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Bad boys baby Episode 5 & 6

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 5
Charlie’s POV
The doctor arrived after much waiting and did his thing to chase and left afterwards.
We took him up to his room and let him sleep for a while before Aunt requested he gets woken up so he could eat since he was originally hungry.
We all stayed in his room as Aunt brou-ght in the food and fed him like a kid he is.
After he was done eating, he was made to lie down back.
“What the hell happened Chase? Why did you take Orange?” Mom questioned but he kept mute and starred at the ceiling.
“Chase, why aren’t you talking to me? I’m really worried. Didn’t you no it had orange content and where the hell did you get it?” Aunt kept questioning but he kept mute.
She sighed and asked us to leave his room.
“But, why are you chasing us out?” Chris complained.
“Come on, get out. You’re gonna make him more sick than this, who knows if you weren’t the one that f0rç£d him to take orange” Aunt said and I chuckled.
“Seriously? I’ll purposely f0rç£ an orange on him?” Chris scoffed.
“You’re so unbelievable” he added and left the room while I followed him out.
We were climbing down the stairs when we heard hones.
My uncle is back I guess.
We both went outside to the garage to receive him.
“Hi uncle” I greeted.
“Hey little man” he replied.
“Hi dad” Chris greeted after me.
“Yea son, where is your mom?” He asked walking into the house.
“I guess she’s still in chase room. She probably didn’t hear the hones cause she’s busy babysitting him” Chris mumbled to my hearing and we got in and headed straight for the dinning.
Uncle went up with his briefcase and we sat down alone in the dinning.
“Hey j£rk! Can you lend me your phone?” I inquired and of course he answered how exactly I expected him to answer.
With a “no di-ck head.”
I sighed and crossed my legs waiting for dinner to be served.
Natalia’s POV
“Mom, so what are you saying? You’re gonna be working at the hospital here?” I questioned and she took in a spoonful of egg and replied me.
“Yes honey, the pay here is awesome. You’ll attend the popular t©p hill high here or don’t you want it?” She replied.
“t©p hill high?” I scoffed.
“Wait, I’m gonna be attending that school?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes dear, one of my friends is a teacher there” she replied smiling.
“Mom, when did you have a friend here? Do you always have friends everywhere you go?” Mona ch!pped in.
Mom laughed and pushed a sliced bre-ad into her mouth.
“Come on Mona, I don’t have friends everywhere but its good to have friends or don’t you think?” She replied – questioned.
“Well, I don’t no for you adults. I don’t make too much friends because they are all losers and mom, where will I attend school then?” She pouted.
“Oh my baby, I’ll have to search for a good elementary school for you on the net tomorrow” mom replied and she nodded and sipped from her tea.
Few hours later we finished with dinner and we sle-pt off.
Next morning.
I woke up early to do my early morning exercise.
Don’t wanna add.
I took a bottle of water from the fridge, plugged in my ear phone and turned on the music in it.
I was alre-ady on my sport clothes which I don’t really like wearing because it brings my b*tt and b*o*s out a lot.
Well all my clothes does, no matter how big the dress is, it’ll bring out my figures.
Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it.
It just depends on the occasion.
I opened our door slowly to avoid ma-king a lot if noise and then closed it back when I’ve gotten outside.
I went to the gate and also unlocked it and closed it behind.
I stood in front of the gate and starred left and right.
I don’t see anyone around.
This is my first time here so I won’t go far else I’ll miss my way.
I parked my hair into a ti-ght bun and with that I started my jogging.
I jogged into the street with my eyes closed for a while and I later opened it.
I continued jogging until I met two figures sitting by a corner and st©pped.
Chris’s POV
We woke up early to do our usual routine but didn’t allow chase to follow us.
It was even mom that prevented him from following us.
Charlie and I [email protected]£d a bottle of table water each and left, taking our usual routes.
In this whole estate I think we are the only ones that jog. I don’t know if the other [email protected] are too lazy or too old for it.
I mean exercise is sweet, especially morning exercise.
This is one of my best hobbies and beside I run relays and marathon in school – I’m the king of sports actually.
Charlie and I ran for a long time before we decided to take a break for a few minutes.
We stayed there and drank from our water before noticing someone jogging towards us.
“Don’t tell me it’s stubborn Chase” Charlie said as we kept starring at the figure and soon the figure appeared clearly and proved to be a girl or should I say lady.
She st©pped and starred at us.
I also took a long stare at her and realized that she’s the girl – the blonde haired big a*s girl.
Episode 6
Natalia’s POV
I took a good look at them and looked away to continue on my way.
Hmm but I didn’t no some [email protected] of this estate do exercise taking that I haven’t seen a single soul since I started jogging.
I continued and notice the two guys were starring at me but I didn’t mind em.
Firstly I get that a lot. Its now [email protected] of me.
Charlie’s POV
“Damn! Didn’t she hear us? Or is she tryna prove stubborn?” Chris gro-an ed as soon as the Blondie jogged [email protected]
“I don’t no man” I replied and ruffed my hair.
“Come on cha, I’ll follow her” he announced and [email protected]£d his bottle water running after her.
Geez! Her a*s is something else. How could a young girl like this have such a hvge a*s, I wondered as I also [email protected]£d my bottle and followed after them.
I got to where Chris was and stayed glued to his side as he jogged after the Blondie.
“Hey, hey, Nat” Chris kept calling but she didn’t answer him.
Natalia’s POV
After I jogged [email protected] them I noticed one jogged after me and soon the other one joined.
Huh! Are they perhaps following me or are they busy starring at my a*s which I know is bouncing? I wondered but continued jogging with one of Nicki minaj songs still pla-ying.
After a while I [email protected]£ so tired and worn out then decided to sit on a pavement where flower [email protected] are.
I sat on the pavement and took out my bottle water and gulped down large quantity.
The two guys also st©pped and surprisedly, but not to surprising [email protected]£ to join me on the pavement.
They sat down beside me but I didn’t wanna stare at their face.
I threw my face away and brou-ght out my phone and looked into it.
I’ll start jogging back. Its time for me to do that, I thought and slid my phone back into my [email protected] pockets and stood up with the bottle water leaving them alone.
Charlie’s POV
“Sh*t! What thefu-ck*ng hell was that?” Chris cussed looking really furious.
“Does she have to ignore me like that? Does she have to pretend not to hear me call me again?” He growled.
“Calm down Chris, it seems she’s listening to music so she can’t hear you call her” I replied him calmly.
“Even if she was listening to music charlie, she’s not at least blind not to see us.”
“Shefu-ck*ng saw us follow and sat with her. Is she tryna prove stubborn? Why I’m I asking? She’s definitely tryna prove stubborn because of her @sset are extraordinary and I promise to fondle, ca-ress and press her big a*s and b*o*s” he said fisting his hand.
Natalia’s POV
I got home completely exhausted and I went straight to the fridge and [email protected]£d another bottle of cold drink.
I finished drinking it and went straight into my room to change and bath.
Hmm I bet I haven’t told you much about myself have I?
Well, I don’t even need to tell you much.
My mom has been the one taking care of us since dad died in the Army.
Mom says I look just like him.
Mom is actually a doctor and she’s very popular in her trade of work ma-king her wanted by all the hospitals that hears of her skills.
The awards and everything mom has been collecting has been the one taking care of Mona and I.
Well that’s all you need to know for now.
Chase’s POV
I [email protected]£ down from my room to see my brother’s coming into the house from exercising.
They were both sweating profusely and Chris has this stupid look on his face.
“How could she do that? How in the world could she?” He gro-an ed lowly coming in.
“Its alright Chris. You’re gonna get her and when you do plea-se lemme also have a taste of her.”
“I can’t imagine how sweet and soft her a*s will be like” Charlie replied him as they sat down.
Huh! Which girl are they talking about? I wondered and made to go down and ask but I remembered that all those things doesn’t concern me.
Maybe its the neighbour, I thought and went down to them.
I made to ask but the door bell rang.
Huh! Who could it be this early? I thought and went for the door.
My eyes wi-de-ned immediately I saw who it was.

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