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Arizona episode 10 & 11

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Vince” Summer muttered in shock, looking at him with wi-de eyes.

He threw off her hand and Summer almost fell.

He went to Chrissy and checked out her red n£¢k.

“I’ll take you to the school hospital” he said.

Chrissy felt happy and stood immediately.

She left the [email protected] with Vince and Arizona sighed.

“Your lifesaver is gone, are you still interested in [email protected] me?” Arizona asked.

Summer pushed away all the books on the nearest table, marching them with her heels afterwards.

“I hate everyone!” She shouted and ran out of [email protected]

“Settle down if you’re re-ady to attend my seminar” Arizona said and everyone did.

She smiled secretly and started immediately.



“Are you sure it won’t hurt?” Chrissy asked the resident doctor that’s attending to her.

“I promise to be gentle, the balm is not harsh on the skin, unless you feel pains at I rub” the doctor replied.

“My friend can rub it on me right?” She asked.

“Of course” the doctor replied.

“Vince plea-se” she said, looking up at him.

The doctor handed the balm to Vince who took it and sat beside Chrissy.

He started ru-bbing it and she cringed in pains as his f!ngersmade contact with the redness.

“It hurts” she said slowly.

“Sorry” Vince replied and continued what he was doing.

When he finished, the doctor sprayed another ointment on it.

“Thanks doctor” she smiled.

The doctor left the ward and Chrissy hvgged Vince immediately.

“Thanks for coming with me…..I didn’t know you’re this caring” she smiled.

“We need to go back to [email protected]” he said and she quic-kly dis£ngaged from him.

“Who started it?” He asked as they walked out of the hospital together.

“Obviously that spoilt bit-ch, Summer, she started by telling me to give her your number and I declined” Chrissy replied.

Vince only sighed.

“So… You’re close with miss Arizona?, Enough to bet your scholarsh!pfor her?” Chrissy suddenly asked.

“It wasn’t her originally, I just couldn’t take Summer’s tantrums anymore” he replied.

Her eyes caught his shoes and she held him back.

“You didn’t wear the shoes?” She asked.

“My brother was in more dire need of it so I let it go” he replied.

“It’s ok, I can just get you another one”

“No, I’m not gonna take it” he replied.

They entered the [email protected] and Arizona st©pped what she was teaching.

Her eyes met with Vince’s and she st©pped talking, they both maintained the contact for two secs before Vince walked to his seat.

She resumed her seminar and surprisingly, Vince is listening attentively, he’s even jotting to Chrissy’s amusement.

The seminar lasted for another one hour and she left everyone exhausted when she was done.

“Can you come some other time miss Arizona?, I enjoyed the seminar” a student said.

👥 That’s true, you teach better than most of our lecturers

👥 plea-se miss!, When next should we expect you?

👥 We want you back

“We’ll need to wait for when next she has a free time in her schedule” Yang intervened, taking the [email protected]©p alre-ady.

“Good day” Arizona said.

“Thanks miss!” Most of them chorused as she left the [email protected]

Yang went to Vince immediately.

“Boss needs to talk to you” he whispered into his ear.

“Why?” Vince asked.

“You helped her yesterday, just follow me… plea-se” Yang replied and left [email protected]

“What’s up?” Chrissy asked.

“I’ll be right back” Vince replied and left the [email protected] but Chrissy followed secretly.

He got to the park and met Arizona waiting beside her car.

“Why do you want to see me?”

“Heard you saved me yesterday” she said.

He continued looking at her.

“Well….. thanks….I…. appreciate and….. thanks for taming that rude dog earlier….

“I didn’t do it cos of you, I only used you as a bait cos she hurt my friend and at the same time, I’m tired of her atrocities” he interrupted.

“All the same … Thanks, I’d have s£nt her to the hospital with a broken bone if you hadn’t intervened, and for saving me yesterday, I’d like to compensate you” she said and Yang gave her a card.

She pointed it at him.


“A debit card, take it” she said.

“I really don’t need your money” he said and her hand went down.


“I just don’t” he replied and walked away.

“He’s so so blunt and…jeez!, What kind of a guy is he” Yang said.

Arizona kept looking at his worn out shoes and faded Jean as Vince walked away.

“He obviously needs it, but I guess his ego is big” she said with a light heave.

“Shall we go?” Yang asked.

“Yeah, to the company” she replied, getting into the car.



Avery [email protected]£ in, she has her eyes on her phone, checking the number of likes and comments she has on her recent videos.

Despite he fact that Blaze didn’t feature in Havana’s last video, she got more likes than her again and it’s so annoying.

“That bit-ch!, I res£nt her!” She yelled, throwing her phone away.

All the maids around snuck into the available corners.

She might just fling one of them after the phone.

“I’m more beautiful than that ape” she said arrogantly.

She remembered the audition coming up at JYP entertainment and smiled.

“If Havana attends, she’ll surely be chos£n as one of the trainees, I have to do something to keep her off, I can’t let it happen” she said, climbing upstairs.

She changed her uniform and sli-pped on only a shi-t that’s ba-rely covering her n-kedness.

She unwra-pped a lolli-pop and started l!çk!ng it as she walked out of the room.

She remembered Blaze again.

“I’ll just get him and use him, not like I’m really interested in him anyways” she smiled and suddenly started hearing crashing sounds from her s£nior sister’s room.

“Is she back alre-ady?” She wondered and opened the door to her room.

Summer is busy fli-pping things across her room in anger.

“Someone pissed someone off” Avery said, taking her pop out of her mouth.

Summer st©pped fli-pping and drove her f!ngersinto her hair, pacing around.

“What’s up?” Avery asked.

“Do you know Arizona?, That darned billionaire” Summer said.

“Who won’t know that psycho, what about her?” Avery replied.

“She [email protected]£ to my school for seminar earlier just when I was disciplining that ugly Chrissy, can you believe she held my hand away from Chrissy and when I made to dealt her a [email protected], Vince st©pped me, that h0ttie was re-ady to lose his scholarsh!pfor that crazy lady” Summer said.

“How’s that even possible?, You said Vince is cold, he never talks to anyone besides Chrissy”

“I don’t just know, since when he carried that psycho out of the restaurant in his arms yesterday, I knew something isn’t right, is she trying to take Vince away from me?, I can’t let that happen” Summer said breathing heavily.

“You’re madly obsessed with this guy” Avery smiled.

“I’m the only one who knows how I feel when I see him, his full thick brows, his poutyl-ips that’s definitely soft, his long lashes like a girl’s, his full hair edges. Avery his handsomeness is always blinding, I get w€t anytime I see him, I come home from school with w€t [email protected] everyday just because of him, I want him badly I swear it” Summer replied dreamily.

“So… what made you fight with Chrissy?”

“I asked her for his number but she was stubborn” Summer replied.

“You should get that from the info board in mum’s study” Avery replied.

“That’s practically impossible, it’s always locked” Summer replied.

“I’ll help you, we can just find a way in, and if you want Vince so much, I can help you too, but you’ll have to promise to help me too when the time comes” Avery said.

“What do I do?” Summer asked and Avery smiled evilly.



Arizona just finished everything on her desk, she yawned slightly and smiled.

“I can now watch my movie” she said, walking to her changing room.

She changed into shorts and a wi-de white shi-t then [email protected]£ back to sit in front of the TV.

“Thank goodness it’s Friday!, Yay!, I love Fridays!” She screamed so loud.

Ming [email protected]£ in with her popcorn and tissue.

“Happy viewing ma’am” she said.

She s£nt her out with only a wave of an hand.

Ming smiled before leaving.

She put on the TV and luckily, the continuation of one of her favorite movies is going on.

Moon Lovers.

“Thankfully I won’t miss this” she smiled, heaping loads of popcorn into her mouth.

She placed her legs on the table, smiling as she watched her favorite actress on screen, the movie has just few scenes left before the end.


“Oh no!!!!!!!!!, My IU!!!!” She cried loudly, her tears falling in torrents alre-ady.

The popcorn bowl got emptier and emptier as she cried.

“How could Lee Joon Gi be so stupid how could he!!!!, My IU died after giving birth!!!!, I wanna kill Joon Gi!, I want to kill that viper!, My IU!!!!” She cried.

Yang [email protected]£ in slowly.

“The tears is much today” he said behind her.

“I told you all men are same, look what he did to his beloved, she died after giving birth, I wanna cry!!!” She lamented.

“You’re crying alre-ady” Yang replied.

“Guys are snakes!!” She cried again.

“Including your helper?, Vince?” Yang asked.

“His name is Vince?”

“Yeah, but you decided to name him anaconda”

“Maybe he’s a responsible anaconda, but only one young boy is not a snake, he’s a sweet candy” she smiled, remembering the face of the boy.

“Who?” Yang asked.

“I don’t know his name, he’d have grown up like me, I won’t even recognize him anymore if I meet him by chance anytime” she smiled.

“This is new, but you smiling with tears on your face makes you look like a witch” Yang said.

“What do you think I am before?, Pretty witch” she replied, wiping her tears.

She stood and put off the TV.

“I’m visiting Unicorn highschool right now” she smiled.

“Why do you always like to go there?” Yang asked.

“None of your business” she replied and entered her dressing room.

“Managing her mood swings is the real job here” Yang sighed.



“Nanny!” [email protected] shouted, rushing into the house.

She’s actually just coming from practice.

She’s planning to attend the upcoming JYP audition so she always practices with some of her mates after school.

Alena is in the living room with Rita and Paulson, they’re all laughing when she [email protected]£ in.

“What’s happening?” She asked, hvgging Alena immediately.

“It’s so good to have her here, she’s so lovely and lively” Rita said.

“That’s why I love her at the first sight, she’s beautiful too” [email protected] said, pu-lling Alena up from her seat.

“Let’s go to my room!, I’ll show you around too”

“The maids showed her around alre-ady” Paulson said.

“Aww, and I was planning to have fun showing her but it’s cool!, Let’s go to my room I’ll show you around my room” she replied, taking her upstairs.



“Heard LE SSERAFIM will be shopping for their next concert in one of the most popular institutes in Korea and talking about one, that includes Arizona’s and yours” Bing reported and Arielle [email protected] him immediately.

“Arielle” Bing [email protected]

“How could you mention Arizona before me?, Are you in your right s-en-ses?”


“Shut up!, Shut up plea-se!” She interrupted.

“You’re the only boss who [email protected] her manager, I’m older than you, there should be a bit of respect” he said.

“I’ll surely get Zanillia’s contract and as for LE SSERAFIM, I’m somehow connected to Yunjin so tell me why I won’t get it?, Just get your head out of this place!” She yelled at him.

Bing left the house immediately.

“Fool!” Arielle spat.

Her phone rang immediately and when she saw it’s Prescott, smiles filled her face.

She swiped receive.

“Arielle” his S-xy voice said, s£nding w€tness down her [email protected]

“Prescott, how’re you doing?” She asked, taking in her lowerl-ip.

“I’m good, France is doing me well but I’m thinking of coming back to Korea soon” he replied and her eyes lightened up.


“Yes” he replied.

“Sounds good, I can’t wait to see you again” she replied.

“But can you s£nd me Arizona’s number?” He asked and her mood changed.


“That psycho beauty has a lot of numbers but I have only one of it, I guess she st©pped using that one cos I was disturbing her with calls” he replied.

“I’ll call you back” Arielle replied and hung up

She threw her phone on the couch and smiled devilishly.

“Prescott wants Arizona’s number?, He doesn’t even care about me?”

Prescott is a business tycoon who travels around the world, even at 27, he’s rich though not like Arizona.

He attended Oxford with Arizona and has been on her n£¢k since then for a relationsh!pbut like we all know, she’s not a fan of it.

Prescott [email protected]£ to Korea in the beginning of this year, he patronized Arielle’s institute for fun and Arielle fell [email protected] for him.

They had a one night stand and that only increased Arielle’s craving for him.

And now he’s coming back to Korea but he’s asking for Arizona’s number.

“Is Arizona planning to take everything away from me now?, Even Prescott?” Arielle glared angrily.



“Don’t take long, it’s alre-ady past 7” Yang said when Arizona [email protected]£ out of the car.

“I’ll take the time I want, all you have to do is wait ” she rolled eyes before going in.

Thanks to the connections she has with the owner, she goes in and comes out anytime she wants.

She walked straight to [email protected] 16 and stayed by the window.

She looked into the [email protected] and smiled sadly.

Most of her sad memories are here, she can almost hear the students jeering at her.

**Ugly face!**

**Miss rashes**

**I’d have committed suicide if I had your face**

Tears almost escaped her eyes but she st©pped it.

She climbe-d the rooft©p and smiled immediately.

The sweetest memory she had, happened here.

“I wish you’d come again and this time, I wish you’d stay beside me forever and say more of those soothing encouraging words which made me strong, i just feel like you’re different from other millions of guys in the world, I wish you’d give me that @ssuring smile again” she whispered sadly.

She t©uçhed her face gently.

“I [email protected]£ pretty, I wish you can see the new me” she whispered.

She t©uçhed herl-ips and when she remembered she actually had her first k!sshere, she smiled.

“I miss you…a lot” she said.



“A clubhouse?” Vince said surprisingly when his boss mentioned delivery in a clubhouse.

“The person s£nt us more money than what she ordered, she’s a first timer though so you need to make it fast so we’ll make her regular” the boss replied, giving him the package.

He was given the person’s line and Vince took it curiously.

He left the restaurant with the delivery bike, thinking about what happened in school earlier.

Honestly he hadn’t seen that Chrissy was hurt before st©pping Summer from [email protected] Arizona.

How he even got to the sp©t, he had no idea, he just found himself holding Summer’s hand.

The fact that’s he saved her yesterday and today consecutively is ma-king him worried.

Is it happening by chance?

Is my mind pla-ying tricks on me?

Is there a reason?

He got no answer to all these.

“I hope she doesn’t come back to the school again, i hope I don’t run into her again” he told himself.

He got to the clubhouse and dialled the number.

“I’m here alre-ady, where are you?”

“Come inside, take the left turn after that, enter the third room” the female voice said and hung up.

He went into the clubhouse, the music pla-ying can be deafening.

It’s full of youths having fun.

He turned left as said and when he got to the third room, he knocked.

“Come in” was voiced from inside and he opened the door, he met a dark room.

His face was met with a spray and he covered his nose but seems he has inhaled alre-ady.

It must be so strong cos he fell heavily immediately, he sle-pt off and the lights [email protected]£ on.

Summer took off her cap, smiling happily.

Avery did the same.

“Job done, enjoy your night, you’ll be the first girl to [email protected]£ a guy” Avery win-ked and left the room.

Summer shifted Vince to the be-d, smiling bit-chily.

She traced his brows [email protected]£ss!ngly before ru-bbing hisl-ips.

“Finally I have you all to myself” she whispered, b!tt!g herl-ip.

She took off his shi-t and [email protected] at his beautiful b©dy.

“My gosh, I [email protected]£ w€tter, ouch” she [email protected] ed, bending over to trail k!sses on his che-st, [email protected]£ss!ngit slowly.

She got impatient and st©pped, then she started un-boltinghis belt.

“Can’t wait to fv¢k your d!¢k Vince, I love you more than fv¢k.


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