anyone that drinks it will melt instantly
Just then… Seven others from the academy arrived in the building and started fighting for a tube… I tried to warn them but Fiona st©pped me…
“They won’t listen..” she said
“Their soul has been corrupted and possessed
They have been filled with thirst for blood and power
The forest has affected them
leave them be… they are beyond redemption
They are meant to die ”
They killed themselves until it reminded the four and as soon as they drank it
They dropped dead….
In that way, I was saved by Fiona my life
It was one of the greatest adventure of my life
Fiona took me to a place where I was going to have to wait for the academy’s helicopter as it was written on the building’s wall with the empty case of the tube as a proof that I drank it
I also took an empty tube with Me even though I didn’t take it
As soon as we heard the sound of the helicopter approaching… Fiona said
“My love..
I have to go
To the place I belong to
knowing you is one of the best things ever
Our path will never cross again but I will never forget you
I will always pray and meditate on your behalf
The world is a dangerous place
I wish you the best of luck…
Goodbye… ”
We hvgged like sisters…
I cried like a baby and I felt her crying as well
“Goodbye Fiona… ”
“Goodbye Angel.. ”
“I love you Fiona…”
”I love you Angel.. ”
We hvgged again and she disappeared..
I never saw her again
I returned to the academy as the only survivor and graduated with Justin
Then I took a plane to Nigeria with Justin by my side
I left Nigeria,a small timid scared heart broken girl… I left Nigeria with fear and pains
I left Nigeria with anxiety….
I left my motherland filled with depression and Anger
But I’M BACK!!!!!!
I was laughing to myself as we landed in Muritala Mohammed Airport.. Lagos
Uncle T is in soup… This is what we call “KARMA” He wouldn’t know what hit him
I’m one hundred percent sure that anytime my name crosses his mind… He would just wave me off saying that he has gotten rid of me… It’s either I’m dead or suffering bitterly somewhere… I knew that those were his evil thoughts….
But he’s wrong, After over 8 years, I’m back for Revenge
My people, do you know how sweet revenge is especially when the victim doesn’t see it coming…?
It would just hit them… “ban-g!!!! ” from any angle…
The shock, The thri-ll, The excitement was everything that filled my soul
Justin Noticed it but kept quiet…..
We alre-ady had a superb sweet plan….
This plan of ours was a great plan….
The plan that I used to destroy uncle T,
”You know… I’ve never been to Nigeria before ” Justin said to me as we entered the room we booked for in a big 5 Star h0tel….
“Do you like Nigeria…?” I asked with a big smile on my face
”Hmmmmmm… ‘ he said give me a fake serious look
“I’m still thinking about it… I’m yet to make up my mind ” he replied
“Na you sabi ” I said in pidgin English
“Hey ” Justin said pretending to be angry
”Whatever you call that English you speak… Don’t say it to me again… You know I don’t un-derstand it…That Language is so complex to un-derstand.. ”
I shrugged nonchalantly…
“Well, Justin… There are some things you can’t know…
Because you un-derstand several languages doesn’t mean you must un-derstand pidgin
Pidgin is a language meant mainly for Africans… African blood must be flowing in your veins for you to be perfect in it….
Not everyb©dy can speak it fluently… That’s the uniqueness of pidgin and that’s why I love it…..” I said with a tone of finality
Justin gave me a mischievous smile and moved slowly towards me. I backed away with a smile too… I knew what he wanted to do…
“So Angel…what about me…
Ain’t I unique as well.. ” he drawled as he neared me… I moved back with a shy face
”Actually Justin.. You’re emmmm… You’re the best of your kind… You’re cool… ”
He was alre-ady in front of me… He captured my face gently in between his hands and k!$$£d me on my forehead…
“Just cool…? ” he asked
“Am I just cool…? ” he asked again
“Well you’re ro-mantic too.. ” I said with a big smile
”You forgot h0t.. I’m h0t… I’ve got a h0t face.. h0t b©dy… h0t smile… I’m h0t baby ” he said k!ss!ngmyl-ips this time
I chuckled softly
”Yeah.. Yeah… You’re h0t Justin… My love is h0t ”
Then I wra-pped my arms round his n£¢k and k!$$£d him pas-sionately
I was alre-ady getting more attached to Justin… The more time I spent with him… The more he gained my trust
Somehow my b©dy was alre-ady responding to his t©uçh… Although we avoided S-x because I was yet to recover finally…
The trauma and pains of the abuse I faced was yet to fade finally so we still nee-ded more time and Justin was re-ady to wait all throu-gh and give it what it takes…
We r0m@nç£d a lot and did a lot of tou-chings…. Somehow I pitied Justin because whenever we get inti-mate. .i always feel his d!¢k rising.. I feel it so ha-rd between his legs but I’m so grateful for his self control although I’ve caught him masturbating countless times later 😂 😂
Two weeks later, Justin walked in into my dad’s company now Uncle T’s company as Mr Maximiliano, a rich foreign investor who wanted to invest millions in his company
He arrived in Limo… We planned it well
He arrived in all pomp and show,
He had bought almost 45 percent of the company’s share.. He was a major shareholder
My evil uncle welcomed him with all respect and humility…
No one would imagine him capable of doing such evil
Back in the h0tel where I stayed, I started ma-king some research…
The house my parents built with their sweat had been put up for sale
The first thing I did with the raw cash I brou-ght back from the Academy was to buy that house back anonymously… I didn’t want him suspecting anything…so I just bought it and made the estate agent believe that I was a foreigner soon coming to Nigeria to stay and I nee-ded a house for my family and I
The man bought my lie and I bought the house un-der Justin’s name….
The next thing I did was finding Meggie’s parents and family
To my despair… I found them in big suffering… The mother kept blaming herself… Saying she was responsible for her daughter’s death…
She kept on saying with tears rolling down her cheeks
“Meg said No the first time I introduced this man to her
she said she wasn’t interested… she said she didn’t like him… but I f0rç£d her… Because of my greed… My selfishness… I saw money and forgot my position as a mother… I didn’t care about her feelings…
I made her marry him…
Now the poverty I’m avoiding is back to me fully
I lost my daughter again… I will never forgive myself ” she said and bur-st into tears again
It was a lesson though.. A lesson to every youth out there
One day, you’re gonna be a parent, some are even parents alre-ady
plea-se and plea-se, No matter the situation you might be pas-sing throu-gh… Never allow money to be your priority for your Children’s spouse,
Never f0rç£ them to marry someone they don’t want to
Never Allow Greed overshadow your parental responsibilities…your children’s happiness should always come first
After a while of talking and counseling them, I said
“actually, Meggie is someone I love so much
she’s someone that did what no one else has done before
I’m alive and standing in front of you now because of her
And forever will I be grateful to her
As from today, poverty is no more In your family ”
I bought them a house… Gave them enough money and kept in t©uçh with the last born who was a graduate from the University of Lagos… To my joy, he studied Accounting… Knew a lot about business,
I started buying shares in my father’s company un-der his name
I planned with Justin to hand over the company to him after everything had happened
I started doing researches about Uncle T’s pri-vate life
To my anger, I found out that he was doing well,
he had remarried with four kids.. three girls and one boy
After more research, I noticed that the first born was around 10, it was obvious that he was cheating on Meggie by the time he had her
One clue led to another and I found out that she was Meggie’s best friend
Wow… So uncle T was slee-ping with his wife’s friend all these while and that one had a secret child for him
I decided to start my revenge with her
For Meggie and For me as well
I kidnapped her one sunny afternoon.. Drugged her and brou-ght her into my parent’s house
I had redecorated a special room for my works
I placed her into a glas-s like cube.. It was like a standing coffin or like a standing big fridge
Just that it was made of glas-s and was so transparent… The t©p had a circular small hole which I connected a p@rticular long pipe that pumps water into…
I placed a small hearing instrument in her hair so that when she becomes conscious she would hear whatever I’ve got to say from within the glas-s
After locking her up…
I set my c@m£ras on her face and changed into black clothes
I placed the c@m£ra till the extent that the only place you can see is my che-st downward.. Nothing else
Then I went back to my system and started my hacking work
I hacked into every available channel….Everything
Both the TV stations like Bcos ,NTA,GALAXY TV,… Even the DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES,….in five minutes I did it and what everyb©dy was watching at home was the terror I was about to do
The only people who didn’t watch were those who had no electricity and those pla-ying DVD compact disc …Homes, Shops, Supermarkets, h0tels, Hospitals, Bars, even Banks and offices tuned to any TV channels were suddenly seeing me
All over the 36 states, people were watching me
Soon my victim started becoming conscious
“Hi dear… ” I said
she obviously heard as she turned her head into my direction… She looked confused…
“I know you’re wondering whom I am… ”
“I’m Angel but I prefer you calling me Black Angel ….
Here.. Right in this room, all I perform is jungle Justice
This room is my court… I’m the judge, I’m the lawyer, I’m the law
You don’t nee-d to do anything, just relax and receive your punishment
I wonder why you stole your friend’s husband,had a beautiful girl for him
Not only that, twelve years ago ,back in the University, you killed two innocent people…. Due to a cultist clash… Babe.. You were a cultist… ” I said and bur-st into laughter
“Ten years ago, you drowned your step sister’s five year old kid in the swimming pool and lied that the girl fell into it ….
why did you do that…? ” I whispered… “You shouldn’t have?”
I could view her shaking…
I turned to the c@m£ra and faced my audience… They couldn’t see me… But they saw my b©dy
”This lady deserves to die… Doesn’t she? ” I asked…
“Well as the judge,
I s£ntence you to death by drowning as well
Not just drowning…. Freezing as well… ”
She started beating the glas-s pleading, crying as I turned the switch on as ice cold water gushed down onto her head into the glas-s…
it was a very cold water… The temperature started dropping…
Soon it reached her w@!st
Then her n£¢k…
Then it covered her up
She started struggling… Started screaming…
It was so horrific… So gruesome,
And I and 65% of the country even the president watched her die
To be continued