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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Because I love you Episode 21 & 22

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Because I love you♥️♥️

♥️♥️Episode 21




Clara’s p.O.V


No I can’t just imagine my life without Miguel, doctor I need to see him, where Is he please…….


“Miss” I heard the doctor say which makes me up from my dream, tears were all over my face, oh goodness I was only dreaming, I pray such won’t happen


“How is he doctor” I asked standing up


“Ahmm….we thank God we’re able to remove the bullet and he’s responding to treatment now” he said


“Oh thank God…. can I see him now” I said


“He’s still resting now maybe later” he said


“No prob, I’ll wait here” I said and sat down while the doctor leave, I wonder what type of crazy dream that was, I almost died of heart attack, I can’t wait to see Miguel again, I miss him.


Few hours later, the doctor walk to me


“Hello ma’am, Miguel is awake and he wants to see you” he said


“Really” I said


“Yeah he’s in ward 8” he said, I quickly stood up happily and rush in to where he is, I got in and saw him on bed, without thinking of anything I hugged him


“I miss you” I said


“I thought I was never going to see you again” he said and embrace me


“So how are you feeling now” I asked


“Better” he said staring

at me


“I seriously miss you” he said


“I also do….” I said


“How did you manage to get me here, did you lift me yourself” he asked


“Like seriously I don’t know where the strength came from, I just found myself lifting you to the car” I said laughing


“Thanks for saving me” he said


“U got into this mess because of me you know” I said


“No….you were only used as a bait to catch me” he said


“But how could you come to that place without informing the police or anybody” I asked


“I was told not to do so or else you gonna die, and life without you is not worth living” he said


“Thank you” i said


“At least can you give me the cure to this now” he said


“What’s the cure” I asked


“Tell me yes, please” he said


“Yes…for what” I asked


“Be my girlfriend….I really love you Clara” he said then I smile


“Even before you started loving me, av been loving you all but myself, I love you yesterday, today and forever” I said


“Is that a yes” he asked


“Yeah” I said


“Thank you….I promise to love forever” he said to me


“Same here, so let me get you something to eat” I said and walk out to the nearby eatery.


Few days later, Miguel got discharged, I drove him home


“The police men said they’ve arrested one of the guys” he said


“Wow that’s good, getting rid of them finally but it’s been a while I hear about Bryan’s case and your uncle” I said


“Somehow, I wish Bryan can be release,

am sure my uncle pushed him to do this” he said


“What a kind heart” I said


“I will talk to the police in charge of his case tomorrow” he said


“That good, let me get you something to eat” I said standing up then he held me back


“What” I said


“Thanks for not giving up on me, even when I chased you away….thanks for always been there for me, with you I was able to solve every puzzle of my life…..I love you ♥️” he said


“You deserve it” I said then peck him on his cheek, he move me closer to him and kissed me


“I love you”. He whispered to my ears


“I love you more than you do” I said


“No I love you more than you do” he replied


“I won’t accept that…..I love you more than you do” I said


“Actually you don’t know how much I love you” he said and kissed me again


“Let me get you some fruit” I said and walk to the kitchen…. finally I found love


♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️


I never knew I would ever fall in love with Clara, right now she means everything to me, am happy I found true love and am never letting go of this, she came back with some fruit which we both ate


♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️


“You still need the rest” i said


“I know but still I need to go to work, it’s been a while I went there and there’s nobody to look after it since Bryan is no more there” he said


“But the doctor said you need still need rest and I won’t let you go out until the culprit are being arrested” I said


“So what about my company” he asked


“At least, I have knowledge about it, I will go there tomorrow, collect the account book for different section and bring it to you” I said


“That will be better…. thanks allot babe” he said


“Anything for you, so let me take you to your room so you can rest” I said


“Okay” he said and stood up, I help him walk upstairs to his room, he lay on the bed and draw me closer to him, then I slept beside, he hugged me like I his life depend on me then he rest his head on my chest


“Promise me you will never leave me” he said


“I promise you I won’t” I said rubbing his hair


“I just want to be like this till I slept off….. don’t ever leave my side or else I won’t wake up again” he said then I smile, i watch him sleep peacefully till I also slept off… really tired


The next day


I woke up early and went to my room, I took my bath and dress up for work, I walk downstairs, Miguel isn’t awake yet so I walk to the kitchen and cooked, few minutes later I was done with the cooking, I served his food on the dinning and made my way out


“Where did you think you are going young lady” I heard Miguel say so I turn, he was walking downstairs and finally he got to where I was and kissed my cheek


“Good morning” I said smiling


“Where are you going to leaving me alone” he said


“To my boyfriend’s house” I said then he smile


“Then let go together” he said


“Am going to work” I said


“No don’t go…… I’ll be bored at Home” he said frowning


“I won’t be late” i said


“You know what let just go together” he said


“No…. Miguel you still need some rest and we don’t know if those people are still after you” I said


“Am not scared of anyone as long as you are with me okay……few minutes” he said rushing upstairs,I sat down waiting for him and few minute he was back


“So let go” he said picking his car key, we walked out and lock the door, then drove to the company


Soon we got there and to our surprise the press were outside, Immediately they saw his car approaching they rush to it


“Did you call them” he asked me


“Why would I” I said


“Now am scared to get down” he said


“You gat no choice so just get down” I said the open the door and got down


👩 Good morning C.E.O, we heard you got shot by some terrorist


👧 Please tell us how true is this


👨 Do you Know who these people are


🧓Why are they after you


👨Talk to us please, where did you get injured


The press ask him different questions and to my surprise, Miguel didn’t even answer one, he only smile to the camera and walk in, what a crazy creature


We walked into the reception


“Good morning sir” the receptionist said


“Morning” Miguel said


“Sir, someone has been waiting for you, she also came here yesterday” she said pointing to her


“She….” I muttered to myself


“Good morning” the lady said, she was putting on an armless top and braless coz I can see her nipples pointing with a trouser,her hair fell on her shoulder with heavy make-up plastered on her face


“Morning….see me in my office” Miguel said then walk upstairs, I also walk behind him, I may sure this lady came here to seduce him but I won’t let that happen


We got upstairs, I followed him to his office the lady walk in and sat down crossing her legs


“Here’s the key and you can keep it, you don’t need to drop it at my desk anymore” he said giving me the key which I collected, I stood there staring at him


“So ma’am how may I help you” Miguel said to the lady but instead she was looking at me giving me a deadly look


“Oh Clara excuse us” Miguel said


“Like seriously” I said to myself and angrily walk out, I opened my office and sat down,


but I wasn’t comfortable,


I keep walking around my office,


I keep changing position in my office and was restless,


I checked my wrist watch and it’s been five minutes yet the lady is still there, I need to do something,


I quickly picked a file and pretend to go submit it so I opened his door, the file fell from my hand when I saw them kissing


“Like seriously” I said


“No….no…. it’s not what you think” Miguel said pushing the girl away from him


“I Know” I said and rush out to my office….I hate hI’m



♥️♥️Episode 22♥️♥️

Semi Finale


♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I quickly stood up and rush to Clara’s office

“Babe it’s not what you think… sorry” I said pleading

“I know… prob” she Said with tears


“I swear I can explain” I said


“Explain what miguel, so she was one of your girlfriend, so you lied to me….you know what…. it’s over” she said


“Clara please, at Least hear me out” I said kneeling down


“Get up please and leave my office” she said


“Please” I said


“I was a fool to have believe you loved me, what was I expecting when I started dating a rich and cute guy, i don’t expect to be the only girlfriend…..I know” she said crying


“I can explain Clara” I said then she angrily stood up and walk out, I tried follow her but I remember it’s office so I turned back then went back to my office


“And what the hell are you still doing here you motherfucker” I yelled angrily at the lady


“C’mmon….. I really love you” she said touching me


“Take those stinking hands from me and get ur ass outta here now before I call the guards” I yelled


“Oh am sorry” she said and quickly rush out, I fell down and I found myself crying…..I really don’t mean to hurt her, if I had know I would have stay home like she said and all this wouldn’t have happen….am sorry Clara.


I took my phone and dailed her number but she isn’t picking up, I took my car key and drop to her place,ai sure she’ll be there, few minutes later I got there, I hopped down and knocked


“Who is it” I heard her say


“Clara please am sorry” I said


“Miguel please leave….ion wanna see you again” she yelled


” I know I deserve it but please hear me out first…. open the door please” I said but she didn’t reply, I waited for 2minute then i saw the door open with her frowning face, I walked in while she closed the door, she faced me with her arms folded


“Clara am really sorry for everything but trust me, it wasn’t what u think i swear” I said


“So tell me, what is it” she said


Flashback after Clara left


“So what can I do for you” I said to the lady


“Ahm….am Roseline and to be sincere, ever since I saw you in TV and online, av been looking for a way to meet you, you’re really cute you know” she said


“Thank you” I replied


“Actually… in love with you” she said standing up and rubbing her hands on my cheek, I stopped her and adjust from her


“I know what you want but am not that type of guy okay, as a matter of fact, the lady that just left here is my fiancee and u know what that means” I said to her but she wouldn’t stop caressing me


“You know, I just wanna have you in me, Even if it just once…. please” she said


“Ma’am am trying not to be harsh on you so it better you respect yourself and leave” I said


“Not without having a taste of this cute lips and before I knew it she kissed me, i tried stopping her then Clara came in


Back to present


That was what Happen believe me, I wasn’t in any kind of relationship with her, infact I don’t know her from Adams, she was just forcing herself on me” I said to Clara


“Not convinced yet” she said and sat on her bed then I kneel before her


“You know I love you and I’ll never do anything to hurt you, am sorry babe” I said


“Am sorry I didn’t trust you” she said


“It’s okay, so am I forgiven” I asked


“Yeah” she said then I hugged her


“Thank you and by the way, your place is nice” I said


“Mocking me right” she said


“To be candid it’s nice and I love it” I said


“So why did you leave the office” she asked


“What did you expect me to be doing there when u’re not there, I can’t just imagine my life without you” I said then kissed her then my phone rang, I took it out from my pocket, it’s the DPO in charge of my uncle’s case so I picked it


‘hello DPO….. good afternoon….. You can join us on telegram group through+233544142683 to get more exciting stories from there. yeah…..What…. how…. when…… alright thanks” I said and dropped the call


“What happen” Clara asked


“He is dead” I replied


“Dead …..who” she asked curiously


“My uncle….he died this morning in the prison” I said and sighed


“Oh….am relieved, I thought it’s Bryan” she said


“So u’re happy my uncle is dead” I asked her


“Somehow” she said


“Rude mosquito” I said laughing


“So what about Bryan” she asked


“Ahmm…I will find something to do about that, I’ll call the D.P.O when am free” I replied


“Why didn’t you tell him when he called” she said


“Babe, it not just something we can talk about on phone, we need to go through some procedures so I will go see him tomorrow and moreover, I still can’t let him go Scot free, who knows am not the first he attempt to kill so i can only try and reduce his punishment and moreover am not the judge” I said to her


“Well it’s okay so let’s go back to work….” She said


“Alright” I said and took my car key, we locked the door and drive back to the office.

Clara’s p.O.V


Soon we were through with the office work, Miguel begged me to follow him home so I followed him, I prepared dinner and we ate, chat and later went to bed, days pass by and things were going smoothly between us, no fight, no Intruders, just the both of us


“Ahmm, I need to go see one of my business partner ” he said walking downstairs button up his shirt


“Like right now” I asked


“Yeah” he said


“But why didn’t you tell me this before now” I asked


“Am sorry it’s skipped my mind” he said and kissed my lips then my cheeks


“That not a bribe you Know” I said


“Oh really” he said


“Just go and don’t come back late, but can’t I follow you, at Least am your P.A” I said the he laughed


“Rather than giving excuse, just tell me you gonna miss me” he said


“Whatever” I said frowning


“You want me to call you that nickname” he said smilling


“Get out” I said and smile


“Okay bye” he said and pecked me, took his car key and rush out….am gonna miss him, not like he’s travelling but I already get use to being around him, a minute without him, I can’t even tell what might happen, I went out an lock the gate then walk back to the sitting room, switch on the television and sat down


It’s already an hour and Miguel isn’t back yet, I tried calling his number but it’s not reachable, I was worried but since it’s about business, he should be home anytime from now, few minutes later I got a call from Miguel, I picked it


“Hello, where have you been…..” I said”


“Good evening ma’am, the owner of this phone just had an accident, can you please come over” the caller said


“What…. accident…. where” I asked curiously


“Festack junction……be fast ma’am” the caller said and hang up, to be candid I don’t even know anywhere called festack, I quickly rush out and board a cab


“Festack junction please” I said to the cab man


“Come in” he said


“Do you know where it is and how far is it from here” I asked


“Not that far” he said


“Okay please speed up” I said and hopped in, then he started driving, i tried calling his number to know what happen but it’s not reachable again, I was really disturbed and bi kept yelling at the driver to drive fast


Soon I got there, I paid him but what surprise me was that there was nothing like accident there or am I in the wrong place, I dailed his number then it ring


“Am at the junction now, but I can’t see anything of such” I said


“At right hand there’s is a garden there, meet me there so I can take you the hospital where he is” the caller said, I quickly turned right and walk as fast as I can , soon I got to the garden, there was nobody, what’s happening, I looked around, not even a 🐦 bird


I stood there for some seconds with different thought in my mind, i hope Miguel has not been kidnapped, while I was thinking of what’s happening then I saw three people, two guys and a lady coming out from different angles, i was getting scared and they were putting on same clothe , the first one which was the lady walk closer a little bit to where I was, a letter was written on her clothe “will”, I stood there without uttering any statement


The second person also came and stood beside the lady with a letter on his clothe “You” what is really happening I said to myself


The third guy also stood beside the two, I really the letter on his clothes “marry”……I hope it’s not what am thinking


Then Miguel walk out, not injured, putting on the same clothe with the guys, I notice this is not the same clothe he wore before leaving


I read the letter on his clothes “ME” then I read everything together


“Will you marry me” I said and screamed wow, Miguel knelt before me and brought out a diamond ring


“Marry me please” he said,I couldn’t think of anything else, I remember the first day I met him, how I slapped him, how he sent me out of his office, how he yelled at me, how I couldn’t stop thinking about him, the day he met me in his office room and called the doctor to come take me to the mortuary….it funny you know, when I even loose hope of making him mine, I remember all this and tears drop down my cheek, now the same guy is here proposing to me


“Please do not say no” he said then the rest keep echoing say yes….say yes and before i knew it, many people started coming out and every where was filled with people including the press, they were all screaming say yes…..I was really amazed


“Yes…. Yes” I said happily with tears on my face, he smile nd put the ring on my third finger , he stood up and hugged him, I only find my self crying…..I never believe a day like this will come




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