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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bittersweet wife Episode 9 & 10

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(She is his Enigma).
Episode 9.



(Kim’s Mansion).

The whole place became quiet.
Waiting for the couple to share a romantic message to each other.
Clara was just wishing for the power of disappearance while Taehyung wished for death.
He hated her so much and she liked him neither. They had to loose their guard,just a little to impress the public.
Else Taehyung will not get the fortune,and Clara will not get her freedom.
Taehyung cleared his throat and looked into Clara’s eyes.

” I urmm, so I…

The people laughed as Taehyung stammered. Thinking he was so much in love that he didn’t know what to say to the love of his life.

” ladies first! Ladies first! Ladies first! ”. The people chanted.

Clara’s eyes grew a little but wife but she quickly kept her pace and also cleared her throat and raised her glass to Taehyung’s face.
Maria smiled.

” I am extremely excited about my life right now. First of all,I have the most wonderful husband in the world ”.
” Uuuuhhh…. ”. The people smiled while Bella rolled her eyes.

Cameras flashed across their faces. Recording and taking pictures of them.
This was a new life to Clara, but she had to endure it for a little while. And she was going to do

whatever it takes to leave this marriage.

” I love you so much Tae Tae ”. Clara said in confidence and softness.

Taehyung’s eyes grew like plates. He was astonished.
It wasn’t the first time a woman told him that. But he felt electrified, hearing it from her.
Especially when she called me Tae Tae.
He hated that na!e like he hated apologies.

” and I can’t wait for our honey moon…and all I wish is…that we be together forever ”. She ended with a smile.
” Awww ”. The people clapped and went silence again,waiting for Taehyung.
” urrrmmm…so…yeah. I love you too baby ”. Taehyung said and Clara almost choked on her saliva.

His friends laughed their heads off and took more drinks into their system because it was hard to watch .

” this is so embarrassing…watching him say things he doesn’t mean ”. Jungkook said and sipped on his red wine.
” and…I hope he never be apart from each other. We both deserve each other, I knew I loved you the first time I saw you. I knew we belonged together, I am really humbled that !y dreams came true and you became !y wife ”.

After his statement, the jubilation was enormous, as everyone clicked their glass in a toast, together with the couple.
Clara was about taking her wine to her lips when Luna tapped on her shoulder.

” Clara,!y husband just arrived from his trip…please come,I will introduce you ”.

Bella groaned as she saw this.
Her eyes landed on

Taehyung and she curved her head upstairs, signaling him to follow her.

(Taehyung’s Bedroom).

Bella’s back hit his bed harshly as they crashed their lips together, kissing each other with passion.
They break the kiss,breathing heavily against each other. She smirked and raised the small card to him again.
He was surprised.

” wait..what?! ”.
” ticket to Paris of course! There is no way I am letting you go with that beast alone ”.

Taehyung got up from her and scratched her hair in distress.

” you can’t come Bella ”.
” what?! ”.
” look,you and I can’t be seen together. And my father is going to send his stupid bodyguard with us to give him informally about whatever I do with that girl ”.
” Heeey..relax! Didn’t you yell me your friends were also coming along on vacation, besides,Paris is a big city! Everyone can go there. Plus, the very famous Paris Modeling Industry boss,Mrs Rose wants to meet with me. So you see? It’s a win…win,because, you and I, can secretly meet and love each other for…
” this is not know that…
” why are you acting this way Tae?! Don’t you want me anymore?! ”.
” Of course I do! ”.
” or are you planning in doing something with that girl? ”.
” never in my dreams! She disgusts me. I can’t stand her,I just can’t wait to divorced from her…then,after that,I don’t care how armies react,I will tell the whole world how much I love you ”.

She smiled happily and they continued making out.


Clara smiled and was overly surprise to see how Taehyung’s older brother was so down to earth and gentle.

” I hope you have a wonderful marriage sister in-law. And don’t hesitate to call me in any case you need anything ”.
” wow..that…thanks a lot Hadid. I am surprised you are not a quarter of your family’s arrogant ”. She said with no shame and a straight face. Hadid laughed.

Luna cleared her throat to clear the awkwardness in the air.
Maria walked closer to them with Omar behind her. She smiled and clicked her glass with Clara’s.
Clara smiled sincerely for the first time in a year. She embraced Maria in joy and Luna excused herself with Hadid.
They walked closer to the drink’s counter and she placed her glass of wine on the counter.

” Clara… I have something to tell you. I don’t know if it’s going to be a good news for you or not ”.
” you can tell me anything Maria. Please, go ahead…
” look at this ”. Maria looked into her handbag and took out a big golden envelope. ” this contains an invitation from Paris to you ”.
” Pa…Pa…what? But,I know no one in…
” no you don’t get it. The news is,the most famous designer model agency in all of Europe, Mrs Rose Gabanna, has invited you,to star I’m her photoshoot and runway fashion night in Paris, in just two weeks time ”.

Clara’s mouth dropped.

” me? ”.
” yes,you sweetheart ”. Maria laughed and handed the envelope to Clara. ” that woman is a renowned business tycoon. It seemed your misfortune a year ago,turned into your favour. She discovered you on the Naomi Campbell’s event and wants to meet you as soon as possible. And fortunately for us,you are going for your honey moon in Paris too ”.
” yes! Oh God I am so excited ”.
” so…does that mean, you will agree to this? ”.
” what?! Of course! It’s almost 5PM and the place takes leave at 8PM ”.
” I am already ready sweetheart. We shall take leave now. My fight takes PFF at 6,so,I will meet you in Paris ”.
” okay ”.

Maria left with Omar and Luna quickly rushed to her side,embracing her tightly.

” I am so happy for you Clara! Now come,I will help you pack. Also, some of the guests are already leaving, it’s getting late. Come ”.

As they turned to leave, Mr Kim walked towards them.

” come Clara, I want you to meet some of my friends from China…

Bella majestically walked from upstairs, adjusting her dress very well, and using her hair to cover the hickey Taehyung made on her neck. She reached down and walked closer to the counter.
Without concentrating, she took Clara’s glass of wine from the counter and swallowed of whole and smiled.

” that Clara thinks she can compete with me in the modeling industry and also compete for my man. But after I and my mum are done with her,she will go back to the New Jersey streets where she belongs ”.

Cameron walked closer to her with her handbag, looking tired.

” I am tired BB. Please let me go back home
” you idiot! ”. She snapped while pointing the glass at him. ” why do you think I pay you a million dollars every month? ”.

Cameron’s eyes opened widely.

” wait.. B..B…BB? Is that the bride’s wine glass you are holding? ”.

Bella almost choked on the wine and the glass fell from her hand, shattering on the floor.

” what?! No! ”.
” you just took your own poison BB ”…


Episode 10.



” you useless pig! Why didn’t you tell me? ”.
” but I just got here! ”.

Bella started feeling dizzy,Cameron turned double in her eyes.
She laughed crazily and people’s attention got to her.
Taehyung walked from upstairs in nice expensive clothes. Cameras flashed at him and then,at Bella who started dancing like crazy.
Everyone’s attention landed on her. The media didn’t hesitate to start recording and taking pictures as Mr Kim ordered his guards to kick the journalists out.
Edna tried to keep her daughter in check but Bella screamed, ordering for more drinks.
Taehyung and his friends were shocked while Clara looked on the floor and saw her glass bursted,then looked at Bella who jumped onto the counter.

” Mr DJ! Where the music at? It’s time to rumble! ”. She screamed, laughing. ” why is everyone so dull under my wedding? ”.
” BB stop this nonsense and get down now! Stop embarrassing our family! ”. Edna ordered.
” can you shut up for once mum? I said,where is my wine?! Taehyung, baby…tell them they should be active under our wedding! ”.

Everyone’s mouth dropped, and Taehyung had no plan or a way to stop this.
Mrs Edna was not planning for this truth to come out like this.
People started whispering to each other.
Mrs Kim thanked them for coming and started escorting them out.

” why are they all leaving?! Taehyung is mine and mine forever! ”. She said,jumping off the counter and landing on the ground.
” you bitch! Why have you gotten drunk over here? Stop talking now! ”. Mrs Edna whispered to her.

Bella saw bottles of wine besides the counter and took two,drinking it and and dancing. She looked wasted.
Quickly when she realised everyone was leaving, she pushed her mother out of the way and rum after them.

” I am the bride…I am the bride! I swear,everyone should come back now! You all are so useless, how dare you leave my wedding? My wedding, the Queen’s wedding! A whole BB’s wedding?! ”.

Clara was still in shock as she realised her glass of wine contained something. Luna took her hand and walked upstairs.

” bro…what just happens? The media will let the whole world know that you and Bella are having an affair ”.
” I…gosh, I can’t believe she did this to me! ”. Taehyung whispered, walking upstairs with his friends.

Edna held Bella’s hand and took her away,followed by Cameron while Mr Kim entered the hall,facing his wife.

” what just happened Nana? Please don’t tell me it is what I am thinking ”.
” meaning? ”.
” don’t tell me Taehyung and Bella were having secrets affairs…
” if that was it,I would be extremely happy! You just got him married to a woman he doesn’t feel anything for ”.
” I am doing what’s best for him Nana! ”.
” by forcing him into a marriage of unhappiness?! ”.
” no! By giving him a respectable woman who can actually support him emotionally and in all ways possible ”.
” and how do you know that girl is respectable and will help him? You don’t know her yourself! Her father went to jail for God’s sake! ”.
That wasn’t her fault! She wasn’t even born yet,and..
” because of your deeds,our family has being totally disgraced. I can promise you one thing Yu,that girl will never be the ideal wo!an you think she is for our son! ”.
” how sure are you? ”.
” you will see ”.

And as she said that,she left.

(Clara’s Bedroom).

Luna packed Clara’s new clothes for the honeymoon into a beautiful luggage.
Clara looked under the bed and took the box she found in her father’s things.

” you have being carrying that box since I saw you. But I never saw you open it. It must be very important ”.
” I don’t have the keys to of. I never found it. It’s the last thing I have of my father ”.
” this kind of box is her difficult to open. My mother used to own one. It can only be opened with it’s original key ”.
” I really don’t want to destroy it because it is precious to me. This is the last thing I have of my father. But I really want to see what’s in it so badly ”.
” you will soon find out ”. You can take it to Paris and get of opened there. They have some of the best carpenters. But forget that for now…did you see what just happened downstairs? ”.
” BB? ”.
” she embarrassed herself so much tonight. By tomorrow morning, she would be trending on the news ”.
” she drank from my glass Luna ”.
” what?! Then…no wait,you don’t really think she is really having an affair with Taehyung right? ”.
” do you think I even care? That guy is not important to me Luna. I am only praying for the day o get freed from this forced marriage and go back to my normal life ”.
” Hmmm… If you say so. But look,if something was mixed with your wine, be very careful Clara. Especially of BB. I don’t know whether she’s really having an affair with Taehyung but…her attitude is not that good either. And she’s very close to Taehyung ”.

Mr Kim entered the room and peeked her head inside. She entered and saw the box in Clara’s hands.
She cleared her throat and flipped her fingers.

” get out Luna ”.
” father in law has asked me to help…
” I already know what my husband said but you dare not disobey me in my own house. Leave now…your husband is waiting for you ”.
” hmm… ”. Luna left everything on the bed and walked to the door. ” have a safe trip Clara. And,see you when you get back ”.

Clara smiled lightly and Luna left while Mrs Kim got closer to Clara.
Her eyes still fixed on the box.

” are you taking that with you? ”.
” oh this? Of course ”.
” do you know what’s inside? ”.
” not ye. It looks like there are papers and a metal object in it. It belonged to my father ”. She said and placed it besides her whole packing her clothes. ” you are the only one who has actually being nice to me since I came here. So I want you to tell me something ”.
” okay,what? ”.
” you said my father was your family’s driver for many years? So how did he ever end up in jail? ”.
” well…he stole my husband’s watch which was gifted to him by a president in Thailand at the time ”.
” I can’t believe this. Why would my father do that? ”.

(Flashback=26 Years Ago).

Mrs Kim waited in her car in front of the Korea Hospital,late in the rainy night. It was very dark that evening and not many cars were passing by. She hod her face in a nose mask and a little scarf,waiting impatiently.
Mr Johnson, under an umbrella with Edna came out of the hospital with a little baby,wrapped in a heavy blanket and entered into the car. Closing it shut.

” is everything cleared? ”. Mrs Kim asked.
” yes yes…everything is cleared ”. Edna said and handed the baby to Mrs Kim.
” no one saw you taking the baby strangely right? I don’t want any rising issues in the future ”.
” no one will ever know this Nana. This is between only the three of us…
” drive away Johnson ”.

Mr Johnson drove away.

(2 Months Later=Kim’s Company=C.E.O Office).

Mr Johnson there arrogantly and smirking at Mrs Kim.

” how dare you threaten me?! You are just my common driver…you ate my servant! My husband hired you as my servant! ”.
” okay Mrs Nana. It’s up to you. I am only giving you two weeks to pay me what I want. I can’t be your driver forever! ”. He shouted in anger.
” if you *can’t be my driver, then get out of here for good,there is no way I am giving you a million dollars! Where the hell do you want* me to find that money?! ”.
That is up to you. You already know I hold a heavy secret of yours,I will tell your husband that you killed his first son’s mother…and the baby was also bought from the hospital! ”.

Mrs Kim suddenly became weak I’m her knees. Falling back in the chair.

” no! You will regret this if you dare betray me! ”.
” I have a phone and can call him immediately…don’t try me! ”.
” oh really? Have you forgotten you were my accomplice? ”. Mrs Kim got to her feet and took a small camera from her bag and switched it on,pointing it at Mr Johnson. ” I recorded you from a distance when I asked you to kill that woman ”.

The video showed !r Johnson shooting the secretary Mr Kim had an affair with.
His lips were shaking. He was shocked, not knowing what to say.

” you are just a poor driver and will spend the rest of your life in prison if you tell my husband the entire truth. But me? Every will believe am innocent. Because I am rich! ”.
” you are evil! ”.
” I get what I want…now get out! ”.

(A Week Later=Kim’s Mansion=Study Room).

Mr Johnson stood I’m the study room,starring at the diamond watch on the big table…



To be continued

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