Angel of mine episode 2

🎆Angel of mine🎆
Episode 2

‘My mother-in law is going to be moving in with us,’ I said to Tiffany as she is pouring us our favorite wine.

She st©ps and put the bottle of wine on the table.

‘What did you just say?’

‘I said my husband went to take his mother and she is going to be staying with us.’

She looks at me as if waiting for me to say that I was joking.

‘Yap,’ I take a sip.

‘Well that’s new and did he tell you about it?’

‘He just told me the day before he left for the village and I made it clear to him that I didn’t want that woman at my house but he didn’t listen to me.’

‘But why bring her here if he can just look for a maid?’

That’s what I thought at first, I told Tiffany but then it seemed like my husband just wanted his mother to move in with us.

‘I don’t know what to say. You know things will never be easy when you are living with your mother-in law. All I can say is good luck and if she gives you any trouble, I am one call away and I will be here to save the day.

‘Thank you friend and I knew I would count on you.’

‘Friends for life,’ she said raising her glas-s of wine.

‘Friends for life,’ I said raising mine.

When Tiffany finally left my house, I took a shower before going to be-d. So my husband hadn’t called me that day and I wasn’t about to. After all he was with the woman that I loathed. I wanted to just relax at home and watch some movies. Thank goodness Emily was there for me in the morning, if it wasn’t for her taking her time to just be there for me then I would be going crazy. It was at around 7pm when my phone rang and I was watching A fall from Grace, a movie by Tyler Perry. Surely, I don’t get that woman. Why was she going after someone who was young enough to be her son? I mean should we actually feel pity for her, for being pla-yed at? I don’t think so, she deserved what she got. What was she thinking falling in love with someone who was way younger than her?

Anyway the person who was calling was hubby. I hope he had a better explanation for not calling me in the morning. I was expecting his call but he never bothered to call me. I bet that woman advised him not to; I reluctantly answered his phone call. I couldn’t ignore it lest he things that I am being kind of b***hy and disrespectful to him.

‘Hie babe,’ he says to me.

‘Hie, hubby.’

‘I am sorry for not calling you in the morning and in the afternoon as well, I was extremely busy.’

‘Busy doing what?’ I wanted to ask him but instead I said, ‘Oh I get it. What were you busy with?’

‘I was helping uncle at the farm and we were trying to find someone to look after the house when mum is gone.’

‘Oh I say.’

So does that mean he is actually coming with his mother? I wish he was going to change his mind, I wish he was going to say that he wasn’t at all coming with that witch. We talked for a while and I decided to call it a night. He didn’t tell me when he was coming with her and I never asked. It’s not like I was happy with his decision. The following day it was church but I wasn’t in the mood to worsh!pthe Lord, rather I stayed at home watching movies and sipping on wine. Trust me when I say that I was a wine lover, I don’t know if that makes any s-en-se but I loved wine a lot. I couldn’t call Tiffany to come over at my house because she was going out with her b©yfri£nd.

So Tiffany and I had been friends for years and she was more than a friend to me. She was a sister and I just loved her to bits. I mean she had always been there for me when I nee-ded her the most. She never judged me nor was she ever against my decision about life. I could tell you more about Tiffany but that will be a story for another day as I was busy with household chores. I bet you asking yourselves why a rich lady like me didn’t have any servants. Maids or a garden boy as they refer to them. I love having what they call privacy; I just wanted it to be about me and my husband. You know 3 is a crowd and about having babies, I told him that I wasn’t re-ady to be a mother. Yes, we had been married for 5 years now but we had no child of our own.

Before I forget, someone had actually asked me if I had ever step foot at my mother-in law’s place. It’s p@rt of tradition for the bride to visit once in a while but since I had been married to him, I went there once and every time he wanted us to go together, I kept ma-king up excuses, he would end up going alone. I wasn’t happy with that but the place was dirty and it just made me puke. I hated the village people and their way of living. Now his mother is moving in with us, gosh I don’t want to think about it right now, it does just make me want to puke. The mere sight of her and the bad smell coming out of her just makes me sick.

I finish cleaning my house and disinfect it. I don’t know what kind of germs she coming along with. I will just make her sleep on the floor, it’s not like where she lives they have nice be-ds. I also have to buy plates for her because there is no way that I am ma-king her use my own kitchen utensils. What if she is going to bewitch me? Anything is possible with that woman. I take a bath and just prepare some lunch for myself. I wish it could be like this forever, my husband and I. Just the two of us without having no worry. I wouldn’t worry about my mother paying me a visit, she is a smart woman but then she hates Afrika and prefers staying in Canada (Lol I just love Canada and wish to go there 1 day. Don’t mind me using that country name several times).

That day time flies like it’s no one’s business. It’s alre-ady night and tomorrow Monday meaning back to work. I actually go to be-d early because I have to be at the office before 8am. Thank goodness I had a good night sleep that was after I took 1 slee-ping pill. It seemed I had developed insomnia disease since I heard that woman will be moving in with us. I get at the office and just sit on my chair staring at the ceiling. I have a lot going throu-gh my head. Things like is he going to be giving me that attention he always gave me or some things are going to change? Trust me I don’t want to think about that right now but I can’t help it you know.

‘Emily,’ I hear someone calling out my name, bringing me back to reality.

I look at him and just smile. I didn’t even hear him coming in you know. I get up on the chair and greet him with a hvg. It’s been long since I last saw him and I am so glad that he is here with me,

‘What are you doing here Ernest?’

You can just tell by the E word, Ernest is my brother who had been working as a doctor in Kenya. I don’t know why he chose that awful country. Unlike me, he loved Afrika. Okay let me be honest with you all, my father was Zimbabwean but my mother was from Mexico. I think now you can tell by my skin color, I actually lied when I had said that I wasn’t colored unfortunately my father pas-sed away when I had turned 18. I don’t like talking about his death and so I will end here for now.

‘I c@m£ to see you big sis or I am no longer invited over to your house,’ he said with a smile as we sat on the couch in my office.

‘No, it’s just that I didn’t know you were back. I thought you are still in Kenya, helping the sick.’

He laughed briefly.

‘No, I am actually on my way to Harare.’

‘Let me guess to see that girlfriend of yours?’

‘Why do you hate her that much?’

‘Hate is a very strong word baby brother, I don’t hate her but she is just not your type. I thought maybe you will end up with someone better and when you told me that you were d@t!ngher, honestly I was just surprised.’

‘I should get going.’

‘Wait what? You just got here. Did I say something offensive?’ I ask him as he is alre-ady up on his two feet.

Maybe I might have crossed the line, a little.

‘I am sorry; I didn’t mean to be that harsh on you.’

‘No, it’s okay. That’s how you feel about her. Pas-s my greetings to Jamal.’

With that said, he just walked out of my office. I even tried calling him back but he didn’t even turn back. I think I must have said too much.


‘Are we there?’ my mother asks.

‘We are almost there Ma.’

I bet she is tired of sitting in the car and it’s alre-ady around 7pm. I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by bringing her over to the city but then she is my mother and I wasn’t going to let her suffer when I know that I am capable of taking good care of her. I didn’t tell Emily about leaving knowing very well that she was going to freak out. When we arrived at my house, I was just feeling nervous when I was walking with mum at the door holding her hand. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, the reason why I took her from the village is to try to find the cause of her sickness. Meaning I would have to take her to the doctor. I open the door and it isn’t closed. As I walk inside the house, I am met by her eyes as she is looking at my mother