Bad boys baby Episode 23 & 24

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 23
Chris’s POV
“Murderer? Why did she call you that? Who the hell is she?” Chase asked immediately.
“I don’t no, I wish I had seen her bit**y c*nt face” I gro-an ed.
The door suddenly opened and Drake rushed in.
“Hey” he called and pause to stare at me.
“What happened to you man?” He asked and shook hands with me.
“I can’t explain so don’t just ask” I sighed.
“Charlie informed me about what happened hours ago. The school is a mess without you bro” he cooed.
“Yea” I mouthed.
“But did I just hear someone make mention of murderer?” He asked starring from Charlie to me.
“Um..yea” Charlie replied and unruffled his hair.
“Yea but its nothing, no nee-d to worry about it man. But you guys have to promise me you won’t mention this to mom and dad” I asked and Charlie nodded.
“If you want then its fine” chase replied after a while.
“I’ll be back” he added and left the ward.
Chase’s POV
I got outside and searched throu-gh my contact list.
$h!t why didn’t I ever collect her number.
Now that Chris is okay I can’t help but worry about her.
Gosh I just wish there was a way to contact her.
Unfortunately I don’t even have any of our clas-smate number. I could have just called and asked of her.
I guess I’ll have to wait then, I thought and slowly went back into the ward.
Natalia’s POV
Today is the most boring day of all days.
Chase didn’t show up. Cindy kept boring me with questions about why Chris didn’t show up today.
plea-se I just wanna see him even if we don’t talk to each other lemme just see his cute heavenly face, I thought.
Next day
Chase’s POV
I got up pretty early and freshened up.
Chris was discharged that same yesterday and he c@m£ home with us.
Dad said his not gonna be resuming school till next week tho Chris kicked against.
Not that he really enjoyed schooling just that those bit**es make school very interesting for him.
After having breakfast with mom I got into my car without even waiting for Charlie I drove myself to school.
He can come to school when his done.
I got to school and parked at the school parking lot.
I’m sure she’s not yet in school but I pray she arrives fast.
I’ll just stay here and wait for her.
Natalia’s POV
Today I woke up pretty late and was very lazy in freshening up.
I still don’t no what happened to Chris.
We are neighbours but I’m finding it quit ha-rd to go look for him.
His parents might misun-derstand if they see me there.
So because of this thought I bec@m£ so very weak even to go to school today.
Who knows if his gonna be going today.
But after everything we were set and re-ady to go.
Mom first dropped Mona as usual then took the both of us to t©p hill.
I got down from one side of mom’s car and Cindy got down from the other side.
“Bye mom” I muttered waving at her.
“Bye Auntie” Cindy waved at her too.
“Goodbye you two” mom replied and left the school premises.
I sluggishly turned headed for the hallway before my eyes ran into his.
He was standing right there starring at me.
Immediately happiness filled me and I felt my tummy rumble.
I smiled as I continued starring at him while standing in the same position.
“Hello? Hello? Natalia? Are you there?” I heard Cindy call as she waved her hand across my face at intervals but I ignored her.
I don’t just have time for her nons-en-se.
My heart beat increa-sed as he took a step towards me and it felt as if the world st©pped.
I can’t believe I miss him to the extent.
Just because I didn’t see him for a day.
Chase’s POV
I was still outside waiting when I saw her step down from a car followed by another girl, but the girl is not my concern right now.
My concern is Natalia.
When she turned and smiled at me I bec@m£ happy and at the same time nervous.
This is the very first time I’m expressing such feelings.
Weird feelings.
We continued starring at ourselves from afar and I decided to go to her.
I took a step forward but st©pped when I noticed her moves.
She ran – walk to me and hvgged me.
My mouth fell open as her head rested on my che-st.
The way its is, I’m pretty sure that she can hear my heart beating so fast.
The scent of her blonde hair filled my nostrils.
The way her b©dy pressed against mine made me feel weird – really weird down there.
This is the very first time I’m hvgging someone that’s not mom – a female that’s not mom.
Then slowly…
I raised my hand to her back and embr@ced her more ti-ghtly…
Episode 24
Chase’s POV
Students that were pas-sing by st©pped and started starring at us but of course I don’t care.
Soon more student crowded the place.
Gosh I so much miss her.
We stayed like that for a long while before she suddenly pu-ll-ed out of the hvg slowly and starred into my eyes.
I also starred into hers and simultaneously we smiled at each other.
“I missed you” she smiled out.
“Me too” I replied and held her hand and she giggled.
We started off and I took her to a quite place in the school.
Cindy’s POV
So Natalia has a b©yfri£nd? And a very cute one at that.
She’s really lucky.
After watching the show between them both they left and I followed them since I’ve got nothing else to do.
Natalia’s POV
We sat down together in a very quite place I never knew existed in the school.
“Chase? Why didn’t you show up in school yesterday? I was damn worried but then I heard your brothers also didn’t show up. What happened?” I asked curiously.
I heard him sigh.
“…my brother, Chris” he replied.
“Chris? What happened to him?” I questioned further.
“…he got himself into trouble, I don’t no but he got poisoned and almost died” he explained.
“What??” I asked in shock.
“Poisoned? Who could have poisoned him?” I inquired.
“Well, I don’t no. He didn’t see the lady’s face clearly because the poison took effect before she showed up” he narrated.
“Oh my! That’s really bad. So how is he?” I asked further.
“Well, his okay now tho. I’m actually relieved he is, I don’t no what I could have done if something terrible had happened to him.”
“His a j£rk but I love him a lot, so I’m actually glad he didn’t die from the poison” he said and I sighed.
“I’m sorry about that chase, I’m really sorry” I cooed and t©uçhed his hand.
“Its fine, his okay now” he answered.
“But, have you guys gotten the lady? Have you?” I questioned.
“No, no one has seen her face. Even the h0tel CCTV c@m£ra didn’t capture it because she wore a veil” he replied.
“Oh my! But why on earth will a lady want to kill your brother?” I asked but its more like a statement.
“Yea, but can you give me your number? I wanted to call you yesterday but couldn’t because I didn’t have your number” he cooed.
“Um..that’s true.”
Cindy’s POV
What? That Chris is his brother and he got poisoned?
No wonder he didn’t show up yesterday and the reason for Natalia’s sadness too was because her b©yfri£ndalso didn’t show up?
Now I get everything. I’ll have to find a way to see him.
I so much nee-d to see him, I thought and decided to approach them.
“Hey Nat” I called moving towards them.
They both turned and looked at me startled by my entrance.
“Your brother Chris, how can i see him?” I asked immediately but they both kept starring at me as if I was speaking some strange language.
“How do I see him?” I repeated but no respond.
“Nat, does your b©yfri£ndnot talk? Why isn’t he replying me?” I asked getting pissed.
Why is he acting strange with that cute face of his.
Gosh both brothers are so handsome.
I wish I can just bite them, I thought and chuckled.
“Are you okay Cindy? How did you find us? Have you been here all along?” Natalia suddenly asked.
“Well, yea I’ve been here since I gat no other place to go” I answered.
Fast forward.
Natalia’s POV
We got back from school.
The day’s activity kept repla-ying in the head.
I love today. I hvgged him.
I hvgged chase and he hvgged me back.
He even asked for my number.
Its really beautiful. I wish I can go back to that moment I had my head placed on his che-st.
Aw I love it so much.
Cindy has been disturbing me today but I paid her no attention.
“Natalia!!!!!” I heard her scream from outside and I bec@m£ alarmed.
What happened? Why is she screaming that way? I thought and ran outside.
I couldn’t find her then I decided to search outside the gate and there I found her.
She gr@bb£d my hands immediately.
“plea-se let’s go to his house, I really wanna see him” she begged.
“I’ve replied you know alre-ady Cindy” I replied.
“plea-se you can also get to see that your b©yfri£nd. Its a good thing for you too” she pressed on.
“No…but…um..” I stuttered thinking about it.
Yes, I can also get to see chase again. I won’t have to wait till tomorrow.
“plea-se” she continued begging as she dragged me and soon we were standing in front of their gate.
The securities allowed us in and immediately she went to ring the door bell.
For unknown reasons my heart beat doubled.
Its increa-sed when the door opened.