Black angel Episode 19 & 20

”Why are you trying to scare me…” I said angrily
“I’m not scaring you ” she replied looking innocently
“At least.. as-sas-sins don’t get scared easily ” it was obvious she was taunting me
I hissed angrily at her and went into the cave… She followed me
Inside everything was dark and seemed ordinary.. I almost laughed Out and insulted her. .
I thought this was the cave she called the Cave of blood where the queen of death and destruction rules in the forest of Escalibar…
Mtcheeeew… The mumu that has been br@inwashed with ru-bbish…
I wasn’t just in the mood to argue nons-en-sical t©pics with her
The entrance of the cave was bright due to the light coming from outside…
We began our journey until we reached a p@rticular point where everything was dark..
I switched on my disposable lamp …She did the same as well
Everything was damn quiet..
No creaking..
No sounds
Only our footsteps… The sounds of our boots tou-ching the ground was audible… And the sounds of our breathing
Even Fiona st©pped chattering… She was quiet as well… For once, I wished she talked.. At least.. Having a voice around me was better than this abnormal quietness
It made me uneasy and made me had a feeling of unrest
Like she heard my inner thoughts.. She whispered
“This quietness is odd…
Something is lur-k-ing around…
I feel like I’m being watched.. ”
I turned round and Said…
“Do you have to say that…? ”
”Say what…? ” she replied
“Do you have to say you feel like something is watching us.. ”
“Well.. It was just my feeling and I… ”
“Shut up.. ” I interrupted
“Shut the fv¢k up… It’s your feeling so keep it to yourself…
You don’t have to voice it out.. ”
The truth was that I also had a feeling of being watched as well but having her confirm it made me more scared
“You’re mean….” Fiona muttered
“So mean…” she repeated
I smiled to myself and pretended not to hear…
We continued walking in silence then suddenly I started hearing a distant sound
Like something was dropping with a drop 💧 💧 💧 on the ground…
I was hearing ” ta.. ta… ta… ”
“What the fv¢k is dropping..?” I asked
“Whatever it is… It’s in from.. ” Fiona replied in an odd voice
We continued walking and the sound bec@m£ clearer
The more we neared the front…the more my heart was thudding.. I was so scared
My heart kept on telling Me that whatever was in front dangerous…
Suddenly I felt a drop of liquid on my head… Another on my arm… Another on my leg
I st©pped and t©uçhed my head and looked at it
I moved away quic-kly and raised my lamp..
What I saw almost paralyzed me…
Above me were three human heads hanging from the t©p.. With open glazed eyes filled with fear…
I opened my mouth to scream but nothing c@m£ out
It was the n£¢k that was bleeding. .
Something horrorful and scary had r!pp£doff their n£¢ks from their b©dy and had hung them…
“These were some of the people from the plane
They are from the academy… They got here earlier.. ” Fiona said
“What or who did this…? ” I asked
”Whatever or whoever did it is nearby…. ” Fiona replied and immediately she said this…
I heard a THUD!!!!
I quic-kly shoved my lamp towards the direction of the sound
What was happening was too scary to say
I saw three headless bodies walking towards us…
It was obviously the bodies of the dead people
The eyes on the head started moving left….right…right..left
Then suddenly the mouth opened and made a terrifying sound…it sounded de-ep and croaky
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg!!! ” the head said with blackish blood dripping from the mouth
The eyes bec@m£ black… The ton-gues bec@m£ fangs.. Long like a snakes own
like magic… the bodies walked to the heads and carried them and carried them on their b©dy….
“RUNNNNNNNNNNNN” I said and turned to run
She followed me and we turned left.. It was another long corridor… We started running together… My heart was pounding… It was so horrible… It was like a bad dream…
The bodies were resurrecting as demons… Blood thirsty demons
I was so scared
I ran like an hare with Fiona on my heels.. These creatures were pursuing us h0tly….
We kept hearing their scary sounds….vibr@ting throu-gh the cave
“Arrrggg.. Arrggg.. Arrggg..!!!!!!”
As we were running. We suddenly reached a dead end. All that remained was a wall… There was no place to run to… There was no way to Escape
I closed my eyes shut swallowing saliva. ..
I cleaned my sweat from my forehead and re-moved my guns..
I held one in my right hand…the other in my left…stretched it and started shooting the approaching creatures… It only enraged them…
I started shaking…
I looked back and saw Fiona looking calm
“DO SOMETHING!!!! ” I screamed
She took a de-ep breath and said
“We have only one chance.. ” she said calmly
“WHAT’S THAT. ?” I screamed
“We bring forth my dark side..
My twin….”
“Cut me… ” she said
“what…? ” I asked
TILL I Pas-s OUT… DON’T MOVE NEAR ME…NOW CUT ME.. “she screamed
I re-moved my Jack knife and moved near her… Cut her arm and ran to the far curved end of the cave and hid there and started watching from there
The creatures were alre-ady in front of her.. re-ady to attack
She looked slowly at her blood and fell unto her knees… A strange breeze started b!owing slowly and Fiona started floating….
I opened my mouth in shock and amazement….
She landed and looked at my side and I saw that she was n-ked with black eyes and long nails…
She looked the same just that there wasn’t any tattoo on her brea-st
She was about moving near me until one of the creatures made for her….
With fury and anger she dug her black long f!ngernails into the creature’s che-st and re-moved the heart… Threw it into her mouth and started chewing…
With black blood dripping down her chin… She made for the second one…
They fought for a while and the creature managed to give her a big cut on her cheek and she healed instantly
It infuriated her dark side and she plunged her hand into it’s che-st as well and ate it…
It also dropped.. Dead
After the work was completed… Fiona fell down as well and bec@m£ unconscious
I didn’t move for a while but later crawled to her side…
Although she was still n-ked her tattoo was back in place….
I opened my bag… re-moved a bottle of water and poured little on her face
she opened her eyes slowly…weakly
“Are you okay…? ” I asked
she smiled a little and said weakly
“It takes a bit to recover..
Hope you weren’t so alarmed. ?” she asked… Looking worried
“I was… A bit ”
“Do you now believe me. ?” she asked
“A bit.. ” I said
“Do you know what made those bodies resurrect… ” I asked
“No…” She said
“But soon we will find out.. ”
As she was so weak…. I carried her on my back out of the corridor back to the main path we were following
I got tired after a while but we saw a door in front made from rock I guessed. .
After lots of stress… We opened it and walked in…
It was wi-de leading to another pathway. .
I looked at my watch….it was alre-ady 11pm
I was tired and hungry so we decided to camp there and rest….
We closed the door and ate a bit then we la-id down….
The tension of our earlier adventure was still in me…i was still looking at Fiona like she was a demon
She noticed and laughed softly and asked
”What are you thinking about…? ”
,”Can you die… ?” I asked
“Yes…” she said
“what happens to your dark side…I asked
“It comes out and dominates my b©dy destroying anything at sight
it remains like that unharmed…
“Can’t it be destroyed…? ” I asked
“Maybe… Maybe not…
I don’t know….”
We remained silent for a while and then sle-pt off
As I was slee-ping… The heavy door opened slowly and closed again
it opened wi-de and closed again
It kept on like this until I woke.. Fiona woke as well…
The door kept on opening and closing and we saw no one
We sat down in fear watching with horror as the door opened and closed…
Is the door magical…?
Or was something pushing it..?
Something invisible..?
Now I really believed that the cave was bewitched. It wasn’t ordinary
So this was how people got powers…
My dear re-aders… Don’t envy powerful people …Most of them got their powers from evil sources….
I now un-derstood the reason why most of the criminals tuto-red from my academy bec@m£ almost impossible to get…
It was because they were backed by an evil power…
The power that takes some people’s life to preserve just few
And it was this power that Fiona was here to st©p
Now I’m having an adventure in an adventure
I was in the world of supernaturals… The world many believe doesn’t exist
Well, This world was real
It’s real and it exists…
Just that only few knows it
Praying de-eply.. I hoped to survive all this to live to tell the story
Suddenly Fiona stood up boldly and
“Whether it’s a demon or anything…
I’m going to find out…”
Because I was scared of being left alone…
I quic-kly jumped up and followed her… Before another demonic stuff appears before me
As we got to the front of the door… We noticed that there was a green glow from afar…
It was blinking.. Like it was inviting us
Fiona opened her bag and re-moved a peculiar looking glas-s
“What’s that..? ” I asked
“it’s an ancient glas-s made from Egypt… It contains psychic powers and is able to know when the True lamp I want to get is….
You know…this cave is dangerous… We mustn’t make a mistake
She brou-ght forth the glas-s and showed it to the direction of the lamp but nothing happened
“It’s a set up ” she said
”We aren’t going…
Let’s continue our journey.. ”
Then we walked down and down the cave
From outside seemed small… But the cave itself was a small village
For two good days we wandered and wandered down the cave without encountering anything
But on the third day
A very strange thing occurred
I really can’t remember how it happened but all I remembered was that we suddenly found ourselves in a cold place filled with snow ..
It was so cold… Like it was at it’s freezing point
I looked up and saw a p@rticular picture… It was drawing me in…
“St©pPPPPP” I heard Fiona scream…
But it was too late, I saw myself as a child again watching uncle T abuse me brutally….
I started feeling the pains again…
I started experiencing the anger… The rush of emotions..
I felt adrenaline pumping into my blood. I felt the rage
I saw Mom and Dad dying
I saw how Uncle T said “I killed your parents… ”
It kept on echoing in my head
“I killed your parents..i killed them… ”
I looked and saw Fiona but she was fading away… I was hearing her screaming…
St©ppppppp… ”
Slowly she transformed into Uncle T…
I saw her as him…
I smiled wickedly and said
“I’ve always wanted to kill you.. Uncle T… ”
“St©p Angel… You’re being manipulated… I’m not that uncle
She’s ma-king you see me as him…
You can control it…she wants us to kill ourselves ”
“You killed my parents
Ruined my life…
Destroyed me
You killed Meggie…
Oh Meggie…. ”
Fiona backed from me… “You know I mustn’t bleed Angel….plea-se don’t bring forth my dark side ”
“I’m going to make you suffer uncle T… ” I said looking so evil
I brou-ght out my Jack knife and moved swiftly near her to cut her but she avoided me quic-kly….
”Come back to me… Angel..
This is not you.. ‘ I heard her saying but I couldn’t control myself…
I kept on attacking her blindly and she kept on trying her best not to get cut… Because once she sees her blood…
Her dark side becomes unleashed
All of a moment, I saw Meggie walking towards me…
She was wearing her familiar green go-wn
I st©pped my tracks and faced her.
“Meg… Meggie…
Is that you..? ” I asked
“Yes my love…
It’s me.. ”
“I thought you were dead… ”
“I c@m£ back for you… Come to me my love… Come to me ”
I started moving towards her…Fiona was screaming trying to st©p me but I wasn’t even Normal
ANGEL… St©p IT!!!! ”
I guessed she eventually managed to hit my head with something heavy ..
Instantly I pas-sed out
When I woke up….I felt horrible… Especially when Fiona recounted all the madness I performed…
“I’m sorry.. ” I said
She smiled and said..
”Don’t be…
you just witnessed the power of the green lamp
And the evil it unleashes…
It nee-ds to be kept away from the world”
“But how come you weren’t affected with the mind tricks.. ?” I asked
“See Angel…
I was brou-ght up by an oracle….
I spent hours disciplining myself… Spent hours meditating…
My mind can’t be easily controlled”
“So how are we going to get this green lamp of yours..? ” I asked…
I was suddenly tired of everything… I wanted it to end on time
Fiona brou-ght out the strange mirror and it shone green brightly…
It was so bright that my eyes hurt from the reflection
“Soon… ” She said smiling
“We are near it. ”
We continued walking in this cave for another two days…my food supply was almost finished…
I prayed for everything to st©p…
One night…As we sle-pt peacefully…
An odd smell woke me up… I felt something dropping on my skin
I opened my eyes and saw that monster standing over me… Like the two we killed at the cave entrance
They were over 50 in the place where we sle-pt…
Blood was stinking everywhere… They were all looking scary…
Imagine waking up to see such a creature over you at night… What will you do ?
As for me, I freaked Out and shouted
Fiona woke up instantly and was equally surprised… Before we were attacked… You quic-kly cut her leg… She looked at her blood and transformed again into a blood thirst animal…
I as-sisted her this time… But kept a great distance between us…
In thirty minutes.. The creatures were all dead but the scary p@rt was that Fiona dark one refused to go back as usual…
it kept on looking for more blood…
I hid behind a rock shaking severally….
What if Fiona’s dark side kills me…
I started having strange thoughts when I saw a p@rticular green light from a distance…
It looked liked a small fountain ⛲ with green like water pouring out from it
Beside it was a very small green vial…
It was empty…
Instantly my br@in cli-cked
‘The Green Lamp… ”
But then I bec@m£ confused…
what should I do..?
”Should I wait till Fiona transform…
or kuku go and carry the vial… ”