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July 30, 2021


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Bittersweet wife Episode 7 & 8

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(She is his Enigma).

Episode 7.



She raised her hand and saw the elegant Mrs Kim standing there and starring at her.

” good morning young lady ”.

” what do you want? ”.

” I want you to respond to my greetings…do not be a disrespectful sassy woman if your are going to be married into the Kim family ”.

” I do not care about your family! And I don’t want to be married to your arrogant son! ”.


Mrs Kim scoffed and walled closer to her.

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” I don’t want you to be his wife either. All this was planned by his father ”. She sat on the bed. ” you already saw the signature and video and confirmed that it was truly your father’s signature ”.

” I do not believe my father was in his right state of mind ”.

” yes he was. I won’t waste !y time to you can see,there is nothing you can do to get yourself out of this ”.

” I…I can’t get married right now! ”.

” I can help you out of this if you want ”. She said,smiling evilly.


Clara didn’t realise that she was desperate than ever.

There was one thing she would doe to achieve.

And that was to get back her freedom.


” help me in what way? ”.

” I will introduce you to my women’s group. We help people who are having problems in their marriage and trying to get out of it ”.

” really? Can’t you introduce me now? ”.

” no. You have to get married first. It is for married women alone,and also,my husband must not know o am discussing this with you or else,everything will be destroyed…my marriage, and your life ”.

” but…why would you… How come you and your husband have different mindset? ”.


The door to the bedroom swung opened and Luna entered with a tray of delicious breakfast. She looked down when her eyes landed on Mrs Kim.


” and what ate you doing in my house?! ”. Mrs Kim angrily asked.

” we…well mother, father in law asked me to come here and help and be with Clara ”.


Mrs Kim rolled her eyes in annoyance and left the room.

Luna smiled and walked closer to the bed,sitting besides her with the food.


” I am not hungry! ”.

” starving yourself will not change your current situation Clara ”.

” and who are you?! ”.

” Kim Luna. Wife of Taehyung’s eldest brother ”.

” I never knew Mrs Kim had two sons. It has always being Kim Taehyung, the arrogant beast who is always mentioned on the media ”.

” because she is not my husband’s mother. His mother died few days after he was born. By thugs. She was shot ”.

” oh God…I..oh I am so sorry ”.

” doesn’t hurt me. So,are you going to eat or…


Clara pulled her mouth in annoyance. She was starving and the aroma of the food was pulling her.


” look Clara,I don’t know why father in-law is doing this. But you know,even this is going to open lots of doors for after you marry Taehyung. You will get any job you want at important companies. And…as I have seen so far,you can also put Taehyung in his place ”.

” what do you mean? ”.

” I wat at the Naomi Campbell event last night. And I saw you slapping Taehyung. I am father’s secret eye service…you know,I bring him news. And he was very happy you slapped Taehyung ”.

” he disrespected me! ”.

” I saw it. You are the first woman I have seen stood IP to him ”.

” what do you mean? ”.

” everyone in the family knows him. He has being arrogant since childhood, no one knows why. Even though his had a hand in bringing him up,he never changed. His mother… ” she looked back at the door and whispered. ” his mother, be very careful of her Clara. She may ruin your marriage ”.


Clara laughed.


” well…that’s exactly what I want. To ruin this wedding. To go back to my normal life. I want all this to end. I don’t want to have anything to do with some rich family! ”.

” look,I am going to tell you the reason why father is getting him married to a woman like you ”.

” what does that mean? A woman like me ”.

” I don’t mean it in an offensive way. But you are very wild and civilised, and father wants Taehyung to change. He has no feeling whatsoever for humanity. Always thinking of his own wellbeing. He wants a woman who can tackle him ”.

” does that mean…if I accomplish his wish,will I get back my freedom? ”.

” hmmm…maybe ”..


Clara realised everything.

But her mind wasn’t fast enough to actually understand what Luna meant.

The only way to get her freedom and her life back from the Kim family,was simple.

Make Taehyung’s life…a living hell.


(New Jersey=Cripton Apartments=Rented 10).


They kept waiting at the door. Waiting *for their delivery. After sending the news to America’s Entertainment, they were promised 100,000 million dollars as reward in some few* days. And the day had arrived for them to be filthy rich. The hour had arrived.

Ana happily looked into her phone.


” this is the last day am using this cheap phone! Last night was such a blast ,look…Clara’s pictures are everywhere ”.

” really? ”.

” she is the most trending woman at the moment. She is even trending more than Beyonce’s Black Is King album! That bitch is famous in just one night after the announcement ”.

” yes she is. She will soon return home…because BTS fans will strangle her alive ”.

” even the comments proves it ”.

” what comments? ”.

” people are commenting under the videos and pictures of last night.









” oh my…


They both laughed their heads off.

Two men arrived in front of their door with briefcase and a paper document.


” good evening… Mrs Johnson ”.

” that’s me! ”.

” we are from E News. We were asked to deliver this to you ”. Just like in your agreement. Please sign this ”.


Mrs Johnson quickly signed and took the briefcase with a wide smile.

The men smiled back and left. She and Ana entered the room and screamed on top of their voices in joy.

Ana quickly took out her sim cards from her phone and hit hard on the floor.


” what was that for? ”.

” I am getting an iPhone 11 tomorrow mum. That old phone can fucking rest in peace ”.


They both laughed and sat down.

Mrs Johnson opened the briefcase the dollars were facing them.

They were both more than amused.

Ana quickly grabbed a few dollar bundles in her hands and to their shock,the back of the dollars were pale and blank.


” mu..mum? ”.


They quickly turned the briefcase upside down and realised everything was fake and were just actual papers.


” no!!! This can’t be! Those beasts,how could they do this to me? We had an agreement! ”.

” I…I..I spoiled my phone for…for nothing! Noooo! ”.


Mrs Johnson had a heart attack.

They both screamed their heads off in tears.


(Present Day- Kim’s Mansion).


And that was how they got married and have stayed apart for a year.

As soon as Clara and Taehyung were married secretly I’m a church without the public’s idea,he had to go on tour for the rest of the months. And because of that, Clara stayed with her in-laws, to learn more about their family.

And as this day had arrived, Mr Kim intentionally made it a party to celebrate their one year’s anniversary.

Even after their marriage, Mr Kim had not signed the properties to Taehyung. And that made him grow a little bit more arrogant and hateful.

Everyone was waiting for the bride to come down in her glory for the priest to bless them.

They had two chairs in front of all the chairs of the guests and Taehyung was seated in one,while the other empty one besides him waited for Clara.

Seated in the crowd ,Bella looked furious. She had waited too long. No one ever knew her relationship with Taehyung for five years.

But just in one night,one woman got extremely famous for a spot which was supposed to be hers.

She was hell bent in taking her rightful place in Taehyung’s life…his wife.


” follow her every move Cameron, make sure…you also concentrate on the wine they serve ”.

” yes BB ”.

” take this…


Secretly, Bella passed a small black bottle to Cameron with a devilish grin..


Episode 8.




The servants had prepared drinks,wine,snacks and other things which were going to be served under to party. Cameron entered the kitchen and started coughing. He held the kitchen counter and rolled his eyes to the side of where two wine glasses were placed on a white tray. Clearly, one glass had a design of a female’s crown while the other had a male a crown. He smirked and some of the maids quickly got to his side.


” do you need anything? ”.

” wa…water please ”. He said while he coughed.

” okay…


The maid turned to the fridge to take a bottle of water and there were none in the fridge.


” I am so sorry. The water here is finished, I think you should go to the living room fridge to…

” I do not know the living room fridge so you should go and bring it yourself. Bring two bottles because one belongs to BB ”.


When the maid heard BB’s name,she quickly walked out of the kitchen.

Cameron quickly looked around and looked out the kitchen, the rest of the servants were serving the guests with a glass of wine and coffee.

He took oh a tissue from his pocket and poured a little of the substance in the black bottle and cleaned the female crowned wine glass with it. He wiped it from the inside and placed it at the exact place it was.

The maid entered and Cameron quickly panicked.


” what are you doing? ”.

” I hope those glasses belongs to the bride and groom ”. Cameron asked,pointing at the two glasses.

” yes…why? ”.

” they are the most beautiful that’s why…thanks for the water ”. He said,taking the bottles and left.


(Grand Hall).


The time was up and slowly, Luna held Clara’s hand and reached the top of the stairs. Everyone’s eyes were on her,mostly, some few media personalities who were let in,taking tons of pictures of her.

Jungkook’s couldn’t take his eyes off her. And Jimin smirked.


” you fool…she is someone’s wife…keep your lustful eyes off her! ”. He whispered.

” someone’s eyes who is not loved by her husband so…no. I won’t take my lustful eyes off her bro…she is thick and I love it ”.


Jimin scoffed.


” remember that this is the first time she and Taehyung will actually be seem together as couples, keep your hands down. Let’s see what happens ”.


Clara looked so shy that she kept looking down.

When she and Taehyung got married, Taehyung had to leave for tour the very next day. He traveled to more than ten countries, while she and to live with the Kim family privately for a year to learn their tradition and wealthy system.

Number one is to obey her husband at all cost because he was her God.

Number two was to never make him go hungry.

Dress elegantly.

Number three was…you were supposed to support him in everything, especially traveling with him on business trips and going on tours with him was a priority.

Number four…give him all he needs,whether outside or in bed and most importantly…

Do whatever he wants.

Of course,Clara had heard and learnt all of it,but whether she will do it or now,she had her own plans I’m her head.

She wore a straight golden gown which landed on her feet with a medium heel.

Her hair and make up were on point and she was led straight besides Taehyung who was busily texting love messages to Bella on his phone.

Clara sat besides him and when he realised, he pit off his phone screen.

Both didn’t even share a little glance at each other.

Mr Kim kept starring happily at them. His dream couple had come true, and he couldn’t wait to watch Taehyung’s life take a new turn.

The priest went forward to do the normal routine of advising them as everyone listened.


(Master Bedroom).


Nana quickly batched into the room with her best friend Edna and shut the door locked.

She was sweating and looking restless while Edna looked confused.


” what happened? What if your husband starts looking for you? ”.

” forget him right now Ed! We are in big trouble… I thought my secret was forever safe after the driver died ”.

” meaning? ”.

” Clara has a small box in her possession, I just saw it yesterday and when I asked her about it,she told me it belonged to her father, she found it in his things a year ago ”.

” what has that got to do with you? ”.

” Edna! Grow up! O have a bad feeling about that box. That man was my driver for like…thirty years! And he knew what we both did,remember how he used to threaten to tell the whole world? That’s why I framed him and got him sent to jail! What of there is something in that box which could actually expose us both? ”.

” urrrmmm..what? It is you that will her exposed, you went to buy the baby…not me ”.

” but you helped me idiot! So we are all in this together. Of we do not get hold of that box and find out what’s in it,we are doomed. She said the box doesn’t have a key and she was planning to take it to a carpenter to forcefully open it soon. We must take it before..

” how sure are you that your dark secrets are in that box? ”.

” because that man was a golddigger! He wanted a huge sum of money before he kept his mouth shut.. And since he got nothing and went to jail,he would have wanted to take revenge ”.

” look how the world goes round Nana. Clara’s father is the man who helped you to actually blind everyone about your fake pregnancy…now,that same man’s daughter is the one your husband chose to marry Taehyung ”.

” shut up and let’s plan on what to do ”.

” we can only get the box…of we actually know where it is and pay someone to grab it! ”.

” we are sending them on a honey moon in Paris….I will make sure I get that box when she’s over there ”…


(Grand Hall).


The speech from the priest was over and the servants started serving champaign and cookies to the guests.

Mr Kim went closer to Taehyung as the party was going on and pulled him aside.


” better smile and be excited Taehyung, no one must know were forced to get married as you keep on frowning ”.

” you are a traitor! You lied to me about giving me the fortune after I get married and you didn’t! I am going to call my lawyer and ask for a divorce immediately.


Mr Kim scoffed.


” do you remember I also hold your !musical career? Think twice son ”.

” I am your son… How could you do this to me?! ”.

” because you need a wake up call. Anyways, I called my lawyer. Everything will be transferred to your name when you come back from your honey moon ”.

” excuse me? You never told me I had to go on a stupid honey moon with someone I don’t know! ”.

” that’s why you two should go to Paris,to get to know each other son ”.


He gnashed his teeth.

His face red with rage,he turned his back to check on Bella but she wasn’t there.

The MC spoke into the microphone as two maidens walked out of the kitchen with two special glasses of wine for the bride and groom.

Everyone’s attention turned to them.

Clara looked around and realised, she was all alone. There were lots of people there, but she was alone. No family nor friends, she hated Taehyung and she hated her life. Luna took her hand and puller her closer to Taehyung with a smile.

The servants got in front of them with a smile.


” okay everybody, sp the couple are going to share a toast and loving messages to each other as they are leaving is to go to Paris for a month for their honey moon. Put your hands together for them! ”.


Everyone clapped,smiling happily.

Cameras kept flashing at them. Taehyung’s eyes landed on his father.

Mr Kim gave him a go ahead sign and he rolled his eyes and took his glass of wine. Taehyung kept scrolling his eyes around the room and Sas Bella winking at him with a smile. She slowly raised a small card to him in the crowd, but he didn’t see the card very well.

Clara took hers and her eyes landed on Luna who smiled brightly and gave her a thumbs up. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and finally for the first time in a Vee long time…

She and Taehyung faced each other. Looking into each other’s eyes straight without looking away.

Bella’s smile faded away but then again,she knew what had being pit in Clara’s wine glass and her smile came back.

The night she planned for Clara,was about to happened…


To be continued

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