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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 11 & 12

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 11
1 hour later
Natalia’s POV
After the doctor finished attending to chase, he left and my mind [email protected]£ calm.
I exhaled and got re-ady to go but was st©pped by chase mom.
She left with chase to put him to sleep and now she’s climbing down the stairs.
I wondered why she st©pped me but I know they’ll definitely ask me who I am.
But luckily Chris was also there, at least he knows who I am.
“Hi ma’am” I greeted as she got to me.
“Hello, who are you? How come you’re with my son? Were you the one that made him eat garlic?” She asked at the same time.
“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry about that, I never knew he was allergic to it” I replied feeling sorry.
“The first question” she said simply.
“My name is Natalia and my mom’s house is right beside yours ma’am” I cooed.
“He..he [email protected]£ to visit me and I had dinner with him” I added but she kept starring at me blankly as if expecting me to say more.
I also noticed that she starred at the n£¢klace occasionally.
“I..we are also [email protected]” I added and then heard her sigh.
“Welcome Natalia, I never knew my son had a female friend, forgive me for acting this way but its surprising” she said sounding friendly now.
I smiled and nodded.
“Thanks ma’am, I..I’d love to get going now, its getting late” I said.
“Oh..why don’t you have a cup of water before going then” she said.
“No ma’am, I have eaten, I just couldn’t leave chase on his own that’s why I had to bring him, plea-se do take care of him for me” I replied her with my hands on the door.
“Okay Natalia, I hope to get to know you more some other time” she smiled as I opened the door.
“Thanks ma’am, goodnight” I cooed and left.
Chris’s POV
I watched as Natalia talked to mom without uttering a word and soon she left.
Dad is currently with Charlie and its only mom and I now.
I breathed out and stood up from where I am sitting and walked up to her.
“Mom” I called.
“We need to talk” I added.
“About what?” She asked with a straight face.
“Can you sit plea-se?” I inquired and she glared at me and went to sit.
“Make it quic-k, I need to be with chase” she said arms folded.
“Mom…” I started and paused again suddenly forgetting what to say.
But I can just apologize to her.
“Mom” I called again.
“I’m sorry for what happened, I…I un-derstand I haven’t been following your advise but can you plea-se st©p being mad at me, its hurt to know that you’re this mad at me mom, can you plea-se forgive me? I promise to change if you do that” I asked but she still had that straight face on.
I exhaled again and went to sit by her side and then I held her hands in mine.
“Its won’t happen again, I won’t treat the females that way anymore mom, I promise so plea-se st©p being mad at me, its sincerely hurts” I cooed and that was when her expression softened.
“Its okay, I’ve heard you and I hope you’ll keep your promise” she cut in when I wanted to call her again.
I smiled and held her hands more ti-ghtly.
“You see I hate it when I see you guys misbehave, its hurts me too as your mother, so I hope you’ll truly change that your bad boy style” she said coyly and stood up.
“And control your smoking habits if you can’t st©p it” she added and left.
She knew I smoked?
Well good thing she didn’t get mad.
I’m plea-sed and at ease now that she has at least accepted my apology.
Next day.
Chase’s POV
I opened my eyes and sat up on the be-d.
Aw is today Monday? I asked myself and made to get down from the be-d when the door opened revea-ling mom.
She [email protected]£ in with a tray containing different dishes.
“Mom” I called as she sat by me and placed the tray down.
“Morning mom” I greeted and she smiled.
“Hello sweetheart, are you feeling better?” She inquired and I nodded then my mind flashed back to last night incident.
Oh my, I left Natalia down. I wonder what happened with her?
I wonder if mom or dad said anything to her.
“This is your meal, quic-kly go brush your teeth” she ordered and I stood up and left.
I brushed my teeth and [email protected]£ back to still see her waiting for me.
“Come on, come and take your meal before it gets too cold” she said as I sat beside her.
She uncovered the meals and gave me a spoon and I started eating slowly while she watched.
“Are you sure you’re feeling better now?” She questioned.
“Yes mom, I’m feeling much better.”
“Good” she smiled and continued watching me.
“The girl from last night” she started and I paused and looked at her.
“Is she your girlfriend?” She questioned surprising me.
How how did she know that?
Episode 12
Chase’s POV
“Chase? Is she your girlfriend?” She asked again.
“ mom, how did you find out? Did you ask her?” I questioned.
“No, I saw the n£¢klace she was putting on. I accidentally saw the n£¢klace while arranging your room yesterday and still saw the same n£¢klace with her.”
“I also know you don’t have female friends so I found it suspicious.”
“The way she was concerned about you also showed that you two were more than friends” she replied.
“Really mom?” I asked.
“Of course, continue eating, your meal is gonna get cold if you don’t finish up now” she cooed and I picked up my spoon and continued.
“Do you like her?” She questioned and I st©pped and looked at her.
I don’t feel shy around mom but this her question suddenly made me feel shy.
“Yes mom, I really do like her, I love her” I cooed and watched her expression.
I don’t no if she’s gonna get annoyed but I pray she doesn’t.
She smiled surprising me.
She then patted one of my cheeks.
“I’ve been looking forward to the day I’ll get to see your first friend or girlfriend, I’m really happy for you son” she said.
“Seriously?” I was f0rç£d to ask.
“Yes seriously, she seems to like you too, she was worried all throu-gh for you and only calmed down when the doctor had attended to you, I think she’s nice and respectful too, so you can [email protected]£ her” mom said and my heart beat increased.
“I..I can? You’re giving me your approval mom?” I beamed and she smiled.
“Yes because I know you won’t mess up, you aren’t like your brothers” she cooed.
“And..she’s also very pretty,I must say that you’re lucky” she added and I had the urge to [email protected] her immediately.
“Oh mom, you’re so so sweet, you don’t no how happy and relieved you have made me with this news, I was really thinking you weren’t gonna approve of me [email protected]!ngat this age, I love you so so much mom” I beamed and she patted my cheek again.
“You’re my baby, how can I make you sad, go on with your food, lemme go check up on Charlie” she smiled then got up and left.
I quic-kly looked for my phone and saw it on my re-ading table beside my headphone.
I went to gr-ab it immediately, then I called her.
I want to hear her voice to know how she’s doing, I don’t no if I’ll be allowed by mom to go to school today.
📱Hello chase, her voiced rang out from the other side.
📱Hey, pumpkin, how’re you doing?
📱I’m good, have you fully recovered? She asked.
📱Yes I’m okay, I’m sorry for ruining yesterday for us, I apologized.
📱No, don’t say that, since we relocated here I can say that yesterday was one of the best time of my life tho the first is the day you first k!$$£d me, she cooed and I chuckled.
📱If you say so, and I’m sorry again that I didn’t tell you about my allergies. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you those stuff even if I wanted to do that, I’m so sorry, I apologized again.
📱Come on chase, I un-derstand everything you do perfectly well, I aren’t blaming you for anything okay? I love you too much to do that, she replied and I smiled.
📱love you more, so about my parents, did you talk with any of them? I inquired just in case.
📱Yes, I spoke with your mom, she is nice and really protective of you, she looked so scared for you last night and couldn’t calm down until you were asleep after the doctor attended to you, she said.
📱Oh really? What did she say to you?
📱Nothing much, I had to run home because it was late alre-ady, I just told her that we are [email protected] and introduced myself. Did she get angry?
📱No, no, she approved of our relationsh!pand I’m gonna properly introduce you to them myself on weekend, I explained.
📱okay that’s nice, what of your dad? Has Charlie gotten better?
📱My dad? I’m not sure, but he is still gonna approve of you tho, I’m sure of that. You’re so sweet, who wouldn’t like you?
📱Aw chase, when did you become a sweet speaker? When did you start having sweet mouth? She laughed and asked.
📱I’m serious, I think Charlie is better, your mom? I replied and asked.
📱We’re all good. So what about school? You aren’t gonna make it right? She questioned.
📱I don’t think mom will let me, let’s see each other later, lemme st©p here so you can get re-ady for school, I said.
📱Okay then, the n£¢klace you gave me is over pretty, I’m gonna give you a k!ssfor that later and mom just informed me to thank you for the rose flower, she said.
📱Oh really? Thanks to her too for her delicious dinner, make sure you always put the n£¢klace on for me alright? I cooed.
📱Of course chase, lemme get going now, k!sses.
📱Yea k! you.
The call got disconnected and I smiled and placed the phone down.
She is gradually ma-king me more bold, I’m not that shy anymore.
I really do love her, my love for her grows each [email protected] day and I currently miss her.
I miss her a lot even if I just finished speaking to her.
I think I’ll go visit her now before she leaves for school.

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