A step into love episode 1

🌹 🌹 A step into love 🌹 🌹
🌹 Written by Mariana 🌹
Episode one
“Gregg, wake up, wake up, grrhh, wake up, wake…” “shut up you damn thing” she snorted as she slammed the alarm off and turned back to the other side of the be-d to have a better sleep but was j£rked back to life by the knock on her door and the voice that followed
“Cindy are you re-ady?” her mum asked as she entered her room
“oh! Mum, Good morning I’m sorry I sle-pt late yesternight, I was busy packing and preparing my things”
“alright dear, dress up quic-kly you must not miss your flight” she said and left her room while Cindy rushed to the bathroom to clean up and dress up for her journey
Cindy is the firstborn and first daughter of Williams Family, she is 17 years old and she have two siblings, one brother Jason who is 13 years old and a sister Sally who is 7 years old. Cindy is a bright and intelligent girl who had won various competitions and Awards for her school which makes her famous just like a celebrity, all the teachers and students including principal love her except for few jealous students, now she’d been given scholarsh!pto study abroad in Harvard University and she have to go today.
“Cindy, Cindy… “Roseline called running upstairs towards Cindy’s room “what’s taking you so long?”
“I’m re-ady”
“alright” Roseline said and hvgged Cindy “I’ll miss you Cindy”
“I’ll miss you too Roseline’ Cindy replied patting Roseline’s back
Cindy and Roseline are childhood and best friends, they attended the same elementary and high school. Unlike Cindy, Roseline is a dull girl in elementary school Cindy is the one that always protect and defend her especially from being bullied.
“Girls” Mr Williams called from the living room
“yes dad, we’re coming” Cindy shouted happily, they dis£ngaged from their long embr@ce and rushed down to the living room
“good morning Dad” Cindy and Roseline greeted
“morning girls, how was your night?”
“that’s good to hear. So, are you fully prepared?” he asked facing Cindy
“yes Dad”
“that’s my girl, come on let’s go”
“to where?” Mrs Williams ch!pped in standing with arm akimbo
“oh! Yeah, I almost forget but time is not on our side, maybe we should do that in the car”
“alright dear”
They all got into the car except Jason and Sally who are in school……