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attraction episode 35

[ When ♥️ comes alife]

©️ Spark

✍️By Authoress lenity Faithful

Settings: English romance

🍀 Episode 35


” I’m just gonna date him Luna stop making it a big deal ” cherry said angrily as she typed furiously on her laptop .

Today was Darren’s birthday and they where all soon gonna go to the Castillo’s mansion .

” It’s a big deal cherish because you can’t use someone’s heart for fun especially not someone like ace ‘ Sonia said angrily .

” You all think I’m being mean ? What if ace is just pretending to love me ? After all this is just a dare , I didn’t not know why y’all make a big deal outta it ” cherry snapped .

” Don’t act stupid cherish or you’d end up loosing him before realizing just how much he means to you ” Luna said and she looked away .

” Fine I guess I should just break up with tonight after the party ”

” Cherry it’s not even up to two weeks”

” I don’t care , I mean why are we even fufiling the stupid dare ” she said and Sonia looked at her sister worriedly .

Cherry’s phone rang and she looked at the caller ID it was ACE .

” We’ll just escuse you ” Luna said and they both left .

“Hello ”

” Ya I’ll be at the party , sure bye ” she said and cut the call before she sighed sadly .


Emerald sat on the love sofa in her friends apartment whilst wearing a white crop top and black ripped jeans skirt , her legs folded as she ate from a pack of chips.

She chuckled whilst watching SpongeBob [email protected]

Kayla Walked in from Golden corp and immediately began removing her outfit .

” Girl remember I’m not Tristan ” em teased and she threw a cushion at her .

” Shut up , I wonder why you’re still obsessed with SpongeBob”

” Hey not a word about my SpongeBob or you’re doomed .

” Hahahaha he’s just a sponge under water Emerald” Kayla chuckled.

” I don’t care not even my future husband can come in between us ” she said smiling.

” You think Ashton’s gonna compete with SpongeBob ? Kayla asked and she chocked badly with eyes widened .

“Where did you get that ? Emerald asked shocked .

” We need to talk Emerald , I know you have feelings for Ashton which is way stronger than just attraction “Kayla said and Emerald rubbed her face .

” Is it that obvious ? She asked sadly .

” Anyone can see you’re both denying your feelings AGAIN and AGAIN ” Kayla said .

” I….I…don’t know Kay ‘ she sad sadly .

” Em I understand ,that’s how I was at first with Tris I regretted not keeping the baby ….

” Wait what you where pregnant for Tris when ?

” We had a night stand on my 18th birthday” she said nervously .

” You where pregnant I…you didn’t tell me ? Emerald asked hurt .

” I was afraid and knowing you , you’d ask me to keep it , Emerald im an orphan,I needed to make it in life , I know what I did was mean buh keeping a baby whilst even the father of the baby was in college wasn’t really a good idea ” Kayla said in tears and Emerald pulled her into a hug .

‘ I’m so scared he wouldn’t understand when I tell him , I really love Tris ” she cried and Emerald cried with her

Love was just so messed up .


” Hey ” he walked close and Val looked at him in shock .

She hadn’t seen after the reunion and after what they both said to each other in their drunken state .

” Jarvis ” Val called nervously .

” Huh I just came back ” he said and walked close to her .

” We need to talk ” he said and lic-ked his l!ps nervously .

” Please ” he said and Val Walked in front of him.

” What is it Jarvis ? She asked as they both sat in the car .

‘ I’m sorry Val ” he said and she stared at him .

” I’m sorry for not realizing I was into you ever since . If Jasper hadn’t come into the picture id still be thinking of you as a sister figure ” he said and she looked at him .

” Jarvis ….I don’t know ”

” I want you in my life Val, I’ll wait for you just please let me be your boyfriend ” he said and she smiled out tears .

Was this some kinda dream ? Was Jarvis Miller really asking her out .

” Jarvis remember my Dad and Ashton …” She said and he gave a nod .

” I’ll handle them Val ” he held her hands and she Chuckled .

” Yes ” she said and he took a sigh of relief making her laugh.


” Hurray ” the guests screamed in excitement as Darren Castillo cut his cake [email protected] his 28th years birthday .

His fiancee Lucia klzzed him softly as everyone screamed Happily .

” And you have to watch your daughters l!ps get eaten in front of you ” Erik teased her dad [email protected] who in return Sm-acked his head making everyone laugh.

” Hey ” cherry said as she held ace hand .

” Hi love ” he turned looking dashing as hell .

” Can we talk ? She asked and he smiled .

” Ya sure I even had a suprise for you let’s go ” he said and took her with him .

” Sonia smiled sadly as she watched them leave , she knew her sister was on the way to breaking the poor guys heart .

” Did you enroll already ? Emerald asked dunni who gave a nod .

” Ya and it worked ,they did like my work and I’ll be having my first exibision soon I can’t wait , besides I finally get to enroll in college next season I’m so excited thank you so much em ” she said and Emerald hugged her .

” You deserve the best things life has to offer my Nigerian bestie and just so you know I gat your back . ” She teased and they both laughed .

” You know starring at her like that is kinda creepy you can just walk up to her ” Jarvis said and he rubbed his face .

” I don’t think she needs me right now Jarvis …she’s currently leaving her best life , I mean she didn’t even let me know she was still in the country ,I thought she went back ” he said sadly as he drank from his bottle of wine .

” Did you make a move to tell her how you really feel and why you didn’t defend her ? He asked .

” I’m just so fu-cked up man ”

” That’s how annoying the north brothers are man they don’t fix their love lives untill it’s a mess ” Tris bursted .

” Just say you’re talking to Ashton ” Austin said and the guys laughed as Ashton rolled his eyes .

” Ya man admit it you love Emerald it’s so obvious ” Caleb teased .

” Emerald ” vida called .

” Yes mom ” she turned to her mother.

” Go get Tristan for me he’s over there ” she pointed at where the guys stood jisting .

” Okay mom ” she said and walked towards them .

” Escuse me ” Ashton Frowned .

” Oh c’mon you just have too much ego to accept it ” Josh added .

” Guys cut it out I don’t love Emerald , fine I’m attracted to her but I don’t love her she hates me so why should I waste my time loving her ? He bursted and all the guys froze whilst starring at his back .

” What is it guys ? He asked .

Emerald stood in shock as his words had hit right at her .

” Huh….Tris Mom is calling ” she said and immediately turned as tears brimmed in her eyes she walked away from the party .

Yet another heartbreak.

” Emerald wait …” He said and went after her .

” He’s so stubborn ” Josh said angrily .

” Not stubborn but annoying . He said he doesn’t love her then why the fu-ck he went after her ? Tris bursted .

” Man calm down they’ll both sort themselves out ” Jarvis said and Aiden gave a nod in support .


” Suprise ” he said and looking at their secret hideout back then tears rolled outta her eyes .

“Cherry hey don’t you like the suprise ? Did I do something wrong ? He asked confused .

” Nothing ace I wanna go home ” she said and he bit his lower l!p sadly

” Huh okay I’d just drop you off ” he said and she removed her hand from his grip .

” No Ace besides I’m not ready for any of your games ” she bursted .

” Games ? What games ? You really think I’m playing games with you ? I really ….I really do love you cherry ” he said hurt and she froze .

” You love me ? What exactly do you want from me ace ? That’s exactly what you said and went fu-cking Barbara that same night ” she bursted .

” Cherry I was drunk , I swear …you just kept avoiding me to the point I couldn’t handle it . You suddenly Blocked my number and ruined me for any other woman . Cherry I love you I’ve tried pretending it’s just attraction buh I do love you ” he said and she cried .

” I can’t be with you ace , you have commitment issues ” she said.

” Cherry I’ve changed , with you I don’t need anyone else ” he said eyes brining with tears .

” I wish it was true ace ”

” Just give me a chance please ” he said and she looked away crying .

” I …want to ace … because I love you , buh after the incident with Barbara I went into depression I began hating myself thinking I didn’t have something which made you choose Barbara over me , if you’d told me this year’s ago I’d have tried to ace buh right now I just can’t trust you ….I can’t take the risk of giving us a chance ” she cried .

Ace shut his eyes as tears rolled outta his eyes uncontrollably .

” Ace ”

” Cherry don’t do this I really love you ” he said hugging her from behind as they both cried .

” I can’t I’m so sorry” she said and he gave a nod with a broken smile on his face .

” I get it besides I’m too stupid who would wanna date me ” he laughed but his eyes showed pure hurt .

” Ace I…”

” I’m not a selfish person cherry , if my love brings you pain , then I’m ready to hide it ” he said and she took a step back and ran away from him .

Ace bit his lower l!p as tears kept running down his eyes crazily .

” Oh come hear son ” mama lorreta said and he burst out crying loudly as she hugged him .

She’d stalked them out to eavesdrop just to see her favorite grandson in pain .

” It hurts grandma ” he cried [email protected] if only he knew being a Playboy only further ruined his chances with cherry he’d never if have been one .

Buh that was his escape from feeling unwanted whenever he thought of cherry .


” Hey ” Aiden said to dunni who took a [email protected] of wine from the water and turned to him .

She was looking se-xy and beautiful as hell in that red dress .

” Hi ” she said with a smile

” How’ve you been ? She asked and he chuckled painfully.

” You asked like you care dunni ”

” I’m not arguing with you Aiden of cause I care about you , it just su-cks that it’s one sided ” she said softly .

” You know that’s a bloody lie dunni , I fu-cking love you ” he bursted .

” Well I don’t see that love Aiden you practically just stood like a statue and watched here ex say rubbish about me is that the love Mr North ? She asked arms folded .

” Dunni….try to understand …..

” It’s a simple question that requires a yes or no ” she said smirking.

” I’m sorry ”

” Save it ….Aiden what we had was special , buh it seems you still have to check yourself if you want dunni martins in your life with All her baggage because I won’t change who I am. If you wanna love me you’d love me the way I am , for who I am ” she said and walked away from him with tears in her eyes .

Aiden bit his lower l!p as tears rolled outta his eyes .

He missed her

His crazy African queen .


Emerald ran outside as lightening showed sign of the weather getting bad and droplets of rain fell from the sky ,her heart broke with each sound .

” Emerald”

” Go away Ashton ” she said voice shaking at the edge .

” I won’t not until you listen to me ” he said .

” Why ? You have more hurtful words to say ” she Chuckled bitterly.

” Emerald I’m sorry , I’m so sorry ” he said and she smiled.

” You finally said it all today Ashton , why are you being sorry for saying what you truly feel ? She asked.

” Emerald “he held her .

” Leave me let me go , I hate you , I swear I hate you so much ” she cried hitting him over and over again .

” You’re an heartless heartbreaker ” she cried .

“Let’s sort this out Emerald ” he cried he knew deep down she was done with him and it hurt like hell .

” There’s nothing to sort out Ashton let me go ” she cried as he hugged her.

” Emerald don’t leave me please ” he cried as she kept pushing him .

” Let me go Ashton ” he klzzed her as their tears rolled out the rain W-et them .

She kept crying against his l!ps .

” I’m emotionally exhausted Ashton please ”

” I know I’ve hurter you way too much just let me ….” He was saying .

” ASHTON let me go ” she screamed crying in pain .

” I won’t fight it anymore Emerald just ” he was saying but she hugged him and felt her self get dizzy .

” EMERALD I love you … I love you so much , I won’t fight it anymore ” he cried but felt a weight on him making him realize she’d [email protected] out .

” I’m so sorry ” he cried .

” Give me my sister Ashton ” Tristan said and he bit his lower l!p .

” Tristan I…”

” I don’t wanna see you close to her if you still value our friendship ” he said and carried her in his arms as he watched Tris take her in he burst out crying .

” Hey c’mon ” Aiden said and hugged him .

Why was love so fu-cked up ?


The triplets are heartbroken .

Ashton has realized he can’t fight love

Emerald his done with crying for him

Dunni has asked Aiden to make a decision what he wants from her .

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  1. ibk

    Ace should not relent Cherry will come around, Ashton is a fool, Aiden should man up and speak with Dunni! I pity Emerald sha

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