bad girl love episode 19 & 20

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Stay with me…. please” Richie whispered into Lovelyn’s ear as his his eyes went shut slowly…

“Richie! Richie!!” She screamed fearfully when she felt his limpness, and she felt tears coming out of her eyes immediately.

This can’t be happening right now, and she’s so helpless cos he’s heavy, and the moment she makes any effort to move from her spot, he’d surely fall.

“Richie!!” She shouted in tears, holding his limp body tightly to hers, and that moment, a limo drove into the mansion, and Mrs. Kim came out of it.

“Richie!!!!” She screamed in horror, rushing to the scene when she saw the blood.

“What happened to my son? What the hell happened here Lovelyn!!!” She shouted madly.

“It’s… It’s Jessica” Lovelyn stammered tearfully.

“Get here fast! Come here and get him into the car!!!” Mrs. Kim shouted at her driver who came running immediately.

Unconscious Richie was mounted on his back, and his blood continued dropping on the ground as he was rushed into the limo which was driven out of the mansion.

Lovelyn ran forward,but she stopped when she figured out she has no idea where he’d be taken to.

“What should I do? What?” She sniffed, getting her phone to dial Ruby.

“Hey babe! What’s up?” Ruby asked immediately.

“Rub…Ruby…” She hiccupped.

“My Love are you crying? What’s wrong?” Ruby asked immediately.

“It’s Richie, he’s… he’s bleeding and…”

“What!” Ruby shouted.

“Come to his mansion, he’s…”

Ruby hung up immediately, and she only had to cry while waiting for some minutes before she drove into the mansion.

“Babe! What’s up? I don’t get what you said earlier” she said as she stepped out of the car.

“The thing is… it’s…we…

“Come here” Ruby hugged her gently, patting her back.

“Calm down ok?” She petted, and Lovelyn nodded on her shoulder.

She broke the hug and held her shoulders.

“I’m listening” she said.

“I went for a stroll with Richie, and when we came back, we met Jessica here. She wanted to crash a bottle on me, but….

“Don’t tell me he took it” Ruby’s eyes widened.

“He took it with his back, and he’s bleeding so much and… Mrs. Kim took him away but…

Lovelyn hasn’t finished talking when Ruby rushed back to her car.

“Ruby!” Lovelyn rushed after her, but she already drove out of the mansion before she could get to her.

Lovelyn came to a standstill and cried even more. She was hoping to follow Ruby to wherever he was taken to, but that’s not possible again.

“It’s all my fault, if only I turned down the stroll offer” she sniffed, staring at her phone.

She dialled Mira’s line eventually.

“Hey shawty! What’s popping!” Mira shouted.

“Do you know any hospital used by the Kim family?” Lovelyn asked.



Mira suggested the hospital during the call, and Lovelyn decided to try her luck and come.

👥 He’s the heir of Sleek cosmetics.

👥 Heard he’d be taking over the company on Monday

👥 But he’s still so young!

👥 Heard his girlfriend did that to him.

The passing nurses were chatting in low voices as she ran past them, and she knew immediately that he was brought here.

She continued running till she sighted Mrs. Kim entering a door, and she rushed in too, only to meet the whole family inside, with Mr. Kim himself.

“Here you are, what were you doing with him? Why would he take the bottle in your stead?” He stood immediately.

“Calm down honey, not like it’s her fault” Mrs. Kim said.

“I don’t care! All I know is if anything happens to Richie in there, then I’mma arrest her together with that idiotic American!” Mr. Kim shouted angrily, and Lovelyn shifted back.

“I said calm down, we should focus on getting Jessica first, i won’t mind fighting heads on with the Jones family in America, I’d fly there to meet them myself if it gets messy” Mrs. Kim said.

“You shouldn’t even be here” Mr. Kim told Lovelyn.

“Dad…” Ruby stood.

“Leave! I hate leeches like her! Her mum is an investor, so what? How much does she make monthly” Mr. Kim replied angrily again, and Lovelyn rushed out of the place, bumping into a nurse who was carrying a medical tray.

Everything in the tray fell on the ground, and she landed together with them.

“Are your eyes dysfunctional? You can’t see? Who are you even here to see? Are you an intruder? Guards!!” The nurse shouted, and two guards ran over immediately.

Lovelyn was gripped and thrown out of the hospital, and she fell heavily as a result of their push. She hurt her palms and sprained her wrist.

“I only wanted to know if he’d be fine” she cried as she stood weakly, wiping her teary face.



The doctor finally came out, and Mr. Kim was the first to rush to him.

“How’s he doing?” He asked impatiently.

“Come with me” the doctor replied, taking everyone into the ward where Richie is.

He’s unconscious on his bed, getting transfused with blood.

“The piece of bottle was successfully removed from his back, and I’m sure before his system takes this blood bag to the middle, he’d wake up” he said, and Mrs. Kim inhaled in relief.

“I’m so glad” Ruby muttered.

“That’s some good news. Please keep a good eye on him, ion mind buying the whole hospital so all the doctors will stay with him only, just make sure he’s stable” Mr. Kim said.

“Don’t worry president Kim, I know how much this genius means to your family, so I’mma do my best” the doctor smiled, and Mr. Kim nodded.

“I’m counting on you”



“Bernie isn’t picking his phone, did he isolate himself again?” Savage said after trying his line for the third time.

“Maybe his dad frustrated him again, I’m sure he’s somewhere crying alone” Vista shrugged on the sofa.

“Then Lovelyn will probably bear the brunt of this tommorow” Savage replied, taking his seat.

“How?” Vista asked.

“Yunno how he is after getting frustrated, he always needs someone to vent his anger on” Savage replied.

“That jerk has never taken deep interest in any girl till now though, why her? Lovelyn doesn’t seem like his type” Vista said.

“Are you an idiot? It’s not a romantic attraction, he’s literally bullying her” Savage rolled eyes.

“Are you sure this won’t go deeper? Some relationships start like this” Vista smirked.

“Wake up from your dream dude, I bet Bernie can never fall in love till he dies with that psycho personality of his” Savage replied.

“Then let’s bet. If his attraction to Lovelyn gets romantic, you’re buying me a yacht” Vista replied.

“And if it doesn’t, you’d buy me shares in Jeju island” Savage said.

“Deal” they chorused and clinked glasses before drinking.

“So how’s your drama with Ruby going?” Savage rested back on the sofa.

“Told her to f**k herself with a cucumber this morning on FaceTime, and she did” Vista replied, giving him his phone.

Savage took it and clicked play on the video.

“What the f**k! Vista is this a p*ssy or a well?” He gasped.

“Beats me. I only f**ked her once in the library and got tired, she’s too wide and I have no intention of f**king her again. I’mma stop my drama soon, but that’d be after making her fall more head over heels for me” Vista smiled.



Janet was already at home when Lovelyn arrived.

“Lovelyn where did you go? You weren’t picking your phone” she said from the small table in the living room which serves as the dinning table.

She wore long sleeve to cover up the wound given to her by Mabel, and she cooked dinner already, it had already been set on the table.

“I went for a stroll with my friend” Lovelyn replied sadly, and Janet walked to her quickly.

Thanks to the fact that it’s late, she didn’t see the wounds on her palm.

“Are you ok?” She asked worriedly, holding her arms.

“I’m fine mummy, I’m just tired. I’ll go take a shower” she replied, and Janet kissed her forehead.

“Come back for dinner ok? You can sleep in my room tonight” she said, and Lovelyn nodded once before walking into her room, shutting the door.

She threw her bag on the bed and fell on the chair dejectedly, trying her best not to start crying again.

“Stay with me… please”

Richie’s words sounded in her head, and she went sadder.

She has always known that Mr. Kim doesn’t like her friendship with Ruby cos he believes she’s below his family standards, but she definitely wasn’t expecting him to chase her out of the hospital like that.

She looked at her palms and bit her lip hard when she saw the bruise she got.

She opened her drawer for ointment to apply on it, but the first things she saw were his note and purple plasters.

She took the note and brought it to her face, inhaling his scent from it before taking the plasters.

She didn’t treat the wound before sticking them to her palms, and her phone rang.

It’s definitely madam Cash who has been calling, but she’s not even ready to go to the clubhouse this night, she won’t be able to concentrate on stage.

She stood and went to the window, opening it to behold the moon in the sky.

She brought her palms together and closed her eyes gently.

“Please protect Richie, I beg you”



Mr and Mrs Kim left the hospital for a night conference at the office, so it’s just Ruby with Richie in the private ward.

She’s sitting beside his bed with her phone in hand, and the phone suddenly started ringing.

It’s ‘My Love’ calling, and she was about to pick when Richie suddenly screamed from his sleep, so she dropped the phone and spranged up.


He was sweating so much with obvious pains in his open eyes, and he was breathing hard. He had the scary nightmare again.

“Richie are you fine?” Ruby asked, touching his hair.

He tried sitting up, but the pains in his back sent him back to the bed.

“Ahh!” He groaned.

“But they gave you painkillers earlier, should I call the doctors?” She said.

“I can’t sleep on this bed” he replied.

“Should they change the bed?” Huh?” She asked.

“I can’t sleep on any bed alone! Get me out of this bed” he replied.

“What are you talking about?” She said confusedly.

“Where’s Lovie?” He asked.

“Lovelyn? Dad sent her away” she replied.

“What! Why?”

“He piled the fault on her” she replied.

“He didn’t insult her, did he?” He breathed.

“He did more than that” she replied.

“Get me my phone” he said.

“The doctor said no phone till you’re healed” she replied.

“Ruby stop this” he tried to sit up again, but the pains in his back sent him down once again.


A doctor came in immediately.

“You’re awake Richie” he smiled.

“Get me out of this bed” Richie replied.

“You should be resting right now, sorry I’d have to sedate you again” the doctor said and loaded the syringe.

“No don’t…

Before Richie could say further, the injection went into his drip, and his eyes went shut slowly as he slept off again.



Lovelyn was sitting on her reading chair again with her phone, trying Ruby’s line but she’s not picking.

She has been trying it since last night, but it has been the same, is she mad at her too?

She went to the hospital three times today, but she got no chance to go in since it was already surrounded with guards, and she knows Mr. Kim did it cos of her.

She’s greatly worried. Even if it’s just his voice, she wants to hear it and be rest assured that he’s fine, but it’s not happening.

She was about to dial Ruby again when Bernie’s call came in.

She wanted to ignore, but thinking about what he might do to her if she does, she picked sluggishly.

“Go to school right now, I need you to clean the premises” he ordered, and she spranged up.

“What! Today is Sunday Bernie! And besides, the sweepers will do their job tommorow” she said.

“I gave them a free day tomorrow” he replied.


“You have just ten minutes to get to school, sent me pictures” he said and hung up.

“Aish! Why is my life like this? I have to go to the clubhouse!” Lovelyn groaned as she threw on jean trousers on the top she’s wearing.

She ran out of the house.



Lovelyn is currently standing in the middle of the school field, her mouth so wide as she stared at all the dirts.

It’s obvious Bernie did the dirts just to make her suffer, is that really necessary?

It’s sure she won’t be going home tonight.

She snapped a picture of herself on the field and sent it to him before going to the waste bins to get broom and a bin.

She was about to go back to the field when a guy appeared.

“Oh! You….” She blinked, recognizing him as the guy she bumped into by the door when she was going to change into her sneakers in class two days ago.

“You recognize me?” He smiled.

“Yeah! You’re… Ian, same class” she replied.

“Nice, I need your help” he said.

“On what?”

“I forgot my assignment note in class, and it’s locked already, do you know where they keep the keys?” He asked.

“The store room, let’s go” she left the broom and bin, leading the way.

Ian smiled ominously before following her.

Just when they got to the front of the store room, her phone rang, and her eyes widened when she saw it’s Richie.

She quickly picked.

“Where are you? Love” he asked gently.

“I’m in scho…

Ian pushed her into the dark store room before she could finish, and she fell with a loud whimper as her phone crashed on the ground.

Ian closed the door.



“Hello! Love! Lovelyn!” Richie shouted fearfully on phone, but she already hung up.

He actually woke up some minutes ago, and he was lucky enough to meet a nurse who got him his phone from where it was kept. She was the first person he called.

He got down from the bed, removing the drip from his hand.

“Young master, this isn’t right” the nurse said, but he pushed her out of the way and rushed out of the ward.

“Young master!” The doctors shouted at once, but he knowingly took the stairs instead of the hallway, just to avoid the guards.

He got to the park and entered Ruby’s car.

Though his back still hurts like hell, but he really wants to make sure she’s fine. There must be a reason she suddenly hung up with a loud whimper.

He drove into the school eventually, and he rushed out of the car, running into the building.

“Lovelyn!!” He shouted, opening the door of the first classroom he saw.

No Lovelyn in sight.

“Lovelyn!!!” He screamed again, opening the second, third, till the twentieth class.

He rushed out of that building and entered another one, calling her name repeatedly till he has almost checked out all the classes.

He got to the field and saw the bin and broom.

“Please don’t!!! Please!!!!” He heard Lovelyn’s voice not far from the spot, and he took to his heels again, running till he traced it to the store room.

He made to open the door but it was locked, so he shifted back and kicked it, but it remained unmoved.

“Arggg!!!!!” Lovelyn’s cries came from inside again, and he went to the window.

He threw a punch at the glass, and it cracked.

His second punch broke the glass, and he was able to open the window afterwards.

He jumped in, and he quickly located the switch, putting on the lights only to meet an heartbreaking scene which made his eyes widen.

Lovelyn is under Ian, and her blouse is gone already. She’s got bruises all-over her body as a result of struggling with him in the dark.

She’s bleeding from the nose with tears on her face, and her hands were tied backwards!

Ian is currently trying to take off her brà, the straps are even gone already…

“F*cking son of a b**ch!” Richie spat lividly and rushed to the scene, pulling Ian up from her.

He made to punch him, but the pains from his back came again, and the back began bleeding as his arm went down on its own. He couldn’t raise it.

Ian took the opportunity and punched him instead.

Richie staggered and fell weakly on a table, and the bleeding of his back increased when he landed with it.

Ian removed the table leg so easily and smirked before raising it up to Richie’s head.

“Richie!!!!!!!” Lovelyn screamed with her heart in her throat, but another person jumped in through the window immediately.