Angel of mine episode 1

🎆Angel of mine🎆

in-sert 1

‘What did you just say?’ I asked, standing akimbo.

‘I said my mother is moving in with us,’ he repeats.

Well I heard what he had said but I just wanted to make sure that I heard correctly, I must have misun-derstood or something. Too bad he said the exact thing and I am not to agree with him right now.

‘Wait wait, you didn’t tell me,’ I said now feeling so much anger rising.

He knew very well that I hated it, the fact that he plans things without consulting me first.

‘I just told you.’

‘No, you were supposed to tell me before you finally agreed that she is going to be moving in with us. I mean who is going to take care of her? I go to work; you go to work and so?’

‘Emily my mother is not feeling well and I can’t let her stay all alone at the village.’

‘She isn’t alone. Is she? She is there with her other grandchildren. Better we find someone to go there and take care of her.’

I mean seriously I can’t have that old hag moving in with us. I am sorry I am not trying to be rude or anything but haven’t you heard. No, I actually people from the village are witches especially the so called mother-in laws. I never un-derstood his mother and there is no way that I am letting that witch in my house. I am sure she is faking the sickness; I am so very sure that she isn’t sick at all but wants her son to take her in so that she can finally get rid of me. I never liked his mother and just like the witch she is, she has finally succeeded on poisoning his son.

‘I am going tomorrow.’

‘Going where?’ now I am so much confused by his reaction towards to what I was saying.

He wasn’t even listening to me, was he?

‘I am going to take my mother Emily.’

I feel like hitting the wall right now but I try so ha-rd to remain as calm as I can be because I don’t want him to see how much I am pissed off by his sudden decision of letting his mother move in with us.

‘You haven’t been listening to what I was saying. Have you?’


‘You know what we will talk about this later,’ I said gr-abbing my bag and car keys from the be-d and walking out on our conversation.

I don’t want him to be spoiling my mood right now. I feel so mad at him, I feel so pissed off, I mean I can’t stand his mother and he should know better. I drive myself to work because I just want to process what my husband said to me this morning. I just wish he could change his mind about his mother moving in with us. I got to work and park my car just at the parking lot. I am welcomed by the security guard, oh I wish there was something good about the morning, I say inwardly as I walk inside the building. I am quiet early today because I have a meeting with the shareholders its online and I have to be in my office as early as I can be so that I won’t miss a thing. My secretary is not at her desk, maybe she is late. I have no strength of fighting with anyone as I re-move my l@pt©p from my bag.

I place it on the table and switch it on. I feel so tired, and I feel not okay at all. I hate fighting with my husband. I might have been raised in a different way than him, hmm like he grew up at the village and I had always been abroad with my family. When we decided to come back here, that’s how I met my husband. Trust me when I say I am black Afrikan but mostly people think that I am colored because of my skin color. Anyway we start the meeting and I am glad it ends well. They just wanted us to talk about the company and if it’s ma-king any profit. I sat back on my chair and I want to call my husband but I feel like he is the one who owes me an apology. My secretary walks in my office, I didn’t hear her knock,

‘So now you don’t knock? To t©p it all you are late,’ I say to her and her eyes are red.

I don’t want to hear anything about her personal life right now. We both are fighting our own demons, we both are having problems but what makes her special. Coming to work late, I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior from her. I hope she better have a good explanation to why she is late.

‘I am sorry ma’am I am late.’

‘You are fired,’ I say that so relaxed.

It’s my company anyway and I don’t give a damn about these people. They are incompetent, they are so many people out there looking for jobs and she actually pla-ying.

‘Ma’am plea-se, I ha-rd ly sle-pt because my daughter wasn’t feeling well and she was admitted at the hospital last night. I am a single mother and I am paying for everything.’

‘I am not the one who f0rç£d you to open your legs to someone who was going to abandon you. Couldn’t you have been a little clever? I don’t care about that. They are so many people looking for jobs and you are not serious at all with your job.’

She kneels down on the floor with tears in her eyes begs me to reconsider my decision.

‘plea-se spare me the drama. My decision is final and I am not going to change my mind.’

‘Ma’am plea-se,’ she begs me again and seriously she getting into my nerves.

‘I suggest you quietly leave my office, unless you want me to call security guards for you.’

She got up from the floor and leaves my office leaving a bad smell.

‘I doubt if she even bathed in the morning.’

You know I think it will be best for me if I don’t get myself a secretary. They are just ha-rd work.


I am listening to Whitney Houston-Saving all of my love for you, while driving home. I am not sure if I want to see my husband since we had a fight in the morning but then I love him very much and I hate fighting with him. I got home and park my car out front. I take a de-ep breath before gr-abbing my bag which I had placed on the other seat, after ma-king sure that I have taken everything with me, I open the car door and get out of the car. I walk to the door and realize that the lights from the dining room are switched off, of which they are not supposed to be if my husband is around.

So that meant 1 thing he wasn’t in the house and he didn’t tell me anything about leaving the house. I walk inside the house and call out his name several times while walking to our be-droom. Mind you I didn’t check if his car was at the garage. I open the door to our be-droom and he isn’t inside. I sit on the be-d and dial his number, it’s taking me straight to voicemail. I am worried about him and if he was working late, at least he could have told me so than to keep me in the dark as if I wasn’t his wife. I decide to take a bath hoping maybe he would have come back once I am done but when I c@m£ back just after some few minutes, he wasn’t back yet. I didn’t eat that night worried about my husband. He had never done this before, never had he ever left the house and forgot to tell me where he was going, that was just unlike him. I don’t know how I fell asleep but I woke up the next following morning with the sound of my phone ringing. I slowly open my eyes, it’s a Saturday and whoever is calling better have a good explanation to why they are calling me because I hate being disturbe-d, I thought to myself as I try to find my phone buried un-der my pillow. I gr-ab my phone and answer it.

‘Hello,’ I respond without checking the caller id.

‘Babe,’ he says to him and I quic-kly get up.

I sit on the be-d and what I am waiting for right now is an apology from him, a sincere one. Why didn’t he call me last night?

‘I was worried about you,’ I say calmly.

No, I don’t want to shout at him least he thinks that I am crazy. So I try to be calm, to be very calm and not try to shout at him.

‘I am sorry I just left without saying goodbye.’

‘Where are you?’

‘I went to take my mother; I am at the village right now.’

‘What?!’ I exclaim.

So then he went to take his mother without consulting me first. He is getting on my nerves right now and I am so mad at him.

‘I am coming back tomorrow with her. I am sorry babe; I have to go my uncle is here and my mum says hie.’

‘Are y…,’ he hangs up the phone before I could say anything else.

I seriously nee-d a drink right now and so I call my friend Tiffany to come over to my house. She is my best friend and she is the one who told me that I shouldn’t trust my mother-in law. She was right, once that witch moves in with us, I will sort her out, kill her.



🎆Angel of mine🎆