Beyond captivating episode 15

Beyond captivating
Episode 15

Lucas POV:
I clenched my teeth against the surge of pure anger before shouting into airs
“You two taunter’s will you just shut the fv¢k….”
The remaining words got cut in my throat when I angled my head side ways only to realise jack and Elliot bas-s laugh was just a little higher.

They were all in fact laughing at me
including my own mum ..
Goshhh What if she’d ran me down ,
we are talking about horror here,,, she could do any damn thing
Oh God!!! my hands went straight to my face,,
what kind of bad luck has been coming my way lately …
I dropped my hands and there
I saw queen at a farther direction …
While two or three doctors help in supporting the injured guys into the ambulance …
I ba-red my teeth in the parody of fear when the flash back c@m£ ,,

the way Zack flew into airs with just one b!ow ,, the way she hit her feet and flew towards the guys like some spider ,,,,the ways some of the guys stare at her with so much fear ,, how she splashed blood out of their mouth in macabre polka dots and
The way she twisted that rope ,, where does she gets so much strength from…
I st©pped while i ruthlessly check the horrific tremors shuddering throu-gh me.
….. i turn very slowly and lifted my gaze towards her direction when I noticed she was staring at me throu-gh the glas-s

Instantly a pounding began going on somewhere behind my ears I had to press myl-ips together to swallow the hunk that began to form a clot in my throat..
Yet I couldn’t st©p the ban-ging or the tremor that rattled throu-gh my b©dy…
I shuddered almost back fleeting off the bonnet at the laugh that suddenly rolled out of herl-ips
My God…

I hurriedly leapt unto my foot, nearly falling as I raced towards my mums direction,
I was p@n-ting ha-rd when I hold her shoulder for support .
“Lucas,calm down”
I opened myl-ips slightly while I s£nt her a half tired and half about to die stare
“Mum, I can’t calm down ….I can’t …
plea-se I beg of you in the name of Christ ,,I can’t go with that horror gal….”
I gestured a f!nger towards her direction
“That girl is nothing but horror mum,
Thought you hired her ….must she go with me”
“Locust beans I heard that ,, am not a girl, at least you are not blind you should know the different between a woman and a girl ” she called out.

Jack and Elliot kind of taunting laugh rant once more throu-gh the air ..
Did she….did she …
Did she just try to say it indirectly that am blind…
And that kinda irritating name locust beans for a whole me Lucas Tyson ..
What the hell is she??? Oh my….
I glanced at her direction with a straight brows pu-lling together in a frown ,,I opened myl-ips repeatedly but damn i couldn’t say a word
Am finished!!

Just look at the way she sits like she own the car..that’s my car for heaven sake ….
I arched my brows towards my friends while I boiled over with rage
Nigel and tom were also seen holding their stomach while they laugh along with the two taunter’s ….
Gosh what has this horror girl turn my friends into ,, especially Nigel who ha-rd ly laugh to the most funniest joke …look at him
“What funny huh
, you guys are suppose to be my friends for heaven sake ,,you are suppose to be helping me bundle her out of my car and not laugh like a dog ”

I sneer loudly at them ….
Irritation made me close my eyes a bit ,
Lucas just breath in and out …
i took a de-ep breath and glanced back at my mum who was also trying to hold in her laugh …
“Mum” I spoke softly this time …
“Mum see am sorry ,,am sorry okay
I know i shouldn’t have try to escape like that , if you can’t trust me enough to drive myself home ,,let me go along with you …the limo is spacious enough …”

Her mouth twisted in a grim smile…
She narrowed her eyes up at my pleading eyes before glancing towards my friends …
“Yes ma’am ”
“Come on let’s go”
My breath instantly left me in a gust
“Where , where where” I raced along with her ….
“Mum you can’t leave me here plea-se,,”
“Lucas ,,, if you do not wanna walk , just go get into the Car alre-ady , you can see the weather has changed ”
she said while she walked towards her limo
“Unbelievable, mum at least give me my phone, I wanna make a call ”
I raced along …

When she slammed the door on my face heat drifted throu-gh me as the core of it curl like a fist In the pit of my belly
I raced towards Nigel this time …
“Man am sorry ,,..”
“Man ,, she’s just a woman ,,not a vampire”
Did tom just said that horror is just a woman..
I dare not call the two taunter’s who were still grinning like a who-re
I propped my left hand on my h!ps while I use the other to racked throu-gh my hairs …
I can’t believe what just happened,, did they just left me alone with …..,, horror
My head snapped up as I studied the darkening sky,

where the hell has the sun gone to?
What the hell?
I glanced at my wrist watch only to realise its almost 2.o clock.
“Must it has to rain , today of all day,”
I turn only to see her zoomed my car forth …i felt panic in my throat as she packed beside me …
“Hey am re-ady to go ,you getting in or not”
Instantly I crave the ground to swallow me up ..
gosh I must think of something to lure her out of my car ..
“I’ll rather die than leave with you ,, don’t you get it”

She roll her eyes
“Lucas don’t be stubborn …look at the sky ,you can’t stay here all alone”
“Now you know how to call my name,
You can leave with the car for all i care am staying”
The idea c@m£ up …yes Lucas get it done…
“Die out in the rain then ” she shouted
I moved backwards and hit my two legs to make it looked as if I fell …
And when I went right down …I saw her racing towards me ..
A wicked smile curled at the corner of myl-ips
Perfect plan Lucas …
You got the strength then I gat the br@in.

Silvia POV:

I hit him…
I think am doing a great job…
Locust beans,, perfect name ,, that’s what he gets for calling me a saliva ….
I watch him raced along with his mum and friends,, I just cant help but mused to myself..
Look at him,
I glanced at the front mirror and t©uçhed my face slightly..
Am I really that horror,, of course not …
He’s nothing but a baby ,,,as big as he is
This guy is unbelievable..
I rested my headback on the seat while I wait
The whole car smells of him, I picked up a face towel that was neatly folded and placed in front of the car pla-yer …

I stylishly smell it and smile …
Not bad,, he smells nice …
What’s wrong with you Silvia you hate men remember
I hissed at my thought yes i hate men at least if I see a very good looking one I can admire him right
But why do I keep seeing Jamie in him,
The thought of him being Jamie’s father made my stomach shun…
I was blinking ra-pidly now
No it can’t be ,,he cannot just possibly r@p£ someone and not remember right..
Yea its not possible..
Get the thought away right now before it could strike you.

I bit my lowerl-ips and stare sideways at his handsome form once more ,
One of his hands propped on his h!pand the other racking his hair ..

. If I told the girls that am with him right now ,,, they would have possibly ran out here with their heads not caring whether its about to rain or not …
Gosh ,
I sat still for a moment just watching him
suddenly the
Thun-der rumbled a low warming in the distance as the flash of lightening forked out of the darkening clouds
Damn !!
A s-en-se of frustration ballooned inside me at his stubbornness.

Is he really planning on walking home for real…
Gosh it would start raining in the next ten minutes ,,
What about my allergy to rain
I nee-d to get us both out of here
I start the engine and zoomed forth.
Slowly packing beside him,, I call out to him
“Hey am re-ady to go ,you getting in or not”
I felt his death stare on me
“I’ll rather die than leave with you ,, don’t you get it”

I roll up my eyes ,,
Gosh this guy nee-ds some beatings
“Lucas don’t be stubborn …look at the sky ,you can’t stay here all alone”
“Now you know how to call my name,
You can leave with the car for all i care am staying”
Anger boiled in me at his childishness…
I pressed a bu-tton and waited calmly as the car roof covered back…
“Die out in the rain then ” i shouted
I was about zooming out when I heard his painful gro-an …

My heart skipped in horror …
I hurriedly raced out and towards his direction …
“Lucas are you okay”
I bent towards him,,suddenly an unexpected ha-rd b!ow landed on my cheek ..
“God”I drawled painfully
I hit on the ground, while I hold on to my bruised cheek …
The next I heard was his laugh
” hey horror”

I struggled painfully and stare back at him ,his hands was on the steering as he blurted out the words
” That’s what you get for ma-king me a laughing stock ,,
that’s what you get for calling a whole me Lucas Tyson,,,,locust Beans ,
Are you kidding me,,,
that’s what you get for beating up my guys ,you think you are some sort of hero right …
Am not sure you are gonna get a taxi with this kind of weather ”
He stare up at the now about to explode sky and gave a pitiful grin.

“Anyways,,Enjoy the rain, horror”
He laughed out before zooming right out…
I sat there staring at the car as it zoomed off …
“Am allergy to rain water”
I wanted to say but what difference does it make
That’s what I get for trying to be nice
When will I accept no place in my heart is meant for men,….
Yet I was busy admiring his looks and loving the way he smells ..
I got what I deserve
I watch as the rain started to fall in heavy drops …

There was in fact no escaping area …
Fear sprang up inside me while I spurt throu-gh the remaining energy I had left
I f0rç£d myself up like a weak cat in a sand bag….
my eyes were now red and watery..
I realise I was alone when my gaze drifted around the open field .
“I must call mum,,no Celine”
I tapped on my pocket only to realise I left my phone back in his car.

Gosh , I hate you Lucas ,,, I hate you…
I covered my head with my hands before running towards a direction ..
This time I was drenched , and my b©dy has started to ache and itch with the water ..
I pu-ll of my jacket and bent at the side of a pole …I coved my jacket on my face while the rain sl@pped more of its form on the jacket ..
My teeth was indeed hammering against each other ,,I was freaking freezing ..
Some b©dy help!!!….I cry softly

Lucas POV:
That’s what she deserves for turning me into a laughing stock,,
I watch as the rain sl@pped its heavy form on the glas-s while i use the car wiper to clear the water off…
But what kind of afternoon rain is this??
I was about turning on the car pla-yer to start shaking my head to my victory when I sighted her phone…
I frowned.

She left her phone…
I turn and crossed a old steel bridge leading into town …
After 10minutes drive
I sighted a field ahead and pu-ll-ed into the park…
The rain keeps slamming more of its form on the roof and there guilt starts to pitch me in the guts
I hope she’s okay out there …??
For a Moment I thought of going after her but decided to go against it ….
“What if she beats me up and left me in the rain instead..”
I picked her phone up and tapped on it …
She and her son was seen on screen saver ..
I smile a little at the boy’s cute little face …
His dad must be very good looking..
I slid on it only to realise she wasn’t using a pas-sword…

What kind of human being is she,,, goshh!!!!
I tapped on the ph0tos and glaced throu-gh …
“Mmm she isn’t bad looking herself,,”
Her child is just a little extra toned ,,”
“This must be her mum,,nice one”
I slide throu-gh
“This one is younger…possibly a younger brother ”
“Her friends maybe ,, Gosh the girls are h0t ,, look at their fat as-s ,,gosh”
Four gals in shorts struck their bu-ms out while she stood beside them like a woman robot ….
I roll up my eyes …
“Always so strict ”

More of her friends pictures made me laugh ….
“God this girls are crazy”…
And when I sighted the four in bikinis ,,
I had to off the phone light
“I can’t keep watching this ,”
“Those girls aren’t possibly her friends right ,, damn!!!!!
the mere sight of them clearly states the opposite”
I turn on the phone light and t©uçhed them on the phone …

“Goshh they are so smooth and beautiful”
I glanced throu-gh and saw a video of her ..
I pla-yed the video…
She was training with a spare ….
Gosh what kind of human being is this ..
Fear made me slide throu-gh it hurriedly until I get to the end…
I stare into space
“How come !!!!not even a single pictures of a man ,isn’t she married ,,”
I glanced at my wrist watch
“Damn its 4:o clock alre-ady”
I stare out to the sky
When I realised the rain isn’t rounding up I cut on the drive and drove right out ….

The faces that welcomed me almost melted my form
“Where is Silvia” mum raced towards me like a vampire…
I wipe the water on my hair while I ignored my friends stare
“You hired her mum,, you should know”
“Lucas ”
” OK fine mum, since you refused to let me go with you guys ,, I tricked her out of the car and left her there”

Jack and Nigel raced towards me all re-ady to pounce their fist on my face ….
“How can you leave a woman in this kind of weather,, the news said its gonna stay this way till dawn..
I stared surprisingly at the anger that fled in their eyes,
” she is a big girl she would sort herself out”
With a tormented cry mum struck out at me ,,, her fist drumming against my che-st ,,sl@pping at me ,,

“I called her home address,, her mum is Freaky worried ,, she’s allergic to rain water ”
She pushed me ha-rd …
“You useless and heartless boy ,, get out and get her here ,,if anything happens to her ,,,
After i kill you ,am gonna kill my self ,” she shouted
”Mum listen, I didn’t know she …..”
“Damn you Lucas , just get out ”
“Am sorry mum”
” are you deaf,, get out to that rain right now ,” her screams almost blocked my ears
Anxiety made me sli-cked my hands over my hair,,,

I stared back at my friends whose flaming eyes were on me …
“You are always a j£rk when it comes to women Lucas, you are such a freak ”
Nigel shouted …
“What the hell are you waiting for” tom raced towards me …
“You want her to die out there so you could spend the rest of your life in jail huh”
“I’ll go with him” Elliot offered…
“No Elliot ,let him go ,,its high time he st©ps being a spoilt br@t” mum said ..
When another thun-der rumbled ,,
I pitched the bridge of my nose at thought of her been alone out there …
I turn on my heels ,,and raced towards my car …
With a pounding heart I cut on the ignition and zoomed out like a person whose world is about crashing right before him….