Babysitting the bad boys Episode 23

Episode 23
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(You wanna see me n-ked)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
“Just had a walk” he mouthed.
Mr Salvador walked up to him.
“You went to smoke didn’t you? And you had the guts to lie to me yea?” He asked in a ha-rd tone.
Rico is scared.
I can see it in him.
I can’t believe it.
He was starring at the floor. So its true that his scared of his dad?
“plea-se honey, let him go. You’ve done enough for today” Mrs Rebecca said calmly and held Mr Salvador’s arm.
“Kendra dear take Rico to the dinning” Mrs Rebecca said and I nodded and left with him.
Mason and Jason were alre-ady sitted there.
“What the hell happened bro?” I heard mason ask.
“Yea I thought you escaped” Jason added.
They were speaking in low tone.
“I was caught” Rico replied sitting down.
“Mommy!!!” I heard a little kid’s voice.
Huh! There is no child in this mansion or is there?
Mr and Mrs Salvador appeared in the dinning.
Mrs Salvador was actually carrying a girl of about nine years.
She looks a lot like Rico.
Mr Salvador took his sit followed by Mrs Rebecca.
Gosh I really can’t be here, I stood up and made to leave but Mrs Rebecca st©pped me.
“Where are you going?” I heard her ask and all of them looked at me expect for Mr Salvador.
“Um..upstairs ma’am” I replied.
“Have dinner with us first, we have been waiting for you guys” she said and I sat down back.
Its feels somehow do.
Sitting and eating with Mr Salvador and his family.
I’ve never dreamt of such opportunities.
The workers immediately arrived with different dishes and served them.
The little girl with Mrs Rebecca kept starring at me.
“Mommy? Who is she?” She finally asked after a while.
“Well, this is kendra baby” Mrs Rebecca replied her.
“Is she my brother’s girlfriend then?” The girl asked and my eyes wi-de-ned.
Did she just say the word “girlfriend “?
Mrs Rebecca laughed and kept her down in a sit beside her.
“No baby, she’s actually your brother’s nanny” Mrs Rebecca replied and the little girl pu-ll-ed a puzzled look on.
“Brother’s nanny? I don’t un-derstand.”
“Ask her after you’ve done eating baby” Mr Salvador ch!pped in.
“Alright daddy” the girl replied with a tiny voice.
She doesn’t seems scared of him at all.
Hmm but the boys all focused on their meals without raising an eye.
Minutes later we stood up and left for our different rooms.
I made for the kitchen to get water but boomed into Rico on the stairs.
What’s he doing?
Then I heard Mr Salvador’s voice.
“Rebecca you’ve succeeded in spoiling those kids. The three of them will soon turn to gangsters that if they are not alre-ady.”
“Look at Rico. I can’t believe his actually my first child.”
“I wish it had been Angela.”
“I really can’t leave my company in his hands or my company will close down in a year” he said.
“I’ve told you Richa-rd , st©p saying nons-en-se about you ma-king Angela the heir. I don’t want them to hear this especially Angela before it gets into her head. Rico is your first son whether you like it or not and he’ll be the one taking over the companies” Mrs Rebecca said.
“And I’ve told you that you also took p@rt is ma-king them who they are today.”
“Since Rico was ten where were you?”
“In Chicago right?”
“You didn’t stay to train him up as you liked but ran after your company and you’re blaming me for spoiling them?”
“Are you serious Richa-rd ?”
“How many times have I told you to bring your company down here but you refused. Now they’ve grown up by their selves and you’re blaming only me?”
“Richa-rd I don’t want problems with you alright so quite being ha-rd on the boys” Mrs Rebecca told him.
“Well, go and look for a way to make them a better person.”
“This should be the last time I’ll be hearing that his misbehaving. Once I hear it again Rebecca I’m going to change my Will” Mr Salvador half yelled.
“You’ll do no such things while am still alive alright Richa-rd ” I heard Mrs Rebecca say.
I exhaled bitterly and didn’t realize I was alre-ady teary.
So this is what his being listening to?
I wish he’ll really st©p fighting.
No wonder Mrs Rebecca nee-ded me to change them.
So Mr Salvador is really threatening her?
His going to change his Will?
I turned back and walked into my room.
I can’t even imagine how Rico must be feeling right now.
I lied down back on my be-d and soon sleep overtook me.
Next morning.
I woke up early cause of the alarm I set.
I don’t want to disappoint Mrs Rebecca as long as she’s here.
I took my bath and c@m£ back to my room.
I wore my uniform and started searching for my bag.
Where is my bag?? I thought still looking for it.
Wait, I left it at Rico’s room.
Damn it!
I exhaled softly and left my room.
Its 5:43am.
I pray that his still asleep.
I got to his room and turned the door knob and the door slowly opened.
I peeped into his room and saw him on the be-d.
I got in slowly and closed the door, then started ti-ptoeing to where I kept the bag.
I got hold of my bag and was about going out when I heard his voice.
“Why did you sneak in like that?”
“Where you hoping to see me n-ked?”
“Ah you’ve probably seen me n-ked before and I no you enjoyed the sight.”
“Were you hoping to see me n-ked again today?* He asked sitting up.
I turned to look at him and my eyes wi-de-ned.
Hoping to see him n-ked?
Is this guy crazy??