Bad boys baby 2 Episode 13 & 14

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Episode 13
Natalia’s POV
I c@m£ out from the house with my bag hung on one of my shoulder.
Mom just left with Cindy to the airport.
I’ll have to wait a little bit for her.
Its such a pity that I can’t drive.
I stayed outside waiting for her after speaking to chase. The gate made some sounds and I looked at it.
Then surprisedly chase showed up.
“Chase?” I called in what seems like a whisper.
“Hey” he said and walked up to me.
“What are you doing here? I thought we just finished speaking on phone” I asked him.
“Well, I felt it will be nice to see your face” he cooed and I smiled.
“Come on chase, you’re ma-king me blus-h.”
“I just wanted to see your face because I missed you” he said and I smiled more broadly and embr@ced him.
I sniffed in his b©dy scent.
“Thanks, you’re becoming more sweet” I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“Natalia” I heard her voice – Mona’s voice.
I turned and looked at Mona and it seems like she has been watching us.
“Mona, have you been standing there?” I questioned but her eyes were fixed on chase.
“Isn’t he my crush?” She replied instead pointing at chase.
I looked at chase and signalled him to say something quic-kly.
“Yes he is” I replied her and chase ch!pped in with a “hi”.
“Oh my, seriously? Did he just say hi to me?” She beamed happily and went to hvg chase in a flash.
Chase looked surprised at her actions at first but perhaps he un-derstood and patted her hair, then he squ-atted to her size.
“Hey, little girl” he called.
“Hi, my name is Mona if you don’t no and I like you a whole lot” she said describing with her tiny hands and I felt like laughing at her.
“I’m chase, its nice to know your name” chase replied her.
“Thanks but are you close with my sister cause I saw you too hvgging a while ago?” She inquired and chase spared me a glance.
“’re clas-smates” he told her.
“Oh really? That’s nice, I’m gonna start attending the same school with you guys soon” she said and smiled.
I chuckled at her thoughts.
Does she think we’ll attend school forever?
Car hones was heard outside the gate and we immediately took our attention there.
“I think mom is here” I announced.
“Okay crush, I’m gonna see you some other time” she waved at chase and ran out throu-gh the gate.
I went to him and he pe-cked me on my forehead.
“Avoid other guys, make sure of that” he said and I laughed.
“Yea Mr jealous freak” I tea-sed him and also went out.
I got into mom’s car outside and he also c@m£ out but mom didn’t see him as she alre-ady ignited the engine and concentrated on the road, then she drove off.
Chris’s POV
Charlie isn’t gonna be in school today, neither is chase.
Charlie insisted on coming to school today but mom disapproved of it.
I c@m£ down from my car and took slow steps to the clas-s. I got to clas-s to see Drake there.
“Hey buddy” I greeted and shook hands with him.
“Hey man, how has it been? Is Charlie getting better now?” He inquired.
“Yea sure, he is getting much better” I replied and walked towards an empty sit.
I have been ignoring all the girls and other male student greeting me since I c@m£ to school.
Let’s see if I’ll be able to cope this way.
Immediately I sat down, my bit*h – lily c@m£ to me.
“Hey sweetheart” she beamed.
“Can we talk later lily, I’m kind of not in the mood” I said and her expression changed.
“Yea, whatever” she snapped and left.
Ivory, a girl in clas-s who I know has a hvge crush on me and I’ve used that to my advantage of getting her in be-d with me walked in and spare me few glances like she always does.
I can say that she’s one of the most pretty girls I’ve ever seen and if I ever want to get a girlfriend she’ll be the best choice to make.
But I have no intention of getting tied down – at least before.
I stood up and walked out of the clas-s when it was becoming stuffy.
Then I boomed into Natalia.
We both st©pped and starred at each other for a while without saying anything to each other and that was when her cousin picture flashed into my head.
“Hey” I said but she rolled her eyes and made to walk pas-s me.
“Natalia?” I called and she st©pped and looked at me.
“What do you want?” She asked flatly.
“Cindy, where is she?” I inquired and heard her scoff.
“Seriously? You have the guts to ask about her after what you did to her, if its weren’t for chase I won’t even be here talking to you” she replied.
“So, where is she?” I asked again.
“I thought you didn’t care, you are looking for her after you s£nt her away?”
“Well, be happy because you won’t be seeing her for the meantime” she said in an angry tone and continued on her way.
Wait, what does she mean by I s£nt her away?
Away to where?
Did Cindy go somewhere?
Episode 14
Natalia’s POV
I got into the clas-s and the first person my eyes met with is frank.
“Hey Natty” he beamed and I waved at him and went to take my sit.
He stood up from where he was sitting and c@m£ to sit beside me.
“Hey, morning” he greeted.
“Hi, morning” I replied him.
“How was your weekend, you’re looking more beautiful today, I can’t help but check you out” he said and I looked at him and controlled the urge to laugh.
“Yes, I’m serious, I bet good stuff happened to you” he replied.
I smiled and opened my bag.
“Good and bad altogether” I replied him.
“But I bet the good stuff overshadowed the bad one right?” He asked.
“Well, yes I guess” I shrugged.
“So, what of chase? Isn’t he gonna be coming around today?” He asked again and I looked at him.
“Um…he is kind of sick so I guess he’ll be coming tomorrow, why do you ask?” I questioned.
“Just wanted to know, we will have to have lunch together since his not here then, till then” he concluded and got up then went to the formal place he was sitting at.
I starred at him for a while wondering if he was really asking me about chase. Chase doesn’t like him and yet his here concerning himself about him.
Its quite great.
And I think Frank is gonna make a good friend, instead of staying away from him as requested by chase I’ll try to bring them together instead.
Chase has to know about frank good intentions, he doesn’t even have a friend, they’ll make great friends because frank is really friendly and calm.
I don’t see him talking to a lot of girls so I guess his not a flir-t and I found out that his also quite brilliant so it’ll be a great thing ma-king them best of friends.
Lunch break
The teacher left the clas-s and frank immediately walked up to me.
“Hi Nat, let’s go, I’m getting really hungry” he said hastily.
“Okay, a minute” I coed and packed my books into my bag then got up.
“Let’s go” I said and processed forward while he followed me from behind and within seconds we got to the cafeteria and ordered.
He offered to pay for our lunch and I allowed him.
Then we sat down and started eating.
We ate for a long time without talking before he finally said something.
“About chase, why doesn’t he like as-sociating with other people?” He questioned really surprising me.
“Uhm..why do you ask?” I munched on my lunch.
“Well, because I found out that he got really angry the last time he saw us together or was he being jealous?” He inquired.
“Um..he is not being jealous, he doesn’t like as-sociating with people because he doesn’t just like it, he doesn’t feel comfortable doing that” I answered and heard him hum.
“I know he got jealous Nat, I’m a guy remember? I know you two have got de-ep feelings for each other but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be friends with you guys, I want you to deliver the message to him. Tell him I mean no harm” he said softly.
I didn’t even realize that I st©pped eating just to listen to him.
Wow, I didn’t expect him to say that. So that means its has been bothering him.
Cause its been a while that sh*t happened and he is just speaking up about it now.
“I’ll tell him about it, you don’t have to worry” I smiled at him and he nodded.
Days later.
Cindy’s POV
I arrived the airport and dialed Aunty’s number.
She picked up at the second ring and I informed her about my arrival.
She doesn’t want me to take a cab home so she’ll be the one picking me up herself.
Spending these few days without troubles of any type is really great.
I got to re-move my mind from all the $h!t that happened.
Chris – I’m gonna make him pay for what he did to me.
For the things he said, he said them without remorse he’s gonna regret it.
He is gonna plead on his knees and I’ll turn deaf to his plea-s.
I’m never gonna love him again, I’m never gonna try it.
He didn’t even apologize, he just went on with his life as if nothing happened.
He is greatly going to regret it.
Just watch and see how it’ll happen.
My phone made some sound and I brou-ght it out to see a text message from Aunt.
“There is a yellow cab waiting right outside the airport, along the packing side for you, sorry I can’t pick you myself” the message re-ad.
I dragged the bag with me and went to search for the cab and saw it in no time.
I got in and the cabby man took off.
An hour later the cab drove into the estate.
Then he went ahead and alerted in front of Aunt’s gate.
I c@m£ out and he helped me bring down my bag and he immediately left.
I guess Aunt alre-ady paid him for the fare.
I exhaled and dragged my bag with me about to get into the gate when a car drove out of Chris’s house and he happened to be the one.
He st©pped and looked out of the window at me and I starred back with so much anger and bitterness.

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