Beyond captivating episode 16

Beyond Captivating??
By Op. Amina
Episode 16

Silvia POV:
Thun-der rolled Somewhere in the clouds above,
The lightning flashed,
A gust of wind whoosh throu-gh the open field
followed by more sheet of silver rain that swept on earth like curtains,
I felt rooted in the sp©t I am , unable to move at its heavyness
My jacket was drenched enough, I realise i couldn’t even hold on to it anymore.
What difference does it make

I angrily dropped it and cleared my tears away…
What was I doing?
not that am some sort of six year old to start sobbing in the rain
Will it solve anything?
I rise up in shaky legs, shivering at the attacks of the angry rain that kept bouncing ha-rd against my skin ..
My whole b©dy ache so much as if someone had just beaten me with a narrow edge of yard stick.

Glumly I shook my head.
never am i letting this wear me down ..
I picked up my jacket and squee-zed water out of it before tying it around my w@!st ..
I pu-ll on my gloves and began walking…
I crept forward, on alert, trying to get a better look, but the field seems endless
Feeling more ruthless and weary I padded more …
My eyes was blazing cold fire behind my eye socket,, bright with the fire of zealousness …
I realised the girl who was r*pped three years ago was back ,

My head keep wailing at the thought of Lucas, and how much i recent him
… How much I wish to hold his baby n£¢k and give him a dim mak in the head…
The man inside me has finally bur-st out throu-gh its confinement shell and re-ady to attack , and it’s first target was lucas…
Nothing but LUCAS.
My face which was coloured from gray of exhaustion has now transformed to a cold angry red.

I squee-zed on my fist only to realise the effect of the rain water was just so devastating …
its wreaking me so ha-rd
The more I ache and itch all over, the more the thought of ending Lucas life keeps coming to my head…
As I walk forth,
I couldn’t help as one of my knees gave out on me,

I hit my fist on my knees,
Now gro-an ing with all of my strength, I bit down the pain and manage another br@ve smile before pu-lling my self back up
.the wind to-re throu-gh my skin like a bright red torpedo …the rain never intend to st©p either .
I was damn damp yet I kept walking
I realise the achenes had taken so much effect now ..
i knelt on my two kneels, i bec@m£ aware that i was shivering like an abandoned turkey…
My ba-re skin was so cold to the extent
that i felt my stomach freezing …
Sharp pebbles poked painfully into my ba-re knees and toes

. The only sound i kept hearing was the whooshing of the wind and piercing water of the angry rain…
Scrambling to my feet once more ..
I j£rk my weak legs forward only to realise I couldn’t walk any further,
My strength were all gone now as the water pelt against my face like Rock, the weight of it and the achenes it bought made me hold on to my knees
While I shouted into space.
I hate you Lucas, I hate you
I sank to the ground and sat there crying my heart out, my hair hanging in we-t ropes around my itching face, the eagle and birds around tugged and rocked and for a moment i so wish from the depth of my heart that this was just a nightmare …

Why do I keep sufferings in the hands of men …
Thats what I get for having a soft sp©t for Lucas …
That’s what I get for loving how good looking he was…
I sneezed repeatedly as another
Thun-der rumbled like distant cannon fire
Suddenly the feeling that someone was watching me raise my head up
With my karate s-en-se.

I noticed the airs around me had turn wild …
I glanced around in fright
And cursed more at Lucas…
I didn’t have much choice than to squee-ze myself up and continue walking
I felt it again the s-en-se of being watched, the feeling of something malicious and malevolent hanging thick in the air,
I decided to run this time, but it was useless.
My legs was stuck, rooted in one position like a stem…

Suddenly the pains I felt made my eyes went as hvge as I can stretch..
I made a loud painful gr0@nas something hit on me ha-rd from behind
More like a b!ow or kick
I staggered ha-rd as my form hit on the ground ….
My eyes felt dizzy as I k!$$£d myl-ips to the we-t ground
The thick voice made me realise he was male ….
He pu-ll my hair ha-rd and turn me over so my face was now facing the sky
my lungs and nose burn as water rushes into my mouth and nose,
i close my eyes in be-d of achenes as his heavy hand lock around my throat,
I realise i couldn’t move
couldn’t speak couldn’t open my eyes and couldn’t fight for my
life. what good am i. so i just l@ythere as he spoke ….

“Stay away from the Tyson’s especially Lucas or else you gave me no choice than to come for you
and with that don’t you think we are gonna be ri-ding in the garden of mourning glory much too earlier…Lucas must not take over that seat until I finished my quest at the company, I have just 1month to get it done okay ..if you love your life ,, turn down the job offer now or you gonna regret it”
“Let go of me” I manage to say when he dropped his hold on me,
I j£rk away and p@n-t as I swallow more of the rain water …

Summoning all of my strength, i pushed my head up a little only to see him walk away like a ghost out of space ..
I watch him disappear into thin air ,, panic tearing at my inside as it claws to make its way out, I wanted to run after him, gr-ab him, to scream at him, to sl@p him ha-rd in the face …
But guess I was disoriented cause I don’t even know what to make out of the whole scene …
My mind had began to operate sluggishly…
It wouldn’t or couldn’t function properly
My vision has started to grew blurry and there I decided, this whole was a nightmare…
Of course why should i res£nt the intrusion of a nightmare to reality,
My inside kept its tape back at my vengeance on destroying Lucas,

But how do I get it done when am not even sure am gonna make it outta here alive
I try at my possible best to combat my weakness and stay alive for my son,
I try moving my extremities and coaxed some motion out my f!ngersand toes , but my lim-bs felt to heavy to lift, I was freezing
the achenes I felt all over made me g@sp back in pains, I couldn’t ..
With the rain hitting its form on my face
I finally gave up the struggle and su-cked myself into the peacefulness of my inner consciousness…

Lucas POV :

My mind clumsily pieced together at the puzzle of what might be happening to her right now …
Its almost 6.o clock yet the traffic wasn’t helping either,
With a damp palm and dry throat my eyes clung to the road like its on fire …
I ru-b a hand against the band of tension ti-ght£ñing across my fore head but never was it ceasing the pounding in my che-st …
Gosh am such a j£rk, !!!
I controlled the wind shield wiper as it made a little head way against the sluicing torrent of rain.

I kept along the traffic track and it just felt as if am about to die …
I couldn’t stay patient any more
My hands were shaking like hell, and the gro-an ing of hunger in my stomach was also not definable either
I look up the sky as
Another thun-der rolled up in hvge waves vying for attention with the jagged lightening that rent the sky and right there
I felt my heart sink as more panic squee-zed and seized my throat ..

I hit my hands on the steering wheel repeatedly at the edge of my mum voice ….
You useless and heartless boy, get out and get her here, if anything happens to her ,,,
After i kill you, am gonna kill my self,”
Mum was right, am so heartless…
My stomach churned more at what is yet to come and it felt as if am being caught up in a continues loop of time …
I struck my eyes out and shouted at the one driving like a piece of $h!t when the road was finally cleared ….
Pressing the bu-tton to slide the glas-s down …
The rain sl@pped its form on my face but do I even mind , ….
“Fool get the fv¢k out of my way”
I zoomed forth and ran into his rear
“Bastard” he shouted back …
I zigzagged and drove out of the road
“Son of a b-tch” I muttered a curse un-der my breath ..
Pressing on the accelerator I drove at full length and out of no where the s£ntiment of this whole stuff hit on me like a line backer,
And it felt as if the whole damn world was going against me…just me.
I realise it’s alre-ady past six yet it felt as if it was eleven alre-ady
The road was quiet as the dark lightening cast the area into strobelike vignettes, more like the opening and closing aperture of a c@m£ra all light then darkness ,, more like a sky at night during a fire fight, the thought of it made my n£¢k twinge …

The hurricane is coming??
She can’t Still be out there right ….
God what have I done???
Finally getting to the field i drove forth my hands fumbled on the steering wheel as I rolled over to the direction I left her earlier
like a possessed man i pu-ll off my seat belt and rushed out to the welcome claws of the cold breeze and heavy rain …
But who cares ..
I raced forward and reversed back to my car to get a t©uçh
I raced out again like some kitten in search of its mama

I raced forward,
“Silvia can you hear me…”
I hold on to my damp head and swirl around while i gritted my teeth against to urge of hitting myself ha-rd …
Is she really still here,
Suddenly I swallowed the rain water coming down my face at the sight of her lying flat on the ground while the rain beat on her form
“God what have I done !! Silvia”
I raced towards her like a vampire that’s so much in nee-d of blood

I knelt and carried her to my che-st ..
I hvgged her ti-ghtly and k!$$£d on her hairs
“What have I done to you,”
I tapped her cheek sightly
“Hey, can you hear me”
I placed a f!nger beneath her nose
“God” I shouted as my face contorted horror,
God she isn’t breathing ………,
My whole form began trembling as i Turn her head to the side to allow water drain from her mouth and nose.
I Turn her back to the center.
And Begin a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation ….
I pinched her nose and Strongly breathe into her mouth …

“Hey wake up plea-se”
When she wasn’t yielding
i breathed in and out before pressing myl-ips to hers the second time …
“Hey wake up, can you hear me, Silvia”
This time when I went down
I pressed myl-ips dee-per into her and breathed in as much of air in my lungs before she finally coughed out water..
“Gosh thank God”
I pu-ll her form up and hvgged her to my che-st …
I clear the water on her face away as as she writhed and gr0@nin pains
This had been the second close call i’d had in many months.
Jesus at least she is not dead
I s£nt a prayer of fervent thanks
heavenward and stro-ked my hand down her back …

I stood up hurriedly and carried her towards my car ,,
I opened the back seat after placing her down ,i jumped in like a wild lion …
and closed the car away from the uneasy attack of the angry rain …
Her cloth was damn we-t , I was dripping too …
I shifted her form so I could adjust my big form in,
I pu-ll off my we-t shi-t and threw it to the front seat …
And when I glanced back
Suddenly my tension Level rose like a mercury in a thermometer,

I adjusted my form and catch my thumb beneath her chin to tilt her face to an angle I would be able to get a better view
I eased the strand of hair away from the curve of her cheek and stare down at her form …
I had to swallow at the tingling feeling at how her we-t cloth clung to her feminine shape…
And right there a figment of guilty consciousness battered my whole with the way I had hit her earlier…
Gosh am so sorry I hit you,
But why do I keep seeing her like some horror when she just a woman.

A beautiful one at that end..
Goshhh i can’t believe I just k!$$£d her,
The cat inside of me swing its tale in happiness…
Lucas it was just a mouth resuscitation and not a k!ss
No matter how it looks like its still a k!ss
I t©uçhed herl-ips slightly with my f!nger only to hear her g@sp ..
What was I doing…
I was about crossing my way back to the drive, when she hold my hands and spoke with her eyes still closed.

I am so cold plea-se don’t go…
For a moment i thought I was dreaming ,of course she was cold , and at the moment I stare down at her b©dy I felt like pu-lling her closer and giving her the k!ss!ngof her life …
But taking advantage of her wasn’t very much of a good idea .. mum would kill me
I squee-zed on her hand and raised it to myl-ips only to realise she wasn’t wearing a ring…
The thought of her being single bubbled something in me, and I started to wonder where the pla-yboy me went to
“Hang on let’s get us out of here first, the weather is not getting any nice”
After crossing to the drive, I glanced side ways at her phone only to see loads of missed calls …

I picked it up when it let out another ring
“Hi this is Lucas”
“Hello Lucas its me”
“Mum ”
“Okay don’t think of driving her home tonight, in another hour there would be an hvge hurricane”..
“Drive to the nearest h0tel I alre-ady call to made reservation, you just get her in to safety and make sure she used all the drugs the doctors dropped”
“Okay mum”
“If shes not getting any better, first thing tomorrow morning get her to the hospital
The call dropped before I could speak any further…

I roll my eyes and puff out a breath before zooming out like a man whose wife was in labour…
“Hang on Silvia, we’ll be there sooner”
With a little coaxing I turn off the engine when I pu-ll into the h0tel parking lot …
Few men were there to attend to me …
The wind almost blew their various umbrella away as they c@m£ further with it ..
One of them was about carrying her when I st©pped him…
“I don’t like other men tou-ching my woman, I will Carry her”

Did I just call her my woman…
She was mo-aning and burning up like hell when I motioned her into my arms….
God she’s getting the flu…
…I raced upstairs with my heart pounding like never before
I placed her on the be-d and hurriedly went to get a dry robe ,
I knelt beside her…
I was about getting her out of her we-t cloth when she st©pped me .
“Get your hands off me bastard”
She pushed my hands away
Gosh inspite of being sick she’s still as strong as anything …

“Hey,don’t be stubborn, you nee-d to get out of your we-t cloth,”
With her temperature
My system instantly went disrupted…
I pu-ll her hands away and raised her up a little
When I started to un-bu-ttoning her blouse she battered my hands away once more
“I can do it”
“Silva, you are freezing, I’ve got to get you dry
She opened her eyes and narrowed her eyes up at me…
“I can do it, you irritating locust beans” she argued throu-gh her teeth
..”you can beat me up when you get better but never am I allowing you freeze to death,”
.I pushed her hands side ways and
When i pu-ll her cloths off ..
My s-en-ses went flying into airs
I swallowed repeatedly.

My eyes instantly went hvge at the sight of her I had to close one eyes to get my pulse behaving before shifting my hands to un-hook her br@
She pushed me in the che-st ,but her effort wasn’t that over powering
“Leave me alone” she murmured weakly now with her eyes closed
“Am only taking care , I won’t hurt you”
She began to cry softly …
“Mum, help me”
I smile softly and pu-ll off her br@ …
I covered her with the blanket before pu-lling her trou-ser off from un-derneath, I pu-ll off her gloves and all other stuffs until I was sure she was n-ked un-derneath the blanket…
“I hate you Lucas , I hate you ”

And as she cry softly I had to smile to myself, tom was indeed right she was just a woman after all ..
After pu-lling the robe around her ..I tied it,
towel dried her hair and then wra-pped her in a blanket before settling her in the chaise,
With a tired sigh I remade the be-d ..
It took forever but i successfully coaxed her to take a good bit of some chicken broth while she kept murmuring a curse at me,
“Stupid locust beans, I hate you ”
“Bastard I feel like killing you”
“Ugly duckling”

I raised my brows towards her.
From locust beans to ugly duckling ,,lolz this woman is something else..
Without minding all her words
I dosed her up with some drugs that was left for her,
And after
I carried her in my arms and stro-ked her face,
She fight to freed herself before giving in though…
I l@yher on the be-d, watch her sleep a little before going ahead to spre-ad her we-t cloths and mine ….

Few minutes
After satisfying my hunger nee-ds and getting out of my we-t cloths I l@ydown beside her and stared down at her
I studied her quietly for a moment and all I could do was smile
She was the first woman that has ever resisted my looks …first in history, she should get an award for that
feeling calmer now I sniffled and lean a little close to her before tou-ching herl-ips slightly with my f!nger ….

I pu-ll off before I could think of leaning closer to k!ssher, I gave her an inch of breathing room before glancing back at her ….
Different thoughts began going throu-gh my mind and when I was about giving in to sleep her cold chill hit in ….
She thrashed as she threw off the covers ..I was startled when I glanced at her
“Silvia wake up”
She stirred nodding her a head a little …
I started to shake her up again, when she wasn’t answering I took another course of action …

I fold back the be-d cover as much as possible before walking towards her and scooping her into my arms …
Was surprised when she automatically wra-p her hands around my n£¢k and snuggled into my shoulder, the feel of her make my breath catch up in my che-st …I carried her only few steps, her softness un-derneath the rope was enough to leave my hands trembling …
Gosh whats this woman doing to me, not that it was my first time of holding a woman
I la-id her down and pu-ll-ed the covers around her, as soon as she hit the sheets , she hvgged a pillow to her che-st and went on shivering …
I placed my hands on her n£¢k to gauge her fever, she was still burning up
I couldn’t do anything but stro-ke her face and make soothing words as she curled in on herself …

I think the drugs took effect …
I was at ease when the chill finally subside as peace settled over her b©dy, an exhausted peace to be sure …she narrowed her eyes at me for a moment before she finally sle-pt …
I periodically took her temperature plea-sed it never pas-sed 103degrees
I wasn’t sure how but if it had climbe-d any higher I had to jump into the hurricane and get her to the hospital even if I had to swim and do it…
Finally hitting my head on the pillow beside her….
instead I found myself smiling with the s-en-se of relief that she’s going to be fine..