Amaka the house help – episode 9

Amaka the house help

Episode 9

Two Weeks Later
Daniel called amaka one evening cause he felt lonely, not having anyone to chat with, she c@m£ into his room and sat down on the sofa while he l@ydown on his be-d, they were discussing till the ran out of t©pics to discuss on, then she asked.
Amaka: thought you were single when i first c@m£ here?
Daniel: i was.
Amaka: when did you start d@t!ngLisa then ?
Daniel: i met her after that incident with your ex, we d@t£d for a month and then i proposed to her the next month.
Amaka: so fast?
Daniel: anything wrong with it?
Amaka: no, just asking, anyway when is she coming back?
Daniel: she’s not coming back again.
Amaka: why?
Daniel: we broke up.
Amaka: when?!
Daniel: last two weeks.
Amaka: and why?
Daniel: she was cheating with your ex.
Amaka: Christian?
Daniel: i don’t know his name.
Amaka: seriously?
Daniel: you think am lieing or is it that you don’t want her to live?
Amaka: why would i want her to live? You love her, so if she apologized, you should take her back and see if she will cheat again.
Daniel: i don’t even know if i still love her.
Amaka: what?!
Daniel: i think i love someone else.
Amaka: whatever.
Daniel: do you want to know who it is?
Amaka: no!
Daniel: why are shouting? Are you jealous or angry?
Amaka: who is angry? Your love life is none of my business.
Daniel: are you sure?
Amaka: don’t ask me any more questions.
Daniel: why?
Amaka: am going to be-d, good night! (She stood up and wanted to live, but he got up before her and closed the door)
Daniel: its too early for you to sleep, stay for 30 minutes then you can go.
Amaka: why would i? Move out of the way!
Daniel: plea-se!
Amaka: no!
Daniel: then you’re not living! (Locks the door and puts the key in his pocket)
Amaka: what is it?
Daniel: what is what?
Amaka: unlock this door! Or..
Daniel: or what will happen?
Amaka: ok plea-se i want to go and…….( before she could finish the statement, he k!$$£d her and she stood there like a tree, not saying a word )
Daniel: amaka………, i love you.
Amaka: what?
Daniel: be my girl.
Amaka: what are you talking about?
Daniel: the girl i love is you, i want to spend the rest of my life with you plea-se.
Amaka: can i think about  this?
Daniel: what are you going to think of?….


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