Babysitting the bad boys Episode 24

Episode 24
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(Did you sleep with her?)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
“What are you saying?” I asked him.
“Hoping to see you n-ked?” I asked and turned to face him properly.
“Yea, or what could you call sneaking into my be-droom so early?” He asked starring at me.
I raised my bag up for him to see.
“I didn’t come to see your n-kedness as you can see, so plea-se excuse me” I replied flatly.
“I didn’t let you in before so you can find your way out and make sure you shut the door properly” he cooed and lied down back.
I shook my head and opened the door then went out.
I got to my room and did final preparations and finally head downstairs.
I sighted Mrs Rebecca in the kitchen and went to greet her.
“Morning ma’am” I greeted smiling.
“Oh, morning kendra dear, hope you sle-pt well?” She asked.
“Yes ma’am” I replied and made to leave but she st©pped me.
“By the way Kendra, where did you go with Rico last night?” She asked.
“Um..You asked me to look after him and that’s why I followed him out in case something happens to him” I replied.
“Where exactly did you two go to?” She asked again.
I raised my eyes to the ceiling and starred at it..
Where should I tell her we went to?
To the p@rty right?
But will she be happy to hear it?
“For a walk ma’am” I replied after a while.
“Really?” She asked.
“Then where did this come from?” She asked raising the pack of cigarette up.
Ah its the cigarette Rico was holding last night.
“ sorry he also took a stick” I replied regretting why I lied.
“Kendra covering up for my son won’t help him change at all. His just nineteen now and his like this.”
“I wonder how he’ll be when he get to his father’s age.”
“Kendra I really nee-d your help. Especially changing Rico, his father is really saying ugly things that he’ll do to him soon if he doesn’t change” she explained looking so bittered.
I took my eyes to the floor recalling what I heard last night.
“I’ll try my best ma’am” I cooed and she signed.
“I’ll be indebted to you if you succeed, alright go on to the dinning” she urged and I nodded and left.
I got to the dinning and saw the little girl there.
“Hey!” She said.
“Hey!” I replied sitting down.
She stood up from where she was sitting and c@m£ to sit down beside me.
“My name is Angela nice to meet you” she said extending her hand for a handshake.
Is this girl an old woman?
Why is she acting all matured?
Even more matured than her so called brothers.
I took her little hand and prevented myself from laughing because of how tiny her hand is.
I heard foot steps and saw them coming.
The three stubborn boys.
The bad boys.
They sat down normally today.
“So my brothers have a nanny but I don’t” she said and fixed her hand on her jaw as if thinking.
“But kendra, you can also get to be my nanny until I head back to Chicago with dad, is that alright?” She asked and I nodded.
“Of..of course Angela” I replied smiling.
“So what’s between you and my brother Rico?” She asked ma-king me confused.
I looked at Rico and he wasn’t even paying us attention but the twins were looking at us.
“I don’t un-derstand Angela. Nothing is between me and your brother Rico” I replied.
“Hmm really?”
“Then where did the both of you go to last night?”
“You both left late and c@m£ back late.”
“What were you two doing the whole time you were alone?”
“And this morning I saw you sneaking out of his room.”
“Did you two sleep in the same room?” She asked sharply.
I blinked my eyes to be sure its a little girl that’s talking to me.
I looked at Rico and saw that he was now looking at me even the twins were starring at me.
“What??” I heard Jason say.
“Rico is that true?” Mason asked him.
“Did you two…”
“Did you sleep with her??” Mason asked him.
Which kind of girl is this?