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attraction episode 34

[ When ♥️ comes alife]

©️ Spark

✍️By Authoress lenity Faithful

Settings : English romance

🍀 Episode 34



” Alexaander you need to calm down you can’t possibly go in and scold him like that it’ll only add fuel to the fire ” Emmerson north pleaded with her husband as they walked outta the elevator .

She sighed and decided to leave the both of them to talk for a while .

” Good morning ma’am ” Richie her @ssistant greeted before giving her the full jist of what had happened.

” We need to talk ” Alex said bursting into the meeting and Tris led all the employees out .

” what’s this rubbish I’m hearing ? Alex bursted angrily .

But his son didn’t even give him a reply . His dad was the only person Ashton couldn’t talk back at .

” Ashton ”

” I was in a bad mood ,they were being incompetent ”

” Oh really ? You didn’t see they where incompetent ever since ? It’s now that you’re frustrated you began to see it ? I noticed your mood this morning but firing all those people for a mistake you could correct wasn’t exactly been fair they have families . I thought I taught you how to balance both professional and personal life ? Alex asked .

” What is wrong with you ?

” Everything, everything father I… I don’t know . I just badly need a break from all of this I need to go away Even if it’s for a week ” he sighed .

‘ Ashton running away from ones feelings isnt the best idea they’ll only grow stronger ” Alex advised .

” Running away ? He’s leaving ? Emma asked coming in .

” Mom I need space ” he said and she sighed sadly .

” Fine but do something about that wild hair colour of yours ” she Frowned .

” It’s the latest trend ever since he did it , kinda suits the color of his eyes ” Alex said .

” And turns on innocent girls ”

” Okay I kinda think I shouldn’t be hearing that ” Ashton said making his parents laugh out loud .


” You do know going back to your country isn’t gonna do you any good right ? Kelechi asked with his tie loosed as he stared back at dunni sitted at the restaurant with him and crying .

He’d recently received a letter from the Jones company where Aiden had recommended and was working in the same country has dunni .

” You know what ace you’re annoying ” she said angrily and Ace chuckled .

” You can’t possibly go back just like that , that’s why I called up Kelly figured he’d knock some s£nse into you ” ace said .

” I didn’t even know you knew kele ” dunni shrugged .

” We’ve met on Skype whilst he was talking to Aiden ” ace shrugged .

” I don’t wanna see Aiden ”

” I won’t force you to see him dunni you can take your time ,just don’t leave ” ace said and she wiped her tears .

” Ace it hurts ….he couldn’t stand up for me , then what happens when we eventually become a couple ? He’d let his ex in the picture ?

” Girl I know he did wrong but beating Bella up at one side is cool but harsh on the other . You should know my brother hates violence ” ace said and she laughed out tears .

” Soooooo ? Ace teased .

” Fine I’d stay here , but zip your mouth especially you kelechi ” she glared at her bestfriend .

” Fine I won’t tell your Aiden that you’re actually still in this country and in one of his brothers penthouses ” kele shrugged .

” I hate you ”

” Hate you more ” he laughed


” Oh God today is so stressful and I still have one more [email protected] ” Val [email protected] making cherry laugh .

” I’m done and ace said he’d come pick me up ” cherry said with a frown .

” Wow he’s really serious with this dating stuff ? Val asked shocked .

” Exactly my thoughts ,that brother of yours fears commitments then why is he doing this ? Cherry asked in frustration.

” Trying to make it up for hurting you ….”

” Jeez you know ? Cherry asked in suprise .

” I’m basically his adviser 😂 buh i wouldn’t tell you anything about what happened with Barbara ” Val said and cherry Sm-acked her shoulders .

They heard the excited voices and she chuckled.

” Seems like Mr lover boy is already here .

” I will test him today ….let’s see if he can resist me ” cherry said like it was nothing .

” Don’t do anything stupid cherry ” Val scolded .

” And don’t you say anything to him ” cherry added .

” Cherish ” he said softly and she turned.

” Ace ” she said klzzing both sides of his cheeks and they felt camera flashes on their faces .

” We will probably grace the entertainment news this evening” ace Frowned Makin her laugh .

” Where are we going ? She asked .

” I thought we could hang out maybe go to the restaurant and then watch a movie together ” ace said and she smirked.

” Let’s just hang out in one of your penthouses ” she said and he turned to her suspiciously .

” Buh …”

” Yes or no ace ? She asked and he walked in front.

It was useless arguing with cherry after all.


” Aaah Nate … omg ” she m-oaned as she reached the hieghts of ectacy .

Nate buried his face in her neck as he klzzed her softly her eyes widened when she felt her womb get flooded with his seeds .

” Nathaniel ” she screamed as her body shook with aftershocks.

” What are you trying to do ? She bursted .

” Red I love you , I love you so much ” he said and she hugged him crying .

” I love you too you didn’t need to ¢vm in me to tie me down stupid ” she chuckled .

” Your dad said that’s how he got your mom t ….”

“My dad said that ? She Chuckled .

” Huh yes ”

” Well too bad I’m on birth control ” she smirked and he rubbed his head .

He should have known he was messing with a bad @ss girl .

” Let’s date ” she whispered on his l!ps and he smiled happily .

” Sure …yes ” he said as he klzzed his way upwards .

She was finally his , his woman .


” Hey girl” Emerald said coming inside and dunni laughed covering the pot .

” I always knew ace won’t keep the secret for long what’s up ” dunni asked .

” I’ll be a lier if I say I’m fine ” Emerald sighed as she sat on the counter .

” Ashton again ?

” He’s not in the country for now ,he’s avoiding what he feels” Emerald mumbled softly .

” When such people love , it’s really strong you know ” dunni teased .

” He’s annoying controlling and selfish bastard 💔

” Hey girl c’mon cheel”

” I can’t cheel dunni , besides what’s with you and Aiden his not at the Norths mansion either and you’re here ? Emerald asked .

” Leave that mumu ” dunni frowned .

” And she speaks what I don’t understand ” Emerald chuckled .

” Mumu it means someone that’s stupid ”

” Ahh so Aiden is stupid ”

” Of cause ”

” You can’t possibly expect him to be hot tempered and you’re hot tempered the equation wouldn’t match you’d both kill each other ”

” Like you and Ashton ?dunni asked .

” I’m not short tempered buh I don’t tolerate his nons£nse either ” Emerald said angrily .

” You both seriously confuse me ” dunni mumbled.

” Bring the food lemme eat jhoor forget those annoying north brothers ” Emerald bursted .

” It’s the jhoor for me hahahaha ” dunni laughed crazily .


” And he just had to die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧” ace cried dramatically and blew into the 20th tissue wrap

Cherry stared at his beautiful eyes then quivering l!ps .

” Is this the first time your watching Titanic ? Cherry chuckled .

” I’m a softy ,my heart is not mad of stone annoying woman ”

” Escuse me you think I’m annoying when you practically hugged me whilst crying like your ancestors died today ? Cherry teased .

” You’re so unromantic for a girlfriend you’re supposed to console me not mock my fears ” he said dramatically .

” Hahahaha you’re so not boyfriend material you know ” cherry chuckled .

” I know my material isn’t complete ,buh I’m still boyfriend material ” he said and she burst out laughing Crazily .

She was in his black loose shirt and pink room sl!ppers which was a tempting sight ,buh ace didn’t let that bother him .

” Ace ” cherry called and he turned .

” Y…a ” he trailed seeing her so close he su-cked on his breath when her l!ps grazed his .

” ace ” she whispered seductively .

” Cher….ry wh….at are you doing ‘ he mumbled pannicking as she sat on either side of him and klzzed him softly .

He reciprocated and klzzed her s£nselessly
She m-oaned , her soft beautiful m-oans went like music in his ears buh he immediately stopped her when he realized what he was doing .

” Cherry we can’t ”

” Ace c’mon I’m you’re girlfriend after all ” she smirked .

” You’re doing this on purpose cherry to prove I’m not a good person , and that I’m just player as much as I’d like to fu-ck s£nse into you , I never go back on my word . We are to date a month without se-x Miller , goodnight ” he said and picked his wallet put it in his pocket and left the house angrily .

Cherry ran her f!ng£rs in her hair as she cried .

Why couldn’t she get herself to trust him ?

A week later

Ashton Xavier north walked into the company arrogantly as he made a call on the Bluetooth . Employees rushed to their stands and he ignored them whilst moving straight to the fashion unit .

” Good morning Mr A , I’ve gathered all the models at the conference room welcome back” Lisa said and Tristan gave him a small smile as he walked in .

He sat down with legs crossed and a wine on the table ,while he checked the progress on each of the models for his hit show, he had just 2 months to the show .

” Where’s miss Castillo ? He asked .

” She’s most probably on her way Mr A ” Richie said in fear .

He turned to Lisa who gave a nod then frowned .

Just then Emerald walked in she looked shocked as she didn’t expect he was back yet and the reason for the meeting .

He still looked so handsome .

” If you’re done checking me out miss Castillo ,you’re late ‘he bursted but she ignored him to the suprise of the models .

” Have you gotten the perfect catwalk ? He asked and she sighed .

” I’m still working on it ”

” Seriously you just have two months left and you’re still working on it ” he bursted .

” I said I’m working on it Ashton should I kill myself now ? She asked frustratedly.

” Don’t you dare raise your voice on me ” he snapped and she glared at him with nothing but hate .

” Then don’t tell at me too , don’t blame me for everything got it ” she snapped .

” You know what , you’re not a model , you’re a catwalking disaster , you can’t even do something as simple as being my show stopper ” he yelled at her in front of everyone everyone [email protected] and Tristan left not wanting to involve himself in their madness .

Lone tears rolled down her eyes and she quickly wiped them .

” Fine say whatever you want after all that’s what you’re good at hurting others . You feel I’m not good enough ? I feel you your keep your heart in the fridge that’s why you’re so cold ….and fu-cking heartless ” she bursted and the models eyes nearly come out of their sockets seeing her talking back at Ashton .

” What the, apologise ” he said angrily .

” Never ”

” I said apologise to me Emerald Castillo ”

” I won’t apologise Ashton Xavier north” she screamed .

” We’ll see , ALL OF YOU , GET OUT! Ashton screamed and everyone ran away leaving the both of them alone in the conference room .

” Now apologize ”

” Oh he still remembers my existence ” she chuckled .

” I’m not joking with you”

” You think I’m joking Ashton ? You’re a beast , everyone in the fashion world keep saying that buh I thought there was some kinda goodness left in you that I forgot you can never change ” so he cried angrily .

” Emerald” he said camly

” You are such a monster , biggest monster , calling you a monster should be an insult to all monsters ” she said voice shaking as she cried .

He bit his lower l!p as tears rolled from his eyes into his l!ps .

” Emerald …” He trailed.

” You think you’re rich and handsome so you can treat anyone the way you like , indeed you’re are a Greek god and devilishly handsome buh it’s just so sad you don’t have a heart .you don’t have the most beautiful gift in the world Ashton ” she chuckled out tears .

” Emerald listen to me ”

” I know you make people cry everyday, you are a sadistic, horrible extremely extremely handsome that I feel like destroying your good looks. You don’t deserve to be so handsome,I’m going to cut your gorgeous hair with scissors ….then…”

” EMERALD_ he slammed her back on the wall and she winced at the pain .

” Stop stop just stop fu-cking speaking. ” He said and tears rolled outta her eyes crazily .

” Let me go Ashton ….”

” Emerald I’m sorry I’m so sorry baby I ….”

” Don’t touch me …. you’ll regret all the pains you’ve put me through Ashton ” she bursted and stormed outta the conference room .

Ashton sat back down on the chair as his arms shook with emotions he bit his l!ps to stop the pain buh it cut deep through him Makin him cry out .

” I’m so sorry ” he mumbled as he cried like a baby .

That’s why he couldn’t give in to what he felt , he’d only end up hurting her in the long run .

Things where better off this way .



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