Bad boys baby Episode 21 & 22

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Episode 21
Charlie’s POV
“His still out? What is he doing outside and why did you guys try keeping it?” She half yelled.
“Just try calling him, his not a kid Patricia” uncle ch!pped in.
Uncle is a man of few words. ha-rd ly speaks and I think chase took after him.
“Try calling him? I was hoping we could all have a great time tonight so what’s all this? And you were planning to join him right?” She yelled and turned to look at me.
“Me? Of course not, I wanted to go look for him” I replied.
“Mom calm down okay, you’re working yourself up” Chase tried calming her down.
“Have you called him?” She asked and went to sit down.
“Yes, but his not picking. We tracked his cell phone and its appeared that his a h0tel” he mumbled the last p@rt but of course we all heard him.
“A h0tel?” Aunt flin-ched and stood up.
“What could a 19 year old be looking for at a h0tel by this night? Is he working there of what?” She cried.
“Patricia? Come on, you know them very well. What else will he be doing at a h0tel, st©p working yourself up” uncle ch!pped in again.
She sat down again.
“So? Why isn’t he picking his calls?” She asked calmly.
“We don’t no mom, let Charlie go look for him” chase replied and she sighed and looked at me.
“30 minutes is all I give you, if you don’t see him return immediately. Don’t stay too long” she said and I nodded and left the house.
Next day
Cindy’s POV
I jumped down from the be-d happily.
I’m gonna be seeing the cutie again.
Oh what a happy day, I thought and did a victory dance before going into the bathroom to wash up.
I c@m£ out few minutes later and wore a S-xy dress.
Hmm guys are sure gonna wish I was their girlfriend with this.
I smiled at the mirror and brushed my curly hair.
I applied a lot of makeup and turned to look at myself.
Beautiful, I thought and patted my cheek slightly.
Weldon Cindy, I thought and walked out of the room with the bag I prepared for the new school.
I got out to the sitting room to see Mona.
She looked at me and ran off.
Little br@t, she can’t even greet.
I went to the kitchen to see Aunt there.
“Morning Aunt” I greeted with smiles.
“Oh Cindy, you’re re-ady? Hmm you seem really happy, what’s happening?” She asked and I smiled more broadly.
“I’m gonna be a student at t©p hill high, I heard its a very great school so I’m only looking forward to it” I replied.
“That’s nice of you Cindy, I’ll be re-ady in few minutes. Help me go weak that lazy girl so she won’t del@yus” she said.
“Alright, I’ll go now” I replied knowing whom she was referring to.
I got to her room and sl@pped her a*s, she sat up immediately.
“Hey, why did you do that for?” She asked obviously annoyed that I sl@pped her a*s.
“Just helping you to reduce it” I sm-irked and she scoffed.
“You’ve always been jealous of it anyways. But don’t ever try sl@pping my a*s ever again” she warned.
“Whatever, just get dressed up. I can’t wait to see that demi god again. His just so dreamy” I beamed with my hands clasped together.
“Huh! Dream on” she scoffed and left the be-d to the bathroom.
We were on our way after much delays from the silly Natty.
Soon we arrived the school and I was the first to come down.
I hollered attra-cting attention to myself.
Wow! The school is so damn beautiful.
Natalia’s POV
After we arrived school I waited for mom to register Cindy and she did.
I took her to the place she’ll collect her uniform and later we asked around for her clas-s.
She insisted on being in the same clas-s with Chris but mom didn’t no why.
She’s just so silly and she’s obsessed over a j£rk.
A creepy j£rk for that matter.
She’s a witch on her own so I think they suite each other.
I rushed to my clas-s avoiding the stares from the students I saw along the hallway and soon I got to clas-s.
Teachings are supposed to have started but there was no teacher there.
I went to the back sit and sat looking around for chase.
Huh! Why isn’t he here yet? I thought disturbe-d about his abs£nce.
I waited for long and still didn’t see him and resolved to asking Frank about it.
“Frank?” I called from where I was and he turned to look at me.
“Hey beauty” he replied and c@m£ to meet me.
“Hey, have you seen chase today, plea-se?” I inquired.
“No, even his brothers aren’t in school. I don’t no what happened” he replied and I sighed.
Why aren’t they in school?
What the hell happened?
Episode 22
Chase’s POV
Yesterday’s effort on finding Chris proved fertile.
Charlie c@m£ back with just his cell phone calming that he didn’t find Chris.
Tension immediately found it way into the house as everyone was lost in thoughts.
After about two straight hours Chris still didn’t return so mom suggested we go back to the h0tel and look for him while my dad go to the police station in case of any bad news which I’m so much wishing against.
Mom, Charlie and I arrived at golden eye h0tel and asked for his room number from the receptionist but no one booked a room with his name.
Charlie had complained about the same thing when he c@m£.
Mom had to beg them to allow us make use of the CCTV recordings since we were sure that he c@m£ to that h0tel.
After everything we were taken to the CCTV room and when we watched it, it showed that Chris truly c@m£ to the h0tel.
He was traced to the room number he went in and it appeared to be room number 110.
We immediately went to the room and there he was.
Lying unconscious on the h0tel be-d with a bottle of wine by his side.
“Chris?” Mom called alarmed and rushed to him.
Charlie helped in lifting him up.
“Chris?” Mom called fearfully and shook him but he wasn’t answering.
I immediately brou-ght out my phone and started dialing the emergency line.
My hands were shaking and couldn’t even hold the phone properly.
Gosh, I’m so afraid for him.
What could have happened?
After calling for an ambulance I inser-ted the phone back into my trou-ser pocket.
Charlie immediately carried him out of the h0tel room followed by mom.
I gr@bb£d hold of the wine and the empty used wine cu-p and left.
This might explain why his like that, I thought starring at the wine which looked really expensive.
So when we’d taken him to the hospital and a surgery was immediately carried out on him since they found poison inside his b©dy.
I saw mom panic in fear for the first time.
She was so so afraid and I felt really bad.
Who could have poisoned Chris? He doesn’t have enemies so who? I thought still confused about the whole thing.
So after the surgery yesterday the doctors reported to us that the poison has been completely flu-shed from his system.
He was gonna wake up in matter of hours so we all stayed in his ward with him waiting for him to wake up.
He might be a j£rk and all but I love him a lot.
So this morning we were still waiting for him to wake up.
Mom and dad didn’t even talk about going to their working place neither did I remember school but of course I knew there was someone waiting for me.
But I also can’t help it.
After long hours of waiting he finally moved a f!nger and opened his eyes.
I sighed in relief as I went closer to him.
“Chase go call the doctor” mom instructed and I left and later c@m£ back with the doctor in charge of my brother’s case.
The doctor examined him and revealed that he has gotten a lot better.
Immediately the doctor left mom fired him with questions.
Chris’s POV
I opened my eyes and saw blurry images which later turned out to be my family.
The doctor examined me and left.
Then mom sat down on the be-d beside me and I managed to sit up.
My system still feels dry but I think I’m a lot better.
“Chris? What the hell happened to you? Do you wanna kill me at this age?”
“How could you let someone poison you for heaven’s sake? Are you a kid? Haven’t I warned you guys to st©p those ru-bbish you do?” She kept on yelling.
“Mom, I’m sorry and I’m okay”I apologized.
“But I’m really hungry, don’t think I’ve eaten since yesterday” I said resting my head on the wall.
She sighed and didn’t say anything for a while.
“I’m gonna ground you when you’re back on your feet for doing this to me” she said and got up.
“You’re gonna ground me? For real? I’m not a kid why should I be grounded?” I complained and looked at dad who has been starring at us all this while for support.
“I agree with your mom. You should be grounded for a month” he supported mom and left.
“I’m gonna go home and make breakfast for us all” mom said and left leaving chase and Charlie.
“Man, what happened? You almost gave us a heart attack. You can’t believe how scared I got yesterday” Charlie immediately said.
I sighed and t©uçhed my forehead.
“I don’t un-derstand a thing either Charlie, I’m as confused as you” I replied sadly.
“Did the bit*h you wanted to scre-w poison you?” He asked again.
“I don’t really un-derstand but I was supposed to meet up with Tina but she wasn’t the one that appeared last night.”
“Chase clas-smate? You mean that S-xy Tina?” He asked and I shook my head.
“So, who did you meet with instead?” He asked again.
“I don’t no who she was but em..I remember she called me weird names.”
“Weird names? Didn’t you see her face?”
“Yea, I did see her but I didn’t see her face tho to my heavy eye lids.”
“It was really blurry and I could ba-rely see her face” I answered.
“So, what weird name did she call you?” He further questioned.
“Well, names like..murderer” I revealed and as expected both Charlie and chase flin-ched.