A step into love final episode

A step into love
Episode 30
“Charles is that really you?” Cindy asked again
“aww, my Cindy doesn’t believe me again” he replied and Cindy rushed up to him and hvgged him, just then Austin entered,
“Didi…. ” he called
“oh, Austin you c@m£ too?” she asked as she broke the hvg from Charles and Austin nodded
“wouldn’t you greet your mom?” Mrs Anderson tea-sed standing beside the door
“oh my goodness! Mum” she called and embr@ce her
“and your Dad?” Mr Anderson smiled as he entered the living room
“oh my goodness! This Wow, Wow, Wow,” she replied after hvgging Mr Anderson
“You are welcome, our August visitors” Mrs Williams called from the dinning room “We’ve been expecting your arrival, hope the journey is not stressful”
Mrs Anderson smiled and replied. “Not at all my….. ”
“of course it is” Mr Anderson cut in as he sat down “call me my n@ûghty friend, he should come and greet his Dad” he instructed tea-singly and everyb©dy laughed.
“Mum!” Cindy called looking surprised “so you know they’re coming and you didn’t tell me”
Her mother smiled and win-ked at her as she left to call Mr Williams from the be-droom
Just then Angelina entered while John followed
“oh my, Angelina?” Cindy asked as she sighted Angelina
“yeah Cindy” Angelina beamed and they hvgged each other ti-ghtly
“oh my God, I’ve missed you so much” Cindy said as they dis£ngaged
“I’ve missed you too Cindy” Angelina replied but Cindy expression had changed, Angelina tried to check and realized that she was staring at John
“I’m sorry for everything Cindy, I’m really sorry plea-se forgive me” John pleaded genuinely and pathetically and Cindy hvgged him
“it’s alright I un-derstand” Cindy replied
Few minutes later Mr Williams entered the sitting room, Mr Anderson stood up and both of them greeted like a good best friends but teenage friends as they chat and laughed out loud, Mrs Anderson, Angelina, Roseline and Cindy joined Mrs Williams to set the food on the dining table and everyb©dy was called upon to the dinning room after the food have been set.
Mr Anderson and Mr Williams returned back to the living room to continue their friends chat after the food while Mrs Anderson and Mrs Williams were in another room discussing, Cindy used the opportunity to introduce Charles, Angelina and John to Roseline after they’ve finally washed the dishes
“where’s Jason?” Austin asked Cindy
“he’s in school, in university alre-ady” Cindy answered
“aww, well I’m also going to university soon and I’ll make sure I study in Nigeria”
“really?, have you graduate?” Cindy asked
“of course yeah, I graduated this year”
“Wow, come on give me five” Cindy remarked and spre-ad her hand while Austin hit it with his hand and it makes a ‘cl@p sound’
“come on, let’s go to the field” Roseline beckoned on them and they all followed her
“Where’s Sally?” Austin whispered into Cindy’s ear
“on the field” Cindy replied without turning her head to him “it’s a place of f…… ” she began to explain and as she turned her head towards Austin directions, Lo! he’s gone. She smiled to herself and held Charles hand.
Charles and Cindy were seen standing beside each other as they discussed, Charles’ arm was crossed round Cindy’s w@!st.
“I’m sure you’ve missed me so much” Charles giggled
“of course I didn’t” she lied
Charles swung his head to her “Really?” he asked and she nodded “then why did you shouted my name like that and hvgged me ti-ghtly when you saw me”
Cindy bit her l!pand scowled “just that I was surprised”
“are you kidding me right now?” Charles asked and bent her face towards her as if to k!ssher but a ball hit him
“Ouch! What’s that?” he asked and turned swiftly to where it c@m£ from which Cindy also did.
“Oh! You threw my ball away?” Austin questioned Sally who is a little distant to him
“dhooor, catch me if you can” Sally remarked and ran away while Austin ran after her
Cindy and Charles bur-sted into laughter…..
A big picture showing Cindy and Angelina dressed in white wedding go-wn and Charles and John dressed in black suits was displa-yed,
Charles and Cindy were standing at the left hand side while John and Angelina are on the right hand side, they’d both wedded on the same day at the same time,
Not long after as the snapping was going on, the rest of the families trooped outside happily to have their sh0ts too
It was a glamorous day……………..
The (final) End
I hope you like the story, plea-se don’t be a ghost re-ader there’s just one thing I want from you, comment the scene you liked most in this story and if there’s any one you didn’t like, you are free to comment..
Love you all………

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