Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 28

Episode 28
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(I’ll be your girlfriend )
😎Rico’s POV 😎
“Rico? Rico?” Ken’s voice j£rked into my thoughts and I realized I’ve been imagining all those $h!t.
“Aren’t you helping me with the n£¢klace again?” She asked and turned to look at me.
“Huh! Umh..i..I’ll do it” I stuttered and un-hooked her n£¢klace.
“What were you thinking of, huh!? I’ve been calling you for the 15 minutes. What were you thinking of?” She kept questioning.
“Um..nothing, its nothing” I replied and she frowned and stood up from her sit.
“Are you sure about that? Let’s go to the doctor because you don’t look okay, your skin has turned red and pale” she pointed out.
“Huh! My skin?” I asked and looked at the mirror.
“Um…its not a big deal” I said and rushed out of her room.
I got outside and leaned on the door.
What was that? What thefu-ck*ng hell was that? I thought and shook my head and left for my room.
💝 Kendra’s POV 💝
Something looks fishy.
Why was he acting so weird? I thought and sat on my be-d.
He was just lost in thought. What was he thinking of? I kept wondering before I heard a knock on the door.
“Come in” I said to the person knocking and the door opened revea-ling kora.
“Hey girlfriend” I beamed but she wasn’t looking happy.
“Why didn’t you tell me cole was in the hospital?” She questioned.
“Oh gosh! I was supposed to tell you immediately I get back but I forgot. I’m so sorry” I apologized standing on my feet.
“What happened to him? What did the doctors say?” She inquired.
“Well kora, forgot about what the doctor said, I’ll advice you go see him in the hospital” I advised.
“Really? Can I? Will he want to see me?” She asked at once.
“Yes, I’m sure he’ll wanna see you kora. Its Rico’s family pri-vate hospital, Rico took him there” I said to her.
“Oh really?” She asked and bite on her f!ngers.
“Kora, you can go I’m sure his not gonna reject or push you out. I promise you that” I cooed and held her hands.
“His alone now and he nee-ds someone so that person should be you” I advised and she shook her head.
“Okay, I will” she replied and I smiled.
“Alright, good luck with it dear” I beamed as she left throu-gh the door.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
Hours past. I la-id on the be-d but couldn’t sleep.
I just kept thinking, I kept thinking about her.
What should I do? I’m feeling so restless and uneasy.
Oh geez! No wonder I started imagining sh*ts.
I kept turning and turning on the be-d wondering if to go to her was a good idea.
I just don’t no but will she reject me?
I know she hasn’t even agreed to be my girlfriend but I just can’t hold it in.
Perhaps I should go ask her for answers?
No no, if I see her face the urge to k!ssand ca-ress her might just grow bigger, I’ll just have to endure it, I thought and buried my head inside the pillow.
A knock c@m£ at the door and I opened my eyes and sat up immediately.
“Mason? Jason? What do you want?” I questioned knowing that it can only be them that will come to knock this late.
The knock c@m£ again and I gro-an ed and c@m£ down from the be-d and opened the door.
My expression changed seeing it was actually kendra and no one else.
What? How come she’s here?
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
Well I couldn’t sleep so I thought of going to see him in his room since I gat no one else to disturb and kora must be with cole right now.
He opened the door and pu-ll-ed a shocked expression.
“Ken..kendra? What are you doing here?” He questioned and I swallowed.
“Um..I couldn’t sleep, can I come in?” I asked and he stepped out of the way.
“Of…of course” he replied and I got in and stood.
He locked the door and turned to look at me.
We stayed muted just starring at ourselves for some minutes before he looked away as if he was being f0rç£d to do so.
He sank his f!ngersin his hair and cleared his voice.
“Um..ken, since you are alre-ady here, what of my proposal?” He asked lowly.
I also coughed and looked down at my feet.
“What do you think? Do you think I’ll agree to it?” I asked back.
“Um..well I don’t no your mind ken, until you say it out but I’m wishing you’ll agree to it” He cooed and I coughed again suddenly feeling nervous.
“Well, I’ve thought about it and my answer should be yes. I’ll be your girlfriend Rico” I cooed and looked at him.
His eyes wi-de-ned.
“Really? Are you sure about that?” He asked happiness sounding in his voice.
“Yes” I smiled and he cu-mpped my cheek and immediately started k!ss!ngme.
👟Cole’s POV 👟
I la-id starring at the ceiling before a knock c@m£ and someone entered.
I thought it was Nick at first but when I turned on the lights I realized it wasn’t Nick but the girl, kora.
Her eyes were glittering in the dark as she approached me.
“Hi cole” she called.
I was a little reluctant at first but decided to give it a sh0t.
“Hi kora” I replied and she smiled.
“You still remember my name?” She asked now sitting down on a sit beside my be-d.
“Yes, I do” I replied and she chuckled and looked down at the floor.
“Your confession, I’ll look into it” I spoke and she raised her head and looked at me.
“ mean you’ll like me back?” She beamed her cheeks turning red.
“I’ll see, there is no harm in trying and beside they said you’re a nice girl” I replied and she laughed.
“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this” she exclaimed and placed her hands on her che-st.
I smiled at her act and took my eyes back to the ceiling.
She’s not that bad.
👖 Rico’s POV 👖
I engulfed her in a slow pas-sionate k!ss.
Herl-ips were so soft and edible that I s**k*d on them, totally ma-king her breathless.
We continued k!ss!ngand I freed one of my hands from her cheek and wiped it around her w@!st pu-lling her closer to me.
She in turn, wra-pped her hands on my n£¢k drawing me to herself.
In a while we both were completely out of breath and we pu-ll-ed out of the k!ss.
My eyes pierced into hers and I wished I could just do it tonight. Just tonight.
“Say it” I heard her say and I raised my brows.
“Say what?” I asked.
“Ask for it” she replied and I chuckled a bit.
“Alright, should I?” I asked and she nodded and stared at the floor.
Perfect! I thought and k!$$£d her for the second time.