Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 29

Episode 29
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
👖 Rico’s POV 👖
The k!ssgot intense and I walked her to my be-d.
I made her lie down on the be-d slowly with me on t©p of her.
I k!$$£d her n£¢k, her shoulder, ear lobe, her forehead, then back to herl-ips.
I continued su-cking and b!tt!g on her lowerl-ips until she f0rç£fully dis£ntangled from the k!ssp@n-ting heavily.
I sm-irked and k!$$£d her n£¢k again then slowly started going to her brea-st.
I pushed one of my hand to her brea-st. She wasn’t putting on a br@. She was just on singlet so it was easy to pl@ywith her brea-st.
She m0@n ed out immediately my hand went to it.
After fondling it for a while I took my teeth to her n!ppleand gave it little sweet bites.
She g@sped and almost pushed me away.
I slowly re-moved her singlet down her shoulder coming in direct contact with her medium size brea-st.
Her pinkish n!ppl!s were so ha-rd and I took one of em in my mouth and s**k*d from it.
Her m0@n s increa-sed as I did that, It didn’t take long when she started ruffing my hair.
After s**k*ng from her left br£@st for a while I took my mouth to the second and did likewise.
Then I took her singlet off completely ma-king her semi n-ked.
I k!$$£d her tummy down to her lower abd0m£n and then when I got to her V area she cringed almost j£rking me off.
I slowly pu-ll-ed off her sh0ts leaving her with only p**t. I smiled as the realization hit me.
I’m really gonna be doing this.
I looked up and my eyes met with hers but she quic-kly looked away.
I chuckled at the thought that she’s being shy. I mean what for?
I k!$$£d her V wall and felt her vibr@te.
Well this must be her first I guess.
Then I st©pped k!ss!ngher V wall and slowly slid in a f!nger into her we-t pu-ssy.
She screamed slowly immediately I did that, then I took myl-ips back to hers still pu-lling my one f!nger in.
Its was really ti-ght so I was pu-lling in slowly.
I continued k!ss!ngher still doing my thing then I felt my whole one f!nger in. I started thrû-sting into her slowly and she m0@n ed into my mouth.
After some minutes I made it two f!ngersand this time she pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss, p@n-ting.
I took in herl-ips which has become pretty red and continue k!ss!ngher still f!ngering her pu-ssy.
She was dripping we-t down. My f!ngerswere filled with her we-tness and soon she pushed me away with her eyes wi-dely open.
“I think…i think I’m gonna ¢v-m” she p@n-ted.
“Then do it, its no problem” I replied softly and k!$$£d her again.
Soon she let out a light scream and she ¢v-med on my hand.
I smiled as she breathed a sigh of relief.
Now its time for the main thing.
I pu-ll-ed down her p**t completely and took off my bo-xers.
She covered her eyes when she saw me doing that and I chuckled.
Silly nanny.
I positioned myself very well and spre-ad her legs ap@rt.
Her hands were still covering her eyes when I took my c**k into the entrance of her pu-ssy. She j£rked immediately she felt my c**k and I re-moved her hands from her eyes and k!$$£d her.
My one hand held her cheek while the other held my c**k as I fixed it properly to her entrance and started pene-trating into her.
I de-epened the k!sswhen I notice that the pain could multi-ple.
Slowly and slowly i continued pene-trating into her until I couldn’t anymore.
Then I started thrû-sting into her slowly and smoothly.
She held unto me like I was gonna run away if she frees me.
💟Kendra’s POV💟
Oh my gosh! Rico is finally gonna kill me, I thought as I felt a cut in my V area.
I guess I’m no longer a v!rg!nbut I’m glad its him. I’m glad its Rico.
I held ti-ghtly unto him the moment he started thrû-sting de-eply into me.
I pu-ll-ed out from the k!ssand folded myl-ips ti-ghtly to avoid screaming out as he scre-wed me.
The pains were unbearable. It felt like hell coming down on me.
He continued doing that for a while increasing the speed in his thrû-st in every minutes.
As he moved fas-ter the pain becomes more instance.
After a long time, I felt myself unable to bear it anymore.
“Rico st©p” I mumbled tiredly and soon he pu-ll-ed out from me and lie down beside.
I p@n-ted and turned backing him on the be-d.
I felt him cover me with the duvet and a tear screamed down my eyes.
“I’m sorry” I heard him say into my ear.
“And I love you” he added and I managed to shake my head and soon drifted into sleep.
Hmm kendra.
One more episode to go.