A step into love episode 29

A step into love
Episode 29
Few Months Later…….
It’s Sunday afternoon so Cindy and her family are at home, she received a call from Roseline that she’s in the sitting room and as she was going to the living room she realized that someone is in the kitchen and decided to check who is it
“hello mum” she called her mum who was cooking in the kitchen
“oh, my dear I thought you are slee-ping?” Mrs Williams replied
“yeah I’m awake but why are you cooking, I thought we’ve alre-ady eaten our lunch and it’s not evening yet”
“don’t worry. I think you are going somewhere right?”
“just going to meet Roseline in the sitting room”
“okay dear, quic-kly go don’t keep her waiting”
“well” Cindy shrugged and left
“oh my baby boo” Roseline called as she stepped in to the living room
“Happy Sunday Dear” she greeted and they hvgged each other
“bride bride, so how’s your honeymoon?’ Cindy began as they sat down beside each other
“it was great and splendid”
“hmm, so that’s why you refused to even call us and say hello”
“I’m sorry dear, it’s not my fault” Roseline pleaded
“okay o, apology accepted” Cindy replied
“so, how’s everything now?”Roseline asked
She shook her head “well, everything is normal, just that it’s kinda strange and boring, you know without you and I missed my pals in USA, it’s just not easy to think about it” she paused “so how’s life being a wife, hope it’s good”
“of course, so good and lovely, my husband is a very good man and I love him so much, so caring, loving, and handsome and it’s never boring for me anymore cause I’m not alone again”
Cindy laughed “so, you’re gonna make me jealous right?”
“of course, yeah. You haven’t even show me any guy, I wonder if you want to become a sister” Roseline rolled her eyes
Cindy laughed again “okay I have a guy”
“really?” Roseline asked amazed “but you’ve never tell me of anyb©dy, have you start keeping secret from me?”
“come on, it’s not like that, after all we haven’t get the time to talk since I arrived”
“okay o, so tell me about the guy”
“hmm, he’s loving, caring, brilliant, cool, handsome and most of all genius, most funny p@rt he’s called The Genius” Cindy smiled
“and is that guy me?” a manly voice asked from behind them.
Cindy eyes wi-de-ned and she turned back to confirm the familiar voice
“Charles?” she asked surprised and stunned….