bad girl love episode 3 & 4

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Who do you think you are? Are you mad?” Mrs. Kim questioned hotly, and Jessica spranged up.

She raised her hand on Mrs. Kim and tried to return the slap, but Richie caught it and brought it down forcefully.

“Jessica are f**king on drugs? This is Korea and not America!” He shouted angrily.

“Do I look like I f**king care? You know who my father is, and the moment I report your shitty mum to him, then it’s over! How dare she slap me! No one has ever done that to me all my life!!!” Jessica yelled, her cheek was still stinging.

“And what have the people around you been doing? A brat like you deserves at least twenty slaps per hour to reset you!” Mrs. Kim shot

“I’m Jessica Jones? Heard that? The only daughter of the former prime minister!” She shot back.

“What position is your family in among the richest in America?” Ruby finally talked.

“Fifth ok? Y’all are dead!” Jessica retorted.

“And this is the top three richest family in this country” Ruby said,her arms folded gently under her b**bs as a satisfactory smile played on her lips.

“What!” Jessica faced Richie who’s obviously frustrated.

“I bet he didn’t tell you but this is the prestigious Kim family, and we’re part of the rulers of this country” Ruby said confidently, and Jessica grabbed her handbag from the couch.

“Meet me outside! I’m not staying here” she told Richie and stormed out.

“You’re playing with me, right Richie?” Mrs. Kim asked immediately, and he held her hands.

“It hasn’t been easy for me to handle her too. I have a situation and I need her, and she’s not completely bad” he said, and she scoffed, taking her hands from him.

“I refuse to approve her as your girlfriend, goodnight” she said and went upstairs.

“Where’s dad by the way?” Richie asked, facing Ruby.

“He’s on a business trip, but he’d arrive tommorow before your welcoming party” she replied.

“Welcoming party?” He blinked.

“Yeah, you know how mum loves showing you off” Ruby chuckled.

“She’s too much” Richie sighed, and Ruby hugged him again.

“Do you know how much my friends make jest of me anytime they remember you’re actually a graduate already? I mean…I’m still in highschool, just how brilliant are you?” She pouted, and he laughed, kissing her hair again.

“It’s not my fault, sweetheart”

“By the way how old is your so-called girlfriend? She told me she’s not my mate” Ruby broke the hug.

“She’s 22” he replied.

“4 years older than you? Richie!” She gasped shockingly.

“It’s not my fault too, you know I’ve never been in same class with my mates, I’m always the youngest in any class cos of the classes I skipped, and it was same in college. All my departmental mates were either three or four years older than me, and she was one of them” he replied.

“Whatever, I don’t like her” Ruby said, and he started looking around.

“I saw someone here before” he said, and Ruby gasped.

“Lovelyn! Meet my friend Lovelyn!” She turned back, but she’s nowhere to be found.

“Love? Where did she go?” She muttered.

“I’ll just be in the second mansion with Jessica, I’ll call you” Richie said hurriedly and rushed out before she could reply.

“Lovelyn!” She shouted, and she finally came out from behind a couch where she has been hiding.

“Wait…why were you hiding?” Ruby blinked.

“Oh….I was…I was nervous” she said slowly, and Ruby smiled.

“Did you fall for my brother or something? Isn’t he handsome?” She held her hand.

“He is, is he on Stargram?” Lovelyn asked.

“Of course! Search for RK, that’s him” Ruby replied.

“Alright, but I have to go now” Lovelyn said fast.

“Wait a little bit pleeeassse” Ruby blinked cutely, and Lovelyn laughed.

“That won’t work, mum would be waiting already”

“Alright bess, I’ll see you out” Ruby interlocked their fingers as they walked out, but no car in sight.

“You didn’t bring your car?* Ruby faced her.

“Oh…my driver was sick, so I had to come in a cab” Lovelyn lied.

“Cab? You should have called me and I’d have sent my driver, can’t imagine myself in a cab, it must have been so hard! Imagine being in the same car with a driver that might fart anytime, and even without that, cabs smell poorly, I hate it” Ruby remarked, and Lovelyn swallowed hard.

“Do you…hate poor people…that much?” She asked slowly, and Ruby laughed.

“Who wouldn’t hate poorness?” She said, and Lovelyn nodded.

“Anyways, my driver will drop you” Ruby said.

“Thanks Ruby” Lovelyn smiled, waving as she got into Ruby’s Benz.

“See ya in school tomorrow!” Ruby waved as she was driven out of the compound.



It was the driver who took the bags into the bedroom, and immediately he left, Jessica faced Richie in the living room.

“And why were you just standing like a statue when your mother slapped me!” She demanded.

“You mean I should have slapped my mum back? Jessica is tobacco finally have a hold on you? Stop f**king getting on my nerves! I know it’s your favorite thing to do but c’mon we just arrived in my country so you should cool it down!” He shouted.

“You’re younger, at least you should show me some respect, beg me when you’re wrong!” Jessica shouted back.

“If you’re gonna keep talking about our age difference, then break up with me and let’s go our separate ways!” He said.

“You know no girl can take your hard f**k like I do! We both know you’re a freak who can’t do without it for a day!” She claimed.

“Then I’mma just find another girl, simple” he said and climbed the stairs.

He got to the bedroom and took off his jacket, leaving him in his arms black shirt, and that revealed the RK tattoo on his right arm, it’s beautiful.

He suddenly felt something in his pocket, and when he dipped his hand, it turned out to be the lipstick from the girl.

He dropped it on the table and turned to enter the bathroom for his shower, but he saw Jessica behind him already, stark naked.

“F**k” he muttered.

“So…are you still gonna find another girl?” She said, and he turned away from her.

“I need to shower” he said and started walking to the bathroom, but she hugged him from behind, grabbing his already hard manhood in the process.

“Jessi…stop” he groaned, and she began rubbing it.

“Admit it, you can’t do without me, freak” she whispered, and he turned back to her.

He was already on her lips before she could talk again, and as they kissed, she undressed him.

Five minutes later, they were already in bed, her legs flying in the air as he f**ked her rough.

“Oh….my…gawd! Richie!”

“Ow! Harder!”



It’s a semi-basement apartment, and Lovelyn has been living there with her family since long ago since it’s cheap.

Though her friends believes she stays in a mansion like she told them. How would she tell them she’s a poor girl who attends the school cos her mum signed a contract with Lady Genevieve?

Renting cars and wears to school became a part of her already, and she has to keep it going till she graduates cos the moment they find out her secret, she’s dead.

She can’t even tell Ruby her best friend cos it’s obvious she hates poor people too, she’d surely lose her friendship with her the moment she finds out.

She was thinking about everything as she walked grudgingly into her small room and sat in front of the mirror.

She took her bag to pour out everything inside, but her lipstick isn’t in, and that was when she remembered she didn’t pick it earlier.

“Richie Kim, RK” she muttered getting her phone to go to Stargram.

She searched for RK, and he was the first suggestion that came up.

She clicked on his profile picture and began staring at it, biting her lip gently.

He was playing with a cat on his laps in the picture, and he has a big smile on his shiny face.

She bit her lip again, but she suddenly slapped herself, dropping the phone.

“Stop it, Lovelyn” she muttered, and the door opened outside.

“eomma!” She spranged up, running out to her.

Truly, Janet is just coming in with two shopping bags.

“I got us some snacks!” She raised the bags up, and Lovelyn rushed to hug her.

“I missed you last night! You didn’t come home!” She said.

“I had to work overnight cos of some reasons” Janet replied.

“Lady Genevieve didn’t do anything crazy again, right?” She asked, and Janet broke the hug.

“Ani-yo! (No!)” She said, and Lovelyn laughed as she took the snack bags from her to drop on the small table.

“I’ll make us some ramen!” Janet said, taking off her sweater.

“I’ll do it with you!” Lovelyn rushed after her, hugging her from behind as they entered the small kitchen together.



A Ferrari stopped in front of the house, and the driver got down. He entered into the house with a box, and he rang the doorbell of Lovelyn’s apartment.

She opened the door and smiled, taking the box from the guy.

She went in and opened it. It contains the usual fake designer heels shoes, earrings, hairpin, body socks and backpack.

She dressed up in everything plus the school uniform before coming out.

“You should increase my pay yunno? You look like a classy rich student and no one will ever find out they’re fake designers” the guy said, and she smiled.

“Let’s go, Jackson”

Jackson chuckled as they left the house together.

Jackson is the one in charge of building fake products in Seoul, and he rents her things from him.

He’s also her fake driver who drives her to and from school everyday with different rented cars, and thanks to her pay from the clubhouse, she pays him too.

They got out, and she smiled when she saw the car.

“It’s a Ferrari today”

“Get in, please” Jackson opened the door, and she stepped in.

The drive to school was fast and smooth, and as expected, Ruby was already waiting for her at the park.

“I love the colour of your Ferrari! And your backpack!” She said as they walked in together.

“Thanks” Lovelyn smiled.

“I wonder if Mira won’t be coming to school again today” Ruby said.

Mira is the third member of the friendship.

“According to her, she’s still in Germany” Lovelyn said.

“And you believe that tricky owl?” Ruby said.

“Hey babies!” The familiar voice said behind them, and they turned at once to see Mira, dressed so chic. She’s even wearing fashion shades, and she’s got tattoos on her knuckles.

“Mira!” They shouted at once, and she ran to them fast, hugging them at once.

“I knew it! You’d never stop being crazy, will you?” Ruby giggled.

“I arrived last night, but I just wanted to surprise you guys” Mira laughed, breaking the hug.

“And it worked” Lovelyn said.

“Aww! My cute Love! You even became cuter! I’m jealous!” Mira gushed, pulling her cheeks.

“You grew crazier” Lovelyn said, and they all laughed as they started walking down the busy hallway.

“Gosh! I miss this school!” Mira inhaled.

👥 It’s The Fabulous!!!

👥 Oh my gosh!!

👥 Bernie is here!

👥 Whoaaa!!!

👥 My Kings!!!!

👥 Argghhhhh!!!

👥 They’re so hot!

Girls began running out of their ways to go watch their iconic entry, and as the three handsome dudes walked into the hallway, students made ways for them.

Bernie was expressionless as he always is, but Vista and Savage were busy smiling as they walked behind him.

Mira’s eyes were fixed on Vista, and till they went out of sight, she didn’t stop staring.

“You still have a crush on Vista?” Ruby asked when she noticed Mira.

“No! No I don’t!” She denied immediately.

“It’s obvious you’re lying” Lovelyn said.

“Thanks for saying that, let’s go baby” Ruby pulled her , and they started leaving for class together.

“Girls! Wait for me!” Mira ran after them.

They finally entered the class at once, and they met the first period teacher already, she’s in front with a new girl.

They quickly sat on the same row, and the teacher cleared her throat.

“She’s a newbie as you can see. Make her feel among” she said and left the class immediately.

“Annyeong, my name is Hwasa, and I’m the scholarship student for this session” the girl said, and everyone started laughing.

“Welcoming song!” A student shouted, and the rest started chanting too.

“Welcoming song!”

“Welcoming song!”

“I’m tired of this class” Mira muttered.

“But it’s fun” Ruby chuckled.

Lovelyn couldn’t talk, just staring pitifully at Hwasa who was already fidgeting.

Not understanding the meaning of the chant, Hwasa walked into a row and made to sit, but her hair was suddenly grabbed from behind by a student.

“Argh! Arhhhh!!!” She screamed as she was dragged out of class.

Students ran out of class too, going after them to see what’d happen.

“Let’s go watch too!” Ruby told Mira.

“No. I’m not ready to go waste my time watching Mabel and her dogs” Mira replied, and Ruby fell back on her seat.

“You’re too stubborn” she muttered, but her eyes suddenly widened.

“Guys! You both have to come to my brother’s welcoming party!” She said.



The three hotties came in at once, and they settled on the couches.

Bernie got a remote and put on the TV, then the rooftop scene began showing. The TV is connected to the rooftop.

Hwasa was actually dragged to the rooftop by the students.

Mabel was already waiting, sitting on a chair with a stick of cigarette between her lips.

“New semester, new dramas. This semester is already sweet from the start” Savage said as they watched.

“I know, right?” Vista chuckled.

Bernie only watched in silence, not saying a word as his cold eyes stayed on the TV screen.

Hwasa was made to kneel in front of Mabel, and Mabel stood.

“You refused to sing a welcoming song, I guess you’re prepared for the consequences. Welcome to your orientation” she smiled ominously, and the students clapped.

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about” Hwasa stood and tried walking out of the circle, but a student placed a leg on her way

She stumbled and fell heavily, making the students laugh mockingly again.

“Oops!” Vista said.

“Mabel is like the devil’s mother” Savage clicked his tongue.

Bernie suddenly turned off the TV and stood.

“Dude what’s up?” Savage stood too.

“It’s boring, it’d have been interesting if she was made to eat sand” Bernie muttered and walked out of the lounge.

“What’s up with that bastard again?” Vista said, playing with his painted nails.

“I thought he’s gonna change this semester after spending his break in Paris, but I was wrong” Savage shook his head as he wore his blazer.

“Bernie is never changing, trust me. By the way give me the number of the girl at the club last night” Vista winked, and Savage chuckled, getting his phone with his half-gloved hand.



Mrs. Kim decided to make it an house party since she invited only the important people in the company, so the house is just the perfect place.

Lovelyn arrived at exactly 7, and she gasped when she saw the party is already on with different popular personalities in attendance.

She bit her lip slightly, climbing the stairs to Ruby’s room, but instead of her, she met Richie.

Her heart skipped beats immediately, and she turned to leave…

“Wait!” He said, and her eyes widened as she stopped.

“Do me a favor and turn around” he said, and she bit her lip as she did.

“You’re the girl from my car window yesterday, the lipstick girl” he smiled immediately their eyes met.

She couldn’t talk, just staring at his eyes. Those eyes again, they’re enchanting.

“And weren’t you the one with Ruby yesterday? Are you the friend she was talking about?” Richie asked again, and that was when she noticed the RK tattoo on his open arm.

She swallowed hard, and her heart thumped more, how could he be so…hot. She couldn’t even handle it, and forming a word is impossible right now.

She turned to run out of the room so her heart won’t explode…

“Your zipper is open” He suddenly said, and her eyes widened as she stopped again. She was already shaking with nervousness.

“I’ll just…find someone to do it outside” she stuttered.

“Your bra is showing, sorry can I help you?” He asked, and she froze, her back still on him as he walked to her.

She folded her fists immediately she inhaled his scent. He smells too good, and her nervousness increased when his hand touched her zipper.

“Stay still” he said, and she melted even more. Hearing his cool voice behind herself is crazy. She was dying.

He pulled her hair to one side and was about to zip up for her when the door opened.

Jessica came in.