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Allison’s dairy Episode 15 & 16

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Allison’s POV✏
I felt something wonderful run through my depth of my Belly and igniting a wonderful s£nsation at the spot.. I gulped at nothing.
“It doesn’t hurt, does it?” Jonas asked and I shook my head negatively and slowly.
“It doesn’t” I said subconsciously and he nodded with a brief smile.
“I told you,” he gave a satisfied smile “hold on, I’ll get the first aid kits. Let it rest here” he gently left my hand on the chairs handrest before leaving.
I drew in a huge breath and placed a hand on my chest, sighing in amusement at what I felt.
Jonas returned with the box, crouch before me and gently took my hand; he brought out the kits and began dressing the wound, being as gentle as he could and I couldn’t help but stare at him.
Later that night after I retired to bed, I couldn’t help but think about Anthony and his words. If not for anything but for my parent, I have to give in to whatever he wants me to do. I wonder how long it’ll last, it had just been to heavy on me back then, hearing him tell me the whole thing from the scratch..
If this whole thing is going to work, then I need to push the faults aside and focus on getting Justice for my parent, whether I want to or not, it’s necessary that I see him again..I tossed to the other side of my bed, pushing my thoughts elsewhere; Jonas?
Could any of this have been possible without him? How can anyone be so kind and generous at the same time.. Without demanding a thing like some other guys, he accepted me in even though I was unfriendly to him, unlike him, when we first met? He accepted me in and without receiving a dime, cared for me like a friend? Can anyone be such a person?
A half smile tug at my l!p as I pictured his face when he blew raspberry on my wound. Undoubtedly, he’s a good looking guy.
The next morning, after a quick morning routine, I packed my hair in a rough messy bun, dressed up in a pair of baggy short and tank top and head out to the living room, the strong smell of raw black coffee hit me and I traced it to the kitchen where Jonas was at, preparing breakfast and backing me. He was still on his nightwear but his hair stood out w€t, he must’ve had a quick wash before coming out
“Good morning” I said, walking closer to him.
He stopped what he was doing and turned to me.
“Good morning. Wasn’t expecting you this early” he said, giving me a smile.
I’m getting used to waking up early around here, back then at my parents house, I usually was a very heavy sleeper and most of my first meals were brunches, I h@rdly have breakfasts.
“Well, Unlike you I’m not always a light sleeper” I said, walking to meet him.
He laughed briefly. “I’m used to it. How was your night?”
“Fine, thank you. What’s for breakfast?” I asked. ”
“Pancakes, Bacon and eggs” he said, breaking the eggs into the pan that contained a bit of oil.
“I’m almost done with it” he said and I nodded.
“I’ll set the table then,” I said and turned to head out of the kitchen but stopped and turned back to him.
“Um Jonas?” I called and he tilt his head to look at me. “I was thinking if we could go see Anthony later today” I said, he wore an unreadable express for a brief moment.
“You’re positive, you want to do that now?” He asked.
“I am. I spent most of the night thinking about it, it’s something I must do so I have to” I said.
“Okay. We’ll have an early lunch and go there” he said.
“Okay. I’ll go set the table now” I said and he nodded, I walked out to the living room.
True to his words, after a quick lunch, we both set out to Anthony’s hideout. The drive was long and calm, save for when we got to the lane that had his block; it was bumpy. We arrived and Jonas made sure to park in a secure place before we got down. I stepped down and made it to the door, I typed in the p@sscode and the door made a clink sound, opening. Jonas pushed the knob and opened the door fully before walking in, I followed from behind. Anthony was already in the vacant living room, staring towards the door and at us. He probably saw us coming.
“I’m glad you came back, Allison” he said, relief evident in his eyes. His gaze went to Jonas and I read skepticism.
“Your parent’s death was neither mine nor Harley’s intention, Harley only gave him that card cos your father was the only person he could trust with his life. This might not be enough, but on both our behalves, I’m sorry and I @ssure you that we’ll definitely catch those criminals. I’m so glad you came back” he said, emotions clouding his eyes.
“I had to. I want those murderers brought to book more than anyone else” I said.
“Of course, come on” he said and led us to the room, he sat on the chair very close to the devices, I took the next seat closer to him.
The computer before him displayed the exterior of a company and Anthony worked on the keyboard, making the picture bigger
“Here,” he adjusted his chair to give us a clearer view. “This was originally Harley’s company, one of the reason Gavin had him murdered too so he could have it. It belongs to his wife now who I presume is Gavin’s lover because she made him CEO as soon as she was signed in” he explained.
“Ow! This is totally unfair on Harley’s part, if he were alive, he’d feel really sad about this,,” I said. “Right Jonas?” I asked.
“Um..yeah. definitely” Jonas said.
“Okay, I have to ask, does he always have to follow you here?” Anthony asked. “Do you both stay together or what?”
“We do. And you don’t have to worry, Mr Anthony, you can trust Jonas. He saved my life” I said. He gave Jonas an unreadable look and looked back at the computer.
“About that,” I referred to the company on the computer’s screen. “What do you plan to do here?”
“There’s a safe right inside Gavin’s office, hidden under a potrait hung on the wall, I have the lock to the safe and there’s some very confidential secret in there, it is a very solid evidence to bring Gavin down. Harley hid it there in case we somehow, couldn’t get hold of any other evidence, and to bring Gavin down, we need more evidence.. and it’s in that safe” he said.
“ how do we get it?” I asked.
“That’s the case, Gavin office has a very tight security. The only way I figured that we could get through is through his office keeper, Roseanne” he said, working on his computer and revealing a young petite lady, having almost the same stature as me.
“She’s on our side?”
“No. Look,” he showed me the screen that had some written words on a white background. “I got her all her schedules for the week. Her work time, break time and her off days. What we need is someone to act like her, go into Gavin’s office and get the files” he said
“I see,” I mumbled. “Do you have anyone in mind?” I asked and he gave me a suspicious look before we heard the door opening.. I looked at Anthony, alerted and he signalled for me to be calm. Suddenly, the curtain to our room flung aside and a middle aged man stepped in, holding a lunch box and a polythene bag on both hand.
“Sorry, I’m late Anto, the designer had to make it to it’s perfect shape” he said.
“You’re actually just in time!” Anthony said, taking the bags from him. “Allison, this is Joe, my brother. Joe, Allison. The girl I told you about” he introduced and we p@ssed hi’s.
“You should be getting ready for surgery and not doing this now, Anthony” I heard the Joe guy whisper to Anthony.
“This has to be done first, Joe” Anthony gruffly replied back, standing up and stepping away from him. He took the polythene bag and brought out a piece of clothing from it, unrolling it, I realized it was a dress.. more like a customised worker’s dress and I noticed the Roseanne lady had it on her too.
“So, Allison, this should be just about your size, right?” Anthony asked, referring to the dress. I took it from him and checked.
“Yeah, I guess so” I asked, studying the gown before giving him a questioning look.
“And Why are you giving her that?” Jonas asked, giving Anthony a look.
“Well, Allison. If you check clearly, Roseanne and you have just about the same height and stature and I couldn’t think of anyone else but you, you’re the only one I can trust and I’m confident about, to do this” Anthony said.
“Do what?” I asked.
“Well,” Anthony shut his eyes for a brief moment. “Act as Roseanne and get the file from Gavin’s office” he said.
“What?” Jonas said. “You’re crazy man, do you realise what you’re asking her to do?” Jonas flared up.
“Yeah, I know but with you dressed as Roseanne no one will have a single idea that you aren’t her. And Roseanne only cleans Gavin’s office when he’s away and that time is right here, in her schedule” Anthony said, his eyes pleading.
“Looks like you’re forgetting the part where you said the security is pretty tight in there.. goddammit! are you trying to get her killed?” Jonas asked In annoyance.
“What? No. And you stay out of this, Allison has a say of her own!” Anthony flared back subconsciously and Joe quickly moved towards him to calm him down.
“Geez.. looks like you need a punch to reset your brain cos I don’t think it’s still functioning” Jonas replied, moving to him and I quickly stopped him.
“I’ll do it, Anthony” I said, fear and doubts bouncing on my insides.. Jonas quickly gave me a shocked look. “I’ll get the file?” I repeated, waving off the doubts and un@ssurrance.
✏Allison’s POV✏
“Allison?” Jonas called, confusion evident in his eyes.
I gave him an @ssuring look. “I’ll be fine, Jonas. I can do this” I said, trying to sound as @ssuring as possible.
“You can’t!” He rasped. “You don’t know Gavin, Allison. This guy’s doesn’t seem like the one to let anyone sl!p through him!” He continued “I mean, look at every damn thing he does, yet he gets away with all of it. You think he’ll spare you if he catches you?”
I could tell he was angry and somehow, it hurts me.
“You won’t be caught, Allison. Your disguise won’t give you away, trust me” Anthony said, looking directly at me. I rolled my eyes off him.
“Disguise? Do you think he’s stupid. You don’t know him-
“That’s the case, Jonas. none of us knows this guy, we only know about some of the stuff he’s done. I can do this Jonas, I’ll try not to be caught and I promise if I s£nse danger, I’ll stop it right away” I said, @ssuringly. “I know you care a lot about me and I can’t do this without your approval, please” I said and Jonas gave me a call look before sighing softly. He placed a palm on his forehead and caressed it gently.
“So what about this Roseanne, won’t she say something about it?” He asked Anthony.
“No, Joe here gave her something that’ll make her have slight amnesia and oversleep. She won’t remember a thing” Anthony said. “And Allison, you don’t have to be scared, once you see anything suspicious, just walk away. But you’ll be fine, I promise”
“See?” I said to Jonas and he gave a short sigh before nodding reluctantly.
“Okay, so what do I need?”
“Everything you’re to use is in that bag, you won’t be detected at the scanning stand and when you’re in Gavin’s office, no one else will be in there, so you do your thing” he said. “Can you drive a car?”
“I guess so. I drive my dad’s truck sometimes” I said.
“They’re different vehicles, Allison. How about I drive her there?” Jonas suggested.
“No, Roseanne doesn’t go to work with anyone, it’ll bring suspicions if you drive her and a truck’s convincing enough” Anthony interjected.
“Be here before seven, Roseanne resumes work by seven. Ten feet away from here, you’ll find a car, blue in color; it’ll be parked. Every direction has been inputted in the car, you just need to get in and drive” he instructed and I nodded, glancing through the bag.
“If that’s all, can we go now?” Jonas asked.
“So soon. I thought I’d be having company for dinner” Anthony said. “You know, getting to know you actually made me realize how lonely living here is. Please, stay a little more guys” Anthony pleaded, pulling on a sad face. I gave Jonas and I could see the sheer disapproval in his look.
“Sure, we will” I said and Jonas gave me a knowing look before sighing in surrender.
“Not me, I have a job to get back to” Joe said, “see you later, Anto” he said, adjusted his clothes and walked out.
“Well, Yay!” Anthony squealed like a child and unpacked his lunch box, “at least I have you both. Come on and join me, there’s enough for everyone” he invited and I did but Jonas didn’t. I was just glad he was here with me.
Then next morning, I was sure to wake up pretty early, did the normal morning routine and carefully put on my disguise. The cleaner wear did fit me but not perfectly, it was a bit loose at a few part. I took the rest and walked out, Jonas was already setting the table for breakfast.
“Hey,” he smiled. “Knew you’d be up early so I made breakfast before then, have some before you leave” he said and I nodded.
“Thank you” I said and accepted the seat, covering up with the table cloth. I brought the saucer closer and took a large sip from the coffee, it was perfect. In no time, I grabbed a piece of the syrupy pancakes and dug into it.
While I ate, Jonas left and returned with a different outfit and his car key.
After breakfast, I quickly took away the used dishes and we head out, going into his car; a different car.
As the drive extended, I noticed him stealing glances at me at intervals but I let it slide and took out a picture from the bag, it was a full picture of Roseanne in her work outfit. I realised, she has her hair in a French plait. I set the picture aside and began dressing my hair to look like hers but after it, I noticed that the end of the French plait was loose whereas, her’s wasn’t. I tried it again but I couldn’t seem to tighten the end as perfectly as she did. I made a last attempt and it came out better.
A few more hours later, we got to the house and Jonas stopped the car and just few metres ahead, I sight the car Anthony had talked about.
“Hold on,” Jonas said when I was about to make it out of the car, I paused back on the seat and he took my hair and began working on it, he did the end before leaving it and when I checked it out in the mirror, it was just as Roseanne’s.
“Wow. This is good, thank you” I said, surprised.
“Good luck, Allison and don’t forget your promise. You’ll come right back if it gets shitty” he said.
“I won’t,” I said, gesturing.
“I’ll be waiting for you in Anthony’s,” he said and I nodded.
“Thank you,” I said, sitting back as if waiting for something.
“Um..I should go,” I said, disappointed.
What was I expecting anyways, that he’d klzz me?!
“Yeah, be safe” he said and I came down from the car. I moved forward to the other car and got into it.
I opened the door and it gave way, I hopped onto the drivers but before starting the car, I thought back on what I did in Jonas car.
“I must’ve looked stupid,” I sighed regrettably, twitching my face and giving my forehead a mental slap. I sighed and started the car, taking direction from the map.
I got to the company, it was a big building, even bigger than what Anthony had showed me in his computer. I quickly put on the face mask, light cleaning gloves and wore the ID card, before grabbing the customised handbag and walking out. I arrived at the entrance and went through a scan, I was accepted in and I stepped further into the big company. It was gl@ssy, wide and beautiful and hustle and bustle from different sides sprung up.
I felt nervousness sl!pping in but I waved it in a gulp and found my way to the elevator, I took out the small pad that was in the bag and contained the directions, it dropped me at the @ssigned floor. I walked composedly to where I got the cleaning equipments, I hung my bag carefully and balanced the bucket that contained soapy water and a mop, well.
I found my way to Gavin’s office and a security guard at the door, gave me a deep look before taking my ID, he gave it a glance and ushered me in.
I took a brief look around the office and I sight the potrait almost immediately. I gave a slight glance and found the guy still behind me. I quickly, took the mop from the water and began cleaning. After a moment, I heard a phone beep, he picked it, talked gently and walked out.
My heart made a slight leap when the door bang slightly. I sighed in relief and was about moving to the portrait, I retreated, and walked to the door instead, I used the key and locked it, @ssured that it was locked; I walked to the portrait. I used a chair to support my height and reached the portrait, I pulled it down and found a fresh wall. I pushed it with my strength and it gave way to a small squared safe that required a p@ssword. I took the pad and typed in the p@ssword, the small door made an opening sound and I opened it. Almost immediately, I heard the doorknob twisting and immediately, a fierce knock followed.
“Who’s in there?” I heard a cold masculine voice.
“The cleaner” another voice came through.
“Quick! Get the spare key! Hurry!!” The other voice said, impatience very evident.
My breath hitched subconsciously.


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