bad girl love episode 17 & 18

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Richie…” Lovelyn bit her lip as her heart thumped pretty insanely.

No doubt, her heart might burst before the end of this stroll cos it’s obvious he’d not stop making her heart thump anytime soon.

The emotions within her right now is just unexplainable, and she wants it to continue like that. If possible, she wants his lips to continue staying on her hand till forever. It’s so soft.

He finally removed his lips from her hand, raising his head with a big smile.

“Let’s go, pretty” he said, pulling her with him while his second hand held her bag securely.

She was smiling as she followed him into the beautiful arcade, and only the sound of their shoes on the ground could be heard for the first three minutes.

None talked, just taking their time to stare at the beauty of the place, but Richie is gently caressing her thumb nail, and that made her look at their interlocked hands.

She smiled again when she saw what he’s doing, and he looked up at his face.

“I love your nails, wanna continue touching” he said, and she was the one who pulled him deeper into the arcade this time.

It was lined with shops and deserted houses which were built face-to-face, leaving a thin line in the middle which they’re walking on.

Though it’s deserted, but the lights are still working just fine, and the moon sat magnificently in the sky, beautifying everything more.

Though she has to go to the club in an hour, but she doesn’t mind being late tonight, she only wants to be with him right now.

Richie smiled as the cool night breeze hit his skin. Throughout his stay in Harvard, it might sound weird but no girl ever caught his attention, maybe because they were all older and only after his handsomeness and brilliance, but this girl right here did it without any effort.

He had no plans to get hooked when he arrived in this country, but he helplessly got hooked since he saw her by the car window that day, and watching her apply lipstick on those lips of hers made him decide there that he gonna kiss those lips one day and maybe forever.

Her presence makes him happy, she doesn’t even know how much effect she has on him.

He was still staring at her when she suddenly faced him.

“Do you know you can make a wish under the moon?” She asked.

“And it comes true?” He replied, looking up at the moon.

“I dunno, I just love making wishes under the moon with my eyes closed” she replied, and he closed his eyes immediately.

“You making a wish?” She asked, and he nodded as he made a wish in his mind before opening his eyes.

“What did you wish for?” She asked.

“Can’t tell you yet” he replied, and she held his hand tighter when she stumbled on a stunt.

She almost fell, but Richie pulled her back to her feet, and his hand went to her waist.

“You ok?” He asked in a whisper, looking right into her eyes with concern.

She was about to reply when he suddenly squatted in front of her, and he squinted when he saw how swollen her legs are.

“What’s up with your legs? They’re f**king swollen” he said, and she bit her lip, remembering how Bernie made her stand earlier.

“I dunno” she said, not wanting to drag him into this anymore.

“You should have told me, you shouldn’t be walking with this Lovelyn” he said, looking up at her.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to refuse the stroll with you” she replied, and he turned his back on her, still squatting though.

“Get on my back” he said, and she blinked.

“It’s not…

“I didn’t ask for your permission, just get on” he replied softly, and she mounted his back.

He wrapped her legs around himself and guided her with his arms before standing, turning back to start walking out of the arcade.

“We’re leaving already?” She asked.

“Can’t spend one more minute here with your legs swollen like that” he replied.

“But I wanna see the end of the arcade” she said.

“We’d just come again some other time, but for now let’s go get your legs treated at my place first” he replied, and she stopped talking to smile slightly.

“Richie” she called

“Wae?” He replied.

“Thanks” she said.


“For not staying away from me even after finding out who I really am. I only just met you but it feels like we’ve met since decades ago. Thanks for being real with me” she said.

“You’re just you Lovelyn, I really can’t wait for you to be done with highschool and live the way you want without fear. Even if they all turn against you later, I won’t run, cos you’re Lovelyn Jeong, nothing changed to me” he said, and she smiled as he adjusted her on his back before resuming his walk.

There was silence again til he got to his car and gently dropped her in, placing her legs on the right places.

“I can still move my legs yunno?” She said.

“Shh” he replied, bringing his face closer so she shifted back.

He came even closer, and she tightly shut her eyes.

Richie had a good look of her face, then shifted his eyes to her red lips. He smiled before getting the seatbelt which he helped get plug.

Immediately she felt it on herself, she opened her eyes slowly, and he smiled knowingly before leaving for the driver’s seat.

Lovelyn bit her lip so hard in embarrassment, closing her eyes as he started the drive.



Bernie sat on his reading chair with loads of books in front of him, trying to read, but it’s just not working cos he kept thinking of Lovelyn.

Anytime he remembers how he made her stand for an hour in school, he’d start giggling so hard.

“What should I make her do next? Clean the whole school? Damn, this would be so fun” he laughed, but it was interreupted when his dad came in, and the laughter stopped.

He pretended like he didn’t see him till Mr. Han got behind him.

“I confirmed your first test results just now, you got C? And you had the nerves to laugh in this house?” He said, and Bernie got his headphones.

He put them on, but Mr. Han grabbed them and smashed them.

“Man…that was my favorite headphone!!!” Bernie shouted as he stood to face him.

“I’m talking about grades here and you’re talking about darn headphones? How are you supposed to attend Harvard when all you ever get is C! It’s always C! Richie from the Kim family is your age mate! Yet he graduated same time with your senior brother and is taking over Sleek cosmetics on Monday, aren’t you ashamed? All you do is lock yourself in this room or fool around with those friends of yours!” Mr. Han shouted.

“Now I can take how you always find fault in all I do, I can take everything but you comparing me to that jerk is what I won’t take! He’s a genius and I’m not! Stop disturbing my life dad! At least I got the C on my own! I didn’t cheat like the other VIPs!” He shouted back.

“And why didn’t you cheat? Why didn’t you cheat if that’d make you get what the other VIPs got! You’re shaming me! I can’t even say I’m proud of you in the midst of the other rich families!” Mr. Han yelled.

“Stop it dad!! Shut up please!!!” Bernie screamed crazily, pushing away his reading table angrily.

He received an hot slap from Mr. Han immediately, and tears spilled out of his eyes as Mrs. Han rushed in.

“How could you slap my son! Han!” She shouted.

“Who even knows if he’s mine, maybe he belongs to one of the men you sleep with in hotels” Mr. Han replied, and Bernie grabbed his jacket from the bed plus his phone.

He ran out of the house, putting on his white jacket as he ran farther away from the hellhole.

He didn’t stop till he was sure he’s far enough, and he fell on a bench under a street lamp.

He buried his face in his palms and started crying all-over again



Mabel is naked in bed, fingering herself while licking her c*m off her fingers.

She’s on a video call with Vista, and he’s watching everything, cheering her on with his groans.

“You feeling me?” She giggled, licking her fingers again after pulling them out of herself.

“Can’t wait to f**k that shit again” he replied, rubbing her cl*t on screen.

“Gosh!” She moaned like he’s rubbing for real, and he grinned

“You’re a bad biich”

“Isn’t that why you fell for me?” She replied, and he grinned again

The door suddenly opened, and Janet came in with her tray of food.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly covered herself before jumping down from the bed.

“How dare you come into this room idiot!” She shouted, walking angrily to her.

“You told me to always bring your meal to your room anytime my lady is not around” Janet replied.

Mabel pushed the tray away from her hand when she got to her, and the ceramics broke with the glasses on the floor

She picked one of the pieces and shoved it into Janet’s arm.

“Ahhh!” She gasped painfully.

“Out! Poor thing! Out!” Mabel ordered, and she rushed out of the room with a bleeding arm.

“Damn it! She ruined the mood”



Mira arrived with her mum just now, and they smiled at each other as they say face-to-face.

Rachel is rarely at home since she’s into business, so Mira always utilizes the little time she gets to spend with her very well, and that’s why she suggested eating out tonight.

“My daughter kept getting prettier, I’m so proud of you about your test result. I know you’d do better in the exams” Rachel said.

“You’re the best, mum” Mira replied, and Rachel blew her kisses.

“You aren’t sad, right? About Dad and stuff” Mira asked.

“Why would I be? He divorced me without any reason just to be with Genevieve, and I’m fine with it. I’m doing business and I’m making my money. Don’t worry one of these days I’d get rich enough to get you the VIP tag” Rachel replied.

“Even without it I’m fine, I really don’t wanna have anything in common with that Mabel girl” Mira scoffed, and Rachel smiled as their server arrived.

“Should we just have steak?” Rachel asked.

“Was about to say that, please get us steak and any red wine” Mira replied, looking up at the server only to see Hwasa.

“Hwasa?” She said surprisingly.

“I’ll go get your orders” Hwasa replied and left.

“You know her?” Rachel asked.

“She’s the scholarship student for this semester” Mira replied and stood.

She went to the kitchen and met her getting their orders already.

“Hwasa” she smiled with a wave.

“This is my place of work so if you’re here to bully me, wait till I finish” Hwasa replied and made to walk away, but Mira held her back.

“I’m not a bully” she said.

Hwasa broke free with a scowl and left without another word



It’s some minutes to 9, and Kitten is supposed to climb the stage to start her show soon, but she’s nowhere to be found in the dressing room.

“What’s this? Is she rebelling cos of the slight issue we had? Shit! Why is she not here yet?” Madam Cash said after checking for the third time.

“Madam!” A guard rushed up to her.


“Boss is here” he reported, and her eyes widened.

She pushed the guard out of the way and ran all the way to the dark room where she usually meets with the boss

Since she was put in charge of this clubhouse by the leader of Agora cult, she has never seen what the face looks like, all she hears is the voice.

She entered the room, and though it’s dark, she could already feel the presence of Big Dogg, the boss.

“I’m here” she bowed.

“Why is the show not on yet?” The voice asked in the dark.

“Kitten isn’t here yet, I’m sure she’d arrive soon” Madam Cash replied, still bowing.

“Is she planning to quit? You know she can’t” the voice said.

“I know that more than anyone boss, and that’s why all her dirty secrets are with me. She’s never getting away from us, she’s ours” Madam Cash replied.



Richie finally arrived with Lovelyn, and he drove into the driveway before looking over at Lovelyn who’s already sleeping peacefully on her seat.

He gently removed the seatbelt from her body, trying not to wake her till he suspended them.

He came out of the car and went to the other door, but immediately his hands touched her body when he tried to carry her, her eyes opened.

“Didn’t want to wake you” he said, and she rubbed her eyes sleepily, but he removed her hand from her eyes immediately

“It’s a bad habit, might injure your eyes” he said, helping her out by holding her hand.

“Told you I can go get it treated at the hospital” she said sleepily.

“The doctors might be too rough, no one does it better than me, I know medical” he replied, and she looked at him drowsily.

“You still feeling sleepy?” He asked with a short smile, and she nodded.

“The car was too comfortable” she said, and he began stroking her hair.

“Bravo!” Jessica’s voice said from behind them, and they turned to see her standing there with a bottle of beer which she’s drinking from.

Her face is all red as she staggered on her spot, apparently drunk.

“Bravo Richie! So she’s the new girl! She’s got a wider p*ssy than mine? She gives blowjob better? She a better f**k than me? Huh!” She shouted, drinking from the bottle again after another stagger.

“Em… Richie I can just go home…” Lovelyn said, and he held her back.

“We’d just go to the hospital, and I’d treat the legs myself over there ok?” He said.


“Please” he cut her off, and her eyes widened suddenly.

Richie turned back to see what’s wrong, and he saw Jessica rushing towards Lovelyn with a murderous look on her drunk face.

“B***h!!!” She screamed, throwing the alcohol bottle at her.

Before it could get to her, Richie turned her away from the spot and hugged her firmly.

The bottle crashed on his back instead, shattering completely.

It gave him a f**king deep cut right there, and a large piece of the broken bottle got stuck in that spot as his blood began rushing out, turning his white shirt to red within a second.

“Ri… Richie” Lovelyn muttered fearfully with shaky lips and throat, and he hugged her tighter as his blood started dropping on the ground.

The alcohol cleared off Jessica’s eyes immediately, but she took off her heels and ran away without looking back.

“Stay with me…. please” Richie whispered into Lovelyn’s ear as his his eyes went shut slowly…