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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Because I love you Episode 19 & 20

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Because i love you

♥️♥️Episode 19♥️♥️





♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I knew I didn’t faint, I only did that to save myself from him but I never knew he would take it serious, wow, what a nice room but did he really mean those words, I can’t believe my ears…the almighty miguel is asking me to be this girlfriend, no Clara he is trying to tease you, Don’t fall into his trap, you can’t do this but I seriously I enjoy kissing him, I said and started smiling then Miguel walk in, I quickly frown my face

“Don’t worry, continue laughing, I know how you feel” he said smiling

“How do I feel nd who told you am laughing before” I said

“Am not blind you know…..” He said sitting beside me

“Who knows” I said

“Crazy mosquito” he muttered

“Where is your standing mirror” I asked

“Why asking” he asked

“I need to see if I really look like a mosquito” I said then he laughed

“Just look into my eyes, you will see how you look there” he said

“Foo…..oh” I almost call him a fool when I remember he is still my boss

“Just complete it, I won’t bite” he said

“Am not saying anything” I said

“Clara, you haven’t reply me ” he said

“The last Time I checked, you didn’t ask me a

question” I said

“I want you” he said

“Here I am” I said pretending not to know what he meant

“Clara, am not joking, I sincerely love you, yeah I know I did some bad things to you, I know I don’t deserve your love but please give me a trial” he said, I sense seriousness in this

“Do you really mean this” I asked

“I mean what I say because I say what I mean… in love” he said

“I still don’t believe this but let assume this is real…..I have some conditions to lay” I said

“Tell me” he said

“Let’s pretend to date for three days then I will decide if I’ll accept you or not” I said, actually I don’t know where this useless idea just came from, I was only looking for a way to avoid answering him

“Three days….well if that’s what you want” he said

“We start tomorrow, but no kissing, no hugging” I said

“But there is……” He said

“There is what” I asked

“Nothing nevermind” he said


“So what will you like to eat” he asked

“Am okay” I said and stood up and walk downstairs

Later in the night

Miguel walk to the kitchen and cooked, I decide not to Join him in the kitchen, he served the food, we finished eating

“Am off to bed” he says and kissed my forehead then walk upstairs, I packed the plate, wash them then walk upstairs to my room, I went in, and slept off…. You can hi kwaku ish on+ 233544142683 to read more stories from storybaze, storyline,fresh stories

kingdom,house of stories room Novela and story room. it started raining heavily, then I heard a knock on my door, I know it Miguel

“Come in, the door Is not locked” I said turning on the light

“Sorry if am disturbing you, it cold in there” he said closing the door

“So…what are you trying to say” I asked

“Can I please pass the night here” he said

“No…go back to your room” I said

“Babe it’s past 12, we have a deal you know” he said


“Can’t I sleep beside my girlfriend” he said and lay beside me on the bed

“Like seriously” I said, I looked at him but he was already asleep, just like that, but to be sincere he looks cute while sleeping, I was about laying back on bed when he drew me closer and make me rest my head on his chest, I smile to myself, I can’t believe this is really happening

“Tell me you love me”he said

*Huh” I exclaimed

“At least we’re dating, tell me you love me even if you don’t mean it” he said

“Thought u are already sleeping” I said I’m

“Just tell me you you love me”

“Okay…..I love you” I said

“Oh…. sorry I have to break a rule, you can punish me later” he said then kissed me, he kissed me for some minute then he turned his back at me

“Sweet dreams” he said…. what a crazy thing

The next day

I woke up not finding him on bed, I already forgot that I’ll be going to work, I walk into the bathroom, bath, cream and dress up then I walk downstairs only to see miguel sitting down pressing phone,he wasn’t even dressed

“Good morning” I said

“Good morning angel” he walk closer to me and give me a peck

“See, I think we need to stop this dating stuff” I said

“No once we’re in, we’re in” he said

“But am no more interested in it” I said

“Who cares”

“By the way, why are you not yet dressed” I asked

“Dressed…..why” he asked
“Aren’t you going to work” I said

“Oh no…… for the next three days, no work…. just me and you” he said

“Never……I need to go to my place” I said

“Not possible my dear, in case you are hungry, your food is in the dinning” he said

“What have I gotten myself into” I muttered, I walk back upstairs, change my dress then walk to the dinning, I finished eating, packed the plate to the kitchen, I went back to the sitting room where miguel was

“Can I ask you some questions” I said sitting down on a one sitter chair next to him who was laying down on the couch

“Of course” he said

“Okay…have never seen any of your girlfriend here before, why” I asked

“To start with, I don’t have a girlfriend” he said

“Lier” I said

“Am serious, I don’t have any”

“You don’t tell me that, what about the lady who came into meet you at the bar some month ago when I just started working with you” I said

“Oh…..that slut” he said


“Yeah, she is just one of the girls who has crush on me, she called me that day that she wanted to see me so I told her to meet me there, and when She started caressing me, I told her to go” he said

“Like…. you’re not dating her” I asked

“I told you I have none, those girls are just after my money and body” he said concentrating on his phone

“Oh ” I said

“So are you telling me you are still a virgin” I asked curiously then he laughed

“That I don’t have a girlfriend doesn’t mean am a virgin babe…..back in the States, I was a Playboy, so don’t ask me that” he said laughing

“Not funny” I said frowning

“So what about you….how many boyfriend do you have” he asked me

“Oh….I have many….as in many” I said

“Really” he said


“But how come, none of them has ever called to ask of you” he said

“And who told you they don’t call me” I asked

“We’ve been together for some days and avoid never seen you receive any strange call” he said


“So what’s your type of man” he asked, everything I want in a man is in him but I won’t let him know so he won’t think am crushing on him,I will rather say the opposite of him

“I prefer short black guys, black lips and not that rich” I said

“You really have a bad taste” he said

“Says who”

“No wonder you look so ugly” he said

“What… Who told you am ugly” I said

“I know when I see one” he said

“So am one” I said

“Infact you are no 1, and that why I called you a mosquito” he said laughing

“I hate you” I said and angrily stood up, walk closer to him took a small pillow and covered him with it

“Am gonna kill you finally today, how dare you call me a ugly mosquito” I said, he collected the pillow and drew me to him which make me fell and I found my self laying on him with our lips almost meeting, our gaze met…..oh my jeez and before I knew it myself, I kissed him…oh no… Clara come back to your senses, you make the rule your self and you are already violating it on the first day, someone should please pray for me, I need deliverance

Episode 20



♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️

I quickly unlock from the kiss and ran upstairs, I don’t know why I find it hard to control my feelings, I can’t even stand staring at him without being tempted,

I need to cool my head, I undress myself and walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower and sat under it,


it took me some minutes in the bathroom, I wasn’t doing anything, I just wanted to calm myself down,

I turn off the shower then tied a white towel round me, I opened the door and walk into my room only to find Miguel sitting in my bed,

he turn his gaze at me and he didn’t stop staring, I know the towel i tied was too short

“What are you doing here” I said

“Ahmmm….. sorry” he said and stood up to walk out

“You can stay if you want to” I said

“No you need to dress up” he said and walk out, I remove the towel, put on a bumshot and a armless top, I was braless, I walk downstairs

“You need to stop seducing me Clara” he said to me

“Seducing you….how” I asked

“At Least you know you are here with a man…..blood run through my veins also” he said

“I still don’t get you” I said

“Nevermind….by the way you look hot in this bumshot” he said smiling

“Thanks” I said concentrating on the TV, I continue watching the TV and our gaze keep meeting, probably stealing glances of each other, this continue for some minute then I saw him burst into laughter

“Are you okay sir” I asked

“You see, rather than stealing a glance at me, just tell me to face you” he said

“What….I wasn’t looking at you in the first place, you were the one staring at me” I said

“No you did” he said

“I didn’t…….why would I be staring at you, not like you’re cute” I said eyeing him

“Oh really….look into my eyes and tell me I am ugly” he said


“You are ugly…..ugly is even an understatement” I said to him

“Like seriously……this is the first time someone told me am ugly and still crushing on me” he said smiling

“And who is crushing on you” I said

“You of course…..” He said

“Says who…. you’re not even my type” I said

“I Know….am too handsome to be your type” he said

“What…” I yelled

“Yeah….that the fact…..” He said

“Old jerk” I said giving him a deadly look

“Like I care, and that reminds me, am invited to a night party tomorrow, so be prepared” he said pressing his phone

“And how is it my concern” I said

“You are my P.A young lady” he said

“But why is it night” I asked

“Clara, will you stop asking me questions please” he said in a harsh tone,

not like he was yelling at me but it’s been a while he talk to me in that way and that makes me feels worried and before I know it

my heart started beating fast,

I was scared to say another word,

the fears I already overcome came back to me,

my eyes became watery,

I quickly stood up and made my way upstairs

“Why going upstairs” he asked

“Nothing just wanna rest” I said Trying to hide my fears

“Come here” he said

“Why” I asked

“Just come here” he said

“Okay” I said and walk back to him

“Am sorry I yelled at you” he said

“Yelled….you didn’t” I said sitting down

“I know I did and it hurts you….am sorry hmmm” he said

“It’s okay” I said

“So should I order for the clothe you’re going to put on or we should go for shopping” he said

“I still have some new clothes you bought for me” I said

“No…we need to ordered for s unique dress, it’s not just an ordinary party” he said

“Okay, I need to go rest” I said and walk upstairs


♥️♥️The Next Day♥️♥️

It was time for the party, I put on the dress Miguel bought for me, it looks awesome, I applied some make-up since it’s a big party, put on my earring, and necklace, I checked yhe mirror and I can’t even believe it’s me, I never knew am as pretty as this, I put on the hell Miguel bought for me and my small purse then I walk downstairs, miguel was already waiting for me

“Wow… this you” he said

“No my shadow” I replied

“You look awesome” he said

” thanks” I replied

“So shall we” he said

“Yeah” I said then he took my hand and we both walk out, he opened the car for me and the surprise me, I can’t believe Miguel is doing all this for me, I hopped in , he also enter and started driving, soon we got to the party, the press were outside,

“They may want to ask you any question, if you feel like you can’t give the right answer then don’t reply them okay” he said

“Okay” I said

“So let’s get down” he said then we both got down, immediately the press Rush to us

👧Here comes miguel the C.E.O of the non1 rated company, it’s nice seeing you here sir

“Thank you” he said

🧒Sir is this your fiancee

👩 When will you be going back to the States or are you staying permanently

The press keep following him and asking him different questions, he ignored them and walk in, he exchange greetings with some people and later found a seat, we sat down then the program started, he was called to make the opening speech

“Just stay here okay, I’ll be back” he said

“Okay” I said then he stood up and walk to the stage, everything looks boring to me, I wasn’t even listening to whatever he was saying, I was busy pressing my phone when a young man was to me


“Hi angel” he said to me

“Hi” I replied

“Am Jackson….. your name please”

“Sorry I don’t think i know you” I said to him

“I know you don’t but I won’t denie you look beautiful, if you don’t mind can I know your name” he said

“I don’t tell strangers my name” I said then miguel walk to me, I didn’t even know he was through with the speech

“Oh am sorry” the guy said and left

“What was that” Miguel said

“Nothing” I said

“So just because I left for some seconds, u already found a guy… that how cheap you’re” he said and that pissed me off

“What do you mean… it a crime to talk with a guy” I said

“A guy you met few seconds ago huh” he said

“Excuse me” I said and angrily walk out, i was standing beside the car when this same guy walk up to me again

“You again…..what do you want” I said

“Follow me” he said

“Why….. I don’t even Know you so I can’t” I said the he showed me a gun he was hidding under his shirt and that scared me, I shouldn’t have come out in the first place….

“Just follow me” he said, I nodded and follow him into a car where I met 3 guys, I sat in their middle, my face was covered with a cloth and they drove me to a place I don’t know



Miguel’s P.O.V

It been two minutes and Clara isn’t back yet, I stood up and walk out, I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find here, I dailed her number it wasn’t reachable, I was really worried, I Know I caused this, I shouldn’t have accused her wrongly but where could she be or did she went home, I quickly hopped into my car and drove to her place, I got there and it was locked, no traces of her, I hoping in again and drive to my place, maybe that where she’s but I got home and couldn’t find her, I called her several times but not reachable, I rest on my car not knowing what to do then I heard my phone ring, it was an unknown number, I picked it

“Do not look for her, if you want to see her then you should come alone to the address sent to your SMS, I am watching every steps of yours and in case if you tell anybody about this or you decide to come with the police, your girlfriend will be dead before you arrive” the caller said and hang up, I was shocked, I know this is from my father’s opponent, I checked my SMS and saw the address, am not sure if will come back alive but I need to set Clara free, I got into my car and started driving, it took me few minutes before I got to the place, I walked in to the house

“Welcome” a guy said, I looked closer and saw he was the same guy who I met with Clara

“Please where is Clara” I said

“Follow me” he said I followed him and we got to a room where Clara was

“Clara” I said, she stood up and hug me

“Am sorry” I said

“Miguel Please get me out of here” she said then I turn to the guy

“Tell me whatever you want, I promise to give it to you, please do not kill her” I said

“I don’t want anything…..just leave” the guy said

“Just…. like that” I said

“Yeah… leave” he said

“Thank you” I said and hold Clara, we both walk out of the room


♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I and Miguel walk out of the room, I wonder why I got kidnapped when they don’t even need anything, we were about stepping out when I heard a gunshot, I turned but I didn’t see anyone, no one was shot and no one shot the gun, I turned to miguel

“What……..” I screamed, he fell down and closed his eyes, he got shot,

“Miguel….no…. please stand up…. somebody help” I screamed crying, he wasn’t standing up, I rushed back in but I didn’t see anyone, they’ve left, I ran back to Miguel who was laying helplessly soaked with blood…. Miguel Please wake up, I took the car key from his pocket and went into the car, I drove not near where he was laying, after many struggle, I managed to lift him into the car, then I drove to a nearby hospital, the nurse brought out the stretcher and carried him inside into the theater, I stood in the reception crying bitterly, after some minute the doctor walk to me

“How is he doctor” I said

“Calm down please..who are you to him” he said

“Am his personal assistant at work” I said

“I think you need to see me in the office” he said

“Doctor just tell me whatever it is please” I said

“Ahmmm…… Ma’am we tried our best to save him, but……we lost him” he said

“No…… Don’t Tell me he’s Dead” I said

“Am sorry ma’am” he said and walked in…..did I just hear Miguel is dead




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