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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire in disguise 2 Episode 3 & 4

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(Search for Love💕)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

……………Season 2 Episode three(26)……………….




Where could those bastard be? What if they are in California?. I need to be at alert. Camila mustn’t get close or even set her eye on those bastard.

Where are they staying for the summer?. I dialed Gomez number and he pick at first ring. This man definitely doesn’t sleep.

“They moved and we can’t track them now. I think they are at alert too”
“What do you mean by they move”he yelled through the phone and fear engulfed me immediately.

“Change of plans….Make sure Camila doesn’t come to the party tomorrow night. I think I might have an hint of where they are now”he said.

“Yes sir”I replied.
“Manson”It was Camila sweet voice that interrupted me and I caught the call immediately and hide my phone.

“Hey dear”I fake a smile.
“Why aren’t you sleeping yet”She yawned as she walk closer and sit beside me staring at my laptop.

“Who is he”she pointed at the picture of Andrew on my laptop and I quickly close it. That was the picture I sent to Jayden few months ago when we wanted to carry out the mission.

“Nobody,I replied just a friend of mine”I fake a smile and she stare at me for a

while before she return one.
“I wanna meet your friends”She said and my body ceased.

She doesn’t remember Andrew so I don’t blame her and if she find out the person she saw now was her ex and I f**king killed him out of jealous I doubt if will sit at my front and smile at me.

“He is died months back”I pretended to be sad and she pat my back slowly.
“Am sorry I didn’t know….”I interrupt her.
“It not your fault”I pretended and she pull her chair closer and hug me.

Camila you don’t need your memories. Please don’t let them return ever again.
“Camila”I called.
“About Tomorrow night party why don’t we go somewhere else you know business are boring and we need to spend the summer together”I said.

“So…..”she dragged.
“Let go to a club”I said and a smirk form on her lips.
“No way”She said.
“Comm’n It going to be fun…Just you and I rocking side to side”I teased and she smile.

“You are such a pervert!”She hit my arm a little and I laugh.

“Comm’n let go to bed”I carry her in a bridal style and she laugh before we head back to the bedroom.

I will make her fall in love with me that even though she regain her memory it would be really hard for her to leave me.

‘Get her pregnant’My subconscious yelled at me.

💫 ZEKE’S 💫

I was about to slam my room door before Jackson pop in and I left it open since it pointless.

“It useless

you should leave”I demanded but he just sit on my bed and stare at me.
“What are you doing?”I asks.

“I’m looking at your poor soul that need a little bit of fun after so many months and seriously don’t tell me you haven’t forgotten Camila”he mentioned her name and I almost teared up again.

What isn’t she coming for me or did she really move on after she went to back to her home.
I was so stupid to have treated that way in the first place.

“You don’t have to come to the party tomorrow, I can talk to Dad and even represent you but please don’t make our days worst here”he pleaded.

“Fine”I Muttered and he stood up.
“Hey, Charlotte is coming over to spend summer with you better don’t let her see you this way”he said and walk away.

Wondering is Charlotte? My elder sister although not actually blood but I call my elder sister because I wish I had one and she fit into those qualities and understand me pretty well.

But one thing she hates is seeing any of us down.

I’m sure Dad didn’t mentioned the fact I was almost killed she would have taken the first available flight to Las Vegas immediately.

I pick up my head phones and place it on ear. They were useless immediately Camila walk into my life but I think I’m going back to be cold for my advantage.


F**k it pointless!. I don’t feel anything for him at all the more I see him the more I think of someone else that seems to be a puzzle to me.

Manson is hiding somewhere from me because the guy I saw on his laptop look so familiar and I think I know him somewhere but the doctor warn me about Stressing my brain whenever I want to re call a pass incident.

I heard him talking to my dad and it sounded all suspicious but immediately he sight me coming he end the call and all of a sudden I can’t attend my dad business party instead I will be in a club getting wasted.

Doesn’t really sound like a bad idea to me, have been so stressed out lately and I kept trying to solve a puzzle that I doubt if I would be done years to come.

A lot kisses on my face woke me up and I wiggle before opening my eye a little bit and I saw someone else not Manson but…….
“Zeke??”I yelled and I flinched as I move away from him.

“What are you doing here”I yelled.
“What are you saying this is our home and who is Zeke?”he asks.
“Stay away from me…I don’t know you”I yelled.

“Just stay right here I need to call the doctor”he tried taking a step further but I push him away.

“Stay away from me”I yelled as I scatter my hair in dismay.
“Why are you f**king mentioning his name, just shut up”he yelled at me and that was the last thing I remember before I fainted.


……………Season 2 Episode Four(27)……………….


📲 Yeah she is fine

📲So what was the doctor results

📲She tried recollecting her past and that caused it but good news.

📲Which is?
📲She won’t remember about him again once she wake up and bad news. *I sigh deeply*

📲Williams moved his kids to his apartment in California and it true they would be attending the function tonight but since Camila is still on treatment things is fine.

📲I can’t wait to get rid of that family.
📲 But why do you want to kill the Williams so bad
📲 It non of your business now focus on getting my daughter away from the hospital”he yelled and hang up Immediately*.

I still don’t understand why he wants to ruin the Williams joy after all the one who is meant to overwhelmed about ruining him is the Williams.

He duped the man in the past and still yet he created peace between them but vouched never to have anything to do with them.

“Track the down now and make sure there is no traces we need to act fast before she regain her memory or we will lose in two ways”I text Jayden.

“Okay dude”he replied and I smile.
Camila is still on the bed weak and yet to wake up. The doctor gave her a sleepover dose so she can respond to her treatment really fast.

I let out the beast in me immediately she mentioned Zeke name today again. Why is it always?. Why can’t she get to love me instead of him.


I put on my dress code and pretended to be one of the guards in the house since they have so may guards so I just joined one and we paraded in the morning.

My eye are on every moves the family takes. I made sure I wasn’t sighted by Zeke because he is the only one I fear now because he f**king saw me that night and yet let me go.

I saw the guys coming towards our direction but I just hold still and pretended to be a guard.
“Hey! you come here”one of them pointed at my direction and I was scared when he call me but a trained assassin is always ready for anything.

“Yes sir”I bow and face him but I was surprised that Zeke isn’t even surprise to see me at all instead he just stare at me as he brother talk.

“Yes sir”I walk away and went to my position.
Is he trying to play smart for with me or he didn’t really see me that night as I thought?.

I already call Manson, Zeke won’t be attending the function and they are leaving exactly 8:00pm in the night.

David, Zeke father already sent for me, so I bow at his front and his wife approach us dressed in a beautiful red gown and I was taken aback by her beauty even at her old age.

Don’t blame me I don’t really have a spec but I go for beautiful things like her no matter the age.
“You are the new guard so you would be in charge of Zeke once we live and make sure he doesn’t leave this house”he ordered.

“Yes sir”I bowed and he walk away not too long his three other sons approach and they left.

📲 They already left and Zeke is the only one in the house and I’m his personal guard, should I strike? *I asks Manson*

📲 Perfect timing but leave the house before they return

I went back to the guard dorm and get my bag where I hid my weapons. Other guards were suspicious of me but I just lie to them I’m a new guard.

I went back into the house and switch off the light as I approach Zeke room.
I turn the door knob and fortunately it was locked.

“That strange”I muttered as I walk in and realize he was fast asleep and I almost laughed.
What kind of a man use duvet to cover all his body including his face.

I pull the trigger and look around before I shot at him twice but when was no sound or anything I was surprisingly so I approach him and remove the duvet and to my surprise I just shot a pillow and not him.

“I knew it!!” I cuss. he set me up himself.
I spat out and hold my gun tightly and look around the room.

Where the hell is he? I turn but before I could do anything someone kicked me and my gun flew to the other side of the room and he was faster than I and he pin me to the wall.

“Who the hell are you and who send you”he yelled but all I did was to try fighting him so I can escape but he was stronger than I and with one last punch from him. I lost conscious.

*Few hours later*

I open my eye and discover I’m still in Zeke room. I sighted my gun at the edge it dropped and wanted to grab it before I realize had been tied to the chair.

“Are you trying to escape again”I heard Zeke voice and he appeared at my front holding my gun in his hand.
“You don’t know who you are dealing with”I smirk.

“Sure..I will know once I shot Into your skull”he spat and I smirk.
“Why did you shoot Andrew?”he asks.
“Because it my job to kill”I laugh and he slap me.

“Who f**king sent you?”He yelled.
“I’m never going to say anything. So stop bothering yourself”I sputtered and he ran his hand into his hair.

“You have three hours to spit out whatever you know and who is your boss or I will hand you over to my Dad and I don’t think there is an escape”he threatened and I was taken aback.

Williams is no go area. I might be a professional assassins but I don’t want to have a deal between two mafias it won’t end well.
“You are just a kid just let me go and we can sought it out”I said but he punch me and I spat out blood.

“I guess you are jokin’ kid”I scoffed and pull the trigger then pointed the gun at me.
“I don’t mind wasting your life like you did to Andrew so start talking”he sounded so

serious this time and I know I’m finished.



✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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