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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bad boys baby Episode 7 & 8

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🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Episode 7



Chase’s POV

“Hi neighbour” the little girl greeted and I gulped.

“What..what are you doing here?” I questioned nervously.

“Here” she said and presented the tray mom used in giving out the pancakes last night.

“My mom asked me to return it” she smiled.

“Oh yea” I mumbled and took the tray from her.

“Alright, I’ll get going now” she announced and turned to go but stopped and turned back.

“I’ve being meaning to tell you this, you’re really handsome” she complemented and I shook my head and forced a smile.

“Yea thanks” I told her.

I hear that every day, I thought and shut the door close.

“Who was that?” I heard dad’s voice and turned to see him climbing down the stairs.

“Dad? Good morning dad, I didn’t see you come home last night” I greeted.

“Yea and that’s because you took orange” Chris cut in.

“Morning uncle” Charlie also greeted.

“Morning super dad” Chris greeted and walked pass him going up stairs.

“Dad, where is mom?” I questioned as I walked closer to him.

“Your mom left early because of an emergency in her working place” dad replied and I nodded and went to the kitchen to drop the tray.

I dropped the tray and came out of the kitchen and went to my room afterwards.



I got out to the sitting room with my hair dripping wet to see Mona coming in.

“Hey Mona, where is mom?” I questioned as she took a sit in one of the couch.

“And why are you giggling like that?” I added.

“Well, I just met a very cute guy. Do you know that guy that came to our house last night? His very cute” she giggled and placed her hands on her chest.

I went over to her and pushed her head.

“Hey, why aren’t you crushing on your classmates? Why must it be someone so older than you? You’re just 8 years old and he looks 17 or 18. How on earth could you crush on him?” I questioned.

“Well, its none of your business and is it my fault that his so cute? Anyways I’m gonna be confessing my feelings to him pretty soon” she smiled and left the sitting room.

I stood watching her as she left.

“Hey, you didn’t answer my first question. Where is mom?” I half yelled but she didn’t reply.

I took the towel wrapped around my hair off and kept it on the couch then went outside.

I got outside the compound and looked at my left, then my right, then I looked up and my eyes caught someone starring at me through the window.


Chase’s POV
I got to my room and went to the window to see if I’ll see the blond haired girl.

I kept looking and soon I saw her step out.

My happiness increased as my eyes

landed on her. She was looking so beautiful with her wet hair.

Gosh! What the f**k is wrong with me?

This is not you chase. You won’t be like this over a girl, never!

But because of her I took an orange drink. I didn’t want her to think badly of me that’s why I couldn’t reject the drink.

I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want our first meeting to go that way so I ended up sick.

I sighed and continued starring at her and soon her eyes came up to my room.

Our eyes met as we starred at each other.

I heard the door open behind me followed by Chris voice.

I quickly looked away and closed the window.

“What are you doing?” He asked coming closer to me.

“No…nothing, what do you want?” I asked pressing my back on the window.

“Hey, who are you starring at?” He asked still moving closer to me.

“No, no one” I replied not wanting him to find out but he is a suspicious freak.

“Its someone, the look on your face tells” he insisted and made to open the window but I held him back.

He pushed me away and opened the window but couldn’t find anyone.

Guess the girl has left.

“Hmm you’re acting strange” he mumbled.

“You are the one acting strange. Why are you intruding on my privacy? I’m gonna tell mom on you” I half yelled and matched to my bed.

He has made me lost the sight of her.

Damn it!


Natalia’s POV
Immediately I noticed that he looked away and shut the window I turned and went into the house back.

Hmm his the one Mona is talking about. His really handsome.

I couldn’t stare at him properly yesterday because it was dark and I was tired from the day’s offloading.

But now that I’m looking at him his really cute.

Super super cute.

I smiled at my thought and grabbed my towel headed back for my room.

I think I have a lot of things to prepare for.

School is tomorrow and a new school at that.


Chris’s POV
Few hours later mom came back and prepared breakfast.

We finished eating and she left with dad.

I’m presently in the sitting room with Charlie whose eyes were fixed on a football match.

Chase was in his room as always.

Me? my mind was in another world.

I was thinking about the big a*s girl

She’s so arrogant but pretty.

I need a new strategic on how to make her mine.

I need to get tight with her, I thought and an idea suddenly popped into my head.

Wait, she might start attending Top high since she’s now leaving here.

If she starts attending the same school as ours then my plan of getting tight with her could be accomplished within a week.

No one can refuse my charms – no girl.

The door bell rang and I stood up to get the door.

I opened the door to see my buddy.

Hmm this makes it more fun.

I’m gonna need his assistance on this.

On how to make her mine.🎧Bad Boy’s Baby



Episode 8

Next day.


Natalia’s POV
I opened my eyes and yawned loudly, then I turned on the bed repeatedly and finally got up.

Today is gonna be my first day at Top hill high.

Hmm I’m somehow anxious about it. Hearing that the school has a good and bad reputation.

Students there are bad especially the boys. Yea that’s what I heard and looking at myself I think I’ll be better off without that school but mom…

She already said I’ll attend the school so its final.

I rolled out of my bed and went into the bathroom to do my early morning routine.

I spent yesterday preparing my stuffs for school today.

After doing my stuff in the bathroom I came out to wear a trouser and top I selected yesterday.

I was about to wear it before the door opened and Mona rushed in.

“You aren’t ready? Mom said to be fast, she’ll be late to work if you continue dressing up lazily” she said but I ignored that.

“I guess that’s your way of greeting your elder sister good morning” I said and saw her roll her eyes from the mirror.

“Good morning my left a*s” she scoffed and ran out.

Soon I was done with my dressing.

I faced the mirror properly and brushed my pretty hair then applied some pink lipstick.

That will be all, no much makeup, I reminded myself and took my bag which contained a few new books and left for the dinning room.

I got to the dinning room and kissed mom good morning, I sat down beside Mona and started eating with them.


Charlie’s POV
We all sat down at the dinning as we ate the food prepared by Aunt.

None of our mouths moved in the dinning until uncle and aunty left for work.

I sat comfortably and munched on my food well.

There are too much rules guiding us and I don’t wanna break an of em.

“So, we’ll be taking your car today Charlie” Chris said and I looked at him.

“My car? Why not yours?” I questioned back.

“No, yours is better and beside we already drove mine on Saturday” I replied.

“Damn! I don’t just understand why mom is doing this to us.”

“Must we all go and return together in a car? We all have our respective cars and this couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this silly a*s Chase” Chris groaned and chase stood up and left the dinning room.

“Yea, if it weren’t for you we won’t be using a car. Go and perfect your driving skills so I’ll be free to go wherever I want with my car at any damn time” he yelled for chase to hear and I chuckled.

“Stop being hard on him” I said to him.

“And when did you start caring about how I treat him a*s hole” he replied me and also stood up.

“We’ll be taking my car then” he announced.

“I’ll be waiting in my car so bring him out with you” he added and left.


Natalia’s POV

We got down from mom’s car and she stopped a student who was about walking pass us.

“Hey boy, can you direct us to the registration office?” Mom asked.

“Yea ma’am, its right over that building, just go there and ask” the boy replied and mom thanked him before he left.

“Come on, let’s go” mom urged us as we left for the building directed to us.

Students started starring at me but I didn’t wanna bother. If I start caring now I might loss my balance and fall down.

We got to the building and someone directed us to the main office.

We got to the office and knocked.

“Come in” we heard a female voice reply and we got in.

“Tracy?” I heard the female voice call.

“Amanda?” Mom called and they laughed.

Okay, does mom know this one now? I thought looking at her.

“Amanda its been so long, you didn’t tell me you were a principal here” mom cooed sitting down.

“Oh dear, we lost contact. Do you blame me?” The woman smiled.

“Wow! Are these your kids?” The woman asked further.

“Yes, this is the eldest and her name is Natalia while this princess over here is Mona. My husband’s mother’s name was given to her” mom explained.

“Wow, so I heard what happened to him. I’m so sorry Tracy” the woman cooed.

“Yea its okay. I’m here to register Natalia anyways” mom beamed and she took her eyes to mine.

“Oh what a beauty she is, you got such pretty daughters Tracy, you’re so lucky” the woman said and mom smiled.

“Hope you’ll take a good care of her” mom smiled again.

“Sure, of course” the woman replied and registered me.

“Use the map as a guild” she concluded all what she has been saying and I nodded.

“Thanks ma’am, bye mom and you too Mona” I cooed and left the office.

Immediately I stepped out I bombed into someone.

A guy.

I think its one those guys that followed me yesterday while I was jogging.

What? He schools here?




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