A step into love episode 24

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 24
Angelina was seen sitting in the police custody waiting for John to be brou-ght out,
not long after, John was brou-ght out and immediately Angelina sighted him,she stood up furiously, clenched her fist and bit her lowerl-ip. John walked up to her and sat down on the vacant seat opposite her, Angelina also sat down later, a bar was before them and separating them.
Obviously Angelina was still irritated but she managed to speak out “why did you do that devil, why did you try to kill her?”
“I’m sorry Angelina, but try to un-derstand me, it was my stupid hand,anger and jealousy, I mistakenly pu-ll the trigger at Charles but she took… ”
“shut up you bit-ch” Angelina cut in raising her voice “I said why did you drug her with poison?”
John was surprised to hear the word ‘drug’ especially from Angelina who doesn’t seems to know how she’d drugged Cindy to sleep and ‘with poison?’ his head sparked, does that mean Cindy was confirmed poisoned?
he wanted to deny it but he remembered that the drug he used for Cindy was the one they used to use for carrying out operation when he was still a thief, they don’t usually wait to know the aftermath of the drug on the victims, they used to use it on them if they want to make them sleep while they work, it’s a drug that the authority doesn’t know of, cause it was made by their leader and could make someone sleep to death “hell! Why didn’t I think of these? Where did I keep my mind?” he thought to himself furiously as he clenched his fist and frowned
“plea-se how’s Cindy now?” he asked hoping to get good reply
“I hope you are deaf, I said you poisoned her” she paused “you know what? You are the most callous and malicious person I’ve ever met in my life”
“I’m really sorry Angelina, I’ve realized my mistake” John pleaded genuinely
“sorry my foot,Cindy is my best and good friend,a friend like a sister, I’m the one and only child of my family so I have no siblings but Cindy filled that gap for me” “see I c@m£ here to warn you, it’s better you start praying now cause she’s lying there helplessly with no hope if she might wake up, and I c@m£ here to inform you that there’s no secrets between two of you but three of us” she paused and continued “at the p@rty in the art room, on the trip and at the night you sh0t Cindy, I know everything”
John was stunned to hear this “Angelina, you’ve been trailing us?”
“nope, it’s both Cindy and my plan but I’m warning you right now, if Cindy didn’t wake up there prepare for the worst of your life cause you’ll be spending the rest of your life in jail or die instantly” with this Angelina stormed out.
John covered his face with his palm,lost in thought till he was tapped and taking back to the cell.
Mrs Kate, Mr Barry, Austin, Charles, Angelina, Mrs Karen (Angelina’s mum) were seen in the hospital, in the ward with Cindy, Charles was still maintaining his seat beside Cindy but he’s not facing her now, he’s discussing with his parents, probably explaining what happened and how it happened, Andersons and Austin had come back from Nigeria while Mrs Karen, Angelina’s mum who have promised to pay her daughter’s friend visit in the hospital also was there with them listening to Charles as he explained the incident (although Charles’s parents and Angelina’s mother have exchanged greeting beforehand)
Suddenly Angelina shouted and pointed at Cindy “Look! She just shook her hand”
Everyb©dy’s head swung to Cindy on the be-d but nothing happened, they didn’t see her shake her hand or other p@rt of her b©dy, she’s still lying still as she was, it’ll be a miracle as the doctor had said and something to be happy about if she’d shake her hand cause she’d never done that since she’d been hospitalized, even after the surgery and the injection that have been given to her, which doctor said to be the supposed antidote for the drug affecting her.
“I’m sure of what I saw, I’m sure I saw her hand shook” Angelina repeated when no-one seems to believe her………..