Amidst temptation Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
Serena la-id out a dress..
“I’m giving you a make over”, she said..we were in her ap@rtment, night of the p@rty. She told me as usual that she disapproved of the best go-wn I eyes stayed on the dress she had la-id out for was red and probably short..
” I’m totally fine with how I am… I don’t wana look like a clown”
” you d look like me..that’s what you should look like..clas-sy, h0t and sophisticated ”
“No offence..but I do not want to look like you” what happened to Jesus”and I love the gesture but I have my own clothes”
“Oh Dad’s a commissioner who do think is gonna be can’t wear what your wearing”
“I don’t wana look like a slut”
“I promise you you won’t”she said with an eyeroll
“And my clothes are pretty nice..don’t insult them”
“Yeah right..I guess they ok for church”
I rolled my eyes”fine have your way..but when you follow me to church your gonna dress like me”
“Of course..that’s what I dream of” she said with sarcasm, as she sat me on the dresser starting with my hair.
“I look drastic” I frowned at the mirror while Serena beamed at her work, I didn’t look like a Christian right now, the dress like I guessed was short, hvgged my curves with halter n£¢k and she had f0rç£d a 6-inch heel on me which I was surprisingly able to pu-ll off, I wished Erica could see me right now I’m sure she d be shocked at the transformation
“I hate you Serene..this is not me”
“I love you too Emilia, you look terrific..just like I imagined”.
Hell yeah they d see throu-gh me at the p@rty that I didn’t belong in their world..she went about getting re-ady herself while I tried in vain to pu-ll down the dress..Her friends didn’t recognise me and were shocked when they did..I felt even worse now.
The p@rty held in a club in GRA, I felt trifle out of place as I walked into the noisy room, Serena held my hand as if scared I would run away..I had thought of that, I was alre-ady regretting coming. The atmosphere was so not my scene as there was smoke, alcohol and dancing
“Welcome to your first p@rty”
“Where are we?”I asked in case I had to call Rebecca
“A club..don’t worry just blend in” she said above the loud music. The other girls had disappeared with guys, I still looked around and decided Serena went was packed full with and well decorated, though dim lited..I could ba-rely see her
“Now let’s find my brother”
“Maybe hes dancing”
“ brother doesn’t dance with just anyone..he should be with the guys ha there he is” she pu-ll-ed me along towards a less crowded area
“Uh..after we meet your brother..can I go?”
“Of course socialize”
“I told you am bad with that”I told her as someone c@m£ and carried her up she squealed in laughter, I was busy pu-lling my dress down, when I looked up and our eyes met..I stared at him..him me as my mind screamed ” unbeliever” but I couldn’t look away..he was Beautiful, thats the description..he sat with some guys on a cushion wearing all black with his che-st open, I swallowed a spit I didnt realise I was holding as he stood up and c@m£ towards us, my heels were high but he reached my height without trying
“Who’s your friend” he asked as he took my hand, he kept his hold on me as my heart thudded..I couldn’t explain what was happening, Serena jumped on him in a ti-ght hvg..her b©yfri£nd..Of course he was..
“Happy birthday” She said, he put her aside and tweaked her nose
“You outdid yourself this time..tnx”
Serena curtsied “anything for you bro” she leaned on him”I see you’ve met my friend..this is Emilia”
I found my voice, “uh..Hapi birthdae..I have to go” I whispered to Serena who ignored me”Millie this is my elder bro Sean” she introduced but we were holding gazes was like I had known him for ages, I didn’t believe in love at first sight but this was crazy
“You look beautiful in that dress”he said
“Uh..thanks..Serena’s idea”
“You wana sit with me..?” That sounded like he was asking me for something else with the look in his eyes, I looked around for Serena but she had varnished, I didn’t have a choice.
“Of course”
Minutes later I was nursing my malt and sitting awkwardly on the settee around his friends who was busy with one woman or the other..others were smoking..Sean was staring at me as if he was trying to figure me out, he had asked me to dance with him and I had awkwardly declined, I was thinking Serena planned this and I now regretted coming more than before, I had to meet a guy that would for sure haunt my dreams now, Sean went off to cut his cake and Serena was off somewhere pla-ying host..I didn’t know again what I was doing here, if my father was to see me now..Sean was suddenly in front of me
“So you won’t or catch fun..what do you then do?”he asked sitting down beside me , I shrugged, he probably thought I was boring
” My sister had told me a lot about you”he said
“Uh. What did she say?”
“That your h0t..but she didn’t do you justice” he said looking down me.
“I’m sure you are exaggerating”
“Every male turned when you walked in”
Thats because I didn’t belong here
“Didn’t notice”
I took another sip of my malt, he reached for it
“You should try a lil loos£n up” he said calling for one of the servers, I clenched the malt like my life depended on it
“uh..I’m a christian ”
“Christian.. So what you doing here?”
“Iv been asking myself that same question”, he stared at me again so my cheeks heated
“Even though you don’t do any of those you pretty chick”
“Well thank you”
“So you in my sisters clas-s…br@ins” he said, he gulped a bottle of beer and gave me, I shook my head “not even a sip?”he asked
“No thanks”
He sighed mused his hair as he said
“I so wanna k!ssyou right now”
A chill went up my spine..just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was ton-gue tied as my thoughts raced..if he tried it, would I let him?..if I pushed him away, would he let was his birthday, his p@rty and I was supposedly his girl for the night..I knew I was gonna kill Serena when I see her
“That wouldn’t be appropriate”
“Why?..cos you Christian”
“Cos we just met”
“So if I knew you for a month you’d let me k!ssyou ”
He searched my gaze”don’t tell me I would have to wait till marriage”
“If you marry me.” Why were we talking about marriage?
He chuckled, took another gulp then said
“so this thing between us would have to wait uh?”
“What thing..?”, I asked looking at him..his eyes darkened, he leaned back as his mouth grazed my n£¢k, I flin-ched from the plea-sure and shifted away, appalled at his boldness
“You won’t let me t©uçh you?” He sm-irked as he closed the distance and next I knew myl-ips were in his, for a second I was shocked, my stomach was in uproar as my fathers face c@m£ into focus ,what in hell was I doing..I pushed at him.”st©p it..”
He looked at me”I should st©p what ”
I stood up and walked away, his friends were laughing behind me but I didn’t care, I just nee-ded to get out of there, I felt hands around me andI knew who it was because of the tingles it caused, I pu-ll-ed away but he took my hand
“We could chill somewhere pri-vate”
What..”I have to find Serena” I couldn’t believe she left me
​​”Serena’s prob with her guy..she left you to my care..”I gaped
“Well I really have to go now”
“U can’t leave till the morrow” I crossed my arms frustrated
“I see your not comfortable, you could sleep in my room..I ll find somewhere to chill” he wanted to be a gentleman now?
“Take me to Serena”, i said, he signed and took a glas-s of wine from a pas-sing tray and gave me”its non alcoholic..” He said when he saw my hesitation, I took it gratefully.. “I’m sorry I k!$$£d you..” I looked up..was he really apologising
“Without your permission” he added and I looked away..
“Let’s find Serena”he said walking away.
We found her outside the club k!ss!nga guy who I guessed was the b©yfri£nd
Sean cleared his throat, she turned
“Hey you two lovebirds”
“I nee-d to leave..Now”I said firmly, she pe-cked the guy and c@m£ towards us
“That’s David Serena’s b©yfri£nd.. So I ll call you”he said
“No..pls don’t”
He looked hurt but I got in Serena’s car and blew out a breathe I didn’t know I was holding..glad the night was over at least
“So how’s my guys hit it off pretty quic-k..who would have thought”she said
“I’m thinking you planned this”
“What no..all I did was guys ‘d make a h0t couple”
What..”He doesn’t have a girlfriend? ”
“Uh no..hes never had one”
“So he just sleeps around”
“I wouldn’t say that” that wasn’t an answer but I didn’t say anything further..I just wanted to get home but I nee-ded to get something off my che-st.
“I didn’t like you leaving me behind like that”I told her
,”you were with my brother”
“​​​​​​Hes a stranger.. And I don’t like [email protected]’m a Christian I told you before”
” I just wanted you to have fun”
“Fun..k!ss!nga stranger..”I began when she streaked
“You guys k!$$£’goodness” I could feel her scheming alre-ady… I looked out the window, I was in hell..yes I was.
I didn’t tell Rebecca how the p@rty went..I didn’t want the ‘I told you so’ i just la-id on my be-d and cried..asking God for forgiveness and resolving never to go for any p@rty again.
Episode 6
The next morning we took out our laundry to wash seeing it was Saturday, we were talking about random things when Rebecca suddenly asked
“Who wouldn’t you see again?!”
My heart dropped to my stomach as I looked at her”I do listen to your prayers”she said “..and last night you were distraught”
I gaped “I’m baring myself out to God and you listen?”
“Well sorry but it seemed you didn’t tell me all of it”
“Nothing..I mearnt uh..I won’t go to a p@rty again”
Rebecca stared at me then resumed her washing..
She was so nosy, was I supposed to tell her everything especially something I was embarras-sed about.. something I was still fighting to erase from my mind..but the face was still sadly fresh almost like I was seeing him physically..well maybe because it was just last night.
I prepared for the meeting with the excos later that day and took the p@rty to the back of my mind, with God’s help I succeeded.
After the opening prayers the meeting started, the Secretary took down the minutes of the previous meeting before we went on break and I was asked to give my financial report, publicity secretary also gave his report and we deliberated on the matter of fundraising for the next two hours. Sis Racheal was the Secretary, there were rumours that she was alre-ady going to Martins house to cook and clean for him,I tried to figure out if something was going on between them..not that I was jealous
“Sister Emilia” i looked up at Martin”you seem far away, I was saying you have to meet with the Secretary to draw out a fund drive sheet, say by next fellowsh!pday it should be re-ady for distribution, we should take this project as Gods own project, He’s just using us as vessels he would bless..” Soon the meeting was adjourned and closing prayers was said, Racheal and Martin left talking and I picked up my ringing cell, it was Erica
“Hey are you going home tomorrow?” She asked, my Dad made it a tradition since we were close to school to come home on Sundays
“Uh no..I have so much work to do”I said
“I nee-d you to cover up for me because am not going”
“Why?Dad knows I’m preparing for exams but you..”
“Sis pls pls pls..”
“Fine I ll try..” Erica blew a k!ssand cut
I dropped my things that Sunday and made my way to my sisters place in one of the BQs she resided in, I knocked and knocked before deciding to call her
“Erica where are you?
” where are you? She asked back
“I’m at your place, door’s locked”
“Uh..can you come back later, I’m not close right now”
“Your not close.. Are you in GRA?” Twas a wild guess but I was right..”yea” she said
I went silent.. “chill am with Don” what was she doing with this time..”ok fine” I cut but she called back and told me to take whatever I had brou-ght for her to my room where she would come get it when she got back in school
“Dad must not know about this” she added
“Of course I guess I’m your ally now”
“I ll make it up to you” she cut.. I went back to my hostel and sat on my be-d wondering why my sister was like that..she wasn’t in school and I couldn’t tell my father, I guess she hadn’t been here all weekend. After I prayed for her again I decided to sleep, My phone was Serena but I didn’t pick up.
“I’ve been tryna call you for days” she said when we saw at biochemistry practical
“Iv been really busy with fellowsh!p” I said
“Ok well we were going shopping.. thought you could tag along”
“Thanks…I have clothes” I focused on the test tube I was tryna empty..
“Sean’s been asking about you” she said
“’s he?” I said pas-sively
“Fine.. he wants to see you..I gave him your number”
I looked at her”what…wait why are you throwing me at your brother ”
“Cos you both like each other” she deadpanned
“No..I don’t.. Hes an unbeliever, am a Christian, in fact I don’t think this friendsh!pis gonna work anymore, you always tryna make me do something contrary to my beliefs”
Shocked she looked taken aback..
“Millie I was just..” I waived her off and went to the burs£n burner, Rebecca had heard everything, she leaned and whispered “told you so”
Serena glared at us both before she focused on her own agents..what did she see in me even, we were so parallel, was I doing anything to draw her in?I knew I couldn’t be her friend, she d pu-ll me to her side..evil communication corrupts good manners,my father had warned me about bad friends… I took out my practical manual and jotted down my findings, fighting within myself not to think about Sean.
To be continued