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Allison’s dairy Episode 13 & 14

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
“What?!” I asked, utterly gobsmacked and confused.
We definitely killed him that day.. We couldn’t differentiate his body, of course because everyone involved on his side were burnt beyond recognition so how come he’s here.. could the names just be a coincidence or was it my hearing?
“ died,” Allison said, her gaze was skeptical, making me realise I didn’t mishear him. “The news-
“It was wrong,” he said and my heart gave a mild leap. “I didn’t die but I barely survived either,” he said, referring to his body. “We all got m@ssively burnt that day, I just had a slim narrow escape. I don’t have a body so I wouldn’t call this living, I’ll just call it not dying” he said. Walking into the room, Allison followed and I walked behind her.
Well, obviously from his look, he doesn’t seem to have recognized me.
We got into his room and I found lots of technological gadgets. The room had two chairs and a large table that conveyed the two computers with different wires and some other devices. Anthony sat on one of the chairs.
“What are all this?” Allison asked, looking around the room in awe.
“What I work with. There, you can have a seat,” he said. Allison gave me a look and I nodded for her to use the chair.
She sat.
“You do know who set that fire and tried to kill you, right?”
“Gavin? I know” he said.
“That’s his name?” Allison asked and he nodded. “So how did you escape the fire?”
“I wouldn’t say I escaped, I kind of expected the attack but it just came at the wrong time”
“You knew they were going to kill you? How?”
“Well, I had one of Gavin’s team member on my side, he brought me the tape and I gave him money in return. He revealed only his name; Shane. But I guess the way it was planned on the tape wasn’t how it happened but still I was a little prepared. Harley, helped me escape and I’ve been on the hideout since then” he said.
“Harley?” I asked, not being able to help it. “A friend or what?”
“Yes. He, Gavin and I were friends. Apparently, it was just Harley and I but Gavin came into the picture later and we welcomed him, not knowing he had something up his sleeves. We were both competitors for Lambskin company, I got the tape and knew he had a plan so I gave it to Harley and told him to be prepared for the day but it caught us both by surprise” he said. “I’d say I was just lucky”
“And where is this Harley?” I asked.
“He’s dead. Gavin killed him. He was your father’s boss, Allison” he said and Allison g@sped.
“Yes. He knew he was going to be attacked and he couldn’t trust anyone to leave the tape with but his gardener, I had him add that incomplete phone number to the tape when he told me of his intentions to give it to your father. I was still receiving private treatment at that time because I couldn’t properly walk so I couldn’t do anything but let him hand over the tape to your father, I had a time-virus implanted on every video in case it gets into the wrong hands” Anthony explained.
“M-my father is dead, both he and my mother” Allison said, her words muffled like she was fighting back tears.
“The moment I heard your voice, I know he was dead. I’m sorry for your loss” he said, his face fallen.
“Sorry?” Allison asked and I saw a tear drop from her eye. “He wouldn’t have died if you and that Harley hadn’t involved him in your games! If you had just solved your issues yourselves then I wouldn’t be here. We knew nothing about this! We only moved to live a peaceful life but they had to die because of you guys!” She suddenly flared up, crying.
“Allison, it wasn’t our intentions to get your parents killed-
“Then why didn’t you report to the cops and give those evidences to them? Why did you have to give it to my father and involve him in your issues when you clearly know that those guys were after it?!”
“The cops aren’t who they claim to be, Allison. You can’t completely trust them. Gavin has sources almost everywhere and-
“My father was the trustee that could hide that evidence?” She asked, cutting him off. “He couldn’t have expected what was in that card. Even when Harley knew Gavin will be after whoever has that card, he still gave it to my father, he ruined my life!-
“Your father was a good man, Allie”
“And you took advantage of that! Both of you! You crumbled my life!”
“Allison,” I placed a palm on her shoulder and she stopped talking, taking in a deep breath.
She stood up. “My father isn’t an authority! He was just a gardener and you took advantage of his ignorance, costing both his life and my mother’s! You knew they could die yet you endangered their lives! You’re no better than their killers!” Her words died down as tears crawled out of her eyes, I quickly took her in my arms and she gladly accepted the offer and cried.
“I don’t think she’s ready for this yet,” Anthony whispered softly to me, I could s£nse the emotions clogged up in his voice. “You should take her home. She’ll come back on her own when she’s ready. I’ve waited long enough for her, to give up now” Anthony said and I nodded. I took Allison out of the house and she didn’t say a word as I held her and led her to the car.
I helped her on the p@ss£ngers and hopped on the driver’s. I inserted the key into the hole.
“You’re right” she suddenly uttered and I stared at her but her gaze was ahead. “I’m not ready for this,” she mumbled, giving me a glance. She bit her lower l!p, let out a brief muffled cry sound and wiped her tears.
“For revenge” she added lowly. “Their death still hits me very h@rd whenever I think about it and I can’t help but get angry at everything and I hate to say this but..I’m scared” she said, sniffing as tears gathered in her eyes again. “But I can’t just do nothing about it” she said, wiping her tears that fell immediately.
“Anyone will feel exactly the same way as you feel right now if they were in your shoes” I said and she dart her gaze to me.
“I’m just too weak, just like my dad”
“No. You’re strong, you just need time to prove that and you’re you, not anyone else” I said, stretching my hand; I wiped her tears.
“Thank you, Jonas” she said, smiling amidst the tears.
“Want to grab a bite?, I know somewhere that serves really tasty food, you’ll love it” I said.
“Okay, sure” she said and I nodded, I offered her my handkerchief and she accepted it. “Thank you”
I looked ahead and started the car. “And Allison,” I called and she looked at me. “Don’t be scared, no one will hurt you as long as I’m here; it’s a promise” I said and she beamed a huge smile.
“Thank you, Jonas”
✏Jon@ss POV✏
The crazy traitor that Gavin had killed himself. He was a money freak, he loved money more than anything in the world. I’ve caught him twice, stealing from Gavin but i just let it slide. I had perceived that traitor trait in him right from our first conversation, he didn’t seem to like anything other than money and when Gavin kicked him off the team, he had tried to make earns off it by blackmailing us. Gavin took nothing in it as he constantly ignored his demands, waving it off as empty threat until he was caught in the act..
Out of skepticism, I had been on his trail after he was removed from the team, watching and marking his every move and he was at the brink of releasing a very grievous secret of ours to the media for a huge sum of money, one none of us knew existed.. a video that collected our faces without our masks, I alerted the others and after a quick trick, we had him in our net and Gavin wasted no time in planting two bullet in his forehead.. who would’ve thought that Anthony survived because of him?
I arrived at reality when our food was served, the waiter left and we began eating..
As I ate, I glanced up and found Allison, trying to cut a piece of meat with a knife but couldn’t, her hand made little trembles as they moved to cut the meat.. after the second fruitless trial, she gave up and went for the rice, grabbing a spoonful of it.
I took my knife to her plate and cut the meat into little pieces before pushing it closer to her.. she gave me a subtle look before smiling in appreciation. It melted my heart subconsciously.
“Thank you,” she said and I nodded, she happily sink the fork into the meat she grabbed a piece.
💘 Allison’s POV💘
I dug into my meat which I found difficult to cut initially but thanks to Jonas I was able to eat it and just as it look, it was super tasty. Jonas didn’t like when he said their meals were delicious.
After the meal, Jonas paid and just as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant, a loud curdling sound rang out and subconsciously, I grabbed Jonas in the arm, roughening that part. My face buried in his skin as fright enveloped me.
My heart gave a huge skip and I froze. I felt his arm clasping around me..
“Allison, it’s just fireworks” he said, his warm palms soothing my skin. “It’s nothing dangerous, believe me” he @ssured.
Truthfully, it didn’t sound as loud as a gunshot and why I cringed out of fear, I had no idea..
I slowly released me grip from his body and looked ahead, truly it was fireworks and it gave another shot in the air when I look, a wave of calmness washed through me; normalizing my system.
I glanced at Jonas and our gaze met, embarr@ssed, I quickly pulled myself from him.. I felt the hotness in my cheeks.
“S-sorry about that”
“It’s fine!” He caught me off before I could barely finish..
“Here,” he took off his jacket and covered it around me. “It’s getting cold” he said with a half smile, grabbed my palm and led me to the car.
We both got in and he began driving.. The early evening air seeped continually into the car from the windows, making the atmosphere a bit cozy and perfect.. I wound the jacket closer and pushed my head back to let it lay on the headrest and get more of the nice weather.
We arrived at Jonas house and got down, I walked into the house and took Jonas jacket off my body and walked further into the house, as I forcefully landed my weight on the chair, I sprained my wrist and the healing wound on it tore open, I winced.
I held my wrist to my face and tried pulling off the plaster but I couldn’t, the pain was close to unbearable and I couldn’t take it, I was about retracting my hand when it was tug away from me, I looked up to see Jonas.
“Let me help” he said, “it hurts less when someone else does it” he said, giving me a mild look. I nodded wryly and fully gave him my wrist..
As he held the plaster, I shut my eyes tight and like a snap, I felt a sharp pain and just before I could wince, it vanished and a cool s£nsation replaced it.
It was soothing.
Gradually, I opened my eyes and found Jonas head bent over my wrist as he released gently breeze into the open wound from his mouth..
I moved my gaze to his face and his front hair fell over, his l!ps withdrawing constantly as he released air while his f!ng£r tips caressed around the spot. I didn’t know when a smile tug at my l!ps and when he looked up, I felt something new and wonderful dance at my stomach pit.

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