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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire in disguise 2 Episode 5 to 8

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(Search for Love💕)

………..Season 2 Episode Five & Six(28_29)



♣️ ZEKE’S ♣️

I was surprised to see the guy who murdered Andrew in my house as a security guard and no one even noticed and even my so called mafia dad didn’t even notice.

When my parents left, I heard him talking to something on the phone and I know he is here to waste my life like he did to Andrew so I arrange the pillows on the bed inform of a human and hide in my closet.

And I was f**king right he walk into my room with a pistol and the sound of gun shot made my heart skip a bit. So that how he would have wasted my life and no one would know?.

“I guess you are jokin’ kid”he scoffed and pull the trigger then pointed the gun at him.

“I don’t mind wasting your life like you did to Andrew so start talking”I sounded so serious this time but his phone rang disturbing and he tried to reach for it but I was quick to grab it.

he tried to lose himself from the chair…”Manson? his that the name of your boss”I asks and he smirk.
“Kid you shouldn’t get involved with this is going to be bloody and

dirty”he warned but I ignore him.

“I will pick this call and you don’t f**king say anything about the fact you are with me”I warned and pick the call and put it on loud speaker and pull the trigger into his head.

📲hey dude, are you done

📲Yes *he replied and I smile because he is Cooperating.
📲Camila would be leaving the hospital tonight so meet me there for the next plan.

Camila!!! is with Manson the whole time but didn’t she look for me or something?.

📲Sure same spot * I hang up and threw the phone the floor.

“Tell me it isn’t the same Camila but why is she with Manson”I asks.
“Kid instead of the question why don’t you go find out yourself”he smirked and I quickly grab my coat and car key.

“And where are you going”he asks watching my movement.
“To the hospital and you are driving me there”I replied and he smiled.
“Sure”he replied and I untie him but I made sure the gun is on his head and I won’t hesitate to blow it off if he try something stupid.

He drive off so fast and i just in amusement.
“Why do you agree to do all of this or are you helping the guy you were sent to kill?”I asks and he Smirk.

“I haven’t seen someone as brave as you but I’m doing this for Camila because I have a soft spot for her too”he replied with a straight face not even taking a glance at me.

“Then tell me what

you know”I fired at him.
“No find out for yourself and stop talking so I can concentrate”he replied and I drop the gun on my laps and he park into the hospital building and surprisingly he got down and threw the key at me.

“Ward 112, and don’t f**king tell him about me”he warned and he asks for his gun and I threw it at him and he disappear immediately.

Why I’m i letting him go? It pointless keeping him anyway because I can’t tell Dad a murderer was in our house he might hurt the innocent.

I head into the hospital and quickly made my way to ward 112.

“112”I read aloud as I walk as I twist the door knob and to my surprise if reveal the last person I want to meet.

“Manson”I called and his eye widened immediately he saw me but he was holding a girl hand and she tilt her head to look at me and my car key fell when I saw who it is.

“Camila”I said almost tearing up but I control myself.
“Who are you”she asks and my face drop.
What does she mean by who am I doesn’t she know me or she is pretending not too.

“Nobody, who are looking for”Manson asks and I clench my fist.
“he knows my name”She sit up and kept staring at me.
“Camila it Zeke”I walk up to her and held her hand.

“Get away from me”She remove her hand like my hand burn.
“What going on”I face manson.
“Just quit it she can remember anything”Manson and my eye met her but she just stare at me like a psycho.

“Let talk outside”Manson tap me and we walk out of the ward to a more quiet place.

“What the hell are you doing here”he yelled at me.
“What the f**k just happened there”I fired back and he drop his fist and ran his hand through his hair.

“As you can see, she doesn’t know you so stay away from her as long as you don’t want a death wish”he threatened.
“Oh yeah…Murder me like you did to Andrew”I spat out.

“I don’t know what you are talking about but don’t mess with me and don’t ever come here again because it won’t be funny”he threatened and I smirk.

“Is there one reason you are trying to make me stay away from Camila”
“F**k off she doesn’t remember you and even if she do will she ever forgive your father for trying to murder her”He Replied.

“What do you me…an?
“For your information your father send the second assassin that night and now I’m surprised you are yet to figure out the reason behind the hatred your dad have for Gomez”he smirk.

“You are really a kid so if you want Camila to experience joy in her life then don’t come searching for her ever again and what did you do with my guy”

I hit my hand on the Car wheel as I drive back to any bar nearby where I feel I could get everything from my mind.

My father attempted to kill Camila for crying out loud. I knew those innocent face wasn’t all he had. I was suspicious of him but I doubt if he would be able to do that.

He warned me never to go visit Camila, he created a tight security for us even though we weren’t the one shot and even moved us to California immediately we finish our exam and his house is 24 hours secured.

“F**k”I cussed.
I can’t just give up on Camila like that, even though she might hate me if those memories rush back or she find out what my Dad did.

Our last moment was the best day of my life until it was ruined a secs when I almost spill out my mind out.
“Hey”a girl sit beside me on the bar chair and order a glass of vodka while the bartender went to get her order she turn to me.

“Wait Zeke”she said in surprise but I just ignoring her and focus on my drink.
“Zeke Williams”She gasped and I took a glance at her.

“It me Vivian”She seems so excited but I was dealing with my brain trying to remember her.


………..Season 2 Episode 7_8 (30_31)…………….


Manson was sweet talking to me about our relationship before I got into the accident and I can’t stop laughing and smiling at him even though his own wasn’t a sincere one.

He is not only cute but Adorable but I just can’t love him no matter how hard I try. He is the perfect guy every lady would rush in for but I don’t love him. Don’t get me wrong, he is just not my type.

“Manson”a deep masculine voice said and like the kind of romance movie that happens in movie. I was taken aback by the voice.

My heart is yelling…he is the one and I can’t help it so I turn to my head to see the most handsome guy have ever met ever since I woke up from that hospital bed.

He called my name and I was lost. “He knows my name!!!!”my subconscious yelled and I can’t help but blush even though I hide it fast.

The way Manson spoke to him, it seems they aren’t really in good terms and why he is holding my hand and I felt so attached to him.

I was sad after Manson walk out with him but he took a glance of me before he left.

I Decided know him in my past Because the way he stare at me are so innocent and I definitely found the one I’m looking for.

“Go after them!”my subconscious yelled at me and I got off from the bed and disconnected the drip connected to my hand and follow them leaving no trace.

Manson had been acting weird after I saw a picture of his friend on his laptop. He makes secret phone calls and put a fake smile on whenever he is around me.

“What do you mean?”the cute guy asks.
“Your father shot her so do you think she would love you even if you try to remind her”Manson said and I didn’t hear the rest before I left.

I was shot? and it wasn’t an accident and the cute guy seems to be someone I cherish in the past and not Manson?.

Why was Manson lying to me all this days and seems so comfortable doing it and even my biological father was involved in it.

My head started banging and even where was getting blur.
“Who is there”I shouted but no response I was only hearing people talking and now I’m seeing myself talked to the handsome guy.

“I love him”I was saying to some three guys and I was sitting on a couch.

I saw Myself laughing and I saw myself crying too and I was nagging.

“Can somebody hear me”I screamed out loud and I hold my head with my two hand.

“Camila are you okay”someone ran up to me, I couldn’t see the face but I know it definitely a girl.

“You would be fine, I’m here”she shook me so hard so I won’t close my eye.

“Save me! Save me!! save me!!!”I cried before everything finally went dark and I lost conscious again.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

“Arrrrrgh”I groaned as I woke up with a very serious headache but not a hangover though, I definitely don’t drink.
“You are awake”I heard a feminine voice say and I sit up a bit.

“Yeah”I yawned as I open my eye slowly and flinched when I sighted Cassie.
“Cassie”I said slowly and she smiled.
“I thought you won’t remember me”She scoffed.

“Of course I do”
“Wait…..I remember you and Zeke came to visit me in the hospital last night but”What? I can remember everything.

Manson f**king lied to me? Zeke father shot at me!!. I remember every possible thing I should know.
“Cassie”I teared up and she pull into a hug.

“It okay…No one knows you are here okay”She pat my back.
“Will Zeke ever forgive me?”I asks.
“Don’t worry he will and don’t forget this isn’t his battle it yours”she console and I nod.

“So are you going to tell me everything that happened?”She asks?.
“Yeah but first what are you doing here?”I asks.
“I’m on a project with a partner, we live here together but her room is on the other side and Don’t trespass “She said and I sigh deeply.

“Does my Dad know I’m here?”I asks.
“Yeah I called him and he if fine by it but why was Manson looking out for you?”She asks and I explain everything to her.

“Omg!! you mean Manson did all that? I should have been suspicious of him after he left immediately after the incident at his house but why would Zeke father wants you dead”

“Don’t get me wrong,he doesn’t even stay in Brittney and in addition he lives in California here so what business does he have with you that would make him want you dead”

“How do you expect me to know that?”I replied.
“Lay down, let me make something for you, there is a cloth you can change into in the closet and mind you the left dresser isn’t mine so suite yourself”She walk out of the room and I stare around.

Camila you’ve come too far and it like my story is changing. I need Zeke right now.
He is the only one that understand me better than I do and now I can’t even recognize him when he look straight into my eye.

💫 ZEKE’S 💫

“Vivian”I stare at her trying to recollect where I know her but all I see his Camila.
“Camila why pretending to be Vivian”I said.

“Who is Camila?”
“Camila”I repeated.
“Zeke you reek of alcohol”She gasped.
“I’m sorry Camila but you made me drink”I replied and she helped me up and that the only thing I remember.

“Geez”I groaned as I try sitting up due to the light interrupted my sleep.
“Gosh”I turn to the other side and my hand hit something.

I wipe my face with my palm and flinched when I saw a strange girl sleeping beside.

“What the hell”I gave the girl a quick tapping.

“Oh you are awake”She yawned.
“What the hell are you doing here”I yelled but a strong pain hit my head and I groaned.

“This is my room so can you let me sleep”She face the other side.

It not what I’m thinking!!!. I raise my duvet a bit and sigh in relief when I found out I’m still in my cloth.
I stare around and realize I’m not even in my room.

“What is this place”I crawl out of the bed.
“Vivian”I said in surprise when I saw a big frame of Vivian hanging on the wall.
“You are noisy”She groaned and sit up.

“How did I get here and why I’m I here”I asks.

“Gosh…Zeke didn’t you remember last night”She yawned.
“Remember what?”I repeated.

“You s*x me”She said and I gasped.



✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued

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