A step into love episode 25

🌹 🌹 A Step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 25
All of them remained on a sp©t for about five minutes, staring at Cindy who’s still lying on the be-d and expecting her to wake up or shake her hand again but nothing happened, all hope began to vanish as they sighed one by one and shook their heads as if it’s not possible or Angelina have just lied.
“I’m sure of what I’m saying, plea-se believe me. Cindy plea-se do something, shake your b©dy, wake up” she instructed as she stared at Cindy on the be-d but her mom signaled to her to st©p talking at least since no one seems to believe her.
Charles continue to stare at Cindy, hoping for her to wake up as he folded her hand in his, he lowered and bend his head on Cindy hand after getting tired of staring. Austin walked up to his side sadly and nestle his head on Charles’ shoulder while his mom, Mrs Kate Anderson move up to him and patted his other shoulder as she sobbe-d silently.
Suddenly, Charles’ head tilted up and he spun his head towards Cindy, curiosity and anticipation were written on his face
“she just shook her hand, I felt it” he blurted out and all of them turned to him, staring at Cindy with anticipation of her to wake up again.
Three minutes later as they were about to resign to faith again, Cindy gro-an ed louder that all of them could hear, they immediately moved closer to her expecting more to confirm, while Angelina shouted her name which make her to open her eyes.
Cindy opened her eyes but was frightened by the countless heads and eyes on her, most of which she couldn’t recognize, she quic-kly closed back her eyes and gulped down,
“Cindy” she heard a familiar voice called her name besides her, so she quic-kly turned her face to the direction and opened her eyes trying not to take notice of the numerous eyes staring at her,
“Cindy, is that you? Do you recognize me?” Charles asked again but Cindy stared back at him, speechless with no expression written on her face.
“Cindy” Charles called again when Cindy haven’t answer her for about two minutes he’d asked her question
“Charles?” Cindy replied changing her unknown expression to happy one, Charles was extremely glad that she could recognize him and also recalled his name, at least that means nothing is wrong with her br@in which also means she’s alright, he took Cindy’s hand,folded it with his hand and put it on his head, smiling broadly amidst tears.
“Cindy” Angelina called and Cindy turned to her and smiled broadly “Angelina?” she called amidst tears, Mrs Kate bend over to Cindy and hvgged her with tears of joy,
The atmosphere of the environment changed as sadness turned into Joy.
“it’s so good to meet you Mr and Mrs Anderson and I’m sure Mr Charles would have explained everything that happened to you” the doctor began as he pointed to Charles when he mentioned his name.
After the good news of Cindy waken up, the doctor had carry out some test which he’s about to disclose the outcome of it
“I’m so happy for Miss Cindy at the same time, she’s so lucky to have survived such thing and I say congratulations to you all” he paused and sighed “the main reason for as-sembly the three of you here is to give you the results of our test and I’m as-suring you that Cindy’s alright but…”
“but what” Mr Anderson cut in impatiently while Mrs Anderson and Charles tried to remain calm but looked worried.
The doctor just sighed and shook his head “her shoulder’s joint has been dislocated due to the bullet of the gunsh0t”
“what?” Charles clamored and stood up abruptly, staring at the doctor……..